I didn’t want to get all negative yesterday given the great weekend, but today I’ll let it fly. I was in NYC no longer than a few minutes—in the cab back to my apartment from the airport—before I was confronted with the huge gulf that exists between “blue” and “red” America. The cabbie had the local news on the radio, and a report came on about rallies in Union Square (heartland of youthful NYU libtards) protesting the Zimmerman verdict. Below’s a picture of said rally. Note the races.

Union Square Travyon Martin Rally

Look--a sea of DWLs!

Reminds me a lot of this picture:

Liberal White Guilt

On full display at the Obama inauguration.

Then, today, I tune into my personal Facebook account and see an old friend’s posted this picture:

Dexter, Zimmerman

So...despite all evidence, Zimmerman is still guilty in the eyes of the left.

(For those not in the know, this is a Photoshop of the character “Dexter” from the eponymous show, who is a vigilante killer of guilty murderers who have escaped the claws of the legal system.)

And here’s the front pages of the two local, free papers:

AM New York - 2013-07-15

AM New York - 2013-07-15

Metro - 2013-07-15

Metro - 2013-07-15

You can check out CNN, NY Times, etc., on your own—if you have the stomach. You will find that the point is the same no matter where you look: No one’s learned sh*t.

  • For whatever reasons—whether it be a pathological hatred of whitey, a profit-driven need to stir up conflict, whatever—the MSM are demonstrably incapable of the critical self-reflection required to own up to the fact that the nation’s simmering “racial divide” that they disingenuously so lament is a product of their own creation, and thus they double-down on their use of the Zimmerman case as a means to incite a race war.
  • Your average libtard, being a toxic mix of limitless arrogance, self-assuredness, narcissism, idiocy, and ignorance, is simply incapable of learning.
  • Your elite libtard, being a toxic mix of limitless arrogance, self-assuredness, narcissism, self-delusion, and unquenchable hatred of traditional, white America, prefers the warm comfort of his delusions to cold, hard reality, and thus is equally incapable of learning.
  • Race-conscious conservatives* already long understood everything that was demonstrated by the Zimmerman case, and therefore had nothing to learn.

To be a little less cynical, I will say this: I have a sneaking suspicion enough non-blacks finally did learn that the “black community” is a violent cesspool always on the verge of exploding, and thus they better arm themselves in preparation. My only reason for guessing this is purely circumstantial—i.e., riots did not ensue following the not guilty verdict. Thanks to the internet and social media, I believe it was pretty thoroughly articulated that if/when blacks went on a riot, they’d face a citizenry armed, trained, and ready to open fire. Thus why you saw every execrable black racial huckster from Revrum Al to Barack Hussein Obama calling for the need for calm—they didn’t want to see any more of their Trayvon-like homies get justifiably body-bagged like the worse-than-useless trash that they are.

Now we wait for the drama to continue. Because, as we all know, when libtards don’t get the result they want via the legal route, they just ignore the law and find a loophole. So expect Eric “My People” Holder’s Department of “Justice” to now go after Zimmerman.

That is, if the black savages don’t kill him first, egged on by the treasonous MSM and their disingenuous white liberal brownshirts.

* That’s a bit redundant, as non-race-conscious conservatives are really “conservatives” (heavy on the quote-unquote)—aka, CINOs.

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    What we have learned is that the media are trained liars and liberals will do anything to revoke our 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS and change anything to get what they want I see even the sinister and evil WORKERS WORLD PARTY are Trayvon bootlickers and the leftists lowlife reptiles want a innocent man persicuted

  2. rightwingterrorist says:

    Even libtards understand and feel the underlying current of hostility of informed whites.
    We’re armed.
    Not only will we push back, we’ll shoot back.

    I don’t think that the white guilty protestors realize that they’re about to be eaten.

  3. Trayvon Martin would have most certainly murdered, raped, or robbed someone within the next year. Zimmerman did the nation a favor and saved the taxpayers a lot of money!

  4. I posted this link somewhere earlier before you had you piece up Red, I’ll throw it in again.


    • Biggie, it’s amazing, isn’t it? I might go over there and incite some racial hatred by making a quick pro-Zimmerman shirt and wearing it over there.

      BTW–I know what I’m going to be for Halloween–Rachel Jenteal!

      • Jentell? ROFLMAO. Now that’s funny. If I had a sign and could be there with you, it would say…


      • Red,

        Knock off that nonsense… I expect to see you at the next AWD reunion. Again… sorry I didn’t make it down to the ranch, but the need for some extra green was first and foremost due to the economy right now.

      • LMAO Red…I can see you doing that too! 😉

  5. That I don’t have enough guns, ammo, and/or food stored.

  6. While I fully comprehend the jest of your short essay and even agree to an extent, I must disagree on a minor point. I think I learned something from this case. In fact, it answered a question that has been plaguing me since 1995.

    I could not for the life of me figure out how OJ Simpson was found not guilty. I spent way too many hours watching that case and even started off refusing to believe he was the murderer. But after viewing the case, and the evidence presented, I have no doubt whatsoever that OJ Simpson is an un-convicted killer. It was beyond my ability to grasp the “how” in his not guilty verdict. It didn’t make sense. At least, not till the Zimmerman trial.

    What I learned is that the racial divide between us is too far to bridge. I learned that while I hold no animosity towards African-Americans they do not extend the same thoughts as me. I learned that no matter how much myself and/or the government bend over to appease them that white America will always be the enemy. I learned that the mainstream media is more corrupt than I expected. I learned that some minorities have willfully chosen victim status and refuse to let it go. I learned that they would rather blame someone else, anyone else, other than take responsibility for their own failings.

    No sir, I learned a LOT from this trial. More than I could have ever imagined.

    • Wow! My feelings exactly. The government wants this chaos.The MSM feeds it. There will never be racial harmony here. There are many decent blacks in America. The street slime like Trayvon make them all look bad. This situation will only get worse. sharpton & Jackson are slime .

      • Mr. Rational says:

        There are many decent blacks in America. The street slime like Trayvon make them all look bad.

        The only way to cure that is for Black America to be far, far more pro-active.  This means shooting the street slime when it appears, and doing their best to prevent scum like Angel Adams and Tracy Martin from becoming parents in the first place.


    The leftists scumballs are making Trayvon into their own leftists martyr for their own leftists ideas They all STINK every one of them

  8. This is leftist demagoguery
    94 percent of the time blacks are murdered by blacks (the white boogy man is not your problem !)

    Black-on-black murder is at an all-time high. It was revealed that each year, roughly 7,000 blacks are murdered and 94 percent of the time the murderer is another black person.

    According to a study conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 1976 and 2011 there were 279,384 black murder victims, which means that 262,621 were murdered by other blacks, resulting in the 94 percent figure.

    Even though blacks make-up only 13 percent of the nation’s population, they account for more than 50 percent of homicide victims.

  9. rightwingterrorist says:
  10. What does that woman on the cover of AMNY have to heal from?

    Note the propaganda on the cover of Metro: a picture of an early-teens Martin, rather than a picture of what he actually looked like at the time of his death.

  11. What you say… the spear chuckers haven’t reached your neighborhood yet; just keep lock and loaded because the moving targets will be headed out of the ghettos as soon as they burn them down. Just in case they head your way after dark and they blend into the night… listen for chants of “creepy ass cracka” and as soon as you hear those chants along with the low level grunts, open fire in all directions.

    You got it folks, I’m past tired of the media, race baiters, welfare blacks, and ESPECIALLY all the lazy scum whites (OWS crowd) who carry guilt on their shoulders simply because they are white.

  12. I learned that a lot of Black people will abandon the rule of law, lie, commit perjury, commit crimes, threaten, and hold hostage the peace of their communities; all for something that did not happen to them.
    Only a child would be so easily manipulated by zealots.
    Children should be treated as such.

  13. Travon was a criminal. The Miami school District threw him out for burglary, theft, and incorrigible.
    Easy to find and look at all this information.
    But, you see, we are white and possess the knowledge and skill level to do this.
    Almost all black students are ignorant, and know only how to rob, steal, lie, cheat the system.
    Well folks, Travon Martin’s death will bring all of these negro traits to the top of the negro cess pool of 80 IQ mouth breathers.
    Be ready for the black politicians, jesse, rev al, all black politicians to use this negro killing to attempt to get more money into their bank accounts.
    Remember the black politician who thought the island of Guam may tip over?? Yeah, that tells me a lot.
    Today and forever, there will be no trusting anyone of the negro race.
    Why????? Because the negroes will always stand behind any negro charged with ANY TYPE OF CRIME!!!!!!! Period.
    So, be prepared, as this race war is now on, and will stay on until every last black person gets out of the USA, and actually goes to some other country to live and breed.

  14. Here’s the thing: Even if this shot is accidental, the only reason the proceedings are on TV to begin with is because the media’s obsessed with the idea that Zimmerman committed a racial atrocity and must be punished for it. Trials typically don’t get saturation coverage because the facts are interesting and tragic and there’s a legit dispute as to whether the prosecution’s or defense’s story of what happened is true. They get saturation coverage because there’s an obvious innocent victim/diabolical defendant dynamic that the media’s interested in. From the beginning, with the Times pushing its “white Hispanic” description of Zimmerman, the press has strained hard to make the Trayvon Martin shooting a passion play about whites treating black life cheaply in modern, post-civil rights America. As terrible as the prosecution’s witnesses have been thus far, there is no scenario — zero — in which most of the press concludes that acquittal on the murder charge is just rather than unjust. Zimmerman must be guilty, morally if not legally. Progress demands it. Against that backdrop, why be surprised that CNN would show his social security number onscreen? The cameras are there because the press has issued its verdict. Intentional or not, this is part of the sentencing phase.

  15. What have I learned? Carry an extra magazine.
    My wife works in the town where this happened.

    • quartierleblanc says:

      This is a prime example of the kinds of attacks to expect in the future.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        They were going on in the past, too.  Attacks on bike trails have been legion, and there was one shortly before the Zimmerman case where a retiree on the Schuylkill river trail was ambushed by 3 “yoofs”.  The retiree managed to shoot 2 of them, making one of them good.

        3-on-one was obviously not a good case for the race-baiters, so they waited.  When they got a one-on-one with a shooter named Zimmerman, they thought they’d hit the jackpot.  They had the prosecutors and the judge in their pockets.  What they didn’t count on was a jury which could weigh evidence and see a violent thug for what he was.

    • they took the link down….

  16. Has anyone prepared an image of Obama’s “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” quote alongside the photo of 17-year old Travon doubly flipping off the camera?

    Says a lot about Obama too.