George W. Bush might not be America’s worst president but it’s certain he’s the most disappointing. He could have been the much-needed next Reagan but he ended up being the son of his big-government loving, moderate dad. And no matter how anyone tries to spin it, W’s failed presidency and his moron-filled administration (yeah you, Rove, you fat bastid!) paved the way for a communist community organizer with zero experience to be elected President of the United States. And, for that, there is NO forgiveness. Hell, that Obama has continued and expanded most of Bush’s programs proves what a disaster zone W was as President!

Today, Bush and his gay-marriage loving wife were interviewed on ABCs’ ‘This Week’. Here’s some of his comments on immigration:

“Sometimes, it takes time for some of these complex issues to evolve. And it looks like immigration, you know, has a chance to pass. The reason to pass immigration reform is not to bolster a Republican Party — it’s to fix a system that’s broken. Good policy yields good politics as far as I’m concerned.”

I guess W means current immigration laws are not good policy! Well W, you certainly don’t need to worry about the bolstering the Republican Party if immigration passes. What you and your stupid brother in Florida can’t seem to grasp (along with far too many wussypants RINOs in Washington) is there WILL BE NO REPUBLICAN PARTY if immigration passes. I’ll let you professional politicians in on a little secret: HISPANICS ALWAYS VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS! Don’t believe AWD? Look at every single congressional district in America that has a Hispanic majority population. They’re as blue as Mary Jo Kopechne in Ted Kennedy’s submerged car. Yet, every single Bush wants to pass amnesty! No wonder his presidency ended up with numbers lower than the literacy rate in Detroilet!

He continued:

“It’s very important to fix a broken system, to treat people with respect and have confidence in our capacity to assimilate people. It’s a very difficult bill to pass because there’s a lotta moving parts. And the legislative process is– can be ugly. But it looks like they’re making some progress.”

AWD is damn sick and tired of corruptocrats telling us “the system is broken, the system is broken!” If it’s broken it’s only because the federal government won’t enforce immigration laws it created! If the government enforced the “broken” system, it wouldn’t be “broken!”

Also, W says it’s important to “treat people with respect.” What people? Illegal aliens who have broken our laws to enter the country? The 70% of ALL immigrants, legal and illegal, who use at least one form of taxpayer-funded welfare? What about treating the American taxpayer with respect, Bush? I’d like a little respect and concern from my government since I’m paying for the sumbitch! It boggles my mind to hear an ex-President talking about respecting illegal aliens instead of the suckers paying for all of the disaster zone policies and ignored laws he and his ilk created!

George Bush was not and is not a friend to conservative Americans. He’s no more a conservative than Nancy Pelosi, who kicked his ass the whole time he was President. Let me tell you one damn thing. If a major piece of legislation that marks your presidency was co-written with Ted Kennedy, you’re doing it wrong, junior!

No Kid Left Behind is a colossal failure that set off alarms that W wouldn’t be a Reagan. More like a Carter. Why not leave kids behind? Not every kid needs to go to college as much as libtards like to say it. How many Women’s Studies grads are tending bar, or are on welfare, these days? In the wise words of Judge Smails in Caddyshack, “the world needs ditch-diggers, too.” Too bad Bush never saw Caddyshack before wasting billions on a program that can never succeed!

I won’t even go into TARP, Medicare Part D, and the unwinnable wars he got us into!

It’s no surprise Bush’s younger brother and fellow-idiot Jeb supports amnesty as well. Does anyone in the Bush family not breathe out of their mouth? What is wrong with that family? Whatever it is, it’s also wrong with the Republican Party.

AWD has nothing against legal immigrants to America. My little filly is one who became an American citizen. LEGALLY! If immigrants come to America legally and contribute instead of take, no problem. Although, I believe we need more immigrants who can invent things rather than plant and trim things. We have been over-run by third world dependents because of the corruption and ineptness of our government and the corporations that control it to control our borders and immigration process.

I feel sorry for the poor people in Mexico and South America. I really do. Just like I feel sorry for the poor in India and China. But America cannot be the lifeboat for the world’s poor and uneducated. Pretty soon the lifeboat sinks. And we’re taking on waaaaaay too much water as it is! If immigration passes, America is sunk forever!

If America sinks, it will be from the malfeasance of the Bush family and their amigos! And I swear, if it turns Allah Baptist, AWD will never, ever, EVER vote for another Bush!

Here’s the interview. The immigration part starts around 9 minutes:

It is certain that Bush will not be on the invite list to Dude-a-Palooza!

Since the Bush family prides itself on speaking (bad) Spanish, AWD (who speaks good Spanish) would like to send them a message:

“Que se callan las jetas! No hemos sufrido suficiente con tu familia todavia?”

For all you gringo goat ropers who only hablar Ingles, I said “STFU! Haven’t we suffered enough from your family?”

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  1. Yea, I seen that in the news. First I was pissed, then I remembered him trying to pass an amnesty bill of his own.

    I used to be a STRONG W. supporter, against any and all attackers. That is until I watched him on TV tell me his amnesty bill was not an amnesty bill. Yea, right. It’s a Reform bill that just happens to include amnesty. That was they day I decided I was no longer a Republican anymore.

    Let me tell you, it was a real kick in the teeth. I’ve got no respect for this jerk anymore. And to think that his brother, Jeb, is considering a run??? Geez, give me a break. I’d rather have a sister in a whore house than another Bush in the White House.

  2. Had 911 not occurred the “W” presidency would have been a disaster worse than it was. I doubt Cheney would have stuck it out for a 2nd term. No more Bush’s, or Clintons. Hell I’d vote for Ted Cruzs Father as a write in. I only stay with Repos as Independents
    can’t vote in primaries.

  3. Yeah…I saw all of that BS I could stand this morning, and it wasn’t very much of it.

    I about give up when I think of whats to come in the ’16 election.


    The support of AMNESTY is a act of Treason by these bunch of reptiles they all deserve to be banished from america for life and beyound that

  5. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Our immigration system isn’t boken, it just isn’t enforced! There’s enough laws and policies on the books to completely stop illegal immigration, including deporting millions of squat monsters from Mexico. Our government officials, and many brain-dead Americans, lack the will to do it.

    By the way, it’s not the role of any U.S. President, past or present, to use taxpayer funds as aid to Africa or any other nation. I remember when during the Presidency of G.W. he authorized over 4 billion in aid to stop the increasing HIV rates in Africa. Typical liberal who thinks what is essentially a social-moral issue can be rectified by money!

    Africa is a money-pit, and after decades of showering this continent with billions, there is very little to show for all the effort. That’s because most governments in Africa are corrupt and poorly managed. But stupid whites like to feel good about helping the ‘poor black man.’ In the end, all it does is make these nations utterly dependent on the West and unable to be self-reliant.

    Geez, haven’t we learned anything from the welfare state in America that giving unearned money and housing to people only makes them lazy and entitled?

    Africa is in the condition it is because it’s populated and run by black Africans. Africa is a glaring contradiction to multiculturalism and proof that not all races and cultures of people are equal.

  6. “Does anyone in the Bush family not breathe out of their mouth? What is wrong with that family?”

    Hahahaha so true AWD. Man do I hate the Bush family

  7. What’s broken?

    Mexicans have a whole country of their own. It’s called “Mexico.” Why aren’t they there?

    If I came home from work and found my neighbors going through my fridge, I ask, “Why aren’t you in your own house eating out of your own fridge?” It’s not that I am cruel or uncharitable; it’s that they have some questions to answer, damn it!

    Our immigration policy isn’t broken. Mexico is broken. The Mexicans will not tell you how they broke it, nor do they want to fix it.

  8. Sure, George, remind everyone why you left office with a 5% approval rating.

    Remember, any media attempts to resuscitate George W. is basically de facto campaign advertising for Jeb in 2016.

    Speaking of the Bushes:


    • For those that don’t remember it was GHW who spoke about the New World Order. For you low info voters you will become slaves of it as long as you keep voting for Obamas, Bushes or Clintons, they are all NWO puppets, and no thats not Black Helicopters you see, its Drones watching and listening to ya from 30,000 feet.
      Jeb Bush needs to be taken out in a Primary, he is the worst or most dangerous of the Bushes, probably on par with the Hilarity

  9. The only thing “broken” is the lack of enforcement of existing laws. The spineless pricks who support amnesty are traitors. Whatever happened to our elected officials protecting the nations sovereignty?

  10. “W” and his clan are nothing but puppets of the Marxist NWO… remember this ass also started the “patriot act” which Obama has endorsed as well…. remind me how the two of them are any different aside from rhetoric and skin tone… the results are the same… that should tell us all something

    I am also sick of all the nepotism going on in politics… I thought we fought a war to be free of a Monarchy but we keep electing our own royal class….

    • Art Vandelay says:

      Bush and Obama serve the same NWO master. Bush and his administration faked 9/11 to dupe us into losing our freedom. “Give up your liberty but I’ll make you safe” he said. Except he didn’t tell us that he created the terrorists, destroyed the buildings, and lied to us all. Now its too late. The TSA/NSA/CIA/FBI/ATF/IRS surveillance state is unstoppable now. The “War on Terror” will go on forever, because you need to keep people afraid in order to control them. They need a “terrorist incident” every few years (like the fake Boston bombing) in order to keep justifying the police state. I voted for the guy twice, but my eyes are open now. Republican. Democrat. Doesn’t matter. They are all destroying this country and making slaves of us. George W. played his part and served the NWO well, just like Barry the Muslim is doing. They are all the same.

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    All to achieve the goals of the UNITED NATIONS and weatlthy leftists like SOROS,BLOOMBERG,TURNER, and the CFR,BULDERBERGS, and other leftists subversives. and the planned NORTH AMERICAN(SOVIET)UNION

  13. He should know all about our “broken” immigration system.
    He helped break it.

  14. Bush is an idiot!!! MUCK FEXICO

  15. We can no longer trust anything the Government says or does under Demos or Repos, perhaps it is time to replace it what ever that entails. Soon we will not have options. We are in a soft tyranny now soon to tighten the screws no matter which Dumb Ass party takes charge in 14 and 16. NSA is now in control.

  16. Bush told the Mexicans come to America. Obama said bring the whole Fam Damily.

  17. You people leave Dubya alone and stop being hypocriticizers 🙂

    I shudder to think about the two words President and Gore

    • Damn straight Wasp… didn’t care for Bush’s second term, but Gore would have possibly been rated lower than this current ass prez in the WH.

  18. Hey W, why don’t you find a bike ride to go on. On second thought get daddy to set you up with another job that you will fail at.

  19. David in SC says:

    He’s an idiot and one of the reasons things are broke.

  20. Michael T says:

    We should not have a POTUS anymore. Maybe just supreme leaders, or selectmen(women).

  21. When BOOSH sen’or said “it was a new world order”, that did it for me!
    I realized what a phony he was and I refused to vote for junior both times!
    America is no longer a republic, it has become an imperial dictatorship.

  22. I’m in charge of me! I dont need a left or right goverment to tell me how to live, if Americans keep electing these big goverment types than we get what we deserve, they need to know that they work for us or we find people who will run with the constitution! I’ve about had it

  23. Jeb Bush in two words: Terri Schiavo

    She who died a horrible death on his watch. (And if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t Elian Gonzalez kidnapped and sent back to Castro on Jeb’s watch, too?)

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Excuse me, but aren’t you aware that:
      1.  Legislators tried to intervene in what was a PRIVATE, FAMILY matter?
      2.  There is essentially no pain in the process (people give up feeding voluntarily)?
      3.  Autopsy proved that Terry Schaivo’s higher brain centers had been so badly damaged, there was no chance that she was conscious or could even see?  (Her visual cortex was so far gone she was “functionally blind”, proving her parents’ claims about “tracking objects” false.)

      There was as much propaganda about the Schaivo affair as there is about Trayvon Martin.  For your own sake and the sake of decency, don’t get caught up in it.

  24. YOu’re right Dude… he narrowly misses being America’s worst president, but you’re right…what a HUGE disappointment. What an imbecilic puppet he was.

  25. GW was NOT the POTUS for two terms. Everyone knows it was REALLY Chaney using GW as a puppet for Chaney’s handlers in the NWO.

    Obama, on the other hand, is not even a puppet, but a ventriquist’s (Soros) dummy.

  26. IrateNate says:

    AWD; first time to read your rantings, and I must say I finally found someone who things like I do.

  27. Thank you GW Bush for bringing shit like THIS to America with your TSA goon squads….


    If a man who got wounded serving his country cant be trusted who can? This is sickening!

  28. To understand W, you have to read Kitty Kelly’s book about the family. They are a bunch of Fairfield County, tennis-playing preppie liberals. Like the Romneys and the Rockefellers, they felt that it was their social obligation to take time off from the Club Membership Committee to run the country, on a pro bono basis. They never could stand the Goldwater-Nixon-Reagan wing of the party. Those people were just not club-able. Why, they could never be members of any of our clubs! The Bushes and the Romneys and the Rockefellers are nice people, they mean no harm, but they are brontosauruses. They will not fight for the right of Joe Sixpack to run a gas station, drive a 150, and go hunting. They want everyone to be running a sustainable wetland in Maine. Screw them. They represent no one.

  29. aceydoozy says:

    Like “Ma” Richards said of his ol’ man, “born with a silver foot in his mouth.” Yeh, I voted for him four times, but, still, I knew he was a Bush, and shiite like this would come out. The Bushes are carpetbaggers.

  30. Wimpycryinggayleftist says:

    He’s still better than the sh&t we have now.