Cross-dressing Boy

NAMBLA must be drooling...

Question: What’s the definition of sex (as in gender)? According to Merriam Webster, it is:

sex noun \ˈseks\
1: either of the two major forms of individuals that occur in many species and that are distinguished respectively as female or male especially on the basis of their reproductive organs and structures
2: the sum of the structural, functional, and behavioral characteristics of organisms that are involved in reproduction marked by the union of gametes and that distinguish males and females

I don’t see anything in there about sex/gender being based upon the sentiments of the individual. Yet, our society is now gleefully redefining gender in just this way—i.e., not upon the biological facts of the individual, but upon his/her feelings.

Although it is unknown if the kids at the camp will eventually identify as gay or transgender—or even if the way gender and sexuality are defined throughout society will evolve—the camp allows the kids to look at themselves in a completely different way.

A Boys’ Camp to Redefine Gender, Slate, July 15, 2013

Have a penis? Doesn’t mean you’re a boy—at least not if you feel like a girl. Have a vagina? Same thing.

And why stop there? Maybe your humanity, like your gender, is not a matter of biological fact but a matter of thuper-thenthitive feeling. E.g., do you feel like a dolphin? Well then, get a dolphinoplasty! Don’t let that oppressive Mother Nature try to dictate what you are! Damn the facts; feel what you are!

Folks, we are quickly approaching the “left singularity“, which will create a sociopoliticoeconomic blackhole from which not even the light of truth and reason can escape.

Exit quotation from the inimitable Jim Goad:

The left—whatever’s left of it—has a queer tendency to mistake ideas for reality and reality for ideas. That’s the only way they could swallow the notion that what’s inside Chaz Bono’s head makes her a man while what Mother Nature tucked between her legs is irrelevant. It’s such through-the-looking-glass thinking that enables them to believe America is riddled with hang-ups about Chaz Bono rather than the obvious fact that Chaz Bono is hung-up about herself.

– Jim Goad, The Emperor’s New Body, Taki’s Magazine, September 5, 2011

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    Remember the leftists are not about the using kids in their support for gun laws look at how OBAMA the FINK used kids in his support for GUN CONTROL and these leftists reptiles dont let the facts get in the way of their propeganda

  2. Redseeingred says:

    Woah! Jim Goad is the MAN! (and he is not confused about it one bit)

    • Redseeingred,

      Time to change your way of thinking according to Jeantel… correct phrase would be – Jim Goad is the nigga.

  3. Whitey McWhitey says:

    This is actually along the lines of my expertise as a behavioral scientist. I do not believe that this is really a political agenda.

    First off, it has become very “in your face” in media and also with the gay/lesbian community to fight for acceptance and also the increase of gender assignment surgeries. I can state with confidence, this is a different beast. It is EXTREMELY rare and it is shown at very early stages in life.

    The youngest child that had been studied with this phenomenon was a three year old child.

    Being a behavioral scientist, I see most things that are going outside of the realm of normal as possibly a neurological or biological malfunction of some manner. Gender while decided at conception, is not spontaneous at birth, but it is a process of development while still snug as a bug in the womb.

    I’ll spare you of getting too technical. However, A natural gender assignment might have been decided through chromosome via the father. However, within the mother if she was excreting unusual hormones or if there was a neurological misfiring, it could have caused the brain to confuse signals, much like bi-polar. Which, is as biological as diabetes. This is where a lot of the studies came in that said that they could “fix” people with confused gender identity with medications and counseling, much like how you would handle schizophrenics and people with personality disorders, but also like schizophrenics, medications only work on one of the two types. Medications/therapies failed on all test groups of homosexual and gender confusion.

    I have seen in the news the fights with school systems about bathroom rights. I think they’re handling this horribly on many levels and that is how it has become to be a political nightmare. Should these children have the right to be treated as the natural gender assignment or through the neurological perspective of gender assignment. I think parents who encourage their child in the schools to act outside of their natural assignment are setting them up for some serious social isolation. In demanding the rights for their child to go running with the neurological, they’re setting other children up for some seriously distorted views of the world, not to mention confusion.

    Purely on a personal belief, what they do at home is not anyone’s business. But when you start pushing it on other individuals it’s damaging on both sides, then to toss that “different” child to the wolves (media and public criticism) on top of that is what I would consider next door to neglect and abuse.

    Liberals, I believe, seem to be so concentrated on what they believe is best and right (Blind acceptance of all)* they are willing to sacrifice a child who is already going through some pretty difficult events. Like I said before, what people do behind closed doors, that’s their business. I mind my own yard and have no desire to mow the yards of my neighbors.

    But, when you exploit children’s differences in the name of right and people like Chaz who exploit themselves to make this seem like it’s normal, a line needs to be drawn. Otherwise, it becomes a fad and you have children who are hit with a multitude of emotions, natural sexuality developments, and the need to feel special and unique starting to jump on he bandwagon saying “That’s me, that’s me too, I’m a tom boy, I need to buy a penis”.

  4. Damn you Red,

    I’m really mixed up now… I thought I was a nigga because I have a penis (Miles would drool over the length) but now I’m not sure this morning exactly how I’m feeling and what gender I might involve into during the day. Guess I’ll just go clean house and then shave my legs as I ponder my inner self.

  5. Am I missing some thing here? Why is this whole concept difficult for some? Does the child have a wang? If yes, it’s a boy! I don’t give a flying shit if the kid feels like a girl, a doughnut or the queen of the galaxy, it’s a boy! To quote one of my favorite t-shirts; “It’s not rocket surgery.”

    I can attest that 99.999999% of Americans don’t give a shit what I think, why should I give a shit what a 5-year old child “thinks” about it’s gender? CPS will take your kid if you spank him/her/it but if you convince your son that he’s really your daughter, you get to be on talk shows! I’m not sure America deserves to survive when THIS kind of crap is a topic that “needs to be discussed” along with such gems as justice for Trayvon or anything that falls from Obama’s pie-hole.

    Enough rant, I need more beer before bed. I was awakened at 2:30AM by the local “urban yoots” latest trunk rattling competition.

  6. Oh i wish I didn’t have an Oscar Meyer wiener.

  7. rightwingterrorist says:

    I’m offended.

    Not exactly sure why.

    None the less, I’m offended.

    Gimme some rights, access to the wymins toilets, and some money.

  8. Ghostrider says:

    Red, there are only pitchers and catchers in this world. God made men to be pitchers, women to be catchers. He designed our bodies accordingly. The difference between men and women is expounded upon at great length in the Bible. I don’t claim to be religious. I only point out the obvious. Attempting to re-define the nature of the sexes and sexuality in general amounts to trampling upon the natural order of things. Anyone who does so is arrogant beyond belief.

    • Ghostrider…

      Amen to all you said. ~

    • Whitey McWhitey says:

      As a Christian, I agree. But, also very unfortunately, I see all to many times environmental factors that God can’t really help out with that cause some pretty horrific effects in people. Because of free will, you have idiots who are drinking like fish, doing an array of drugs, etc while pregnant. God can’t help stupid people from doing stupid things and the children are left to live with the after affects. This topic, again, unfortunate as it is, isn’t black and white. There are so many gray variables that account as well. I mostly find it sad on all levels.

  9. Josephistan says:

    So if I “identify” as a woman, does that mean I get to use the ladies’ shower at the gym?

    • Put on a dress, I will. Into women’s restrooms, go, I will. Leer at some lady Jedi, I shall. Be very careful, I must! Lady Jedi most powerful, when wrong time of month it is!

  10. Women have a split pelvis, and 1 more rib in her ribcage.
    I doubt that many young girls in today’s world do not know this.