John Boehner needs a swift kick on his backside…and that kick needs to send him from Capitol Hill all the way back to his home in Ohio! He’s got me fit to be tied, then again…when doesn’t he! Wait until you read about his plans put in motion regarding our wonderful illegals in this nation.

The wheels are turning…he says it’s his job to facilitate this process right off the bat!

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Wednesday offered an endorsement for a proposal to grant citizenship to children who were brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents.

“This is about basic fairness,” Boehner said one week after convening a two-hour meeting to discuss immigration with his conference.

“These children were brought here of no accord of their own, and frankly they’re in a very difficult position,” he said. “And I think many of our members believe that this issue needs to be addressed.”

Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) are crafting a bill to deal with children brought to the U.S. illegally. They have said it will differ from the Dream Act in the Senate, which would grant citizenship to children brought to the U.S. illegally who meet certain requirements.

The Judiciary Committee plans to hold an initial hearing on the issue next week.

Oh yes…it’s for children don’t ya know! Illegal immigrants…but hey, he thinks the republicans will achieve more votes this way during election time, midterm elections…as well as the next presidential election!

You can be sure Dear Leader and crew are pleased as punch about this news!

This so-called man needs to go…and he can take that wussy Cantor with him too! I’m not holding my breath for anything to happen to either of them, this nation has become brain-dead…they’ll most likely keep their posts. I certainly hope I’m wrong…time will tell.

Can you say ‘amnesty’…heck, I won’t be surprised if the House tries to outdo the Senate and just give automatic amnesty to all the illegals we have here. Nope, nothing will surprise me anymore…how ’bout you?

ADDENDUM: The two articles here are very important to read, please take the time to do so. The first link has much more inside than what meets the eye with the title of the story, trust me:

La Raza In Line To Pocket Reform-Bill Slush Funds

And here’s this, a message to Little Johnny and Crew:

GOP Leaders Don’t Understand The Border Is Job One

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Regardless of who votes for whom, the simple fact is we have a system in place for people to apply for citizenship, go through the hoops, and get naturalized. You occasionally read about a ceremony that takes place. There is a legal and proper way to become a U.S. citizen. Some of these ‘children’ are NOT children. They know all about applying for welfare, EBT cards, Pell grants and all the other freebies our dumbass government gives them. MAKE THEM BECOME CITIZENS BEFORE GRANTING BENEFITS.

  2. aceydoozy says:

    Booted with a leaded, spiked toed boot, that sorry piece of GOP trash isn’t worth spit; but, then, the House leadership isn’t worth a $3 bill in toto. Just reading an article about what has happened to the Benghazi investigation, seems the leadership isn’t interested in following through on the investigation.

  3. Snake Oiler says:

    July 18, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    The Republican Party has become the tool of its Chamber of Commerce donors who are always on the make for more cheap labor. Apart from this, the Republican Party no longer serves any useful purpose. It no longer defends the interests of the American people, the Constitution, or the rule of law.

    It is merely the illusion of an opposition party. What we really have are two parties sharing power. Through their Congressional committee appointments and seniority system they set the agenda, control the money, and share out the spoils. The Republicans have become worse than useless –– they are the handmaidens of the radicals. They have become part of the problem.

    Since the Republican Party lacks the will to defend the interests of the American people, the Constitution, and the rule of law it should dissolve itself. Failing that it must be replaced by the people with a new party.

    • aceydoozy says:

      Illusion is correct, we are already under one-party rule, we don’t have to wait for the mid-terms should the ‘rats win the House.

  4. Cry Baby is the main obstacle for the Conservative base. He needs to take his Trail Of Tears and depart. He might as well be a Demo.
    Ten to one has has already cut a deal and is play acting along with Ryan and Cantor. If we are going to loose and he opens the gate to illegals lets make damned sure there is a well funded person to Primary these treacherous bastards. Little McRinos of the House.

    • Spot-on….you summed it up in a nutshell!

      Btw…I love your reference to the ‘Little McRINOs of the House’…perfectly stated!

  5. Snake Oiler says:

    Besides the official statements from the foreign ministry, there were some very interesting comments made by a former Mexican foreign minister, Jorge Castaneda, still an oft-quoted globalist mover and shaker.

    Castaneda appeared on Univision with host Jorge Ramos, and, as reported by Jerry Kammer:

    “In an interview …on Univision’s ‘Al Punto’ program, former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda sharply criticized the just-passed U.S. Senate bill’s provisions to lengthen the border fence and limit the number of temporary worker visas. His comments, together with those of Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, contradicted the claim by many advocates of the Senate bill that emigration from Mexico is declining rapidly.”

    I love this part. Get a load of what Castaneda said about a border fence. It ought to win some sort of award for sheer hypocritical chutzpah:

    “It is very adverse for Mexico. … All the Central Americans who come from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, fleeing from violence, pass through Mexico. If they’re not able to cross the border, what are they going to do? Are they going to return to their countries. No. They’re going to stay in Mexico, creating a burden for us that we have to carry.”

    Wait a second, Jorge. Aren’t we constantly lectured about how great it is for us to receive all these illegal alien Mexicans? So why isn’t it great for Mexico to receive all these illegal alien Central Americans? Why do you call them a burden? Aren’t they a benefit for your country?

    As Americans, we need to craft our own immigration policy, and we shouldn’t give a hoot what elitist Mexicans think about it.

    © 2013 Allan Wall – All Rights Reserved

  6. Anyone here happen to be listening to Mark Levin about this topic at the moment? – Just curious…he is really one mad guy. I’m as furious about all this too…he’s had it with Cantor and ilk.

    Btw…La Raza is getting 8-10 million a year from the tax-payers, along with a few other groups that are no friends of ours.

  7. Friends…some of you, please, please take the time to read all of this. This is what’s really happening and going to be happening if any of bill passes.

    There is so much included in all of this friends…so much.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      While the Senate bill is advertised as a “tough, conservative” measure, the largely unnoticed sanctuary funding and La Raza clauses may be the real point of the legislation. This seems likely since the bill was steered through the Senate by the Obama White House.

      It’s like a clone of ObamaCare – all they need now is the nitwit Pelosi trumpeting the need to ‘pass it to find out what’s in it’.

      • Yep, exactly…I put an addendum to the blog post Snake, there’s one other report added from the same site. I think you and others might find it more than interesting too.

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    Bonehead Bohnier is a TRAITOR just like all those that support AMNESTY. Lets start calling him BENIDICT ARNOLD

  9. Ghostrider says:

    Our nation is comprised of immigrants. Legal immigrants make this country strong. They work hard to get here, learn English, and devote themselves to making a better life for themselves and their children. Illegal immigrants make a mockery of all our forefathers. Anyone who supports amnesty is out of touch with what makes us great and dishonors those who have gone before.

    • Right you are Ghostrider…a whole bunch of someone’s need to tell that to a bunch of congress-critters that make the laws on Capitol Hill. Problems is, will they listen, seems they certainly don’t care about what we the people think.


        Off topic, but illustrates what I said the other day, Boners got the immigration thing all f*cked up (on purpose) to hide the house not saying NO on many things, gun issues have been hidden but now their quietly moving again and all Boner has to say to gun issues, immigration is NO. Hopefully Reds on this. Bloombergs hand is in this. Wished someone would just cut his friggin hands off like Taliban do. Boy when that man dies half of NY will dance a Jig on his grave.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Our nation is comprised of immigrants. Legal immigrants make this country strong.

      No, GhostRider.  The CORE of this nation is not composed of immigrants, but PIONEERS.  SETTLERS.  People who go into a wilderness and create nations from nothing.

      Immigrants come to countries already created by others.  They are dispensable.  Pioneers are essential.

      Today’s influx are mostly from a third class:  parasites.

  10. I live in Northern AZ (Barry, you and Eric already know all this), but with my Business I go all over Southern AZ. I have looked upon this sign that essentially tells me that it’s not a good idea over this way, because although it’s still your country, the cops are afraid to go over there because, they gave the cartels all these guns…
    These very eyes! And my money helped paid for that sign.
    This bothers me more than a dream about Nancy Pelosi would.

    I have seen invaders in my own country numbering in the fifties or more hiking along the back roads. They are an agile bunch, I’ll give them that.

    These Kids didn’t come here of their on Volition, but they grew up here. So some American style Charity is in order. Instant Green card/ Right to work. Front of the line for the test. No Freebies, No reduced tuition, especially no Citizenship until English is mastered.
    No special hats.
    “I ain’t offering you nothin’ extra.” said Josie Wales.
    There isn’t all that many of them, and in this specific event I feel the goodwill is a good investment. In our American Spirit.

    As far as ALL THE OTHER Burglars go:

    Build a fence. Build it high, build it behind a moat two hundred feet across and a hundred deep, take the dirt to build up New Orleans so I don’t have to keep paying to pump it dry; and fill said Moat with all the alligators from the south.

    You ain’t getting OUT now B*tches, You are paying Taxes, You are paying down Barry’s party bill, you are going to EARN your way. Our economy tanks you tank with it. No going Home when our hard times come around. No slinking back across the border when this host has been bled dry.
    You are Proto-Americans and you done F*cked Up Now.

    Boner’s a piece of sand in my bathing suit; miniscule yet abrasive.
    Ted Nugent and Mark Levin will bathe him in the fires of their eyes, reducing him to a small puddle of metal which will be drawn into wire for Ted’s Guitar strings, which he will promptly break.

  11. “Boner” (err Boehner) is the “CRYING DRUNK UNCLE”…..

    that always shows up at the family functions……

    has to much to drink and makes an a$$ out of himself…..

    I don’t feel sorry for him……

    maybe “Cirrhosis of the Liver” will get him before the next election…..

    BTW…..I think “Boner’s” tan has more to do with alcohol than the sun.

  12. Its at a point I would rather look at Obama than Bohner. I know what Obama stands for and what he wants to do, but damned if I can ever figure out what the SOB Bohner ever stands for. He is slippery than a dog turd in the rain. Islam sucks and so does the GOP, Grand Old Pussies.

  13. I’m going to throw this information in this thread too…we all know the msm won’t cover it.

    …and this. ~

  14. BooHoo is nothing but a joke……….behind the scenes Boohoo is working for LaRaza and not the American people …..the truth is he is working against the people to undermine working Americans and create a larger American welfare state by increasing amnesty to “”the children”…..this is nothing but a back door amnesty bill in the guise of “we need to help the children”………….

    Boehner is the most sorry-ass republican speaker of the House in my life-time……I have never seen anyone work so hard to hurt our cause of limited government than Boehner….it simply make me sick that we have to fight the progressives every step of the way and then we have to fight our own from cutting our throats…….

    Boehner and the republican majority leader Eric Cantor are not who we need leading us in the House…..these two are going to lead us down the road to complete and total destruction and hand the country over to progressive totalitarian status dictatorial types and a welfare state that we will never be able to get out from under……….

    fu@k the republicans……..and I mean fu@k them…….all of them……..

  15. It’s just Boners way of helping the gang of 8 traitors with the amnesty bill. He just invoked the “anchor baby” loophole–If the kids get automatic citizenship, then THEY become the sponsor(s) for their parents, that means they get to stay here too. They are also eligible for all kinds of free stuff provided and paid for by you and I.

    Things such as:

    No interest loans to start a business.
    Free housing.
    Free Medical.
    Social Security checks–even if they never paid in.

    The list goes on…


    • Mr. Rational says:

      No news here.  White people have been thrown under the bus, Black people have been taken for granted; the Dems want to buy off the brown-skinned hordes from south of the border to be their guaranteed constituency for the NEXT 50 years.

      How to do that?  Require Spanish skills for all but the top professional jobs.