You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger idjit than Tingles Matthews anywhere in the universe. And Allah only knows what the hell MSNBC was thinking when it gave the illiterate, racist buffoon Revrum Al his own show. Not watch and laugh we must! But the bosses at MSNBC must be given credit. Just when you thought it was impossible to slink any lower than their current lineup of libtarded, tingling, racist morons, they surprise us with one of the biggest morons out there. Alec Baldwin. Nicely played, MSNBC, nicely played. Now you’re likely to lose the 40 regular viewers you have.

On a scale of 1 to 10 for quality news reporting, MSNBC would rank as a ten-day old turd. Doctors warn that watching MSNBC regularly will result in bulimia as you’ll retch your guts out with all the libtarded, race-baiting stupidity that sludges out from that sewer propaganda machine. Melissa Harris-Perry? Al Sharpton? Tingles? Toure? That half a sissy with the homo glasses whose name I cannot remember? And now the douche-bag colossus Alec Baldwin?

Reached by a psychic medium from the depths of Hell, Vladimir Lenin said:

“Man, that MSNBC is way too libtarded even for me! And I hate that a-hole sumbitch Alec Baldwin. Oh, Ted Kennedy says hi.”

So there you have it. MSNBC too liberal for Lenin. But too conservative for the Obama administration. And too stupid for anyone who breathes with their mouth closed.

What concerns AWD is Baldwin’s homophobic rants on Twitter. It’s clear from his tweets that Alec Baldwin does not embrace diversity. Why, only a month ago, he called a pillow-biting poofter reporter a “toxic little queen.” I’m appalled. Yes, appalled, I tell you!

Yes, my friends, Alec Baldwin sucks el grande uno. So does Capital One. So does MSNBC. Question, if MSNBC sucked in a forest, would anyone watch it? Answer? Hell no! Nobody but a few tortured ex-hippies in a commune in Oregon watch MSNBC. And they’re stoned to the bejeezus belt anyway.

Alec Baldwin, AWD’s boot…your ass. Anytime, junior. Oh, and you’re the lowly Libtard of the Week. Oh, and you suck. Oh, and you’re worthless!

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  1. RedSeeingRed says:

    There was a question on my SAT’s that said:

    Ronald Reagan is to jelly beans as Alec Baldwin is to:

    A) Feces
    B) Children
    C) His Mother
    D) Crystal Meth

    Your guess is as good as mine.

  2. RedSeeingRed says:

    I will say, however, that he was pretty good in 30 Rock.

  3. He should have stayed with Twitter.

  4. Now that’s music that doesn’t suck.


    Its not enough we are force to put up with baldwins liberal arrogance now his little snottiness is acting so darn arrogant in tinsle town now we have to put up with some liberal program where he,ll push PETA and demand justtice for career crinimal TRAYVON MARTIN Frankly he should go soak his head in cement

  6. the lower the better for Bill Gates and company!

    • Art Vandelay says:

      Bill Gates and Microsoft no longer have anything to do with MSNBC. Microsoft sold their interest a couple of years ago because they were embarrassed by the likes of Tingles Matthews, that little guy Rachel Madcow, and now scum of the Earth Alec Baldwin. NBC News really is scraping the bottom of the barrel with Baldwin. He appeals to the fringe left wing lunatics, but he wont draw in any viewers for MSNBC beyond the core liberal nuts they already have. But NBC News doesnt care about profit. They are part of the Ministry of Propaganda for Dear Leader, the Democratic Party, and the NWO – all dedicated to the destruction of America and our freedom.

  7. The half a sissy with the homo glasses on MSNBC is Chris Hayes. The name of his show is “All In” which figures from a pickle biter.

  8. Reb that was my first guess too but when I read sissy I figured it couldn’t be Rachel she’s too manly.

    • NOT a man? I just thought his/her parents were “progressive” in naming him/her.
      Oh, and Baldwin’s a POS. Even if CapitolOne had rates that decent, I wouldn’t use their services because of him. Sure I won’t watch, even to see the train wreck.

  9. Just checked my give a damn meter ..Baldwin is so low on it he is invisible.


    Worms,snakes,rats,trial lawyers,liberals alec baldwin and other lower lifeforms in the universe

  11. Chesty Puller says:

    So typical of a hypocritical liberal entity like MSNBC… they hire a misogynist, homophobe to work for them while in their snarky fashion slander conservatives daily as being intolerant… unreal

    I would love 5 minutes in the parking lot with this arrogant prick… hell, add the whole cast of freaks from MSNBC.. I could use the work out

  12. David in SC says:

    Remember his violent rant to his daughter? A child at the time. How can anyone put this miscreant on tv?

  13. He won’t last but no one notice because only a few libtards watch the channel. He won’t last because he can’t take any criticism and he has serious anger issues. Which MSNBC moron idjit decided that Baldwin would make a good show!

    BTW, I never watched one episode of 30 Rocks or whatever the show was called and I never use my capitalone card for anything!

  14. if Tingles Mathew is sac-o-feces……..

    then Alec Baldwin is son-of-feces………..

    what a piece of sh!t he is………

  15. Baldwin is an arrogant,obnoxious cretin. He will fit right in with that network.



  17. A = Alec
    B = Baldwin
    C = _______________?

  18. “Doctors warn that watching MSNBC regularly will result in bulimia as you’ll retch your guts out with all the libtarded, race-baiting stupidity that sludges out from that sewer propaganda machine. Melissa Harris-Perry? Al Sharpton? Tingles? Toure? That half a sissy with the homo glasses whose name I cannot remember?…


    • thunk, it’s a gift.


    • maddog2008 says:

      Who or what is Toure? Where did this walking/talking racist POS come from? Being a American loving person I would say that I would like to do a little face to face with trash like him,(if you know what I mean) but I don’t want AWG to get angry with me, if you know what I mean. (S/N: He is one of the idiots that when I see/hear him on TV I have to change channels or I would be buying a new set, the same as I feel when the POTUS opens his mouth.)


    A-MESS-NBC just more of the peacocks lies and Baldwin is the jerk who called for the murder of Sam Hyde and his family and he is nasty,evil,vile, and his movies totaly stink