Take this chatter for what you will and deduce your own conclusions regarding the two leftist clowns involved in this situation. – Frankly, one is bad as the other, both cut from the same filthy cloth!

As many of you know from their past histories and the ties that bind them together and have from day one to where and what Dear Leader is now and how he got a big foot in the door for his start to becoming the US president! Tell me again how Barack Hussein Obama is not a user that will do anything and everything to achieve his goals…please! It’s been more than obvious he will trample on anyone, throw them under the bus and run over them a few times until they remain mum, with few exceptions…and Ayers seems to be one few exceptions that won’t remain silent…he’s not shutting up here, in a polite sort of way if ya know what I mean…obviously he knows how to play Dear Leader’s game, after-all he helped teach him dontcha know!

Of course, we cannot forget good ol’ George Soros as the major puppet-master for all when it comes to control of the strings of Big Brother and the workings behind the scenes etc, etc.

Nevertheless, see what you think about the sincerity of what this former Weather Underground terrorist-turned college professor had to say. – This is via FN:

Bill Ayers, whose relationship with President Obama was the subject of much intrigue during Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, now says the president should be tried for war crimes.

Ayers, the former Weather Underground member and University of Illinois at Chicago professor, told Real Clear Politics that Obama is “absolutely” engaged in terrorist activity by using drones and “absolutely” should be tried for war crimes.
“Every president in this century should be put on trial,” Ayers said. “Every one of them goes into an office dripping with blood and then adds to it. And, yes, I think that these are war crimes. I think that they’re acts of terror.”

Ayers said he would give Obama a failing grade for his presidency but praised his personal style.

You can read the rest here.

Throw in your two-cents…- Fire Way…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. This useless POS should have been hung years ago.


    And remember Obama has rubbbed elbows with Bill ayers their both confermed leftists scumballs and they both belong in prison for life

  3. Hmm, plant a few bombs, kill a few people, and then teach as a professor in a Chicago university. Yep, sounds to me like he’s an expert on Obummer all right.

    But, in his defense, I will give him credit for NOT using guns to kill people in Chicago. Maybe Chicago needs some Bomb Control Legislation? Here’s some suggestions…

    1. A 10 day waiting period from the time you purchase a bomb till you can pick it up.

    2. A mandatory background check to make sure you haven’t used an illegal bomb in the past.

    3. An absolute ban on any bomb deemed to be an “assault bomb”.

    4. A max 7 bomb limit per person.

    5. All bombs must be registered with the ATFB. (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Bombs)

    6. No more than 1 bomb purchase in a 30 day period.

    7. Mandatory Bomb Locks with every purchase.

    These simple steps will remove all bomb crime in Chicago almost over night! You’re welcome Chicago. You can thank me later.

  4. I AGREE WITH BULLY BILLY and will add ‘takes one to know one’.

  5. Satire below

    I went to see a Muslim tribute band last night called ‘Bomb Jovi’. They were brilliant, their last song ‘Living On A Prayer Mat’ almost brought the house down. Then obama was bragging that he had the entire Koran on DVD -I asked him to burn me a copy – well f**k me, that’s when the fight started….!


  6. Michael T says:

    Insane, he would try him for war crimes, but he still likes the guy, just crazy. O’Bama can do anything he wants, and people will still like him. How do you beat that? I know, lets run another limp wrist dolt like Mitt Romney in 2016, yeah, thats the ticket. Or maybe Rubio or Krispy Kreme Christy.

    The RNC needs to just hand the keys to the party over to the Democrats and here, you do want you want with it. I swear I will vote third party or Libertarian in 2016 if I vote at all.

  7. As if Ayers has any credibility. Obongo and Ayers are both turds that should be hung as traitors.


    A peace prize winning war crinimal SHAME,SHAME,SHAME on the PEACE PRIZE COMMITY

  9. Off-Topic: Do any of you computer savvy folks know if a laser mouse can run out of energy and needs to be replaced type of thing? – Mine has been freezing up on me, plus sometimes the lights go completely out on it…sure would appreciate any answer from those in the know.

    Thanks ~

    • Is it wireless? If so, replace the batteries in the mouse. If not then you either have a bad mouse or the surface you are using to roll the mouse over doesn’t have a good contrast for the laser. Make sure the laser lens is clean but be careful not to point it in your eye while cleaning. Unplug first.

      • Thanks Chris…I think it’s may be my worn out mouse-pad. And I’m not wireless.

        As to the laser lens cleaning…I’m taking that is placed at the bottom in one single place where it seems to be routed from.

        Anyway…surely appreciate your help.

    • BT – If the light goes out on it it sounds as if you may be having a driver issue with the mouse. Failures to move the pointer are sometimes due to a dirty laser diode on the bottom or trying to use it on a glass surface. They need a dark surface to work from or they wont move right. Check your mouse driver and update it and it should fix the issue if cleaning wont.



  11. Isn’t this just precious!


    Ayers would be proud. ~

  12. They both should be behind bars for life their both asshole’s.

  13. Speaking of college professors…here’s another whiz-bang for ya!


  14. “Obama is “absolutely” engaged in terrorist activity by using drones and “absolutely” should be tried for war crimes” – Ayers


    President Obama should be tried for Fraud and Perjury not War Crimes because we are at war, whether we want it or not. But elected office does not give the Commander in Chief immunity from Fraud and perjury.

    Bill Ayers should understand more than anyone that an American Marxist being tried for terrorism will get a free pass and double jeopardy. Mr. Ayers doesn’t want to try the President he wants to try the Office of the President.

    Thanks for the help Mr. Ayers, but No Thanks.

  15. Check this out…it’s a great report. Ayers and his wife are mentioned in this briefly as well.


    • “Columbia administrators should send a letter to parents informing them that many of the professors who will teach their children are unable to pass a basic criminal background check.”

      Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013.....z2WgUGbWOl

      Ha, ha, ha, jokes on you Mom and Dad

      And the young adults who graduate from Columbia U. that can indeed pass a basic criminal background check, still won’t be able to get a job!

  16. Here’s what Dear Leader is up to now…and I can’t blame Karzi for fuming about this, I am as well.


    I despise this so-called leader we have running our country, our military. And once again…he’s appeasing the enemies our men are fighting and dying for…it’s outrageous!

  17. Ayers got off because of some terrible screw-ups by the US Justice Dept.
    They really screwed up, and Ayers avoided being in jail for life.
    Yes, he was a successful bomb thrower,along with his wife Bernadine Dohrn.
    SDS, remember them? Students for a Democratic Society.
    Both of them should of been shot when arrested with bombs by the FEDS.

    • Don’t worry: the Feds are still hard at work trying to find Jimmy Hoffa. Yes they failed (again)… but that won’t stop them from trying. One day… the Hoffa family and the Teamsters WILL get justice. Oh sure, us honest citizens still won’t when we’re victims of crime. Or of Constitutional rights violations. But don’t worry: the Teamsters, the Mob, the Muslims, and the Marxists will come out of this okay.


  18. Here’s another one…it’s a good one, tells it like it is!



    Ayers and Obama are both crinimals two peas in the same rotten pod and both liberals