Dudes and dudettes…you need to read this report and decide for yourselves. I, for one, don’t quite know what to think about the picture above. – See what your conclusions are and share your thoughts with us.

This is via Ozzie Saffa:

Last year, on the 9/11 anniversary, the USA embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was stormed and attacked by al-Qaeda.

What followed was a protracted gun fight between a few American soldiers, including two ex-SEAL members stationed at another building, and the Islamists.

By the end of the +8-hour fight, four Americans lay dead. Both SEAL members died, as well as an embassy IT worker and the US Ambassador, Chris Stevens.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama immediately blamed a spontaneous protest in response to an anti-Muslim YouTube video. This has since been disputed and shown to be a lie.

Obama and Clinton both have not explained their actions that night. They haven’t explained why they didn’t send back-up troops stationed a few kilometers away. The back-up would have arrived within hours, enough time to assist those under fire and save lives.

Obama and Clinton also claimed that Chris Stevens had died from smoke inhalation inside the embassy walls, and that some of the “protesters” had tried to revive him and take him to hospital.

However, a newly released photo shows Ambassador Stevens was alive at the time of being removed from the embassy. Have a look at the photo above and make up your own minds. No dead person will be bending his arm towards his face….

Stevens was probably raped, sodomised, brutalised, and murdered by the Muslim rubbish, and Obama and Clinton wouldn’t want that information to be released to the world. They would look like what they are – lying incompetent fools.

This would explain why they refuse to release Stevens’ autopsy results…..

Read more here…and friends, you should click this link: ‘They all lied…and this one picture* is the proof

Of course, the left wants us to be be like the three musketeers below:

One side-note: You can click the Ozzie Saffa link above and see the top picture of Amb. Stevens enlarged.

What do you think…was Ambassador Stevens still alive in this picture, or not? Will we ever know the real truth about what happened in Benghazi, and if we do…will any heads ever roll for those that were complicit in the deaths that night?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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    Obama has the blood of american diplomat on his hands

  2. You are correct, he’s alive- for sure.

    My gosh, it is quiet here tonight. Damned dude party!! 🙂

  3. I care.

    And I know who is responsible.


  4. Firstly, I think there’s a certain amount of fatigue in regards to all the Obongo scandals. I felt outrage that our evil ATF (undoubtedly under the orders of Obongo and Holder) allowed weapons to fall into the hands of w$tback gangs south of the border so they could kill a border patrol officer.

    I was maddened by their stupid and cowardly lies in connection with Barack Hussein’s friends’ attack on our consulate and the killing of an ambassador while having the cheek to blame it on a Utube video no one had seen.

    I was sickened that Janet Napolitano (under orders from Obongo or those pulling Prez Sock Monkey’s strings) allowed criminal illegal aliens to go free during the sequester due to “lack of funding” to house them.

    I was appalled that the Obongo admin would have the temerity to spy on AP and Fox reporters, lying to the FISA judges in order to get wiretap authority.

    I am angry that the evil scum in the IRS would harass, delay and deny Americans not allied with the evil monkey-in-chief their rights and abusing them with the power of the federal govt.

    I was…

    This administration is so evil and has committed so many illegal and unconstitutional acts that we become numb to old ones. I find people (even people who despise this president) have forgotten about Benghazi and even the IRS fiasco.

    No one is punished. No one is going to be punished. We can stew and get angry all we like. The fact of the matter is that THEY control the country and there’s nothing we can do…unless we secede.

  5. PAmadwoman says:

    He sure looks alive to me: yes, the bent arm, and from what I can see of his face, his eye — looks like he’s screaming or crying.

    No, BT, I don’t think heads will ever roll over this. Ken S is right, short of a revolution, they control the country.

    That said, I would not want to be B.O. or Hillary or any of these murderous liars when they meet God. I still believe in Ultimate Justice.

  6. FLPatriot says:

    I have seen others- at least one pic of Amb. Stevens being dragged. In that pic he clearly looks alive to me. And then the criminals (Obama Admin)went out and lied about it. And this was BEFORE the election! How in the world could 65 Mil low information voters put this guy back in the white house? I probably just answered my on question. And Ken S is correct – There have been sooo many red flags and outright lawbreaking you do start to lose sight of them. Especially when no one is held accountable and there is barely a whisper from Katie, George and Robyn and so on…I remember back when Bush was Pres. and his numbers were tanking. Wolf Blitzer trumpeted the news every hour, on the hour as if he had found a cure for cancer. I’ve strayed off topic, but God this shit pisses me off!

  7. Let this be a lesson. If your going to serve in any type of military force it would be in your best interests to ensure the employing regime has ‘your back’.

  8. Why do we send ambassadors to these Third World hellholes in the first place?! That’s the real questtion.

    PS I called the “NOT GUILTY” verdict on this blog a few weeks ago.

    • Good morning Olds…

      I can’t answer your question, but it’s a good one indeed.

      As to your PS, that you did…and you weren’t alone either. Although some of us were in the minority of saying not guilty, but if you followed the trial, there wasn’t anyway they could have done anything else.

      Well, they could of…but the six women did the right thing.

  9. Its not the arm that did it for me, its his neck/head position.
    If you are dead your neck muscles don’t work.
    His head were he indeed deceased, would be hanging beginning at the top of his shoulders.

  10. Millions of American care. The “powers that be” do not. In my opinion, they must cover their bloody azz trail of crime and treason so we don’t hang ’em high.

    Then there is this by Raymond Ibrahim:


  11. Got to tell ya… before I even read the article, I noticed his arm bent which would indicate he was alive… screw Obama and his whole administration.

  12. O’muslim the pres hates this USA with a glowing passion. The quicker he is voted out, or he is impeached, the better.