Dudes and dudettes…there’s so much fun out there today when it comes to what the brilliant, shining star Rachel Jeantel had to say, I just don’t know where to start…but start I will. See what you think about her mutterings…along with some of the other participants that take part in this brouhaha.

We’ll start off with a short piece featuring Not-so-Sharp and Rachel. You can read it in full here:

The “star witness” for the prosecution in the trial of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin, Rachel Jeantel, sat down for a wide-ranging interview with MSNBC host Al Sharpton. The full interview will air on his program, Politics Nation, on Wednesday night. Clips of the interview featured on MSNBC on Tuesday morning show that Jeantel revealed her thoughts on Zimmerman attorney Don West.

“I’m a teenager,” Jeantel told Sharpton. “Don — how did a jury think of African-American teenager? They supposed to be cussing. I didn’t even curse to Don.”

“I didn’t show him a lot of respect,” she conceded, “because he was acting childish. He was asking re – ridiculous questions.”

“But I kept my ground,” Jeantel declared. “I stand strong. I never cursed.”

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

Now, here’s Jeantel saying she believesTrayvon hit first, you can watch her by clicking on this link highlighted!:

Here’s a write-up about what she says above, this is really good: Rachel Jeantel: ‘Trayvon Hit First.’ Wait, What?

And here we have Jeantel’s opinion about El Rushbo regarding what he had to say on his radio show the other day among other things, you can read this in full here:

Trayvon Martin‘s friend and witness for the prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial Rachel Jeantel got an opportunity to respond directly to Rush Limbaugh during an extended interview with Marc Lamont Hill on HuffPost Live Wednesday morning. Despite Limbaugh’s insistence that he now his Jeantel’s permission to say “nigga” with an “a,” Jeantel said the conservative radio host’s comments did “feel racist” to her.

In her first major interview since the Zimmerman trial ended, Jeantel explained to Piers Morgan Monday night the difference between “nigger” with an “-er,” which she said is a “racist” word and “nigga” with an “a,” which she said in her generation means just means any “male.” Tuesday, Limbaugh used Jeantel’s explanation as an excuse to use the “non-racist” version of the word on his radio show, saying, “I think can [say it] now, isn’t that the point? Because it’s not racist.”

HuffPost Live’s Hill played the Limbaugh clip for Jeantel and asked her to respond. When he first asked her if she knew who Limbaugh is, Jeantel replied, “No, who’s that?” After listening to the clip, she said, “When you say it out loud in person in front of people, that’s disrespectful,” she said, adding, “It is racist for an adult.”

Hill attempted to get some clarification from Jeantel, asking, “Does it matter whether the adult is black or white?”

“Yes!” Jeantel replied, with little hesitation.

“When you heard Rush Limbaugh say it just then, did it feel racist to you?” Hill asked.

“Well, yes,” Jeantel said. “But I can’t judge him.”

“It felt racist to me too,” Hill responded.

Watch video below, via HuffPost Live:

And, in case you missed it, watch the original Limbaugh clip below, you can also read about it here:

This has to be the cherry on top…I kid you not!

Rachel Jeantel defended her testimony this week during an interview with a local news outlet. Jeantel says her “tonsils” make her talk funny. She insisted that she is well educated,
“I am educated. Trust me, I have a 3.0 I’m good.”
– You can read the report in full here.

Toss in your shots…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. aceydoozy says:

    So lovely, and oooh, so smart, 3.0 dontcha know:(

    • Mr. Rational says:

      A 3.0, who’s going to be a 20-yr-old senior in HS this fall.  IOW, not taking academic classes.

      Can you say “takes the short bus to school”?

      As Steve Sailer wrote, “This is what 70 IQ looks like.”

      • Lol…70’s stretchin’ it a bit, but hey…you got to give her or her handlers credit, they’re most likely raking in the bucks!

  2. I bet she got an A+ in Ebonics class.

  3. Ya gotta listen to this fellow, I believe I served in the Navy with him, no shit.




    • That was great…I’ve linked/posted about that guy before. He tells it like it is and minces no words, period!

  4. Just an IGNORANT negress, that’s all.
    Her IQ will be about 85 max.
    Almost all negroes in the ghetto housings will be about the same.
    As a whole the negroes are stupid, and can never be trained to do anything.
    The employers in the USA have tried and tried to find a “qualified negro” to do menial jobs, but hardly any can pass even the easiest exam.
    So, the negroes group u and riot and fling shit like chimpanzees.
    What is the white employment manager to do???

    • Sorry dude, I understand and empathise with your pain, but I call Bull Shit, I owe my life to a “negro” who had my back, while all the crackers hauled ass or ducked and pissed their selfs.

      • I’m with ya…I tire of some of the one-sidedness of mrchuck. I have and have had good friends of all races, including blacks. There’s good and bad in all…unfortunately we know what the msm has done in conjunction with the dems in power, but they don’t represent all of the people of any race…I’m weary of it all.

      • So, in other words, as long as exactly ONE did something for YOU, MrChuck’s points on the gap in intelligence between blacks and any other race (and a pile of rocks) is not valid?

        Sorry, you may owe a debt to an Australopithecus, but that’s all it is. Blacks are, by an order of magnitude, less intelligent, more violent and more likely to be living off society.

        His point about employers desperately trying to find “qualified negroes” is also spot-on. Unqualified blacks are forced into universities and onto employers each and every day. One of the many reasons why America doesn’t produce enough science/technology/engineering workers is because we waste too many places in degree programs for racial set asides blacks vannot fill because they’re inherently inferior.

        Sorry dude, MrChuck’s right and you’re wrong. Sorry dude, it’s not “all about YOU”.

        • quartierleblanc says:

          Exactly correct Ken about the US producing enough people in STEM and especially in engineering. Obama had a huge project to produce aerospace engineers in the so called “traditional Black colleges and universities and provided a number of them huge amounts of cash. The net result was ZERO, money all wasted.

      • So this lady stood by your side and defended you? You must be a real pansy then.

        My dog is more intelligent than this lump.

  5. Okinawa Marine says:

    Wasn’t she in the movie Precious? She looks like a younger version of a silver back. What does she eat to keep her so fat?

    This piece of sh*t is representing the black population, incredible.
    She doesn’t even read or write cursive!

    i would love to see her devour a rib or a turkey leg though.

    • quartierleblanc says:

      She going to be the face and spokesperson for the “barrel of chicken” roll out at Church’s.

  6. Waah! Here comes the CBC…doing what they always do!


  7. I heard Jesse Jackson wants the UN to look into Trayvons death. LOL these guys are batsh!t crazy.

  8. quartierleblanc says:

    She’s be perfect for a KFC commercial.

  9. Lets all discuss this “STUPID” while our Elected ASSHOLES of the RINO Party are sneakin behind our back. Distract and ACT, they are learning from Obama how friggin easy it is to f*ck over Republicans and then play nice and make us like it. I guess we deserve what we elect…SHIT, and thats whats coming down the road. How soon Do they sell our guns to Holder behind our backs.


    Boehner Endorses Citizenship For Young Illegal Immigrants…
    Cantor: ‘Compassionate’ thing to do…

    ICE Agents Say DREAM Act being applied to adult inmates in prisons…

    House freshman ready to battle…

    POLITICO: Rubio wobbly and weak… Developing…

    • michael…

      I’m keeping up with all of that news, really I am. I try to post different things and topics here the majority of the time, as you well know by now. You can only do so much. I’m furious with much that is going on behind the scenes politically…and I mean mad as hell.

      • Not jumpin on ya. Just intense frustration with these sneaky Rinos always working fast when there is a mayor news to cover them and then sitting on their dead asses when there is no news to cover their subterfuge. It appears we are on verge of loosing Cruz, wonder how long Gomert will last. The newbies are jumpin on that $20 dollar bill drug thru the trailer park faster than Weiner getting it up.

        • Louie Gohmert will never be lost, he’s always remained a steadfast conservative, just as a handful of others have. Steve King comes to mind right off the bat…as to Cruz, I’m just shaking my head now.

          Btw…I truly do understand your frustration, and I didn’t think you were jumping on me. I don’t know my friend, we just have to keep fighting the good fight and trudge on….at least that’s what I will do.

    • aceydoozy says:

      “Rubio wobbly and weak”

      I saw that, Rubio’s really begun showing his a$$ and who he is, he’s acting just like a ‘rat now, trying to melt into the wall until his role in the gang of eight immigration deal is old news and it’s safe to come out again. That is a tried/true tactic of the ‘rats and Rubio’s a studied hand.

  10. That’s rayciss!

  11. I be like knows what Rachel she be’s sayin. I are gooder than most niggas who be speak the ebonics. I ain’t no trash who gots no ejumikation cause I no speak good. Me had the tonsils onse two. Udderwise I’s be chill thru my grill and you’s be knowin I be smart and sh*t.

    Anytime you need another translation just let me know. You’re welcome. LOL

  12. quartierleblanc says:

    I may be rayciss but she’s still awfully ugly and awfully stupid. With a 3.0 do you think she’ll release her transcript?

  13. No joke BT I think I heard it on the funny farm.

  14. BT about Jackson wanting the Un involved.

  15. For now they blind her with TV lights …interviews ..scholarship offers ..a life she has never know before and she is eatin it all up…where will she be when the spot lites are gone…when they have all used her for their own purposes..
    ..for now she believes she is important,but that too shall pass..
    sad ..very sad…

    • jigg…

      You said it all…I couldn’t agree more. Every word you said is true, including the ending of this charade via Jeantel.

  16. quartierleblanc says:

    I see an extra 50 lbs on her in less than 100 days.

  17. Black radio personality Tom Joyner has offered to pay for a full ride for Jeantel to any historically black college or university she wants when she graduates.
    Tommy boy, thats a damn big IF right there. Why don’t you use your money to let ‘your people’ know about this?


    • gemalo…

      Joyner’s a real piece of work isn’t he?

      Btw…I don’t know if I can read about your link until later, but read it I will. – Thanks.

      Ans Jesse Jackass offuh to pay Crystals college tuition.

  18. Ya gotta love this, and somewhat surprising, Maher flames out!


  19. where was the media ans NAACP during this:

    Documentary: The murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

    warning ..hard to watch

  20. Say what…Jimmah finally got something right?


    • I heard a radio commentator say it was the first time since 1976 that he had a majority of people agree with him. LOL

      Besides, even a blind squirrel finds his nuts once in a while.

  21. A little off topic… but could Jeantel possibly be Bob no neck Beckel’s child… just ask’n.

  22. Rush had some more to say today. ~


    • lmaooooooooooooo….thank you so much for that post Big Timer…damn i needed that laff..I laff so hard i feel like i been whoop-assed

      • You’re welcome…and don’t ya love the way she says ‘whoop-ass’ repeatedly. El Rushbo did a good job on that point.

    • BT,

      Thanks for that link… hadn’t listened to Rush in a couple of days. Know one thing… next time I come over for tacos, I’m gonna do a little whoop-ass if I get leftovers.

      Would seem Jeantel continues with her brilliance… don’t even think she realizes she just painted Trayvon as the aggressor.

      • Lol..of course she doesn’t realize it, it’s pitifully hilarious, but hilarious none the less!

        Btw…no left-overs for you, I’m scared to death of that ‘whoop-ass’ dontcha know!

  23. This sheboon makes me sick. TNB.

  24. Some of you might want to check this out. ~


  25. Jumpin' Joe says:

    Sad thing about the scholarship for the star witness is that there are actually negroes who have the drive and intelligence to make positive use of education. Can’t make a silk purse out of a baboons’ ear.

  26. jollywhitegiant says:

    She isn’t funny to me anymore. She was funny when she was supposed to be a star witness and turned into a supernova, but it got unfunny when the media started selling her as a example of what a strong woman looks like.

    And it gets downright frightening when you realize that whatever her GPA (and if that’s a 3.0 I don’t want to see a D student), she’s more likely than most white people to vote, and while you and I are talking about things like the affordability of raising a family, her type are breeding like rabbits.

  27. I don’t know how many of you have seen this, so I’m going to throw it in the mix.


  28. Since Brown v Board Of Education, US taxpayers have poured billion upon billion into education, bussing children all over, giving two and even three meals a day to “underprivileged” chi’dren and the best the can do is this?

    Rachel Jeantel is, unfortunately, an accurate representation of the “African American”. She is obviously semi-illiterate at best and her education level is roughly that of a white child half her age.

    We have squandered billions on “education” and Rachel Jeantel is what we have to show for it!

    • Per Pierce Morgan, she suposedly speaks 3 languages.

      Just wondering how many do you speak?

      For the record I speak merican, hill billy, koon ass and cracka.

    • I dare say a 10 year old [white, IQ 100] is smarter, more well read, better grammar etc. 10 year old = 3 or 4th grade.

  29. ThisObamaNation says:

    You Must Read This Article By Pamela Geller!

    The Truth About George Zimmerman


    This Article Is Chalk Full Of Stunning Facts That The Main Stream Media Is Trying To Keep Hidden.

  30. Snake Oiler says:



    You might want to consider the thinking of two of the left’s greatest cultural icons, Margaret Sanger and Charles Darwin. The position of Sanger on blacks in general is quite well known, here’s a little gem from Charlie from The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex:

    “Civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate the savage races throughout the world … The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.”

    Make of it what you will.

  31. Lt. Sandman says:

    I think she’s a 10. I like the guy who is giving her school money. If she starts with a second grade curriculum she might make it.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      Jeantel is currently 19 years old and is about to enter her senior year of high school in Miami. She’s scheduled to graduate next spring, at the age of 20.

      Joyner continued, “I will help you get tutors to get you out of high school, tutors to help you pass the SAT and I will give you a full ride scholarship to any HBCU you’d like.” …

      More racism. Besides, low SAT scores should not be a problem getting into any college of her choosing. Look at Michele Obama.

      Jeantel thanked Joyner and said she was “shocked” by the offer. She also said that she’d like to pursue a career in law enforcement.

      She wants to be a cracka?! (With an ‘a.’) Lest we forget, she told Piers Morgan that “Cracka’ means “acts like they are police” or a “security guard.””


      • Pursue a career in law enforcement…heck, bet Holder would hire her in a second flat!

        Btw…Snake, where ya been? Glad to see ya here today. 😉

  32. angrylittlesouthernwoman says:

    … and they call Honey Boo Boo stupid??!! lol lol

  33. FTSN, what has Cruz done?!

  34. Snake Oiler says:

    Definitely something to consider….

    July 18, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    If Ghettopotamus keeps talking, eventually we’re going to get around to the truth that she taunted Trayvon into turning around and going back to whoop that cracka azz. She may be totally responsible for Martin’s assault on Zimmerman which led to his death. That may be why she didn’t want anything to do with testifying to begin with. Now, it’s all about fame and money.


    • SnakeOiler
      Remember the video of Epic Beard Man when the black chick was saying whip pinkeys ass, she egged the black boy on till he got his black ass whipped, and she went to jail for stealing his stuff. She probably egged him on with a promise of some of her juicy fruit.

    • quartierleblanc says:

      Ghettopottamus? Simply hilarious. Snake you’re a genius.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        I wish I could take the credit, QLB, but that one originated from the good guys and gals (mr. bill, I believe) over at S&L. Here’s another outstanding example:

        July 21, 2013 at 9:39 am

        Funny in a negative sense: ” A black man and a
        hispanic man get into a fight. Everyone blames
        white people.”

        Here’s a top notch comment by one of their top notch commentators:



  36. Hard to believe Tray was Wax’in Dat Axe.

    How dumb would those kids have been if they mated?

  37. Snake Oiler says:

    Jeantel: Drugs. OK, weed, marijuana. In my area, we say weed. My area, we—for Trayvon, I can explain one thing, weed don’t do make him go crazy, it just make him go hungry.

    Calvina Fay, the executive director of Drug Free America Foundation, told AIM, “It is very sad and alarming to know that smoking pot is ‘normal’ for most teenagers in Ms. Jeantel’s community. Research has solidly shown that marijuana use impedes the development of the young brain and has been linked with significant drops in IQ as well as mental illness. Our kids today have far too many challenges in life without the impediment of marijuana and other drugs. It is time for America to wake up to the tragedy and do all that can be done to protect our children from the dope pushers.”

    And the dopes…


    • Lol…whatta jewel! Wherever you found that, it’s got me grinning.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Most Zimmerman protestors and rioters have common traits. They are progressive, reactionaries and welfare-minded individuals, who are absolutely directing America towards its ruination. They are the greatest danger that exists to our Republic. They don’t have the ability to reason or to even recognize common sense and they should disgust any decent producing American. It is not our leadership who is responsible for ruining our great nation – responsibility lies at the feet of those reprobates, who elect and support the conscious-less leaders we currently have.