Texas Democrats will have to find another election-winning strategy other than voter fraud if they want to stay in bidness in Texas. With the Supreme Court ruling today eliminating the law that forced Texas to obtain federal approval before it can implement any election law change, Texas is set to implement Voter ID laws immediately. The Texas legislature passed Voter ID laws but Eric Holder of the Department of Injustice trumped reasonable state laws to prohibit voter fraud with the antiquated Voting Rights Act.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said today:

“With today’s decision, the State’s voter ID law will take effect immediately. Redistricting maps passed by the Legislature may also take effect without approval from the federal government.”

Score one for the good guys! Texas liberals are whining because “voter ID laws discriminate against the poor!” Yeah right, Fidel! Voter ID laws discriminate against corrupt Democrats who win elections because of massive voter fraud. No longer will Peee-dro Rodriguez be allowed to vote as Pete Rogers (deceased) three or four times.

Just how easy is it to get a proper ID in Texas? The Texas Department of Public Safety released this today:

The Texas Department of Public Safety has announced that starting Thursday, “Photo identification will now be required when voting in elections in Texas.”

Starting Thursday, Texas driver license offices will begin issuing photo IDs to anyone who doesn’t already have one. Under the 2011 state law creating one of the nation’s most strict voter ID laws, the certificates are free and valid for six years. To qualify, an applicant must show U.S. citizenship and Texas residency. The required documents are listed here to verify U.S. citizenship and identity.

Voters only need that document if they lack a current Texas drivers license, personal ID card or concealed handgun license; U.S. passport or military ID or citizenship certificate with photo.

Liberals only want one thing. Power. And they achieve that by doing everything possible, including breaking the law with voter fraud, to win elections. If the socialist message of Democrats resonates with enough Texans, they will win elections. It won’t. Without amnesty for illegals and millions of blue state libtards relocating and infecting the Lone Star State, the Dims will remain in deep Dukakis in Texas.

Thanks and congratulations should go to the patriots of the Tea Party and True The Vote for their tireless work in getting Voter ID passed in the legislature.

AWD would like to dedicate a song to Obama, Holder and every damn Dim in America. I know I’ve posted this song before but it is just sooooo appropriate!


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  1. Dave in Texas says:

    Hell ya!

  2. I’m glad.

    But it wasn’t going to be for quite some time anyway such that Texas’s demographics got to the point where Democrats could get close enough based on legitimate votes to steal it using voter fraud. The year 2048 at the earliest, according to Steve Sailer. And the reason for Texas’s resiliency comes from the relative unity of the white vote.

    • Countenance, in AWD’s suburb of Dallas, Dims don’t even run for office!


    • Wished I could say the same in Az. Flake and McCain are doing their best to give this state to Mexico, I actually Hate those two F8cks. They belong in Mexico, thats how they like to play the game. Next Flake will be advocating with Rubio to normalize relations with Cuba. Look for it. He is a two face lying Traitor.
      Neither has made any move to help Joe at all, nothing, the fix is in, they are working for Obama in hopes he will help them some day. If ya haven’t noticed Obama is getting everything he has Really wanted. He has got more on his wish list than Bush or Clinton ever got from theirs. Every thing that murderous bastard has got through Congress or by Executive Order is to HURT us, not help us. The wars he has started and can’t(won’t) end only drain our tax $$$ into third world countries that want to murder us. Their has not been one social, economic, or moral redeeming thing Obama has done for this country. He has ruined our Military, cut their pay and budget and their health benefits. He has used the Military resources to turn the DHS into a Gestapo like group of paramilitary goons run by one of the slimiest persons to ever be appointed to a major Govt post. She is a POS X a factor of 10 and would have fit into Hitlers Regime very well. All of these Washington types are flirting with treason and that includes the Republican Party especially in the House who should have put the brakes to Obamas RULE. Instead they sit around eating Bon Bons all day long and getting f8cked over royally by the Demos and liking it. If we had 20-30 Ted Cruz types in the House and Senate this would not be going on.

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  4. I just dont understand all the folks who protest this. It seems simple to me: prove you are a legal citizen, you get a ballot, and cast your vote. I dont see where this would discriminate against the poor. It will prevent the dead rising from the grave to vote 5 or 6 times, and who wants zombies shambling through the streets casting votes for the brain dead? Same with the inner city types.

    It does of course, prevent the dimocraps from cheating to win elections, but I dont see a downside to that either. Maybe I’m just over thinking it.

    Sarcasm off

    • You practically need a photo ID to consume oxygen these days anyway.

      In my state (MO), you need it and you have to be at least 18 years old to prove it to buy canned compressed air duster. Yet, our Governor vetoes photo ID for voting every time it gets to his desk.

    • The reason they protest so loudly is because that’s the only way demo-rats can win…by fraud. If its left up to them anyone with a pulse and a single brain cell can vote..as long as its for the person with the D by their name. F’ing scumbags cannot win an election fairly so they resort to massive vote fraud. JFK won the presidency compliments of massive vote fraud in the city of Chicago. Brought to you by the Chicago mob and the demo-rats. And there is no doubt in my mind that Obongo won Illinois by massive vote fraud in the same crooked city. Id be willing to bet if you just cut the fraud out of the last election alone, the race would have been a lot closer than it was. A margin of 6 million votes sounds like a lot but it adds up fast when you have people voting 50 times each in the black neighborhoods of Chicago. And don’t even get me started on the electoral college farce.

  5. AWD
    God bless Texas

    • Amen to that. For all his faults Perry has been steady in guiding Texas to prosperity. He has kept the wolves at bay and should he leave for whatever reason the Demos will throw 100’s of millions of $$$ to get the Governorship. If Texas ever gets Demos in charge its over for the country. They have Californica and New York and its Weiner all the way in the Big Rotten Apple. Might as well elect a MBH member.

    • From Houston: God bless Texas.


    No illegal alien votes no votes from UN goons

  7. Texas rocks. If I ever feel the desire to leave Florida I have Texas on the radar. I love a state that fights political correctness in every way possible. My kinda place!

  8. Okinawa Marine says:

    Now that I have left Okinawa (And the Marine Corps) and reside in Texas (Dallas), I am so happy.

    It is interesting, we (The USA) get involved in third world countries telling them to have a clean democracy and fair voting, but cannot even accomplish this in our own country. It is ridiculous to think that we can have a clean and fair election without confirming the citizenship of the voters. Obama and Holder are racist and corrupt, to think that their schemes could continue in our Democracy is absurd!

    This one the Supreme Court actually got right. It is about time.


  9. Supreme Court got it right on voting issue, then turned around and said its ok for dick smokers and carpet munchers to marry each other

    • Okinawa Marine says:

      Good Point, one step forward and two steps backwards.
      Fudge packers and bait lickers get more rights than the average citizen.
      That is Bullsh*t

  10. Family Tradition says:

    Can someone explain the “executive order” the President can rule by?

    It sounds dictatorial to me. Why hasn’t every President just RULED using this EO?

    I read where Obama just said he would not force churches to perform gay marriages for NOW. How in the world could he do it in the first place? EO?

    What happened to separation of church and state?

  11. There has only been 4 cases of voter impersonation in Texas for the past 10 years!! The only reason the GOP went all the way to the Supreme Court was so they could gerrymander the districts and assure themselves more seats in the state legislature. Talk about wanting nothing but power!! Watch your ass, because after they take away minority rights, they’ll take away yours next!! Too bad ya’ll don’t use your brain as much as you use your mouth!!

    • You just don’t get it do you? Nobody is advocating taking ANYONES rights away. What we want is for people to prove with a legal ID that they are a citizen eligible to vote! How is that taking anyone’s rights away? You have to show an ID just to board a plane today so what is the big deal? The big deal is it slams the door on fraud and that pisses off the demo-rats who live by fraud.

      • Rich,

        To him, that is exactly what is happening. Asking for a legal ID means we are taking away a minority’s rights to vote multiple times for the demoncrap of his/her choice and to vote multiple times for entitlement programs that benefit no one but themselves at the expense of hard working legal citizens.

        The only one who is not thinking before using his mouth is good ol boy jm worthy.

        I wouldnt be surprised to find he is probably the famous “black male” who was recently banned.

  12. hotshot ron says:

    Louisiana already has statewide voter ID as far as I know.
    I had to have ID to vote in presidential election.

    Maybe it will stop some of the voter fraud that re-elected obama.


    The texas Mockingbird running illegal alien vultures back accross the border 24/7