Ever heard of Johnylah Watkins? How about Hadiya Pendleton? Of course not! How about Cornelius German? They were all black kids murdered in Chicago this year. Now, have you heard of Trayvon Martin? Absolutely! Why have you heard of Trayvon and not Johnylah, Hadiya or Cornelius but Trayvon is a household name? Because the former were murdered by black people while Trayvon was killed by a white/Hispanic named George Zimmerman.

White on black crime is so rare in 2013 in America that the Democrats and their comrades in the mainstream propaganda media have to deem a Hispanic man white to gain notoriety. The propagandists have used the Trayvon Martin shooting as a catalyst to stir up racial strife in America. And, as always, it has worked.

Blacks across America are threatening to riot and kill crackas if Zimmerman is exonerated in, what should be obvious to everyone at this point, a trial that should never have been brought to court. There is not one instance of a Hispanic/white person of threatening to kill blacks if Zimmerman is found guilty. Why? Most white people in America want the truth to prevail through our justice system. And that is exactly what is occurring. Blacks? They want riots and looting.

The prosecution’s case has been laughable at best. Prosecution witnesses have done more for the defense than they could have done for themselves. This whole Trayvon/Zimmerman trial is nothing more than a kangaroo court designed by leftists to stir up racist, young blacks. Nothing has ever been more obvious to those who can still see the truth.

AWD has said for over a year that everyone should wait for the trial to take place before making judgments. I wrote on March 26, 2012:

“While there has been a lot of predictable vitriol from both sides of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, AWD has refused to take the bait. It seems many white people are eager to show Trayvon as a hoodie-wearing thug who attacked George Zimmerman, was shot and got what he deserved. And many black people have taken the other side, saying George Zimmerman is a cold-blooded killer who killed an innocent young, black man who happened to be walking through his neighborhood.

Trayvon may have been a thug. It appears new evidence may prove just that. Or he could have been an angel as the media and blacks believe. Zimmerman might be a guy sick of having homes in his neighborhood broken into and was attacked by a thug kid who didn’t like being followed in a gated community where he did not belong. Or Zimmerman could be a wannabe cop type who took it out on a young kid in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What happened that night? I don’t know and neither do you. Neither does Al Sharpton or the New Black Panthers. Or the Aryan Brotherhood. Or Obama. Or the man in the moon! Whether Martin was a thug or not shouldn’t have any bearing in whether he was lawfully or unlawfully shot. Just as Zimmerman’s having a gun and having a habit of calling 9/11 shouldn’t matter, either.”

The truth is emerging and it appears from witnesses that Trayvon was beating the bejeezus out of Zimmerman. But watching the media liberals on various networks, it is so apparent they want Zimmerman convicted whether he is guilty or not. This trial has become this generation’s OJ Simpson trial. Because of the malfeasance of the mainstream propaganda media, whites mostly see Trayvon as a drug-addled wannabe thug who deserved what he got. Blacks and white liberals see Zimmerman as a cracka who murdered an innocent, young black teen. This will not end well.

From the first mention of this case, the propaganda media practiced yellow journalism designed to rile up black racists. They wanted to ensure a large black turnout for Obama in the November presidential election. For that reason, they showed only photos of an angelic nine-year old Trayvon instead of more recent photos of a menacing thug-like teen who had run-ins with law enforcement and who had a record of violence. They showed only the most menacing photos of Zimmerman while refusing to show photos of Zimmerman’s bashed in nose and lacerations on his head. Only bloggers (the true journalists these days) dug up the true stories of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

If liberals really cared about the plight of young blacks in America, they would focus their efforts on the out-of-control black on black crime that occurs in large cities every day in America. For that reason, you don’t know the names of Johnylah Watkins, Hadiyah Pendleton and Cornelius German. In fact, over the Independence Day holiday alone, 11 blacks were murdered and 67 shot in Chicago by other blacks. From the media? Crickets! But you’ll also hear no mention of this in the propaganda media. The reason? Wrong pigment in the gunmen. Nor will you ever hear the name of Joshua Chellew. He was savagely beaten by a black gang in Atlanta and run over and killed by a car while trying to escape the beating. Again, Chellew’s murder doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative of the propaganda media.

If and when blacks riot and murder after Zimmerman is acquitted, the mainstream media will have blood on its collective hands. It’s quite obvious, at this point, that Trayvon was the aggressor while the much smaller Zimmerman was screaming for help. I ask the liberals and blacks so hell-bent on a Zimmerman conviction: at what point of having one’s face pummeled and one’s head slammed into the concrete does one have the right to shoot the aggressor before they lose consciousness?

AWD wrote in March of 2012:

In regards to the case, AWD has decided to reserve making an opinion until all the evidence comes to light. Just as it did in the Duke Lacrosse case. Being a thug in a hoodie isn’t a death penalty. Nor is defending yourself from being attacked and beaten by a trespasser in your neighborhood. What matters is whether Trayvon Martin attacked and beat George Zimmerman or not. If he did, then Zimmerman was protected by law to use deadly force. If Martin did not attack Zimmerman and Zimmerman faked his injuries, then Zimmerman will be found guilty. It’s as simple as that. And all the vitriol being spewed by both sides will not matter one bit. Guilty or not guilty is what matters. Thug or no thug doesn’t. The truth will come out.

And the truth is emerging. But, to leftists and racist blacks, truth was never the issue. It was always about revenge and a political agenda. AWD has no dog in this hunt. I only wanted the truth to emerge. But since when have leftists and racists cared about truth?

There is great anger on both sides of this trial. Leftists and black racists want Zimmerman’s head and to riot and loot. They have stated they will murder white people. White people aren’t going to allow much of that. This isn’t Rodney King. White people are more than prepared to protect their families and possessions from the coming riots. I’ve listened to numerous people who are locked and loaded preparing for the worst. These are not black-hating racists. They are hard-working, taxpaying, peaceful people who are tired of the political correctness excuses that tells them they are to blame for the massive crime committed by blacks. The excuse of slavery rings hollow in 2013.

Make no mistake, this entire trial is about race. Young blacks have been taught through political correctness and a corrupt media that they are victims of the racism of white people. They cannot be held accountable for their actions. Black on white crime is skyrocketing yet white on black crime is virtually non-existent. Which race is racist?

AWD wrote an article titled “The Hard Truth: Blacks Hate White People” a few years back. It has received more comments than any other post ever written on AWD. As much as liberals and blacks try to say the post was “racist,” it wasn’t. It was truth. The Martin/Zimmerman circus trial proves AWD was right!

White liberals and black racists will very soon have blood on their hands and should be held accountable for their hypocritical actions. This will not end well. People will be pushed only so far. Perhaps it is time for a reckoning in America.

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  1. quartierleblanc says:

    The MSM WANTS violence. They should be held accountable. However if YB’s want a fight, then bring it.

  2. Nobody states the truth quite as well as you do, AWD. Great article.

  3. Family Tradition says:

    Can you believe the prosecutors actually asked the judge to not allow evidence that Travon had marijuana in his system at the time?

    Why don’t they do that in drunk driver cases?

    • Good point! I had a feeling the judge would do that! This trial is a complete travesty. The MSN never shows what “angelic”Trayvon looked like at the time of the crime. Lock&load

  4. How about the real AmericanWhiteHispanic on AmericanBlack murder?

    You know the one……

    the Hernandez Llyod murder…….

    My quess is that there’s not a buck to be made there……

    so the BGI has ignored it.

  5. The trial is not over, as the 6 female jurors have not voted yet.
    6 females. 1 dead black teenage criminal.
    The evidence to me says Travon is 100% guilty, and George is 100% innocent.
    So,,,, I have to wait for the verdict to be announced.

    Could be a “hung” jury too. 6 females judging 2 males.

  6. I am a single white female in a city of 44 percent blacks. Me and mine are already locked and loaded. If the hoards come here to my place it will be open season! Hopefully willy will take em out at the corner first. Willy is the armed rednneck down the street. I drink beer with him and his wife….hopefully, the n******s are just shooting their mouths off, which they do all the time.

    • bigtimer says:


      Just so you know, you aren’t allowed to use the N or F word here in full, AWD’s rules. If that happens, your post will get caught in the AWD trap until and if it can be released and edited. 😉

    • Like seeing the ladies make a stand!

  7. All manufactured. What was it back then?….it all began with a little boy. Walking home at night in the rain. Clutching his bag of Skittles… AND THEN

    You would think Hollywood scripted this. Just posting to verify that I get it.

  8. Can’t we all get along?

    Apparently not.

    Multiculturalism proliferates racism. There is no significant racial strife in Iceland nor in Cameroon. Both nations are racially homogeneous. Does anyone accuse them of racism?

    We read reports of black mobs attacking white families attending July 4th celebrations. But we never read reports of black mobs attacking whites at Elton John concerts. The reason: Only whites attend Elton John concerts. Are they racists?

    It runs against the grain of political correctness and will get you labeled a racist. But it remains an absolute: Racial strife is inherent to multicultural societies.

    • DailyKenn, I agree. Multiculturism doesn’t achieve anything but weaken the countries where it’s practiced. The modern definition of the word means third world savages usually migrate to western country to live off of ridiculously generous welfare programs. It’s really stupid, isn’t it?


      • Not stupid for them…stupid for US! The suckers paying for it. Thanks to libtard demorats who give them the freebies for a vote. And lets not forgot a handful of dumbass RINOS in that gaggle of libtards too.

        • Multiculturalism sure worked out well for Lebanon and Yugoslavia, didn’t it.

          “Diversity is our strength,” says the virus to the leukocyte.

  9. Besides the brain frying reality that the media wants to make this as big of a circus out of this as possible (and by that I mean riots. Big, Giant, week long Fountains of ratings for these miserable, self serving bags of pig mucus); I am of two opinions about this case.

    One: by being a dumb a** and getting out of his car, Invader Zim deserved to get his clocked cleaned. His situational awareness was zero, which is why Trayvon got the drop on him. Idiot. He should have never left the car, and let Trayvon get away (or go home). It is very difficult to get your face pounded in while you’re inside a car and and the guy who wants to do it is outside in the rain looking stupid.

    Two: Trayvon should have ran home, and called 911 on the way, not be calling Miss Einstein on the phone so he could win her (urp) tender affections by treating her to hearing him pile drive Invader Zim’s head into the sidewalk over the phone.

    Both acted like Imbeciles, and now one guy is dead, and so will a lot of other people in the coming weeks, because there WILL be riots.

    The real villains are the Cubicle Rats in in the Media sweatshops that are driving this story and setting the country up for a major disruption in the Public Order.

    I P*ss on them all from a considerable height.

    • Zim will be convicted for being STUPID not for actually committing the crime.

      I tell everyone I talk to when the subject comes up. Zimmerman broke no laws but was a complete idiot for getting out of the car. What did he expect a urban yoot to do at 11 pm at night? As you said, no situational awareness. And its his stupidity that is going to get him convicted and sent to jail. The jurors will all say, he started it when he got out of the car, therefore he’s guilty. That will be the justification for their guilty verdict. Just like OJ was innocent cause Furman was a moron who used the nnnnn word. They just need one little thing to hang their hat on and justify what they were going to do any way.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        It was about 7:30 at night, and the question isn’t who was stupid (what’s more stupid, following a suspicious person or engaging in felonious assault on a whim?), it’s who broke the law.

        • following a suspicious person can be VERY stupid. Suppose that suspicious person turns on you and begins to beat the crap out of you?

          Zimmerman didn’t know what he was up against. He thought he could just follow and maybe ask politely what was up. He didn’t anticipate “sweet little Trayvon” going all MMA on him. He should have realized that this was a possibility and didn’t. The police dispatcher did and told him to stay in the car.

          Zimmerman did NOTHING illegal. But his trial isn’t about right and wrong. Its about “Justisss fo Trayvon” Fightin’ whitey etc etc. Getting out of the car when the police told him not to is the little hook that the libtards will hang their hat on as justification for a guilty verdict. Not saying he should be convicted, just saying this will be what is sited as “the cause” Some idiot on the jury is guaranteed to say “if he only stayed in the car like the po po told him to”

          • Mr. Rational says:

            Keep in mind that Martin was running away, and hadn’t shown any sign of belligerence (besides the indignant question).

            Zimmerman’s biggest mistake was failing to put his hand on his gun as soon as Martin re-appeared.  That IS a hostile action… but a defensive one, so long as he stayed put.  And had he done so, Martin would have fled.

    • Stupid much, Lazlo?

      Blamimg the victim is what usually happens when the prep is black. Zim had EVERY right to get out of his truck. In fact he was appointed a Neighborhood Watch captain. Trayvon had no right casing houses while preparing to burglarize them, and that’s what he was doing.

  10. Amen. And shout it from the rooftops–the MSM will have blood on their hands.

  11. America First says:

    The msm seems to be in full retreat and that is always a beautiful thing.to watch.I don’t think there will be the massive rioting some are presicting.Isolated incidents of “spontaneous blackness”? Yes.Either way I reccomend every God fearing, law abiiding non-bantu have a game plan.The police cannot help you when shtf.


    More and more riots instituded by a bunch of liberal leftists journalists scumballs

  13. “I’m Sheriff Scott Israel, and law enforcement does have your back,”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013.....z2YdZp4g4B

    Glad to know that the sheriff has the backs of the down trodden poor ole minorities.

  14. Spikes Tactical has my back. I don’t need the Sanford PD.

  15. For some comedic relief last night, I switched over to MSNBC and watched about five minutes of Al Sharpton’s show. His closing statement had to do with Bill O’Reilly’s comments that he hoped ther would be no riots if Zimmerman is found not guilty.

    Since there are no subtitles on Al’s show, I can’t be sure what he said, but it had something to do with the fact that black people won’t riot because they just want justice too. I think he even mumbled something about him being on the forefront of keeping blacks from committing violent acts in other cases. (I don’t think he was talking about Tawana Brawley, but again, since he barely speaks English it was hard to tell.).

    Did anyone else see this?

  16. GeneralQuarters says:

    Rorke’s Drift 2.0 coming to a town near you!

    • Joe Stalin says:

      Uhh, what should we be singing against their rap music when they stage their “peaceful” March for Racial Justice carrying Molotov cocktails, 9mms and Kalashnikovs?

      Any suggestions?

  17. Mr. Rational says:

    But, to leftists and racist blacks, truth was never the issue. It was always about revenge and a political agenda.

    To Blacks, it was always a tribal issue.  The shooter was from another tribe, therefore they must have his head.  Inside the tribe?  “No snitching.”

    AWD has no dog in this hunt.

    Yes, you do.  Truth is on trial here, not just Zimmerman, and you have a stake in the truth.  If the Zimmerman persecution is endorsed by a trial verdict, NONE of us are safe.

  18. ConservativeInCA says:

    Excellent article, Dude. Thank you for continuing to tell it like it is!

  19. The police chief was on the stand today telling about how he was pressured to make the arrest.

    The prosecution had to absolve themselves of blame from the looting that’s about to commence. They’ll be able to say at least that they filed the case.

  20. REV Wright says:

    B!tch Obama appointed judge is corrupt……..

    [Holder’s fingerprints are all over this trial.]

  21. Nick Baylor says:

    You see this is my concern… I look through websites like this (http://www.theblaze.com/storie.....f-verdict/) and I see quotes like “If Zimmerman get off ima shoot the first hispanic/white i see” and personally it pisses me the f*** off. As far as im concerned that is a possible direct threat on my life! and the legal system doesn’t do a f***ing thing about it! When, when, when, when, when are we going to make these ghetto hoodrich “city-folk” accountable for their actions like the f***ing rest of us! I am so sick an tired of this double standard bullshit I could PUKE! But because of the race card they can say whatever the f*** they want and its an AUTOMATIC GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD! I did not defend my country to support this bullshit! I’m tired of my f***ing taxes being used to feed crackheads…. and now since im done with my rant here’s some black on white crimes that you WONT see on the MSM http://www.newnation.org/NNN-Black-on-White.html

  22. You know nothing about black people. You talk about us like we are the bad apples of the bunch. We live in two different social worlds. The way black people communicate to the next police/law is different from the way white people communicate. This is why white people can understand “A young black male with a hoody is a perfect description of the young gangstas of Chicago”… but why you or any other white populated media never throw out the suggestion that TRAYVON MARTIN acted in defense??? Never watched “Boyz N Da Hood”? I doubt it, because white people feel they don’t have to participate in something that is “black”. Im 24 years old, I have 3 best friends since the age of 12 who are all white, I have black friends too. I know the difference. If you have the voice or power to teach why use it to promote something so negative. I get where you were going with it but me being a young black man being put in that same situation by Police, Strangers and other Black men (minus the gun shots). You obviously dont promote hate of black men so be smart or just keep proving how unsuperior you think you are in a country where we went to trial over a case with some of the most clearest evidence we’ve seen in a while. We know Trayvon was not the burglar instead he was more like a temporary resident who obviously was in the neighborhood alot according to his father.

    Im one of the black men that Zimmerman would run for his gun if he ever saw me in his neighbor. Im the young black man who share a gun with my friends, bought and sold weed with my friends…. I DONT HAVE ANY INTENTIONS ON KILLING ANYONE. Gullible white people believe that just like they did when the gangster Tookie Williams or Troy Davis was being executed.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      You know nothing about black people.

      We don’t, do we?  We know your criminal stats and feel your hatred regularly.  You, on the other hand, don’t know WHITE people.  If you did you would focus your attention in at your own tribe, not out at us.

      You talk about us like we are the bad apples of the bunch. We live in two different social worlds.

      You’re right, we do… because you are.  We live in the different worlds that we create.  Why should we want to live in the world YOU create, when you don’t even like it yourself and prefer ours?

      but why you or any other white populated media never throw out the suggestion that TRAYVON MARTIN acted in defense???

      Because we understand those annoying things like FACTS and LOGIC, which force us to conclude that Martin acted criminally and Zimmerman was only defending himself.  This is the same understanding that brought us to the conclusion that James Bird (a Black man) was murdered (by White men).

      You think tribally.  “My tribe… always right, other tribe always wrong.”  It’s your thinking that has kept Africa backward and violent for all of human history, after Europeans and Asians had broken out of that mental cage.  Yet despite our example, your mind is still stuck inside it.

      Never watched “Boyz N Da Hood”? I doubt it, because white people feel they don’t have to participate in something that is “black”.

      If race is only a social construct, why should we?  It’s an example of a failed culture that even Black people should discard as harmful to everyone, including themselves.

      Race is actually biological, so the only reason for Whites to watch BITH is to know our lesser enemy.

      If you have the voice or power to teach why use it to promote something so negative.

      It’s called “speaking truth to power”.  If you don’t like these truths, you are the only one with the power to change them.  Go fix your tribe and its dysfunctions.  Come back when you’re done.

      Im the young black man who share [sic] a gun with my friends, bought and sold weed with my friends….

      Breaks the law AND uses stereotypically bad grammar.  Hint, present tense is “shares”, past tense is “shared”.


      You mean “of”, not “on”.  And neither do I… but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been ready to unload hollowpoints into a bellicose punk in my own self-defense.  And I’d be just as ready to do it to a Black punk as the White one I faced down over the sights.  See, I discriminate based on behavior.  Yours isn’t worthy of membership in civilization.

      • Of course that speaks for all blacks.

        excuse me, YOU create? Since when whites are not violent and hostile towards others?, ohhh right, “the numbers of crimes perpetrated by whites to non-whites are really low” (forgetting that some of them are not even investigated) then YOU are saints, omitting any responsibility in crime present in the US, or worse, assuming that such crimes are more forgivable because whites are “less violent”, don’t make me laugh, just because YOU don’t shoot others, doesn’t mean that other people who look like YOU are innocent.

        meanwhile we don’t know the final outcome of the trial and you assume that “the security guard” was acting in self-defense, call it “self defense” or whatever you want, I call it reckless, a fool with a gun saw a black kid with a hoodie and therefore he was suspected of something, but as far as we know martin was not doing anything illegal.

        Someone ignores that countries like Nigeria, Gabon, Angola, and Botswana are leading the list of countries with economic growth in the twenty-first century, surpassing even many Latin American and Southeast Asian countries, but hey, since our “tribe our tribe is in the backwardness” , people like you will never give us credit for it. By the way, Europe was on the verge of losing most of its population in centuries of wars and famines, they would have to stop at some point in history, the same goes for africans.

        Ohhh, I’m sorry for hurt you so bad.

        finally we agree on something

        you are rubbing hands for other racial conflict, and then will come out the magical finger of blame

        I make the exception in my case, English is my second language, just in case

        Excuse me for my skepticism, but this last one makes me laugh

  23. You are so gifted in your writing. You are the best and always tell it how it is in a humorous, insightful way. You are my fav.

  24. If Zimmerman is a white Hispanic then Obama is a white African. .

  25. WHites never”riot”.this creates a problem for Obama and Holder who need an excuse to employ martial law.that’s exactly why they have been behind the scene jinning this thing up.DOJ caught secretly starting up anti Zimm protest down in Fla.their altimate goal is to take white peoples guns.See where this is going? As much as I hate to say this,If Zimm is accuitted,There will be a Civil War in America!don’t think for a second that Obama doesn’t have a secret Army! Explains why DHS bought 2billion bullets,7,000 urban assault vehicles ,thousands of AR15s. 85 FEMA Detention Camps.storing 100s of thousands of plastic coffens outside of Atlanta. Feel free to check out these facts.good luck people.

  26. REV Wright says:

    Immediate “Gubment” Obama Jobs For Black Obama Voters:

    Chanting “We bees victims!” at the Sanford, FL Court House.

    Look for REP Maxine Waters passing out “da green”.

    Bonus: Loaded EBT [SNAP] cards


    Please contact Eric Holder’s DOJ


    Time for Sharpton to be held financialy and personaly liable and responsible for anything that happens

  28. quartierleblanc says:

    Some moron on MSNBC just said that “there is a lot of White shame out there right now.” No whizzer? Speak for yourself you blithering libtard.

  29. Bob Smith says:

    There’s a big difference between Rodney King and the Zimmerman trial. In California, where the RK incident occurred, it’s basically impossible for unconnected citizens to get weapon carry permits. Thus in LA and Oakland blacks are able to riot with impunity.

    In Florida, weapons carry permits are available to all law-abiding citizens. If they tried the same crap in FL they tried in CA a bunch of blacks are going to get themselves shot.

  30. by the way, what ever happened to the 6 blacks that attacked that white preg woman last year?
    not hearing nothing about that!!

  31. nodopimwpoimv says:

    The case was made as soon as it was learned that the killer was named George Zimmerman — the perfect name for a white, racist villain. And it works whether your taste in villains runs to Semitic or the Germanic, he has the perfect evil white man name. Self defense is not a crime, unless you aren’t black and your assailant is.