Wait until you hear the rationality that Juan Williams and Al Sharpton blather about regarding the SCOTUS decision handed down yesterday and their outrage over it on two different shows, two different networks. Their logic is completely astounding, but not surprising when it comes to these two pair of clowns. They both display their brilliance…it’s too much fun, maddening….but so ridiculous you have to laugh!

First up…let’s start with Williams from last night. – This is via Mediaite:

Sean Hannity tonight covered the Supreme Court striking down a provision of the Voting Rights Act on the conclusion that the coverage formula in the act is too old and outdated, and Congress will have to revisit that at some point. Hannity and Erik Rush agreed with the court’s decision, but Juan Williams argued the data is still relevant and important for current-day voting rights battles. But the skirmish over the ruling took a turn when Hannity brought up the few times Black Panthers have been seen outside polling places, which Williams dismissed as a ridiculous comparison.

Williams disagreed with the majority’s assessment that the data in the Voting Rights Act is outdated, saying that very recently the Department of Justice used the VRA to go after Texas for gerrymandering districts so that Latinos were underrepresented. He slammed gerrymandering as a partisan practice “to keep the powerful in power in elected office.”

Rush remarked that the Obama administration is naturally going to frown on anything that strips the federal government of any power over the states. He said the states can now effectively crack down on voter fraud. Hannity brought up the one instance of a Black Panther at a polling place a few years ago, which caused Williams to crack a smile and explain it’s not the same as people “being denied the right to vote.” Hannity argued that since President Obama wouldn’t have been elected president if he ran in the 1960s, that’s proof that the nation has grown up since then and the data used by the Voting Rights Act is outdated.

Williams maintained that contrary to the majority opinion, and shot back at Hannity bringing up the New Black Panthers again by shouting, “It was one guy!” Hannity sarcastically asked if, then, it’s okay for Black Panthers to just stand in front of polling places with batons. Rush dismissed the idea of “pointing to the egregiousness of the past” to justify taking actions in the present, adding that there’s a bigger problem with dead voters. Williams concluded the segment by pointing out Republicans in Congress overwhelmingly disagreed with the Supreme Court the last time the VRA was voted on. Hannity suggested, “They might have been playing politics too.”

Next up, we have Mornin’ Schmo battling Not-so-Sharp….and it was too much fun watching RINO Scarborough make a fool of Rev. Al, including telling him to shut his pie-hole so he could finish a sentence and make his point, which Crazy Al with an agenda did. – This is via DC:

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough and his MSNBC colleague, “PoliticsNation” host Al Sharpton battled Wednesday over the Supreme Court’s Tuesday decision to strike down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Sharpton insisted the “patient,” which are the states covered under the Voting Rights Act, is still sick and rolling back those provisions of the law were taking away the “medicine.”

“Why are you going to take the medicine out now?” Sharpton argued. “Why would you remove the map until you get a better map? What you’re saying is that these states that last year, not ’65, last year, a federal court in Texas said that the voter ID laws that Texas was changing was discriminatory. Last year you had Texas, Florida, South Carolina — that the remedy was at work — last year. We’re not talking about ’65. So, why would you now have it open where Texas yesterday came in with voter ID so they can discriminate now while you figure out something else out?”

Scarborough countered by saying that in Mississippi, which is covered by the Voting Rights Act, minority turnout was higher than white turnout in 2012.

“All I’m doing is I’m giving you facts and numbers, OK?” Scarborough fired back. “I’m not getting mad. I’m the one that’s keeping my voice down. Al and I are friends. We’re just talking through this. I think you look, and I heard all last year about voter suppression. I heard it in all 50 states and everybody was trying — it was a higher turnout for African-Americans than ever before in the history of the United States. And let’s look at Mississippi for instance. Again, I’m just talking about numbers here. In Mississippi back in 1965, 6.7 percent of the African-American population voted in 1965. In 2004, 76.1 percent of the African-Americans — from 6 to 76 percent. Last year, over 80 percent of African-Americans in Mississippi voted.”

“More than white voters percentage wise in Mississippi,” he continued. “And I guess you and I see this differently. I believe the Voting Rights Act needs to stay in place forever. But this one section that says these states are racist and have to be looked at and that history ended in 1965, to me — and perhaps it’s because I’ve lived in the Southeast and I’ve lived in the Northeast and I’ve heard people talking behind closed doors in the Southeast and the Northeast and in a lot of ways, the Southeast has been through the fire, and we actually have a more open view on race than a lot of places I’ve lived in in the Northeast. Perhaps I don’t think we should treat these states and Arizona based on how they were in 1965 any more than we should judge Germany based on how it was in 1945.”

Later in the segment, the two went back and forth over some of the practices Sharpton deemed “discriminatory,” including requiring a photo ID at the polls and not allowing early voting.

“Are we comparing making somebody bring a photo ID to a voting booth and ending early voting in some areas — are we doing that — is that akin to a poll tax or to the blatant outrageous discriminatory practices? You and I can have a debate on voter ID. I don’t think it’s racist. In fact, there have been studies that show it affects white voters as much as it affects black voters.”

“There are studies on both sides, but a court found it to be discriminatory,” Sharpton replied. “You can’t put a new paint job on an old car and act like we have a new car.”

“I’m not going to even follow you into that analogy because I’m not exactly sure what it means,” Scarborough said. “But I will say this — changing the rules on the margins on early voting and making somebody bring a picture ID to the voting booth, far different from literacy tests, poll taxes, taking a baseball bat to the side of people’s heads. I mean, the world has changed. I’ve got to say that while supporting the Civil Rights Act, this one section, Section 4B, I actually look at it as a positive thing that these states have changed so much over the past 50 years. That we have moved beyond the racism of 1965.”

Words are fine, but this back and forth is well worth the time to listen to, depending on who you are. ~ Enjoy

Do you have a message for either Sharpton or Williams, or both…and if so, what would it be?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Dave in Texas says:

    Libs just eating their young. How great it is. LOL.

  2. NotSoSharpton is very simply a racial huckster with no credibility whatsoever.

    Now Juan is just plain dumb and I mean dumb. I cannot understand whatsoever why Fox keeps him around unless they simply want to display the endless stupidity of his type.

    • Guess it has to do with that Fair and Balanced thing when it comes to Fox. Plus, Sean Hannity wanted to help Juan out after NPR dissed him awhile back.

      John, I hope this posts under you, for some reason…that feature seems not to be working recently.

  3. Dave…

    I don’t think they even get it…they all have the same spoon-fed talking points. Sharpton is a nutcase…no doubt about it. I happened to catch the back and forth between Joe and Al about five-thirty this morning while I was still in bed, at first I was kind of angry…but the more he talked, the more I love watching what a pathetic hole he was digging himself with his insanity. Guys like Sharpton realize they’re losing any money making cause to march on that this nation as whole will agree with, let alone bend, bow or pay for.

    Frack him…and all of his like-minded ilk on the left. No matter the race of the twit espousing crap like he and Williams do.

    • Well said! Sharpton is just a hustler who could really care less about his own race. Good, hard working decent black’s know he is a useless POS.

    • Dave in Texas says:

      I can’t seem to find an educated answer as to what purpose MSDNC could possibly have by paying a crook like Not-so-Sharpton to be on their network. Pure stupidity all the way to the top is all I can come up with. The dude is nothing but stupid. I enjoy watching them beat each other up on national television. Joy, your right about calling Sharpton a hustler. He’s a used car salesman without a clue who feeds on the stupid and ignorant.

      • It’s msDNC, you don’t really expect to find an educated answer for that do ya Dave? – He’s there because he’s the poster-card for them to carry on the race-card BS for them. He does a poor job at that…but they pat him on the head and keep him on, while he eats some more of that blueberry pie of his. – Provided by them of course.

  4. Williams and Sharpton are two peas from the same liberal dumb-ass pod…….their arguments just don’t hold water…..are illogical….and are outright wrong and deceptive……..they want to continue living the Jim Crow years which have been dead since I have been on the face of this earth yet they keep trying to cram this “”your racists”” crap down our throats and we blacks are still the victims of you racists whites………..

    frankly they can go to hell for all I care, but the dumb-ass blacks continue to believe this bullsh!t and even those that know it’s not true still want to believe it simply because it plays into their favor and they benefit from reverse racism by continually screaming they are being discriminated against…………

    Juan Williams and Al “mountain gorilla” Sharpton are lying-ass bastards….and both of them know the statistics on black voting…….they know the long lines at the voting precincts here in Florida wasn’t due to discrimination….it was due to the long ballot that had so many bills and provisions that had to be considered that it took a long time just to read let alone to consider and vote on………….

    these sons-a-bitches are lying their black asses off and trying to blame whitey for the failures of blacks to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps……anything they think can pass off a racism that they think they can get away with they will try to make it whitey’s fault even when they know it’s their own dumb-ass blacks that are at fault………….

    • Sounds like Williams is in an audition to join the “JustUs Brothers”, making it a threesome. Jackson, Sharpton and Williams. They could do a comedy act on Lettermans Gig, using the Congressional Black Socialist Caucus as a backup Choir. Wonder if they can dance some?

    • Not one person in Florida ever came forward and filed a complaint about being hindered from voting. It’s just one more bunch of lies from the Left. Remember the networks calling “Gore wins Florida” minutes after the polls closed in the Eastern Time Zone in 2000 ? The polls still were open in the Panhandle (Central Time Zone, heavily Republican area) with nearly an hour to go vote. The media did all it could to put Gore in the White House. Gore’s gun control views caused him to lose reliably Democrat (until then) West Virginia and those five little electoral votes would have given him the presidency – without Florida. Gore never set foot in West Virginia in 2000 (he knew it was in the bag!) which liberal Dukakis had carried in 1988. Dukakis only carried 10 states vs. George Bush I. Notice they now avoid gun control issues during election campaigns these days. Obama assured us he was not a gun grabber in 2008 – lying again.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    This ruling has had liberals whinning and pulling their hair out especialt in the leftists groups and in the leftists news media reptile as well

  6. The only people a voter ID card discriminates against are “dead” people. If this is discrimination, then so is a drivers license, a concealed carry permit, ect ect.

    It hasn’t come up yet but last time we had this debate they were saying a voter ID card was discriminatory against minorities because they couldn’t afford to pay for an ID card. It’s coming back. Wait for it… wait for it…

    • Awwww hell, let them whine about that too. It’s old, it’s tiring and it’s no excuse. Heck…plenty of states offered free ways to get Voter ID, there were no takers in most of them. – Anyone wonder why?

      One other matter, there is nothing free…tax-payers paid for that BS too. Oh well, who cares?

      • Dave in Texas says:

        Big, I care. I’m 100% with Bluto on this one. They can all go kiss my YT ass. I am tired of having the race baiting shoved down my throat. No more. Blacks can scream all they want about racist this and racist that. When they can prove to me that they can act like civil human beings, which I’m hard pressed to see that happening any time soon, and “pull themselves up by the bootstraps” to make their communities worth living in AND take some accountability for themselves and their behavior then I just don’t care for the bullsh!t.

        • Dave you are the man! My negro fatigue has been on overload for years. As you said..when they pull themselves up on their own two feet and start taking responsibility for their own actions perhaps then I will give a shit what they say or think. Until then Im done with them.

  7. Dave,

    As long as there are white people on this planet, you will NEVER get black people to show accountability, responsibility, or any other bility. As for them pulling themselves up by the bootstraps, once again, as long as YT is around to pay for everything, they will never lift a finger to help themselves.

    If YT cut off all the free money, then they would lift a finger to help themselves…to your stuff.

    • I’m really hoping everyone here isn’t putting all black people in the same category as Sharpton and Williams, this has to do with ideology and such. There are plenty of black people that work hard, have fought and died for this country and detest people like Williams and Sharpton and the rest of their ilk…they just don’t get the credit they should. They aren’t heard from on the majority of the network shows etc etc….come on, you all know it’s the agenda of the left…don’t be racist against those that are just like us when it comes to our wants for this nation.

      Hope I’m expressing myself right here, been a long day in my life…just weary of it all.

      • Not at all, I know that there are good blacks out there, I’ve worked, and served with them. There are two kinds, blacks and ni**ers, just like we have whites and trailer trash. There are always exceptions. I try not to lump everyone in a group, I just wish that more of the good ones would stand up to the bad ones.

        Its hard to express what I feel, when I submit a post that slams blacks, I am referring to animals that are the parasites of society, and sometimes my meaning is misunderstood as every way of identification has been labeled as racist speech. Perhaps I should just start using the terms good ones, and bad ones, at least until those terms are labeled racist.

        I wish I had an authors gift of words, I might be able to express my thoughts in a more universally understandable way.

        • Nah…I understand what you mean and what you’re saying. It’s really hard these days to say a damned thing…I’m taking a break for a bit, it’s madness surrounding us in so many ways that it’s hard to take every day. What the hell has happened to this nation?

          Btw…that question was rhetorical, we all know what’s happened, and still is…and I don’t know if there’s any stopping it. I hope in the morning I see things differently in my usual optimistic stupid way.

          • Hell Big, it was just white reflex action to try to explain and not be taken as a hater.

          • All you have to do nowadays to be called a hater is have a white face. I’m sick of it. My negro fatigue is on overload. I know there are good black folks out there who live a clean life and make their own way. But its these race baiting assholes like Sharpton and Jesse Jackoff that give the good blacks a bad name. Too many fall into that playing the victim crap and that is so old its pathetic.

          • Your summation is el correcto via my way of thinking.

      • Trouble is they ain’t teaching their bloody kids jack!


        Black on white best be a stopping soon. They ain’t no where near the majority and at some point in time your gonna have groups hunting them that will make the KKK look like Cub Scouts. those two hoods that beat that white kid need to meet Mr. Baseball Bat face to face. The phony outrage expressed is horse sh8t!

  8. Hell guys, it’s already known that there are very few productive blacks in this country. Ponder this for awhile, what do you think will happen if they find Zimmerman innocent. I think that it will be a target rich environment in some places. Parasites need culling…… Period.


    Whinny little pathetic liberals this must realy be upsetting for these miserble little worms and their totaly idiotic as well