AWD is a cracka. Probably a creepy-ass cracka to some. But certainly one who hails from crackasian lineage. At least that is, according to Rachael Jentel, how many in the black community see me. Jentel is the friend of Trayvon Martin who was, according to the politically correct media in America, the innocent Abercrombie & Fitch wearing boy (Is that racist?? Probably) who was stalked and murdered in cold blood by a Hispanic white cracka. To be more accurate, a creepy ass cracka. It just sounds better that way in the media. And since the mainstream media doesn’t focus on facts anymore, a cracka killing an innocent black child is sure to draw some viewers and rile up some Democrat-voting blacks. I guess Obama winning 102% of the black vote in Philadelphia wasn’t enough!

What we have here is not a failure to communicate but a failure of logic and consistency. In the United States of the Offended, white people calling black people the N word is racist. Black people calling white people crackas is not. In fact, the Guinness World Record holder for most uses of the word ‘cracka,’ Revrum Al, has his own show on MSNBC. White people calling illegal aliens ‘illegal aliens’ is now racist. Illegal aliens calling white people ‘gringos’ or ‘gabachos’ is not. Makes sense.

Personally, AWD doesn’t mind being called nasty names. They really have no effect on me. I do mind being shot at or attacked with bats and such. I learned at an early age that names don’t physically hurt but a .230 grain, hollow-point from a .45 can ruin your day. So I sweat the things that can break bones or punch holes in my cracka skin and not so much over being called a redneck. AWD has been called every name imaginable for sharing my truthful observations on this blog over the past five years. The usual names (the ones I can print) are redneck, inbred, racist, trailer trash, and whatnot. So boring and predictable. My all-time favorite was from a Muslim cat who wasn’t totally fluent in Ingles and didn’t appreciate an Angry White Imam posting. He called me a “f***ing monster from Dickland.” I crap you negative. If AWD is ever in another band, we will be called The F***ing Monsters From Dickland. Or maybe the Creepy Ass Crackas!

This whole political correctness BS has become more than absurd. The leftists presenting Trayvon as a saint really don’t care what happened to him or why. They don’t care if he’s dead. They only want to stir up the blacks in America who threaten riots and revenge on whites if Zimmerman is acquitted. If they truly cared about lost black lives, they would turn their attention to Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Detroilet or other big city hellholes covered in dead black bodies every day. But since the murderers are other blacks, leftists don’t care. No political capital to gain there. Does anyone really doubt that little Trayvon would have not been killed by the gun of a brotha in a year or two? Living the ‘thug life’ usually leads to dying an early ‘thug death.’

The left uses political correctness as a weapon against their political enemies and crackas, unless said cracka is a liberal. Who gives leftists the PC weapon? We do! Crackas and the political enemies of leftists! Political correctness and the attention it receives is our own damn fault. By tucking tail and running while begging forgiveness from every Al Sharpton wannabe on the way out the door, victims of the PC leftists give weight to the ridiculous, ubiquitous charges of racism. In PC America, a racist is the worst thing one can be. And that is precisely why the term is tossed around more than Kim Kardashian in a NBA locker room.

Does any rational person really require the sanction of Al Sharpton or Toure for their opinions to be valid? Do you really want their approval? I find them and their ideology repulsive. The last thing AWD wants is for Al Sharpton to say I’m one of them. I know who I am and what I’m about. So do my friends and family. I hardly am interested in the opinion of an illiterate clown like the race-baiting Sharpton and his ilk!

Look at Paula Deen. A (creepy ass cracka) woman who admitted to using the N word 30 years ago when a black man put a gun to her head. Her show has been canceled and she is portrayed by the propaganda media and professional race-baiters to be just this side of Adolf Hitler. Unbelievably, she chooses to grovel on bended knee to the Lords of PC in the mainstream media to receive absolution of her ‘sin.’ She has not learned the PC Rule of Racism #1: The accused shall never be forgiven under any circumstance. Unless they are a liberal or Democrat politician.

But since Deen’s firing, her books have jumped to being best-sellers by people who wish to support her. Right-thinking Americans are tired of the lunacy of political correctness! How much greater would have been Deen’s support had she told the Lords of PC in the propaganda media to kiss her big, white ass? I might even buy one of her books!

Political correctness will be defeated when conservatives and crackas decide they will no longer allow their ideological enemies define the rules of the game. Want to call me a racist? Have at it! Don’t care. Want to call me trailer-trash? Knock yourself out! By following PC rules, we’re playing a game we can never win. There is no fairness with liberals and that is how they like it. They have the advantage. Yet, conservatives and Republicans fall all over themselves trying to gain approval from their ideological enemies who WILL NEVER GIVE THEIR APPROVAL!

The creepy-ass cracka remark today in the Trayvon-Zimmerman case once again shows the double-standard prevalent with the left. In that world, white people are responsible for every bad thing that happens or has happened in America. Black people are exempt from culpability for any bad action they commit or have committed. For example, the PC media will never mention the race in their reports when the culprit in any crime is black. AWD often uses the term “urban yoot” to ridicule the cowardice and political correctness of the propaganda media because the closest they will come to mentioning race in a black flash mob is the term “urban youths.” How pathetic. How insulting. How dishonest. How perfectly liberal!

AWD remembers a conversation I once had with Andrew Breitbart. His goal was to destroy the mainstream media. AWD’s is to destroy political correctness. We decided that if you destroy one, you destroy the other. Political correctness is the fuel that powers the corrupt leftist machine in America. It’s sad that conservatives and Republicans are consistently the ones filling the tank of the machine that seeks to destroy us.

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  1. I was a creepy ass cracker before creepy ass crackers were cool.

  2. I don’t agree with you on certain fine points, but you certainly make your case with bold, straightforward and often humorous gusto!

    Well said in regards to “political correctness” (cultural-Marxism would be more accurate) and the requirement that we “crackahs” stop allowing them to define the terminology and frame all debates. Well said.

  3. Shoot AWD, there is no point in commenting to this…it says it all!!

  4. SalsaChupacabra says:

    Paula Deen campaigned and voted for Obama in 2008, probably 2012 as well. She’s a Liberal, but unfortunately she’s a SOUTHERN lib as opposed to a “Hawvahd” grad North-Eastern Liberal so she’s expendable.

    • A useful idiot who was no longer useful.

      She wouldn’t use her fame to promote a leftist granola diet after admitting to have diabetes. So she went from celebrity to southern cracka in a nanosecond.

      Seen pictures of her the last few days? She looks horrible. She can’t figure out why her “friends” turned on her. Like I said useful IDIOT!

    • She shoulda been a Grand Cyclops, a la the late Sen. Robert Byrd.

      Go big or go home, as they say.


    Im getting so tired of this PC nonsense when one they used the terms BC & AD now their using BCE and CE Disney wont release SONG OF THE SOUTH on DVD becuase their afraid of JESSIE JACKASSON,AL SHARPTON, the NAACP and the NBPP they quit using terms like ILLEGAL ALIEN and MASTER BEDROOM so they wont offend some bunch of wild savages and they remove crosses from public land to apppease the ACLU and FFRF and the SPLC, and just wait for them to replace the EAGLE with a RAINBOW CHICKEN replace THE STAR SPAGGLED BANNER with THE AGE of AQUARIUS and replace the STARS and STRIPES with THE RAINBOW GAY FLAG Its time to deport all BLACK PANTHERS into some wild planet FAR FAR AWAY becuase AFRICA is too civilized for them

  6. Hi AWD,
    10-4 Man, just 10-4.

  7. Kauf Buch says:

    ” My Culture regularly calls white people ‘crackers.’ ”

    – Dat be wud ah calls a REGULA RACISS!!!

  8. PointyEnd Out says:

    Perflectly placed center mass shot AWD !

  9. Watching this ghetto trash bury the prosecutions case is most amusing. Gives their case great credibility when the witnesses use racial slurs on the stand. Now its time to prepare for the riots when GZ walks. Oh boy, the pavement apes are going to go wild when they cant get their vigilante justice on the “creepy cracka.”

    • We should start a pool on how many rioters will eat a bullet. You know there’s gotta be some itchy trigger fingers waiting for it. I’d certainly be twitchy the closer it got to verdict time if I lived in that area.

  10. AWD is exactly correct in his analysis. It is truly sickening what we have become as a society. Political Correctness is a super aggressive fatal cancer on our society.

    I cannot put into words how much I hate these liberturds and everything they stand for. In 20-30 years the World will be ruled by muslims and liberals, then the muslims will kill off the liberals, faggots, lesbians etc. So at least 50% of the problem will be done away with.

    If we could just find a way to do away with both then society will be great again.


  11. A “.230” grain, hollow-point from a .45? C’mon, man up and go with at least the 200 grain SWC’s. Those fractional grain bullets are only for girly-men.

  12. TheHessian says:

    Good Morning, my fellow creepy-assed crackers! May your day be filled with fine wine, Bruce Springsteen, a good game of Scabble, and all things white!

  13. Jack daniels says:


    In the spirit of destroying all things politically correct, does that mean you will now allow the forbidden N word?

    Personally I never use it, so I don’t worry about your rule concerning this. Like you, I have never been worried about what people call me. Being French/Irish Canadian, growing up in the most racist province in Canada; quebec, you can just imagine.

    • oliversquid says:

      I’ve always wanted an answer to a question and with you being from up north you would know the answer. Do any African-Canadians live in Canada?

  14. News that matters!

    IRS targets citizens? Obama wastes 100 million on family vacation? Multiple terror attacks? National Security compromised? IRS wastes millions of our tax dollars on fun and games? Obama sends weapons to terrorists? Iran gets closer to a nuclear weapon? 17 trillion dollar debt? NO!

    Celebrity cook says n-word 30 years ago.

  15. jollywhitegiant says:

    You hit it on the head with the third to the last paragraph…this changes only when white people get to the point where they stop caring about the word Racist.

    That is the key part of the anti-white coalition that no one ever talks about. Blacks and Hispanics alone can’t make any of the PC stuff happen, it takes the “useful idiots”. Some of them, understandably are whites who are worried about being tagged racists because of social or economic implications. Others are guilt ridden bed wetter types that actually feel they owe the minorities something. A third group, unbelievably, actually have an inferiority complex. All three are exploited by the PC police to influence society and policy.

    The good news, if there is some, is I do believe the first group is changing, and white people who aren’t predisposed to guilt are putting less and less stock in the word “racism”. Its anecdotal, but I personally know many people who formerly would be in that first group, that are making the transformation, and in general the attitude of whites in social media and message boards seems to be changing. Note, I am not in any way advocating actual racism. I know what it is, I’ve seen it, and when it really happens its wrong. But, I do think there is a growing realization among that first group that no race has a copyright on being racist, that more often than not minorities give it as much as they take it, and that there is an active campaign by those on the left to define the word as “anything minorities don’t like”.

  16. The people that truly need to be on trial are the teachers and administrators in that local public school system. That girl is a high school senior and is completely illiterate!

  17. I told my boss yesterday, who is black, that if Zimmerman is acquitted there will be riots, he agreed, I said “that’s what y-all do, time for a new TV”. He walked away shaking his head………



    • Nostradumbass says:

      Oh, that’s what you are. I’m sorry, I kept reading your name as “SPURTING LOVER”. My mistake.

      • Nostradumbass says:

        Naturally, I blame the “Evelyn Woods sped reding course” I took while watching a Cheech and Chong movie.

  19. Okinawa Marine says:

    Jimmy “The Greek” was right!
    and he should have never apologized!

    • Nostradumbass says:

      “Look at that little monkey run” – Howard Cosell

      The Rev. Joseph Lowery, then-president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, denounced Cosell’s comment as racist and demanded a public apology, but Cosell refused, citing his past support for black athletes and stating that “little monkey” was an affectionate term he had used in the past for diminutive white athletes. Howard Cosell either had more balls than “the Greek” or knew that an apology would only admit racism and never be absolution.

    • Okinawa Marine,

      You just dated yourself! I was wondering if anyone else remembered Jimmy and what happened to him just for telling the truth.

      • I remember both Cosell’s and the Greek’s comments.

        And yes, I used to tell time with a sun dial and hour glass. 🙂

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  21. Wouldn’t mind seeing this particular “cracka” destroyed…

    “Alec Baldwin Needs His Ass Whipped… Part II”

  22. This is terrific….I’m now a big fan of this site.

    Not to ruin anyone’s weekend but here is a liberal rag attempting to justify what this poor ghettopotamus is going through:


    Remember ANITA HILL lied big time against CLERENCE THOMAS and the nasty KITTY KELLY and NAONI WOLF and her poppycock of AL GORE being a APLHPA MALE the DING BATS get Dinger all the time

  24. patthemick says:

    You know if we don’t start acting like a minority group now we will be treated very poorly when we are a minority group in the future. I think Affirmative Action will simply get worse when we don’t have the voting power to object to it so we better get rid of it now before our kids are disinherited in their own homeland.