I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do it, so the little got more and more…

– Mr. Brownstone, Guns N’ Roses

There is obviously much to be said for the utile functions of religion in the personal and social scheme of things, whether one is religious or not. One facet that I think gets overlooked is the importance of taboo.

Every culture has their taboos. Every culture, that is, excepting post-1960’s radical revolution Western Civilization. After that tumultuous turn of events, any and all taboos were considered oppressive tools of imperialists, racist, white, male, Christian hegemons—and thus they all had to be destroyed. (Of course, new taboos were substituted in their place, such as saying the “n-word” or recognizing innate differences amongst the races, etc., but I’m talking behavioral taboos instead of linguistic taboos.)

Drug abuse. In utero infanticide (aka “abortion” aka “women’s health”). Marriage redefinition (aka “gay marriage” aka “marriage equality”). Commoditized pornography and vulgarity (aka “free speech”). The list is endless, but the point is singular: absolute self-indulgence, free of any restricting taboos.

One of the many particularly annoying characteristics of liberals is that they think they invented this sh*t. If they spent any time reading the one book they love to bash, they’d realize that the idea of creating a “culture” centered around complete and total self-indulgence is as old as human civilization.

And if they had faith, knowledge of history, or a capacity for critical reflection, they’d realize it seldom, if ever, ends well.

Perhaps one reason why a society free of taboos, particularly those centered around substance consumption and sexuality, is destined for ruin is that these things have dopaminergic effects. I.e., they’re addicting. And addiction means that, for many people, an incremental increase in stimulus is required to achieve the previous response, trending inevitably toward behavior that is clearly insane.

Simply put, removing such taboos leads the masses to unrestricted self-indulgence, which leads to overindulgence, which leads to ennui, which leads either to benign uselessness, or to self-destructive behavior in the pursuit of feeding the addiction—whether it be to drugs, sex, pornography, or the like.

Whether you believe in the “God stuff” behind the story of Sodom and Gomorrah or not, it shouldn’t matter. I would think that any honest person can at least acknowledge that there’s a possibility the story has resonated over some 3,500 years of human history for a reason.

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    Liberals are the kind of idots who think the goverment should take care of us from cradle to grave they want us to surrender our soventry and our constitutional rights to BIG BROTHER becuase most liberals are totaly BRAINDEAD

  2. Jack daniels says:

    Years ago, I read somewhere (I really can’t remember the author or the title of the book/material) did an exhaustive research on the correlation between civilizations that embraced depravity (not unlike Sodom and Gommorah) and their ultimate swift destruction (some, to more permanent level of destruction, while some to less, i.e. whether it was just cities or the entire nation or people as a whole that embraced the depravity)

    The key point he made was that every single civilization that openly embraced sexual deviancy and hedonism was the tipping point and was followed by judgment and prompt destruction of said society.
    The most recent entry (at the time) was Berlin, and how prior to the nazis taking control of Germany and Europe, was a mecca for deviancy and depravity, where people all over the world flocked to, to indulge in their crapulence and perversion.

    I would love to get my hand on this book again, I’m sure that many cities and/or countries would be included today in his list.

  3. Jack daniels says:



    I love the philosophical and intellectual degree of your posts. Such a wide variety here at AWD.

    • Much thanks, Jack. Sometime I wonder why I post, but affirmations like this go a long way.

      • Hey Brah, always keep posting, I always read it. Most times I agree, sometimes I don’t.

        But your post still forces me to think.

        And you are one of the few people that puts ideas to pen, who uses words that I (sometimes) have to look up.

        Keep it up.

      • I read here daily, and also scan for your next postings.

  4. Red…

    Excellent, what a great piece of work presented. You covered the bases and summed it up with your wise words at the end.

    Hoping others pass this on to others…it’s a great read. Plus, annoy any liberals too.

  5. This is an excellent article, well written and concise. We are indeed a leisure/entertainment culture and all exist to be entertained.

    Correctly stated, taboos are create by societies for (usually) good reasons – to curb certain destructive behaviors.

    Those who have for the past fifty years stripped America (and Western Civilization as a whole) of taboos WANT destructive behaviors simply because their aim is DESTRUCTION.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Ken. Much appreciated. And you’re right on the money. They are culture terrorists, whose only objective is to destroy, not create.

  6. Well said all,
    Revolutionaries know only how to destroy, disrupt, and divide.
    Building things like civilizations require quite a different kind of person.
    Character, wisdom, and patience are required; virtues lacking in this ‘post decency’ world.

  7. Tony Diamond says:

    Interesting article. I’ve been coming to this site for several (a couple?) of years and rarely comment, but since you’ve delved into philosophical cultural musings, I figured I would weigh in. Although I see your point and do agree somewhat, I must disagree with parts of your reasoning, especially the conclusion that certain taboos becoming partially or completely acceptable necessarily leads to decadence and ultimately decay. Many taboos were (and are) repressive at least, oppressive at worst. Moving away from taboos imposed from fear or anger (negative motivators) usually results in more personal freedom. Notwithstanding taboos that are cross-cultural (such as incest, cannabalism and murder) and are in place for much deeper reasons than say nudity and pornography. Taboo removal being the REASON for societal decay is a non-sequitur in my reasoning, it is usually indicative of other moral losses, not a cause in and of itself. Symptomatic. Many, many enlightened (and religious like me) people explore different “taboo” experiences with minimal problems and live richer lives because of it. Specifically I refer to the marijuana taboo: I can use it moderately and stop without needing harder drugs or more intense stimuli. With alcohol, unfortunately, I can’t, so I don’t drink. Many other people can drink in moderation and consider marijuana “taboo” (thus it’s legal standing). My point being lifting the marijuana taboo frees me individually while the accepted practice of drinking is poison to me. And due to the taboo, I am branded a criminal if I indulge myself with pot. Legislating or judging one or the other for everyone is a fallacy and inevitably leads to further control and loss of freedom in the future. Sorry I got so long-winded haha! Enjoyed the post. Thanks,


    • You wasted a lot of space and your own time. You could have summed it all up by simply saying: “I want to smoke dope without fear of being arrested or looked down upon.”

      The only thing that matters is your own personal pleasure. Sorry, that’s why there are taboos – to keep the bad behavior of the few (or, in this case, one) from affecting society as a whole. Obviously, to some people, their own personal pleasure is more important than the health of society.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        You could have summed it all up by simply saying: “I want to smoke dope without fear of being arrested or looked down upon.”

        From the time the USA was founded until close to the middle of the 20th century, you could do that.  Look at the history; the law to ban “marihuana” came AFTER the repeal of Prohibition, and it was strongly opposed by the AMA and many drug makers who incorporated it into medicines.

        If you think it looks like it was to give the Prohibition cops something else to prohibit (that was associated with Mexicans, to boot), you’re very probably right.  But we can’t afford them any more.

    • bluffcreek1967 says:

      Tony Diamond, I suppose it could be argued that some taboos which a nation discards doesn’t necessarily lead to its destruction – although it depends which taboos one is talking about. If it’s a relatively benign or minor taboo, you might be right.

      But the really heavy-hitter taboos such as homosexuality, pornography, premarital sex, use of illegal narcotics, couples ‘shacking up,’ sex with minors, respect for the elderly, cannot be so easily discarded without it effecting the whole of society. Many of our taboos didn’t arise out of a vacuum, but came about as the result of centuries of human wisdom and experience. Any society that chooses to ignore or explain away or completely discard these taboos, is surely on a path to self-destruction. All of these have practical implications for society, and when they are rejected, practical consequences inevitably follow.

      As far as the marijuana example you provided, you might indeed have the ability to not take it to extremes. You apparently even have the sense to no longer drink because of how it effects you. You might be able to do this, but many people can’t or won’t. One or a few persons smoking marijuana and drinking excessively won’t affect society too much, but if the majority does it, serious ramifications will occur eventually down the road. A doped up nation is a nation that will fall for anything. A doped up nation is also a nation that will lack moral clarity and focus. A doped up nation is a defeated nation. America are you listening?

      Lastly, what kind of genetic deformations, defects, severe allergies, and health problems will we see in the next generation of children because our current generation couldn’t stop ingesting and smoking every strange substance known to mankind? This is why most societal taboos are vital to the health and future of any people. When we ignore them or explain them away as mere ‘traditional ignorance,’ we do so at our own peril.

      “America: One Doped Up Nation,”

    • Tony, thanks for chiming in. Personally, I don’t have an issue with [moderate] marijuana consumption, and didn’t really have that in mind when I wrote of substance abuse above. (On a side note, there are also plenty of examples of drug usage as part of religious rituals [peyote, etc.].)

      Interesting point about losing taboos being a symptom and not a cause of societal decay. You may be right on that count.

  8. Tony Diamond says:

    Wow. I honestly did not expect such pedantic lecturing from this post. It seems self-governance, small government and personal freedom don’t mean as much to certain people when they disagree and ASSUME they know everything about the consequence of any choice I make before I make it. And I don’t appreciate ignorant and poorly thought out words being shoved so immaturely into my mouth, Ken S, you sir, are part of the problem. Not a liberal I bet, but certainly insistent on controlling others lives using shallow emotional reasoning. My personal freedom does include the choice to “smoke dope” if I choose to. The drug abuse taboo is the result of WRONG information, ignorance and lies, and no one but me has the business of telling me what I can and can’t put in my body. That’s why I’m libertarian and not Republican. Get your nose out of the air and READ.
    Most taboos are not the result of “centuries of human wisdom” but centuries of close-mindedness and lack of understanding. Truth is absolute and there is no bad knowledge, only bad behavior. Again, rules for some are not rules for all. And I hate to burst your sci-fi bubble, but mutations are unlikely. Clear evidence supports the contrary. And the anti-smoking debate…well, have fun listening to lawyers. And no, as a general application, taboos are not practical and serve mainly to curtail the misguided small-minded people who screw things up and want some one else to pick up the tab. Honestly, I know of millions of substances and have yet to smoke them all lol. How cute.

    Proud West Texas Gun-Toting Free Thinking Christian Male. Scary, isn’t it?

    • bluffcreek1967 says:

      Tony, it’s obvious you’re on a self-righteous mission to justify your marijuana smoking. You simplistically assume that anyone who doesn’t agree with you on what you can smoke or ingest is a Republican or wants to take away your rights. That’s why you’re a proud libertarian. Good for you. Smoke whatever you wish.

      However, the so-called ‘taboos’ I listed have almost all been challenged by the 60s generation of Leftists, and almost every one of them, when lifted, has led to America’s decline in some form or fashion. I’m not referring to smoking tobacco or even marijuana per se (although I don’t think it’s been a good thing nationally in my opinion). But again, the really ‘heavy-hitters’ as I had mentioned.

      The social taboos our nation has pretty much adhered to for many years are, in fact, the result of centuries of human wisdom and this explains why every successful society has followed them in some of another.

      “Truth is absolute and there is no bad knowledge, only bad behavior.” Not true. Yes, there’s bad behavior. But the bad behavior always springs first from ‘bad knowledge’ or wrong thinking. This is why one’s worldview is so important, since it forms the basis of how they will conduct their lives and view society.

      Marijuana may not necessarily cause any ‘mutations,’ but I’m referring to the strange and dangerous narcotic mixes that are found in Meth and other illegal drugs. Even the so-called ‘safe’ ones are destined to eventually affect future generations of children if this trend continues. Many social scientists ands others who research the long-term effects of drugs have said the same thing.

      Again, smoke your dope, pop your pills, and snort whatever you wish. But don’t try to convince us that if the majority of Americans do it, everything will be just fine with no wide spread ramifications.

      A doped up nation is a defeated nation.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        A doped up nation is a defeated nation.

        You could also say “a besotted nation is a defeated nation”, but if you had any sense of history you’d have to admit that Prohibition didn’t do anything about that.  Quite the opposite; what people drank was more dangerous, and helped feed organized crime to boot.

        I’d rather have some people stoned than criminal gangs getting wealthy.

        • bluffcreek1967 says:

          Yes, prohibition didn’t work, but I also won’t be one to make out alcohol consumption a great thing either. The problem is that with the newer drugs and illegal narcotics, there are chemicals mixed into them that are much more dangerous than alcohol (as bad as it is for some people). These are guaranteed to have a much greater impact on future generations than we ever imagined. Even marijuana today is much more potent with higher THC levels than in the 60s and 70s.

          I’m not denying that some of this doesn’t feed into organized crime, but only that any nation which allows high levels of narcotic usage will pay for it in other ways down the road. This will affect both the morality of the nation as well as its health, including the health of future generations.

          “I’d rather have some people stoned than criminal gangs getting wealthy” – Criminal gangs are always going to find a way to get wealthy. If the government legalizes all or certain types of narcotics, they will STILL find a way to invent newer, and likely deadlier, drugs that will be guaranteed to make folks even higher than what’s currently available. They will always up the ante, and there’s enough stupid Americans who will get hooked on it and, thereby, cause havoc for the rest of us.

          Again, my main point is that it’s naive to assume that massive, nationwide narcotic usage isn’t going to effect the overall population in very dangerous ways. Isn’t that what we’ve been seeing for years anyways? The social problems aren’t going to go away just because all drugs have been legalized. In truth, the problems will increase and deepen in ways we never thought.

          Yep, a doped up nation is a defeated nation.

      • Tony Diamond says:

        Really? Firstly, your tone soundly suggests either arrogance or misunderstanding of the theme of my entire post. Perhaps marijuana was a bad choice to use for my argument’s point, as you seem to focus on little else but substances. This was simply an example of how taboos (look up the word to remind yourself exactly what taboo means, please) can affect individual liberty and human experience negatively. Let me dumb it down: breaking a few rules can liberate a person. Am I implying absolutes? No. Am I being self-righteous? No. I really don’t see how to make it any more clear, I think your argument is based on your point of view only. Try to look at it in a larger context than just marijuana. I rarely use it anyway, it was AN EXAMPLE, as I have already explained. Your reaction has proven my point, because weed is taboo (incorrectly so, I might add), you get hung up on it and your logic suffers.
        Secondly, how does lifting a taboo, especially minor ones, lead to decline, exactly? Define decline. More specifically, define freedom. Then define liberty. Give me freedom or give me death? Not as good, is it? Observing every taboo would have left us in the dark ages. If a lighter back to the 16th century, they would promptly use it to burn me at the stake. As I’ve stated already, major taboos ARE needed. Minor ones usually aren’t. Read my post again. How about the masturbation taboo? Many, many people suffered needlessly in guilt and shame for something they were going to do anyway. Lifting the taboo frees you, because there really is nothing wrong with doing it, we are human. Does this mean I’m gonna run around jerking off everywhere, spewing my seed on an unsuspecting public because it’s not “taboo” anymore? Please. The physical and psychological benefits of masturbation are undisputed. That doesn’t mean that you approach these things with abandon, just logic. So, for the sake of argument, step away from your preconceptions.
        Lastly, you are absolutely wrong in your reasoning of behavior and knowledge. There is no bad knowledge. Bad behavior results from either a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE or a MISUSE of knowledge. Think carefully, it is true.

  9. Some things are taboo. It’s cool to sodomize a young boy, but DON’T have a smoke when you’re done.

  10. Tony Diamond says:

    Sodomize…boy…don’t smoke…got it! hahaha Packing my bags for the left coast asap

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