NUGE IN '16!

Ted Nugent, the Motor City Madman, is considering a run for POTUS in 2016. Oh, come on…say the wussypants Republicans! You can’t be serious! A Gibson Byrdland-slinging rock star as the leader of the free world? You’re damn straight, AWD says! Wanna fight about it? Didn’t think so!

Ted Nugent, who has never held public office, might be just the guy to put America back on track! After a succession of wussypants RINOs, horndog socialist Democrats and a communist community organizer, Uncle Ted might be the guy to put a stranglehold on the downward slide America has been on over the past few decades! As Kinky Friedman’s campaign slogan said during his run for the Texas governorship, “why the hell not?” Why the hell not, indeed!

Conservatives are ready for something completely different! We’ve been served up the same steaming pile of wussypants RIN sh*t in elections since Ronbo Reagan left the stage and we’re ready for someone who walks tall, shoots straight, and can flat make a guitar talk! Also, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a contender for the White House actually believe in American traditions and the Constitution for once? Hell, AWD is ready to get behind the Uncle Ted for President wagon!

Who will the GOP wussyboy elites push on us in 2016? The usual squat-to-pee girly men like Jeb Bush and Chrispy Chreme Christy. Yaaaaawwwnnn! I’d rather field strip one of my ARs in the dark than spend the gas in my beloved F150 to drive a block to vote for those RINO-turds! Won’t do it! And AWD will never, EVER vote for another @#&* Bush. And I’d rather sell my children off to Zimbabwean medical experiments than ever considering to vote for that round mound of libtarded sound up in Nueva Jersey!

One thing I’ll give Ted is he has guts to walk it like he talks it! And right now, guts is enough! He’s an unflinching gun owner and wouldn’t take guff from the Chinese or Russkie bastids! Wouldn’t it be fun for a change to have the rest of the world scared sh*tless about what the POTUS might do if they cross us? Right now, the thugs of the world know that all they’ll get from Hussein is a bow! Screw that!

Another reason I like Ted is because he is a bow hunter. AWD has never met a bow hunter he didn’t like or trust! That might sound petty but after Obama, I’ll take any bow hunter! They actually like and believe in America! Again, right now that’s good enough!

America has gone down the road of wussypants Republicans and socialist Dims! We need a real American who espouses conservative ideals! We need an American who isn’t afraid to head butt that Englishter bastid Piers Morgan and his worthless ilk in the propaganda media. We need a President that loves America and will start to unscrew the ginormous mess we find ourselves in.

I don’t trust politicians! I’m ready for something new. New blood with guts! Never again do I want to hear a Republican say “my good friends on the other side of the aisle.” Unless he says “I’m going to bodyslam my good friends on the other side of the aisle…then go after their families!” I believe Ted Nugent would be that guy! I sure can’t see that waste of oxygen Jeb Bush bodyslamming anyone! He might break a fingernail.

Screw it! AWD is tired of the same old, same old! I want something new. I want somebody who won’t take guff off the Chinese! Somebody who will put Putin in an inverted suplex followed by an unsanctioned piledriver outside the squared circle on the concrete! Then play the National Anthem at ear-bleeding volume levels that will melt the faces of liberals! Ted Nugent for Pres!

Disclaimer: AWD has always been a big Nuge fan. In my band in high school, AWD did the vocals on Snakeskin Cowboys. Sounded better than Uncle Ted hisself! It’s a gift.

For Music That Doesn’t Suck, here’s some of my favorite Ted songs:

One word. Goodern’ hell! Ted Nugent for President! Why the hell not?

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  1. I’m in your little red wagon Miles Extra Long… time for something new. You know damn well the GOP will try to give us Bush, Christy, or possibly even stinking lying ass Rubio… screw all of them.

    The GOP will either stand strong in 2016 or surely fad away.

  2. Hey Prez Duderino…

    WHY NOT YOU instead of Nuge…hmm?

    I’ve read a few pieces about him thinking about running for the last two months or so, it could be more than interesting and fun. And for all we know, it may get downright serious..ya never know!

    • Celebrate Homogeneity says:

      I am unelectable (wrong religious heritage, wrong orientation), but I’d love to publish what my platform would be. Were it not for me being damaged goods I think I could get a vote or two myself.

  3. Well I dang sure would vote for him. But the whole 4F Viet Nam thing may cause a problem for him. Still haven’t gotten the straight POOP on that whole story yet.
    And as a side note when I was a Pro Wrastler “Stranglehold” was my walk out music. I looked like Stone Cold, but all tatted up and 7 inches shorter. Love that song.

    • Dirty Al, the Viet Nam thing didn’t seem to hurt Bubba Clintoon.


      • Yeah…but he’s a democrat, that’s always a ‘safe zone’ no matter what candidate you are and what you’ve done in the past. Heck, Weiner is a perfect example of that now. – Now, if you’re anything but a ‘D’ you are pilloried in the msm 24/7. Not that Nuge couldn’t handle that little problem…but so could Cruz. – Just a thought.

      • Agreed, I was thinking about that as I posted. I say go for it Nuge. At least one candidate would have some common sense.

    • Hey I gotta come clean about something. I never was a “Pro” Wrastler I let my fantasy run away with me. Sorry. Gotta be careful in case i decide to run for prez.

    • Brutal truth: Ted was a draft dodger. Wiki tells the story. Lost my faith in Nuge. :(

      • angrylittlesouthernwoman says:

        I agree.. Nugent is a one-trick pony.. He has the gun owners and hunters.. Some of the sh#t (joke) he pulled is pathetic.

  4. charles w says:

    Not to nit pick but, Derek St. Holmes sang lead vocals for Snakeskin Cowboys. Still have my Nugent vinyl. Run Ted run.


    I guy when is for the 2nd AMENDMENT who is a advide hunter should drive the liberal pansietards crazy especialy those pasnietards from PETA,GREENPEACE,SIERRA CLUB,HUMANE SOCIETY he,ll certialy scare the gardenburger crowd of tree huggers and granola munchers those wanks who want thiers sons to be ballet dancers,piano players and herb gardeners

  6. Ted Nugent is just what the country needs!
    He’ll tell Hillary to drag her Wizard Sleeve the heck out of town
    He’ll kick Barry Pakalolo and his ugly brother Mitch down the White House Stairs.
    There will be White House Issue Ear Plugs at all the parties.
    He will tear off Putin’s arm off and B*tch Slap him with it while saying “Why are you hittin’ yourself?
    He will bite off Achmaidinnerjacket’s head off and use it as a hood ornament.
    Eschewing Air Force one, he will tool around in Tank Column One.
    He will stick Congress and Senate both into the big Vacuum tank over at NASA and reduce the pressure by one atmosphere for every ten minutes they d*ck around.
    He’ll personally drill so many oil wells on US soil that soon the most expensive thing in the Middle East will be a camel ride.
    He will disappear for a week and return toting Kim Jung Whatever’s head under one arm, then mount it on the Oval office wall.
    His first official duty will be to kick John Kerry so hard he’ll be wearing his ‘Nads for earrings
    Chuck Norris will humbly accept a cabinet post.

  7. Bob Smith says:

    He would be so slammed by the press all pretense of evenhandedness goes away.

  8. Pointy End Out says:

    Better GONZO over obongo !

  9. Dieter Braun says:

    The guy ducked military service.I believe there should be a law to run for president that the candidate was in the military!

  10. Dr Poontang says:

    Hell yes! Ted Nugent for President. One good turn deserves another so let’s say Gene Simmons for Treasurer! Ted’s just a good ‘ol American boy and Gene Simmons knows how to turn a penny into a solid gold Spanish dubloon when it comes to money. RAWWWWWK!

  11. He’s got my vote!

  12. The military blasted Stranglehold at the Iraqis during the War, they love Ted. I’ve already seen Ted Nugent for Pres bumper stickers here in Texas.

  13. Joe Stalin says:

    But the Blacks won’t vote him… neither will the Hispanics… Oh wait, WHO GIVES A S***????

  14. Jack daniels says:

    Why not?

    In America, anyone can become president; even an anti-American, pro-muslim, anti-Christian. non-American, pro-marxist/communist, homosexual, anti-free-market, anti-capitalist, pro-satan, pro-abortion, anti-family, anti-military, kinda guy.

    Did I miss anything?

    • Yeah…POS!

    • I think you covered everything but unqualified and foreign born.

    • Yes, you missed traitor. It takes two witnesses present when the treason was committed to charge him with the crime. How many were present when he refused to shoot down the high tech drone that was being hijacked by Iran? How many present when he gave orders to prevent it being destroyed on the ground? The ‘how many present ‘ list could go beyond the space limits of this blog . An ambassador refused help while being slaughtered . A seal team shot down. Going around congress and against our laws to give financial aid to enemies of the U.S. .

  15. I like Ted I really do. I like how he thinks and his interviews with anti gun assholes like Piers Morgan are priceless. But I think hes just too radical for the typical fence sitting voter who leans to the left. I fear if he ran he wouldn’t do well because too many middle class white voters have been cowed into being wussys for too long. He would never get much in the way of a minority vote. Especially since he tells it like it is when it comes to black crime.

    Nobody has any balls in this country anymore. These f’ing liberals have made people even afraid to speak their own mind for fear of being labeled a racist radical. I’m quite sure everyone on this site is perceived as a racist radical by a leftist passer by but I don’t give a shit what the lefties think. I stand by every word I post and I stand by my brothers and sisters here who are also fed up with this leftist puke take over of America.

    • Jack daniels says:


      Perhaps, but, maybe, just maybe, it might be the very thing people need to hear over and over, and consistently, to wake them up from their apathy and complacency. In addition, the fact that he would not back down, or ‘repent’ of his views would empower those who feel they need to apologize all the time for their conservative and patriotic views.
      Remember, people follow strong leaders that hold to their convictions unrelentingly, unfazed, and unapologetically (people with brains anyways).

      • I would love to see it happen Jack. And Ted is a guy who has the balls to stand by what he thinks and says…something almost impossible to find in today’s politicians with a few small exceptions.

  16. Jack you missed Black Racist.

    • Jack daniels says:


      I did not realize I was so short sighted.

      I guess my list is not complete, as there is sooooo much to add.

      Let’s just call it a work in progress !

      LOL LOL!!

  17. rightwingterrorist says:

    Got my vote.

    I’ve always voted Libertarian.
    Except for the time I voted for McLame.
    Except for the time I voted for Romney.

    Never again am I voting for the lesser of two evils, different sides of the same coin.

    ….that is if we even are allowed to vote by the time ’16 rolls around, and even then I’ll bet the vote is rigged as the last several times.

    I vote for Nugent to lead the Tree of Liberty Revolution!
    Give me a heads up when the call to arms is issued.

  18. Anthony Baldassano says:

    What was his service record ? Oh draft dodger he won’t speak about that he’s a phony!

    • So Clinton the draft dodger wasn’t? Obongo the African born muslim isn’t? At least Ted believes in America. Not like the commie bastards in power now.

      • Obongo was born in ’61. Required to register with Selective Service. Obongo is not a draft dodger. (unless he did not register).

        • The draft dodger part didn’t apply to Obongo because of his age…but the phony part did so I added him to the list. LoL

  19. angrylittlesouthernwoman says:

    I’d vote for Jesse Ventura before Ted Nugent.. Nuge is a spaz..

  20. Anthony Baldassano says:

    Ted just talks wolf, did not answer the call now he’s Rambo

  21. I’ll apply Jay Carneys words here: “That was a long time ago”. Get over it! People change I’m sure you have. Would you think more of Ted if he had come home from a useless War with no legs?

    • The lib excuse, ‘that was a long time ago’ was never mentioned when Dan Quayle, U.S. Army Reserve, was attacked as being a d.d. Immediately after Bush I’s presidential defeat/Clinton’s first pres. victory, The Vietnam War ‘became’ ancient, forgotten, ‘history’ of a time ‘long, long ago’.

      The libs never let up on Dan’s serving in the Army Reserve.

  22. DarkSideShawn says:

    Uncle Ted for any office! We need true blue Americans to stand up for what this country was founded upon!!! Some one to stand up to corporations and liberal sissies! Put the people before special interest groups! I could go on and on! God bless America and Uncle Ted!!!!!


    CAT SCRATCH FEAVER beats stupid sonngs like DOG & BUTTERFLY,BIG YELLOW TAXI any day

  24. Well President Obama sold us Hope and Change but what we got was Wango Tango

    Ted for Prez why not, the Dems and Repubs can’t field anyone who can clean up the mess President Obama and his predecessors have created.

    The only way anything is going to get fixed is when the pitiful harvest of bad policy, and the results of bad choices, creates enough pain to change the electorate.

  25. An assault rifle in every rack and a 30 round mag in every pocket.

  26. If anyone is interested here is a link to some sheeple signing a petetion to end the Bill of Rights. This is why I have an
    arrogant American’s ‘ size stash of ammo.

    • Makes it easy to see why we wound up with 8 years of a commie muslim piece of shit for a president.

  27. Steve Sybert says:

    Yeah, wee need fresh blood, I’m sick of who the GOP is running today. I was thinking more like former Marine R. Lee Ermey. Now that ol’ boy has been there and done that.

  28. It would give the libs seizures. I’m all for it!

  29. Joe Stalin says:

    I was watching a frog movie about some frog artist/songwriter, “Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life,” who had a version of the frog “La Marseillaise.”

    In the movie, he states he is a “rebel,” the same as their anthem.

    La Marseillaise – English lyrics

    Arise children of the fatherland
    The day of glory has arrived
    Against us tyranny’s
    Bloody standard is raised
    Listen to the sound in the fields
    The howling of these fearsome soldiers
    They are coming into our midst
    To cut the throats of your sons and consorts

    To arms citizens Form your battalions
    March, march
    Let impure blood
    Water our furrows

    What do they want this horde of slaves
    Of traitors and conspiratorial kings?
    For whom these vile chains
    These long-prepared irons?
    Frenchmen, for us, ah! What outrage
    What methods must be taken?
    It is us they dare plan
    To return to the old slavery!

    What! These foreign cohorts!
    They would make laws in our courts!
    What! These mercenary phalanxes
    Would cut down our warrior sons
    Good Lord! By chained hands
    Our brow would yield under the yoke
    The vile despots would have themselves be
    The masters of destiny

    Tremble, tyrants and traitors
    The shame of all good men
    Tremble! Your parricidal schemes
    Will receive their just reward
    Against you we are all soldiers
    If they fall, our young heros
    France will bear new ones
    Ready to join the fight against you

    Frenchmen, as magnanimous warriors
    Bear or hold back your blows
    Spare these sad victims
    That they regret taking up arms against us
    But not these bloody despots
    These accomplices of Bouillé
    All these tigers who pitilessly
    Ripped out their mothers’ wombs

    We too shall enlist
    When our elders’ time has come
    To add to the list of deeds
    Inscribed upon their tombs
    We are much less jealous of surviving them
    Than of sharing their coffins
    We shall have the sublime pride
    Of avenging or joining them

    Drive on sacred patriotism
    Support our avenging arms
    Liberty, cherished liberty
    Join the struggle with your defenders
    Under our flags, let victory
    Hurry to your manly tone
    So that in death your enemies
    See your triumph and our glory!

  30. It sure would be cool to see a Marshall stack (or 2) behind The Resolute Desk in the Oval Office!……And I’ll bet you a dollar to a box of donuts that “the Nudge” would have them bad boys “turned up to 11”.

    • Jane…I still love watching old footage of Jimi Hendrix standing in front of a wall of those puppies…all cranked to 12! He was famous for destroying them in droves because he played so hard. The roadies would have to hang out behind the stacks and replace 6550 tubes like popcorn when Jimi blew them into orbit…. Not to mention the Celestion speakers he smoked too. In some of his live recordings you can hear some of the blown speakers and half baked amps straining under the load of his intense solos….man I miss him. Today they plug wireless rigs into offstage racks of huge solid state amps and its just not the same.

      • A friend of mine lived in NYC in the late 60’s. Her best friend was married to the guy that owned Max’s Kansas City where Hendrix used to play and hang out at. Kathy(?) actually went on tour with Jimi for 9 months. I can only imagine!

    • I can picture the Nuge playing “Great White Buffalo” at his inauguration… :-)

  31. ALL American MEN. Come to the Aide of our Country! Blessing & Hugs to Big Sexy AWD and the NUGG. Lets go git er DONE!

    Krav Maga …. mentally & physically & spiritually – Loud and Forthright TRuth! WE WIN!


    Nugent isnt no granola muncher doing stupid ads for PETA he isnt a dip-wad making money for the HUMANE SOCIETY or GREENPEACE he is better at surviving in the wilderness then some bunch of hollywood idiots doing money making ads for PETA like PAMMY ANDERSON and ALEC BALDWIN have he dosnt star in stupid movies with anamatronic animal like that idiot JAMES CROMWELL has

  33. Damn straight!someone in the government needs a backbone!

  34. When I bought the cat scratch fever back when it came out ,who would have thunk?Screamin Ted?Go Ted go!You will have my vote any time!I would like to think that we all grew up and face the facts.I went from liberal to conservative ,really quick, many years ago