El Rushbo came out swinging today about the white guilt trip meme we’ve been hearing for decades now. I, for one, am past sick and tired of all it….how ’bout you?

I’m really short on time at the moment so let’s cut to the chase. See if you agree with what Limbaugh had to say earlier this afternoon. – This is via Raw Story:

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday said that he was done with “white guilt” because white people had done more to end slavery “than any other race.”

“This, this white guilt, it’s time for all this white guilt to end,” Limbaugh told his listeners. “If any race of people should not have guilt about slavery, it’s Caucasians. The white race has probably had fewer slaves and for a briefer period of time than any other in the history of the world.”

“Now, sadly, we’re not talking about the rest of the world when the civil rights coalition gets ginned up. They’re talking about America and slavery,” he continued. “And that can’t be denied; it happened. But, compared to the kind of slavery that still exists in the rest of the world and has existed, by no means was it anywhere near the worst.”

Limbaugh went on to say that slaves were the “primary reason” that Arabs, “black Africans” and American Indians went to war.

“But despite all that, no other race has ever fought a war for the purpose of ending slavery, which we did,” the radio host opined. “Nearly 600,000 people killed in the Civil War. It’s preposterous that Caucasians are blamed for slavery when they’ve done more to end it than any other race, and within the bounds of the Constitution to boot.”

“And yet white guilt is still one of the dominating factors in American politics. It’s exploited, it’s played upon, it is promoted, used, and it’s unnecessary.”

Listen to this audio from the Rush Limbaugh Show:

Anything you want to add? If so…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. There’s not a night that I don’t go to bed and piteously weep due to the deep remorse and guilt I carry because of my northern European ancestry. This burden is tearing me apart. After years of therapy, I still am unable to shake the unbearable shame of how my ancestors have insensitively behaved all the way back to the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Im tired of these guilt trips all the time im tired of them trashing america im tired of those idiots to say we stole america from the mexicans and im tired of the trial lawyers wanting to fatten their wallets at the exense of the american tax payers

  3. Guilty …naw sir I is in no way tarred.

  4. steveintampa says:

    Where’s the “black guilt” for all the sh1tty things they do?

  5. HELL NO, I’m white and have not one damn thing to feel guilty about.

  6. I offer no apologies for the slaves my Great grand father owned or for the Yankees he killed.

  7. Mr. Rational says:

    I’m long past the sick and tired phase.

    Now I laugh at it and mock it.

  8. I for one am sorry for all that crap we’ve foisted on the poor, poor unwashed heathens over the centuries.
    I hang my Racistly Whitening head of hair in shame.
    I am contrite and acutely sorry that the trappings of our vile civilization have contaminated! Yes Contaminated the sweet and unsullied heart of the Noble Savage.
    A non eradicated Pox on Whitey’s house for all their racist inventions.
    Crap like: Shoes, Electricity, the Phone, Medicine, Pasteurization, Plastic, Traffic Lights, building codes, rule of law, TV, Newspapers, Science, Math, Metallurgy, Vaccinations, Ambulances and other evil white vehicles, The Boat, Money, Commercial Baking, The kind of dyes used in Skittles, The regulation entities governing the safety of Dyes in Skittles, Measurement standards, Gasoline, Menthol Flavoring in Cigarettes, DDT (even though we let the Liberals stop it’s manufacture resulting in the deaths of a Hundred Million Blacks. Sorry X 2) Glass, Pants, Modern Rubber, Lightning Rods etc.
    See? We didn’t invent these things to make life easier. We made this whole modern world, with all its wonders Just so we can make people who do not, and never will; Make, Produce, and Perform any service worth paying for …look bad.
    Oh and the Presidential Executive Order; like the Emancipation Proclamation. That was Us too.

    • Lazlo…


    • Dave in Texas says:

      Very well said.

    • Joe Stalin says:

      Remember, the MOST racist subject in the University is PHYSICS; after all, how come the PHYSICS classes are almost all White and Asian? Ipso facto, it MUST be RACISM!

      • quartierleblanc says:

        Nah Joe, you just can’t BS your way through physics or any STEM class. It’s why you never hardly ever see them past the very introductory level.

    • Lazio
      DDT had to be the best chemical compound ever manufactured, I read where a salesman would eat a spoonful to show people how harmless it was to humans, my mother told us how the bed bugs would eat them alive,In the 1940’s she still boiled clothes in a cast iron pot in the yard bed cloths and everything, spray the bed springs with kerosene and could never get rid of them, then in ww2 DDT came along and she dusted the house with it one time and never saw a bed bug for the rest of her life, she died in 2001, now bed bugs are eating this country alive once again because of Rachel Carlson’s fictitious book Silent Spring.

      • I can’t help think that some future paleontologist climbing around in our ruins will turn to his buddy and say: “They were all killed by mosquitoes”

  9. Michael T says:

    The Southern States wanted to run their own affairs, the North was not going to let them secede, so they started a war over it. Slavery was only a part of it. It was not Civil War, it was the War of Northern Aggression.

    A. Lincoln started it.

    • At least I’m not ther only one with a grasp of history. A couple of years ago there was an online worldwide game of facts, puzzels, and questions on topics like science and history where players could generate multiple choice questions.We sent in the question:

      What was the cause of the American Civil War?

      Possible answers were:
      A. To end slavery.
      B. Money and power
      C.Expand the frontier.

      All people from other countries who answered picked the correct
      answer -B.
      Most all U.S. answers were A with a few C.

      As my eldest son said during his first year in college in 2003: “These people are freaking clueless.”
      My youngest is there now and says it is worse.

    • I usually agree with everyone on here about how laughable white guilt is. However, I am a Northerner and I think I should provide a different perspective for the sake of fairness and balance on the Civil War. The Southern States seceded before Lincoln was even inaugurated as President and it was the South that fired on Fort Sumter starting the Civil War. Alexander Stephens said that the foundation of the Confederacy was slavery in his Cornerstone Speech. The C.S.A. Constitution even said that all men are not created equal and prohibited the abolition of slavery.

      Now, I’m not arguing that the Civil War was trivial; indeed, only 1.5% of the entire population in the entire United States owned slaves and there were black slave owners as well as Native Americans that owned slaves down in the South. (On a side note, it’s rather odd that Blacks today are not inflicting guilt upon Native Americans for holding Black slaves like they do to whites.) It should also be pointed out that bullwhip propaganda in literature and film has completely set a false narrative to the nature of slavery in the South. However, saying that Lincoln started the Civil War is simply C.S.A. revisionist history. Many C.S.A. intellects and apologists didn’t start denying that slavery as the reason for the Civil War until after it was over in order to justify their cause. That’s not to say that the North wasn’t dubious: Sherman’s March was devastating and The Reconstruction left much to be desired.

      I believe that both sides have unfairly vilified each other over the decades. I do understand where you’re coming from; the Southern side should be heard and taken seriously. While the Civil War was a complex set of events, the fact remains that it decided the fate of slavery–in blood. Limbaugh is correct in his assessment. I’m going a step further to say that Whites on both sides should not have to feel guilt since they bore the brunt of carnage to settle the issue of slavery in the United States.

      • captainmike says:


        While most of what you said is fairly accurate there are a number of important subtleties that you have neglected.

        First of all Lincoln, being in the pocket of numerous Northern industrialists, was a big supporter of the high protective tariffs of the Morrill Tariff bill, which effectively raised the tariff on imported goods from 15% to 37%, with subsequent increases to 47%. Keep in mind that the federal government relied almost solely from tariffs for its operating income and that prior to the passage of the Morrill Tariff Act the South was already footing 87% of the bill, and 80% of the revenue was being spent by, in, and for the North. (Check out the location of the first “National Road”).

        Lincoln was elected in November of 1860 and took office in March of 1861, and signed the Morrill Tariff Act into “law” shortly thereafter. Fort Sumter was fired upon on April 12, 1861 because Lincoln provoked it through various unilateral directives.
        (Executive orders anyone?)

        It should be remembered that after secession, there was a large percentage of rank and file Northerners who were in favor of just letting the South go. The real reason for the war was that the Northern industrialists were fearful of the loss of trade (since the South would be a free-trade zone favoring European interaction) and the loss of the tariff revenue that the North was dependent upon. Also the fear that the Upper Midwest and west would favor trade through the “free port” of New Orleans.

        In my mind, the whole issue goes back to day one of this country and the fact that the North had divided itself into so many little “states”. At the time there were only 4 “Southern” states and so they were at a huge disadvantage from the get-go. Article 4, Section 3 of the Constitution served to insure Northern dominance as it has even to this day.

        The bottom line is that the war from 1861-65 was really about the economic enslavement of the South rather than the “freeing of the slaves”. Lincoln himself said he would do whatever it took to “preserve the Union” if it meant freeing all the slaves or none of the slaves. Technically he freed none.

        Let’s face it, very few, if any, wars have been fought over “human rights”. Just follow the money and you’ll find the truth.

        • NYC mayor Fernando Wood wanted to secede from the union and join the CSA…due to the city’s dependence upon trade with the south (and the fact that the city was treated as basically a cash register for Albany). Follow the money indeed.

          • Yes, there’s a money trail in every war.

            Fernando Wood? The confirmed racist Democrat that tried to derail the Thirteenth Amendment? Racism and the Democrat Party do tend to go hand-in-hand, but I’m not sure that’s a guy to be proud of though. Besides, for every Fernando Wood, there’s a Sam Houston.

        • Yep.The Civil War was as much about slavery as Desert Storm was about saving the poor brutalized Kuwaities..

        • Captain Mike,

          I appreciate the reply. I like discussing history and you make very valid points.

          Lincoln was definitely pro-Industry. The Morrill Tariff was a protectionist bill to foster growth for Northern factories and make them more competitive against European factories using lower wage labor. While the intentions were good, the legislation was flawed. It also makes sense that the South despised the Morrill Tariff because it replaced the Tariff of 1857 (the latter being very beneficial to the South). Lincoln did appeal to Southerners in his inaugural address. While many saw Lincoln’s policies as provocative, it was the South that ultimately fired the first shots.

          Yes, there were many Northerners that were content to let the South go. While James Wilkes Booth comes to mind, there were many others that felt the South should have been separate. However, there were also many Southerners that also fought for the Union. Sam Houston was pro-Union. There was fear mongering from the Northern capitalists (cotton was a valuable commodity). However, the South did secede on fears that Lincoln would abolish slavery (which he did) and they were willing to fight fiercely to keep it in place. Alexander Stephens said that in his Cornerstone Speech. The C.S.A. was pretty explicit about slavery too.

          Economics and money always play a part in every war–and the Civil War was no exception. Wars cost vast amounts of money and they are profitable to industry–something the South did not have a lot of. However, the human rights element of the Civil War cannot be dismissed. Slavery is immoral and the Civil War settled the issue at great expense. Lincoln did say he’d preserve the Union if it meant slavery would have to stay intact in a letter to Horace Greely. He later went back on that pledge when he realized that there was no going back to the pre-Civil War status quo. Slavery had to end in order for the nation as whole to go forward and Lincoln knew it.

          I am impressed Captain Mike, you know your history. We’ll agree to disagree about the cause/s of the Civil War, as well as the reason/s it was fought.

        • And don’t forget to add that the Emancipation Proclamation was less about ending slavery as it was an attempt to break the back of the economy in the south since they were so heavily dependent on slaves. The Proclamation wasn’t even signed until two years after the war started. (1863)

          Lincoln thought that with the Proclamation the southern slaves would rebel against the south and escape north, leaving the plantations without the labor they so desperately needed to function. It really had little to do with human rights and was more a tactic to win the war.

  10. quartierleblanc says:

    I know the feeling. All the stuff we invented, plus saving the world a half dozen times or so. What do you expect from a race that landed on the moon instead of moon dancing?

    • Excellent point you made…plus, you last sentence has me grinning. Good one! 😉

    • I see you put “We”…what in the world did you contribute? you still on that man on the moon thing? LOL…so when you stood in the mirror and TRIED to dance and FAILED…that was your answer to make you feel better, huh?! LMBAO!!! you can dig a ditch for blacks as deep as you want but in order to dig it deep… you have to be that deep as well. I love you albinos…your ignorance and hatred is why the rest of the world is leaving the U.S. in technology. you focused on the ice cube invention that happened over 50 years ago.

    • quartierleblanc says:

      No, he’s really that stupid. Besides he’s proud of the moon dance thing anyway. Yet a Nobel Prize for science, mathematics or medicine eludes Blacks. Ever wonder why you hardly ever see a Black airline pilot or anyone at NASA. At the NIH, the only Blacks you ever find are cleaning the place or work in clerical.

  11. I’m goin to Subway.

  12. Subway is a big sponser of Rush. The left is calling for a boycott on subway.

    • Ooooh, thanks for that info. didn’t know about that. Then again, not surprising, what isn’t the left boycotting if it has to do with facts and such?

    • Mag,

      If that is the case, I will eat more subway… like their subs anyway.

    • Thanks for the information . I’ll be Subwayin’ for lunch now -plus I kinda like their sandwiches.
      For a while when Chic-Fil-A was under attack by the fruitloops I started eating there whenever I was in a town with one – even though I never much cared for their flavor.

  13. BT,

    Sticking this in here… got to give you credit, I expected hugh riots across the country while you said no. Maybe the young blacks see Al and Jesse for what they really are… I do expect both of them not to go quietly into the night. They now have to realize they’re losing their impact on the race baiting game and I expect they will try something outrageous when the next white on black incident occurs. Of course, since white on black crime only comes around every so many years, they both might be dead by then.

    • Howdy Paul…

      You summed it up well. I really wished I had more time to post everything I have saved that I planned on posting about some of this subject, especially black conservatives speaking out etc. Heck, maybe later this week…but who knows.

      Btw…I know many are tired of this subject, but it’s still in our faces every single day. I do try to always post about different topics each day….I’m going to try to get two quick posts on later before I hit the hay. I have a really busy day tomorrow as well….so I want to get that done before I have to take care of business tomorrow.

      Btw….it sure wasn’t a lack of trying from Dear Leader himself trying to gin up some rioting, but he failed at that too.

      I loved it!

      Also, thanks for the kind words. ~

    • Paul B
      I believe that the massive riots haven’t occurred yet is because all the blacks know whitey has been buying every gun and round of ammunition on the market for the last 5 years, We are locked and loaded and they know it.

  14. Wow…I like BOR about fourty percent of the time, but he’s really on a roll tonight and mincing no words about the black crime etc etc. I haven’t heard him like this in a long, long time.

    Oh well, just thought I’d toss that in the mix real quick.

    • bigtimer
      Thought I would take the time and say howdy, been getting a good bit of work lately and haven’t been here too much and after raising girls all my life I got the 1 yr old boy and I never realized what male bonding was like, He still loves the attention of all the women folk but now we spend a lot of time together, God has given me a gift that I never expected and don’t deserve, the simple love of a child.

      • Oh wow ga steve…

        I’m so happy about all of your news. God bless you and all you do…and enjoy the little tyke, sounds like you’re both being enriched with each other. May you have many, many more years of happiness together. 😉

      • Hey ga,

        Thank God I started getting a little extra work also. Had a couple of weeks like I had five years ago… was the reason I could not attend the gathering with AWD.

        Take care of that little boy and teach him all about life… remember to start with beer and gradually work up to the scotch and water. Only kidding of course… I don’t even drink – except coffee.

        I’ll tell you one thing for sure… nothing like watching the excitement of a little kid when they catch a fish.

        • Ain’t that the truth. I remember well the first time my son caught his first fish. – Oh yes, memories matter.

          Paul, glad things are going better for you now too. Hopefully, that will continue on.

          • Considering what is still coming out of Washingtion, I’d say it was just a flash in the pants… but I’m hopeful this year will be better than the last three. Business got so bad due to my clients struggling to hang on, that I probably could have received food stamps if I would have applied.

          • Yep…they cut my husbands working hours last year, hence him being in ND working now. This administration has strangles all of us…many more just don’t realize it yet. Some of them never will, and we’ll always have the cradle to gravers.

    • Been a lurker around here for while…just wanted to second your assessment of O’reilly tonight. So far he’s the only one in the media to say it like it is. Very gutsy of BOR to do this.

      • Hey, howdy Tyrone…

        Thanks for commenting and not lurking, sound off more often!

        Btw…Very gutsy indeed, words such as his for quite awhile on his show are way past needed. I’m very glad someone else caught this too and commented, much appreciated.

  15. They call me honest Abe… I’ve always carried a tremendous amount of guilt about my beautiful white complexion……. soooooo, when I purchased my little dog fourteen years ago, I made sure she was black.

    Damn… guess that would make me like a slave owner.

    • Uh.oh…guess that puts me in big trouble. My black doggies have left this planet…now all I have left are white ones, with a little brown here and there. What should I do?

  16. Rockets Red Glare says:

    Greetings from a wannabe hell hole, Indianapolis black expo.
    This black expo forum was, in the heart of America, supposed to
    be the dog whistle for the racist blacks it has always been in
    the past. You know the modicum, beat each other, shoot each other
    And trash the white dogs and wild in the streets. Beat YT if you
    Can find him on the streets, if not kill one another.

    But guess what?

    None of this took place, despite any black martin protest.
    And the black beasts that commit the majority of violent crimes, you know,
    the ones who shoot 13 month old toddlers in a stroller for being
    Broke and white, well, they just didnt show up for black fest!

    Now, given the importance of this “special negro celebration” and the fact that in the recent past multiple people are beatin, robbed and shot,
    And given the fact that Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty, what has changed that has made this event safe? Al Sharpton or Jackson?

    Oh hell no!

    It started with specialized SWAT teams going door to door in the hood and on the streets warning the thugs to stay out. In a sane logical society,
    Its called profiling, and many black thugs were picked up for outstanding warrants.

    Next came the feds with homeland security providing flood lighting and facial recognition, on the backstreets, directly to a command center.

    But all the behind the scenes crap that kept the king racebaitors out and
    Prevented the inevitable violence of black on black crime, as no sane white person in downtown Indy (Even the convention crowd do not book for this), what made the difference this year?

    Well maybe it had something to do with the 2,000 plus law enforcement
    People on the street.

    AWD, Bigtimer, that is a small army! And guess who paid for it?

    Aren’t white expose held every year, more commonly called the fourth of July?



    Sick and tired of the Liberal black culture in the midwest,
    And a firm believer in the Rebels in the South!

  17. If any of you haven’t caught this one, check this out…it’s a good one.


    • bigtimer, here’s some interesting statistics from Rassmussan about racism. The survey overwhelming says that most people few many Blacks as racist.


      Here’s a breakdown in case I posted the link wrong:

      37% of American adults think most Blacks are racist.

      18% of American adults think most Hispanics are racist.

      15% of American adults think most Whites are racist.

      There were no statistics for Asians or Native Americans.

      There are many more interesting statistics in that article too.

      • Thanks so much Erik…glad you posted that for others to check out. I saw that information too a few days back.

  18. Celebrate Homogeneity says:

    What little white guilt I ever had was stripped way by four years in the US Navy. I got sick to death of the sniveling, whining, demands, and catering-to, the blacks.

    Black History month with the attendant “soul food” in the chow hall. )Note that most of the blacks on base didn’t eat that stuff either.)

    Blacks being able to ask to room with blacks in the barracks, but a white asking to live with a white got placed on report.

    Blacks placed in jobs they had no business being in.

    The base E club having nothing but soul, rap, and other caterwauling and jungle screeching on the PA system. One night, the SeaBees got fed up with it, broke into the DJ booth, told the DJ to take a hike, or play some “white man music”. Fortunately, our commanding officer was too chicken to do anything about it.

    Having boilerplate in one’s evaluations stating “Petty Officer Celebrate Homogeneity fully supports the Navy’s affirmative action plans…”

    Nope, no guilt here.

    • Very interesting and informative post there CH….just wanted to thank you for your service. Eternally grateful.

      • Celebrate Homogeneity says:

        I am glad I served when I did, BT. We could still come home and find jobs and colleges open to those of us who are white and male.

        There is no way I would serve today, because this is not my country anymore.

        The left despises my whiteness and being male.

        Many on the right despise me because of the religion I was born into and aspects of my private life.

        • Hey CH…

          Looks like Gravatar suggestion came thru for ya! 😉

          • Celebrate Homogeneity says:

            I guess it just took a bit to kick in.

            (Got a real kick out of someone at another site: called me a fa660t because he saw “h0m0” in my screen name. I hope his mother gave him Chinese milk instead of whole. You know Chinese milk, right. Lo Phat?)

          • Lol…that’s funny about the chines milk. 😉

            I notice the avatar in the one I’m responding to hadn’t kicked in yet, they’re everywhere else.

    • I can backup what he said. Absolute truth. Seen it myself.

  19. CH…

    “There is no way I would serve today, because this is not my country anymore.”

    You put it in a nutshell!