Seminole County police try to quell any fears of violence to the listening public…see if you think what they had to say will matter to anyone in the least, especially if they are intent on rioting after the verdict is read for the fate of George Zimmerman. – You can read this in full here:

“There is no tension in Seminole County,” sheriff Donald F. Eslinger said in a press conference Friday afternoon, addressing concerns about a potentially uproarious reaction to the upcoming verdict in George Zimmerman‘s second-degree murder trial.

Police Chief Cecil Smith and Eslinger both attempted to quell any fears that violence could result from the verdict in the highly contentious case involving the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin, emphasizing the preparedness of their community as well as its record of peaceful behavior.

“This jury has heard from the witnesses,” Eslinger said, “they have viewed evidence and they have learned the facts,” emphasizing that he believes the rule of law has been applied to the fullest extent in this case.

“While this case has brought a great deal of emotion, there is no tension in Seminole County,” Eslinger asserted. “Let me repeat that. I cannot speak for any other jurisdiction but I have to tell you, we recognize that this case has stirred up a great deal of emotion, but we’re not seeing tension here in Seminole County. There’s no party involved in this case who wants to see any violence. And we have every expectation upon the announcement of this verdict, that our community and its visitors will continue to act peacefully.”

He concluded: “We will not tolerate anyone who uses this verdict as an excuse to violate the law.”

Chief Smith took a similar tone, noting that an arrest and a trial have been occurred, fulfilling the desires of the protestors who descended upon Sanford, Fl., 16 months ago following news of Martin’s death.

“As we await this verdict, we would like to remind everyone that the city of Sanford has been a peaceful location since that time 17 months ago,” he said, “and it remains a peaceful location.”

He concluded by suggesting the city can use this trial as an opportunity to come together: “We’re not sure what the verdict is going bring out, but, at the same time, it’s a great opportunity for evolution within the Sanford community, and showing how we as a community can involve or evolve to do better and be better. to ensure that we have an opportunity to speak our peace, peacefully. To come together, peacefully.”

Watch below, via Fox:

Now, here’s CNN’s Don Lemon, he’s just outraged about this, outraged I tell ya! Here’s some words he had to say about the words from the police, this came not long after the above information, video included:

CNN Anchor Blasts Sanford PD for Warning Community Not to Riot After Zimmerman Verdict — ‘Strikes Me’ as ‘Those Barbarians Can’t Contain Themselves’

Here we have the New Black Panthers doing their thing…where’s AG Holder?

New Black Panther Party Tweets About ‘Street Maneuvers’ Surrounding Zimmerman Verdict: ‘HIGH Chance of Rebellion’ If Acquitted

And this…you can watch a video there as well:

New Black Panther
: ‘Praise Be to God’ if George Zimmerman Is Killed in Prison

Here’s a pair to draw to:

Maher & Cornel West Battle GOP Guests Over Zimmerman: Trayvon Racially ‘Criminalized’ Then ‘Physically Murdered’

And here’s a little mental midget:

Explosive O’Reilly Panel On Police Preparing For Zimmerman Verdict Riots: Feeds Idea That Black Men Are ‘Menace’

Lastly…here’s some words from O’Mara:

Zimmerman Attorney Mark O’Mara Blasts ‘PR Campaign’ That ‘Victimized’ Defendant As ‘Racist’ On CNN

So, what do you think will happen after the verdict is handed down?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Special prosecutor Angela Corey, being the bitch that she is can stick up her a$$…she lost her fight against SYG laws and she can go to hell with her phony words she’s now spewing! – I despise this evil entity and many more that are on her team, clear up to the WH!

  2. AmyHadHope says:

    YAY!!! It’s finally over for GZ (at least the criminal part). What a hellish thing for him to go through when it was apparent to any folks with sense he was NOT GUILTY. Good job, ladies! I applaud you.

  3. AmyHadHope says:

    I’m a few minutes behind (paused DVR to make a phone call), but is Corey ALWAYS this fakety-fake-fake-vomit-inducing?

    • Corey is a libtard so the answer to your question would be YES!

    • Yep…what a plastic lying fat witch she is now with her blathering. I despise this POS with all my heart. I can’t imagine how she keeps her job, but I do hope Zimmerman does some suing after he settles down.

      Btw…I hate lawsuits generally, but this man has many areas to sue in…and I’d start with this phony tub of lard.

      • GZ should sue all the networks that pronounced him guilty before the trial started… sue for slander and endangerment

        • Vince,

          In this economy you can bet it will happen… even the lawyers are feeling the pinch in profits coming in… or at least my lawyer friend informs me of that. Remember!!!!!!!!! never let a crises go to waste.

  4. I cant stand the snarky bitch who is bloviating right now… wish she would just shut the hell up and go away

    Look at all those white libtards with a cultural death wish… good lord.. makes me sick

  5. REV wright says:

    Angela Corey: Have you been in touch with Holder’s DOJ before, during, or after the trail?

    [Corey: Legal Obama thug]

  6. REV wright says:


    Eric Holder files civil rights suit against Zimmerman………

  7. It isn’t over yet, GZ is going to have to have protection for a little while at least. The guy won’t be able to leave his house without being surrounded by media, or NBPP, or white libtards, or urban yoots, all waiting for him to have an “accident”, some wanting to arrange the accident.

    GZ may have been found innocent, but now while we all go back to our lives, GZs life is changed forever. I hope he goes the lawsuit route and wins.

  8. Did anyone just hear Corey say this case hasn’t been about race…BUT Trayvon Martin WAS profiled! – What does what she just said tell you?

    I call her a LIAR right there!

  9. REV wright says:

    Er………..MS Corey,

    It is NOT against the law to “profile” young black Obama thugs with burglary tools in his school locker, and on dope.

    MS Corey needs to spend a long, quality time weekend with some Crips or Bloods.

  10. AmyHadHope says:

    As I’ve stated before I’M usually one of those libtards lol, but c’mon! This was a totally clear cut case. Yay again!

  11. The hypocrisy of blacks makes me sick.. look at them all angry and so disappointed… meanwhile thousands of black children are killed every year by OTHER blacks… and no response from them. It tells me that they are only disappointed that they were not able to make someone else guilty for their SELF inflicted wounds… Im so sick of it

  12. negro fatigue says:

    Loving it. I am shocked though that the jury did the right thing. Man the prosecutor is pissed, awesome. He’s saying the case came down to Zimmerman following poor Trayvon, and thats why you lost. Idiot! Well not the only thing.

    Ready for the looting to begin. Got a front row seat here in KC.

  13. the case came down to that TM waited for 4 minutes for GZ in order to assault him instead of just running home… TM wanted the confrontation..

  14. What about the black crime wave in Sanford, FL by blacks attacking whites this never brought up by the media.

    • Their behavior is everywhere
      Thank the lib/marxist/jude/cabal for programming them to THINK this way

      Mant have risen above this mind set and made prosperous lives and
      healthy families

      but they also cannot be heard in the lib/marxist/jude MSM

      look here

      Photos and articles of recent black on WHITE crimes

      what is NOT reported


  15. just heard the good news……George Zimmerman “the community hero” and self proclaimed Hispanic has been found not guilty……..

    how you like them apples Al “resist we much” Sharpton…………you piece-of-sh!t

  16. Wildkitten says:

    A kid is dead a young man will be haunted and hunted the rest of his life. The whole thing is a tragedy. The Lib media turned it into a circus and will most likely be the ones responsible for causing millions in damage. It’s not over yet.

    Indeed it’s too damn bad they don’t get this upset over young blacks killing young blacks. Life on the gang infested streets of Chicago isn’t worth much so why make such a deal out of one in Florida. Any excuse I guess 🙁

    Someone needs to stick a sock in Crapton’s worthless mouth. That guy will use anyone for a photo op. Kind of like Obama 😛

    • Right you are on all counts WildKitten…especially Obama and his insertion into this ordeal. Something no president should ever do, nor ever has done. – Agenda matters.