We all know that Mandela has been knocking on death’s door for weeks now. We all know beforehand what our mainstream media will do after Mandela is pronounced dead…which will go on endlessly for days 24/7 on all networks. What we know they won’t do, is tell the truth about just what exactly Nelson Mandela has really accomplished in the end. He may be a major icon to some, he may not be to others, especially to those that live in South Africa and have lived through what Mandela’s policies wrought to their daily way of life…as well as to what it did in the long run to the nation as a whole.

Here’s a good read from a few days back, this is via Ozzie Saffa:

Word is that saint Mandela is for all intents and purposes dead. He is in a “permanent vegetative state” and on life-support.

And while they keep Mandela’s chest moving and the machines bleeping, his family are taking each other to court regarding the bodies of some of Mandela’s various dead relatives. Mandela’s grandson, Mandla Mandela consulted his ‘ancestors’ two years ago and then dug up the bodies of his relatives and moved their remains from Mandela’s home in Qunu to his lands in Mvezu, where he is fake chief.

“Consulted his ancestors” is just a euphemism for Mandla having ‘consulted his bank account’ where he realised that if he had some of the dead Mandela relatives on his land, then they would have to bury the old terrorist together with them in Mvezu – which of course means Mandla would coin it as people flock to see the saints grave.

Of course this was just wishful thinking by chief fraudster Mandla as the family would never stand to be cut out of any future profits from the death of their eternal money-maker.

Meanwhile other family members have been in talks with CNN for the broadcasting rights of the funeral….

The circus has come to town people! Mandela against Mandela, all trying to position themselves best for when the money streams start flowing. And where’s Winnie? Surely she’s circling the hospital grounds wanting her share of the pie too??

The old geyser must be so proud of how his family have pulled together minutes before his imminent demise. And that time will be when the ANC decides it’s the most fortuitous for him take his last gasp – i.e. switch the machines off.

This fiasco confirms that this time Mandela will not be leaving hospital alive. When his family are near coming to blows then you must know the money is near!

The vultures are circling their almost-dead prey…..

After weeks of speculation, South African court documents revealed that Nelson Mandela is, by all intended purposes, dead. What followed his death is a tale of dishonesty and denial – staining the South African Government and its public institutions.

The documents, part of a legal filing in a Mandela family dispute, reveal that doctors told the family of the former President that “He is in a permanent vegetative state and is assisted in breathing by a life support machine…The Mandela family has been advised by the medical practitioners that his life support machine should be switched off.”

The court documents containing this revelation are dated June 26th; one day before The Guardian Express reported that Madiba – the tribal name by which Mandela is often known – had passed away.

Read more here (if you can be bothered)

Okay dudes and dudettes, the question is self-explanatory…just curious to know your various responses.

What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Mandela was a TERRORISTS he belonged to the AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS a leftists terrorists group he was no hero he was a WAR CRINIMAL and the devil has one of his favorite thugs along with CHAVEZ,STALIN,BIN LADE,SADAM,HITLER,MAO,HO CHI MIHN and their waiting for CASTRO

  2. South Africa is an absolute disaster without “white’ rule.
    I’m sorry to say: apartheid was a necessary evil

  3. quartierleblanc says:

    I’ve spent time there. Mandela was actually a pretty good guy in my estimation and kept the RSA from splintering with a huge bloody civil war. The country did pretty good under his administration, but unfortunately he was unable to pass on his ability to the rest of the ANC. What do you really expect from a Black run country? One guy can’t do it. There’s a real threat of not just a civil war there but a regional war encompassing all of southern Africa.

  4. If He dies before Ted Nugent becomes president, Ted will use his first White House Vacation to travel down to Hell by yelling VAVOOM! at the ground repeatedly, thus tunneling down to the Seven Pits where he will lay such a B*tch Slapping on his a**, Satan will hang his head in shame at the sight of Mandela begging him to get this White Devil off him, and let him go back to the lake of fire.

  5. Lazlo you crack me up dude.

  6. Redseeingred says:

    The only thing Mandela did was placate the apes to avert the extermination of the Boers. Since Apartheid ended, South Africa has become a hotbed of crime. There are now 100 times more blacks in prison now than there were during white rule. Get ready to see a holocaust when Mandela finally kicks the bucket. Boers need to either stand their ground and fight for the land they have lived on for 300 years or get out, because blacks of any nationality have no reasoning skills and are 100% ruled by their emotions.

    • quartierleblanc says:

      It’s a lot more complicated than that. The Boers and the Zulu’s will ally. The Zulus hate the Xhosa and figure they can make a land grab with the Boers who also want their own homeland. They’ll make a play for everything on the eastern cape and dare whomever to screw with them. The Ndebele will also take on the Shona in Zimbabwe. They have scores to settle and are first cousin to the Zulu’s. With weapons and support they’ll kick the Shona ( first cousins to the Xhosa ) sideways. Every friggin Bantu will take note and what they do remains to be seen.

      • Redseeingred says:

        Good info! I will do more research!

      • In other words, just like the rest of Africa, black tribes will settle centuries old grudges with modern weapons rather than live in peace together. Happened every where colonial rule ended. The only thing the tribes had in common was hating whitey. Soon as whitey leaves, the go back to doing what they did before, fighting amongst themselves. And people wonder why no on gives a crap about Africa.

        Of course the same thing happened with the break up of Yugoslavia, US stepped in led a NATO bombing campaign sorted everything out. Why did we step in? cause the moronic Europeans started lining up on the same teams that led to WWI. So even they weren’t to bright at the time.

    • Jacob Stronerg says:

      I’m guessing your white? Only white people (and it shames me to say because I’m white) would be that ignorant…………..

  7. MuayTyson says:

    Funny this site is turning from more of a conservative site to a race realist site, maybe I shouldnt be surprised it is a natural progression.

    It is correct Mandela was a terrorist he was in prison for the Chrurch Street bombings not for being against the government. Read more here:http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki.....et_bombing it’s Wiki so they are doing their best to be PC and not mention Mandela. I guess even though he headed the ANC and ordered the bombings he technically did not do the bombings. By this reasoning Manson should go free.

    The time is coming to stand up for what is right and what is right is people deserve self determination it’s good for Asians, Blacks, Latinos, and First Nations but not good for Whites. Only a Lib could believe this we need to protect our own as it was our genes blood, sweat, and tears that created the modern world.

    • I don’t know if this site is turning into anything different from it’s major first steps. I do know that what we have in power now via the O-Team with Dear Leader leading the way, the msm at the commands of their messiah…as well as the dem politicos in congress, they’ve all playing the race-card and causing racial division from Day One. I think many like me have had their fill of it…and are now fighting back.

      Just my quick two-cents. ~

    • He was not in prison for the Church street bombings. He signed off on the bombings. Also, what a lot of the world does not know is that this bastard was not in prison for 27 years. He was under “house arrest” for at least 9 years. I cannot recall the exact period, but it was close to it. His house was is Houton which is a very upmarket suburb in Johannesburg.

      This bastard lived the life of luxury. In 1985, he was offered a chance for his “freedom” if he renounced violence. He did not. That is why Thatcher labelled him a terrorist. Reagon called the cANCer a terrorist organisation and he was correct.

      mandela did NOTHING for South Africa. What he should have done was renounce the violence in the late 80’s early 90’s in Natal (between the Zulu and Xhosa tribes) but he kept his mouth shut.

      This terrorist has died already and we wait for when the current bastards announce his death.

      I am going to apologise here if this post comes across as very angry, because I am angry beyond words that the Liberal Media distorts the truth. He knew of camp Quatro in Angola as well. You can google that as I am too p*ssed off to comment on that as well.

      Once again – apologies. I am now going to follow the Zimmerman trial and then get very very drunk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dmitri…

        Thanks for the important information. You filled me in on matters I didn’t know about…opened my eyes about him, prison and where he really was all that time.

        Very glad to see ya here…was hoping for your input on this subject.

        I’m watching the Zimmerman trial too…going to go have some coffee.

        Catch ya later…

  8. RidinShotgun says:

    Let’s see, wrote “How to be a good Communist”, was the one who actually came up with “Necklacing”, turned one of the best economies in the world into a 5th – world backwater. SA used to have one the best weapons manufacturing industry in the world, one that gave us this little beauty right here http://world.guns.ru/handguns/.....cp1-e.html
    Described by the magazine “International Combat Arms” as one of the best handguns they had ever seen (Apologies to AWD, yes it is a 9mm, but when one is operating overseas, .45 ammo can be hard to come by.)
    Personally I don’t give a damn about the death of yet another communist, what I am concerned about is the fact that once the genocide begins, how many Boers do you think are going to be let into this country? We’ll watch as obunghole & company stand around as a few million of them are butchered/raped etc and they’ll congratulate themselves as they allow these mongrels the erase the final “stain” of aparteid.

    In a related story…………..


    • Howdy RS…

      I only have a few seconds at the moment, will be back in a bit. But, I was hoping someone would bring up the ‘necklacing’ issue. I also learned later as years went by that it was really ‘Winnie’ that came up and enforced the ‘necklacing’ torture.

    • quartierleblanc says:

      You got one part right. Every White South African will have a really hard time getting into the US once the SHTF there. The Boers are more realistic but can’t win without serious help and sometimes are their own worst enemy.

      • rightwingterrorist says:

        We allow white immigration to this country?

        Surely it is not easy, and does not help with the diverstiy quota.

  9. Dave in Texas a.k.a. Crazy Ass Cracka says:

    When he goes, the machines built by white people are switched off, the monkey poop will fly. The whites in South Apefrica better be ready or get the hell outta dodge.

  10. Just a quick side-note: I hope to hear from Dmitri that’s been commenting here and lives in SA, it should be interesting when it comes to what he has to say about all of this.

    Dmitri…can ya hear me now? 😉

    I know, I know, time difference and all. ~

    • quartierleblanc says:

      Yep, he’ll know the real deal. What’s going on there is basically a slow genocide against Whites.

      • Hi there qbl…

        I’m truly eagerly waiting to see what he has to say about this. Sure as heck hope he sees this and isn’t gone for a matter of days and misses it. His input would be valuable methinks.

  11. bigtimer
    Reminds me of the uproar with the King family only a lot of people in S Africa are gonna die.

    • Howdy ga steve…

      Time will tell. I heard/read when Dear Leader was in the vicinity that Mandela had actually passed away the day before and the msm withheld it because of that. Seems he’s just on machines now for lord knows why.

      I don’t know if we’ll ever know the truth…we sure don’t know any of that now in our own country in various matters.

  12. Re. wrote “How to be a good Communist”, MANDELA had 1.5 Million dollars in the bank. some commie.

  13. He did nothing of value. A Good Commie is a dead one and I will enjoy his getting planted in the earth.

  14. Since we’re on the topic of frauds and cheats

    Gerald here doesn’t pull any punches

    Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “A Worldwide Malady!” – (7/


  15. Forget about Mandela. The real question is what have N-words ever accomplished. If one examines the Nobel Prize list, N-words have won several Peace Prizes and little else. Just the other day, I read about the Fields Medal. It is an attempt to give outstanding mathematicians recognition that they have been denied by the Nobel Prize committee. Mathematics is not among the five Nobel categories, hence the creation of the Fields Medal. Similar to the old adage “What is the thinnest book in the world? N-words that I have met while yachting”. A similar thinnest book would be “N-words winning the Fields Medal”.


    Will the No good UNITED NATIONS be flying their flags at half-mast for their glorified terrorists from the infamous AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS terrorists group like they did with YASSIR(THATS MY BABY)ARAFAT and HUGO (THE HIDEIOUS)CHAVEZ These No Good UN are terrorists and war crinimals

  17. REV Wright says:

    Rhodesia: now Zimbabwe, Black feces [s!!t] hole

    South Africa: Soon to be another Zimbabwe

    Kind of like Detroit, only without the food stamps……..

  18. REV Wright says:

    “Weeeeee wovvvvvv Yooooou!!!”

    [Where’s my billion in US foreign aid?]

  19. REV Wright says:

    “Money NOW!!! Or wifie Winnie will show you a “black tire necktie”!

    • REV…

      You got that right about Winnie…but shhh, don’t tell the msm!

      I’ve got to go have my morning coffee, wished it was some of that Kona.

  20. rightwingterrorist says:

    He’s accomplishing a white genocide in SA, which in turn will further the black genocide of each other once all of the whites are either dead or gone from that God forsaken place.


    Mandella, Arafat, Obama.
    Peace Prize reciepients.

    • rwt…

      Isn’t always amazing who ends up with a ‘peace prize’ of any kind?

      You have to wonder what color the sky is in their world. ~


    The final justice will be done when Mandela final dies and his soul ends up in hell

  22. Mandela was locked up for war crimes upon the whites.
    Simple as that.
    He will be forgotten soon forever.

  23. mic doodle says:

    Oh he accomplished a great deal. He took a prosperous nation which had significant accomplishments in the medical field (first heart transplant comes to mind) to one with virtually no medical pioneers. He took a nation with its own nuclear program and turned it into one of the capitals of murder and serial murder in the world with no scientific advancement. He took a nation where agriculture was prosperous and turned it into a state where genocide against whites, torture of whites, rape of white children, and torching of farms owned by whites runs rampant with no police intervention.

    Huh…so he took a powerful state and destroyed its medical field, its military and international stature, its financial sector, and is promoting racial division and the unanswered murder of whites by blacks?

    Remind you of anyone?

  24. OK, if the Discovery channel is anywhere in the .006 percentile of being right; then Africa is the home to the earliest Humans.
    If Africa is the home of the Earliest Humans, then Africans have logged in the most time on the planet (no pun intended with the log thing).
    If Africans have logged in the most time on the planet, then they have the most experience, and therefore judgement, and ability to govern themselves among all the continents.
    If that is so, then they should have the most advanced civilization on the planet.
    They do not
    If that is so, then they should have exported said civilization to to the far corners of the world.
    They have not.
    Every technological advance on the planet should have come from them.
    It has not.
    The Africans should have ruled the word by now.
    They do not.
    The Africans should have enslaved their Arab friends and sold them to the Portuguese for servitude in the New World.
    They did not.
    The African’s system of government should be an example to other countries.
    It is not.
    They should have colonized Europe and not the other way around.
    They did not.
    Their actions in daily life and comportment should be an example of civilized behavior and a lesson to the world.
    They are not.

    So, what am I to make of these Africans?
    Have they in any way given pause to the world’s view of their craven lack of simple decency, their inability to govern themselves much less anyone else, their willful lack of the rule of law, their denial of rational civil discourse, their grasping, ungracious pursuit of the trappings of civilization without the embracing the humane principles that are the underpinnings of any civil society?
    I Think Not.

    • RidinShotgun says:

      This Bullschtein about “We all came from africa” is afro-centric crap foisted upon the “academic” world by guilty white race libs who wanted to give blacks in this country something they could hold up and say, “See, we good too.” Check out the book here.


      One of the good things about the glaciers retreating is the fact that buried treasures keep popping up. One showed up in Switzerland recently and it was a village that lay buried for they believe almost 11k years.
      In it they found advanced tools, weapons, carts, jewelry/metalworking. It is estimated that over 100 people resided there and from what they discovered, it was a pretty decent society. They also found some bodies, both buried AND on the surface and medical tests revealed that DNA-wise they were a separate species of humans that HAD PHYSICALLY NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY SPECIES OF PEOPLE FROM THE AFRICAN CONTINENT.

      Yes that’s right all of you guilty white libs and blacks who think the universe revolves around you, WE had NOTHING to do with the likes of YOU!!!

    • They did however bring us, Barrack Hussein Obama, Eric the Beholder, Jesse race baiter Jackson, Al ambulance chaser Sharpton and Travon and his illiterate haitian baby momma, just to name a few.



  25. irony = the machines that are keeping him alive were invented and engineered by the evil white devils

    that’s all I will say about that…

    • Howdy Vince…

      Good to see you here. You must have been, or still are busy in your own world lately. – Anyway, I sure hope Dmitri sees this blog post and comments before it’s gone. It would be really interesting to me what he has to say about all of this. ~

      • Hey bigtimer

        actually, I have been pretty busy but, I have been commenting lately but no one responds much… was starting to wonder if I was persona non grata for some reason and no one told me LOL

        I just read Dmitri’s post about this… I actually expected more rage from him… his self-control is extraordinary

  26. He helped transform South Africa into a lawless crime ridden shithole. I guess you could call that an accomplishment.

  27. Whitey McWhitey says:

    I have friends in SA that live in fear daily since they’re farmers. Each room is caged in. Their house has been broken into twice, teen daughters nearly raped. The teen girls can’t go to state schools due to the sexual assaults and harassment, it’s all private schools. I find it amusing that there’s a correlation between the NBPP hate speeches here and the general accepted attitude of non whites in SA.

    A little visual


    • we should give the white south Africans asylum here… trade our ghetto blacks for white SA’s one for one till all of them are over here and all the malcontent African wannabes are over there… two birds with one stone. We would get productive citizens and Africa could have their children ( our trash ) come home… everybody wins

      ahhhh one can dream

      • Whitey McWhitey says:

        I think some are getting asylum here. I know one of the older daughters is here now. They can get student visas. I was disturbed with Obama’s trip to SA recently. Since, Mandela is a member of the communist party and was also caught on film with the “Natives” singing songs about killing the white people. Then turning around and for the rest of the world, proclaiming peace and goodness, rainbows and butterflies. He and O have A LOT in common as well as the govt there. In fact, I wonder if O isn’t over there taking lessons on how to create a New World right here on our soil.

        I fear, that we’re looking at our future, when we look at the present state of SA.


    Heres some truth that will surprise these brain-dead liberals but AFRICANS DONT CELEBRATE KWANZA IN AFRICA

    • LOL of course they don’t celebrate that bogus holiday.. it was made up by “afrocentrics” here in America as a way to tell whitey “we hate you, reject your culture and have no desire to assimilate…

      white liberals are the REAL problem in our country. THIER naïve fantasies of a multicultural utopia has brought all of this on us.. I actually consider the white liberal a bigger threat than their pets that are threatening to kill us crackas and our babies.. It is the white liberal that put the American hating Marxist in the oval office.. I consider them public enemy #1

  29. Hey was my favorite and I loved him he and looked up to him

  30. Fun fact, he was a canuck

  31. So many angry comments. Some guy says lets trade ghetto blacjs for south Afri can whites. I say lets trade people with minds like yours. A person who hates based on a color ecen though its scientifucally proven that there’s no difference in race as far as potential is absolutely sick.. Yea I’m my Elliet from Law in Order voice. ..