Ohhh Kareem Abdul Jabbar and shama lama with a great big ding dong to you infidel pigs! The Angry White Imam is very happy today because the month of Ramadan has ended with a big ol’ shama lama, rama-lama, freaky-deaky party down at the mosque. The Imam cannot divulge everything that happened at the sacred event but just let me say it involved numerous virgin goats and camels. Well, they WERE virgin goats and camels. Plus we had a few stonings of disobedient wives just to keep the mood festive. And for the big finale we dismembered and burned Ghaywon the local hairdresser after we found he likes wearing him a burqa a little too much, if you know what I mean! Shama lama! And no ding dong for Ghaywon!

The Imam is pleased to report that during the month of peace known as Ramadana Ding Dong, Islam has once again proven the superiority of the religion of peace over all you infidels and evil Joooos. Islam managed to kill 1,651 infidels and wound 3,048 (we’ll get them once they get out of the hospital). Suck on that Chicago! You infidel ‘urban yoots’ could only manage to kill 100 or so! Pikers! You’d think with the leadership of Imam Farrakhan, young ‘yoots’ in Chicago would kill many more infidel, creepy ass crackas. Maybe we need to have a “come to Allah” meeting with Imam Farrakhan to get things on the right track!

The Imam is proud to report we also managed to kill us some evil Shiite Muslims too during Ramadan. But that’s just extra credit with Allah. Like we Imams say, “if you’re not Sunni, you’re Shiite!” And you’re also as dead as an infidel, too!

Killing infidels and evil Jooos is a holy act for Muslims. Muhammad (may IED’s and AK-47s be upon him) said in the holy Koran in the Book of Qaboom:

“Kill and destroy everything in sight. And deliver peace to the world. Shama lama.”

That’s right! Islam takes our killing jihad seriously and no other religion comes close. You infidel Presbyterians couldn’t kill 1,651 in a month with a nuclear bomb! Because you are not the religion of peace and are not dedicated to bringing peace to the world. Plus, all you other cowardly Protestant infidels don’t even have the guts to handle snakes like your more infidelic Baptist brothers up in the hills, much less become an IED for Allah! Shame on you! And no 72 virgins in Paradise, either. Sucks to be you, infidels!

So the Angry White Imam wishes peace, sickness and pestilence on you, evil infidel sons and daughters of dogs! The Imam only wanted to brag a little on killing 1,651 infidels, Jooos, and evil Shiite-heads during the peaceful period of Ramadan-a-Ding Dong.

As always, the Imam leaves you with the holy Muslim ditty known as the Dance Of The 1000 Imams. The Imam can tell you he personally performs these dance steps better than your infidel Temptations! So join with the Imam and celebrate the deaths of many infidels, Joooos, and Shiite-heads during the holy month of Ramadamadingdong! Shama lama!

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  1. Yeah, one of your best yet.

    To a Muslim getting to fourth base means he gets to sleep with her goat.

  2. RedSeeingRed says:

    “Well, they WERE virgin goats and camels.” Bahahahaha!

  3. Twelver S’hia is pointing right back at the great prophet the dude. Wouldn’t that be the S’hia sh!t if our beloved Dude be the twelve imam and only us racist, creepy a$$ crackas found the truth. Who said Allah doesn’t have a sense of humor. Peace be upon the Dude and may the light from a thousand burning infidels light his path to Mecca. Ahhhhh shama lama lama and death to the great Satan.


    Now imagine if some chrirstians fundalmentalists had called for the death of all athiests we would be hearing of it from the talking heads and birdcage liners/parrots toilets all week long

  5. Hasan Mawfish, Walla fi Misr!

    There is nobody as good as you, not even in Egypt!

  6. Yes YES the Angry White Imam has all the little Shiites dancing…

  7. Brilliant post once again. Sitting here in good old SA having coffee on a Sunday morning in cold weather and popping in to see the latest awesomeness, makes the day bearable.


  8. Off topic but here is a link here in South Africa that obama is going on another holiday oO

    How many days a year does he actually work? No offence to the folks in the USA, but I just do not like this man.

    • No offense taken.

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      Shamma Lamma to you, Dmitri, you evil infidel.
      May a thousand deaths be upon you.

      It’s best when the pestilence know as the great zero is on vacation.
      He will commit no great foulness upon our once great country.

      Now, if we can only get his left hand Jarret and the rest of our Congress to leave and stay on permanent vacation, things might start to look up.

    • Yeah, join the club and take a number.

  9. Pamela Geller over at Atlas Shrugs gave a final death tally for the Religion of Peace’s high holy days, rama something. Over 3,000 dead. If any other ‘religion’ had anywhere near those numbers the world outcry would be deafening, but for isalm, crickets. The world sat silently while Hitler perpetrated his atrocities until it was almost too late to stop it. I think the same is happening with islam. And no, I do not distinguish between “radical islam” and “moderate islam”. If there were moderates, they would be standing atop the minarets shouting for the animals to stop their heinous behavior, again not a single chirp in the forest.
    Be scared my friends, be very scared.

  10. In case you were unaware, those are not Moslems in the video.

    • Chesty Puller says:

      LOL no shit! You are NOT the first troll to point that out to us.. we call it troll bait.. how does it taste? Would you care to bloviate on the subject posted or are you incapable of operating outside of your liberal hit and run tactics to conduct in any meaningful dialog?

      I guess you think that AWD should take the video down since you, in all of your benevolent wisdom have chosen to enlighten us poor hicks on the cultural origins of said video… oh wait, you didn’t even do that did you? I guess you missed your “teachable moment”

      Your search for moral and intellectual superiority will not be satisfied here… move along now

    • lmfao. you’re a real bright bulb, aren’t you, Sequester?

  11. Due to intense investigative research and dogged determination ,we were able to penetrate deep into Angry White Imam’s .
    By taping a hidden camera on the nuts of a camel we were able to get this rare footage of the Imam dancing his men into a frenzy.
    This footage is not for the weak of heart ,as you will see the awesome power of Islam.

  12. oops some times my post happen twice in a row…must be the NSA..

  13. Muslim holidays like EID are just an excuse to even things up by these savages. No wonder these people still live with crap laying in their streets and a society that hasn’t improved in 700 years.

  14. Shiite-heads is a keeper!

  15. LOL: How many times does that make it now, that someone has pointed out those aren’t Muslims in the video Awd?

  16. Muslims are more dangerous than communist when they populate a nation.

  17. Oh Muslims….may a sick camel have diarrhea on your pizza.