It seems the only time DemonRats use military forces is when it has zero benefit to the American people! And Hussein and Hitlery are gearing up for another stupid, wasteful, unneeded and unwanted fight in Syria! The usual RINOs are clambering to get in the mix too. Juan McPain wants to arm Syrian militants trying to overthrow Bashar Assad’s government. Now Hussein is getting ready to bomb Syria for using chemical weapons. Who gives a rat? I’m sorry, I don’t give a rat about Syria. America is broke! We are borrowing billions each day to stay afloat! And McCain wants to arm Syrian savages while Obama send hundreds of million+-dollar missiles to do what the Al Qaeda rebels would do themselves in a few weeks? Screw that!

And, of course, America stands ever-ready to help the Muslim Brotherhood screw everything up! Hussein Hopenchange has a tremendous record of taking down stable, savage dictators in backwards-assed Middle East countries and giving them over to unstable, more savage Muslim terrorists! Think Egypt. And Libya. I won’t blame Iraq on Obama but you better believe the Mullahs will be completely running it very soon. Thanks Bush!

So tell me….why should I give a rat about Syria and its people? They all hate America and our allies. They are savage, backwards-assed Muslims who seek our destruction. Why should I care whether Assad kills his people? Or if the people kill Assad? Why should I want my tax dollars and borrowed money to be spent on people I wish didn’t exist? Where’s my compassion? Sorry, it was used up a long, long time ago. My give-a-sh*t meter for Islam redlined a long time ago. AWD’s compassion rarely leaves the US borders anymore!

So now the Syrian government has allegedly used chemical weapons against the rebels. BFD. Who’s to say the rebels didn’t use chemical weapons on other Al Qaeda rebels to lure the United States of Stupid into doing the heavy lifting in killing Syrian government troops? It’s not like either side are choirboys who you would want in your country.

And is it really that much more evil to kill someone with poisonous gas than a bullet to the melon? What’s the difference? Oh, you suffer more with gas. What if you’re gut-shot and it takes you hours to go see Big Al and your 72 virgins? It just doesn’t make sense to get all worked up over chemical weapons as long as they stay in Syria.

Oh, but the Syrian people are suffering! Yeah, well, they’re Muslims in a Muslim land. Of course they suffer! How about helping Americans living close to the America border with Mexico in dealing with their suffering? Or help decent people being preyed upon by flash mobs and black on white crime in America’s big cities? I never hear any compassion for those victims! Why won’t the US government do at least ONE good thing for Americans? Oh, because that would be racist.

One good reason to not help Syria is because Turkey wants us to get involved. Side with Turkey to help Syrians? Isn’t Turkey the country that gassed their own Kurdish population? And isn’t Turkey the one who keeps launching terrorist ships to Gaza? And is saddling up to Iran? And isn’t Turkey the “ally” that would not let us enter Iraq from their country armed with OUR weapons? Screw Turkey and the turkey they rode in on, too!

I’m going to sound like a Paul-bot on this but we have no @#&* business doing anything in Syria! Spending borrowed money and risking American lives in Syria will only lead to negative results! It will once again be “meet the new boss, much worse than the old boss.” Want to know how AWD knows this? Because I heard a CNN anchor calling the Syrian protesters “Syrians seeking democracy!” Bwahahaha. Nice try, girly man! I think that’s the same libtarded BS I heard over the “Arab Spring!”

The Muslim Brotherhood who until recently controlled Egypt killed everyone and thing that wasn’t a radical Muslim (redundancy alert!). Christians were and are still being slaughtered by the religion of peace in Egypt! Christians are being slaughtered every day…with no worldwide condemnation or support. Why isn’t McCain and his man-servant Lindsey “Fredo” Graham crying crocodile tears over the slaugher of Christians in Egypt and the Middle East? My big ol’ butt! Muslims figured out long ago if they want to take over a country and install Sharia law, they only need to use the word “democracy” a few times and the stupid Americans will pay for it! Hell, we’re still spending billions rebuilding @#&* mosques in Egypt!!!!

Haven’t we learned anything in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are we capable of learning anymore? Those people are and will be savages! They are violent morons who believe it is acceptable and honorable to strap bombs on their children. Or put their wives and daughters in pits and kill them with rocks! I have ZERO sympathy, empathy or desire to help anyone from anywhere who danced in their filthy streets on 9/11! And I condemn the loss of one more precious American soldier for Muslims anywhere in the world!

Help the “people seeking democracy” in Syria? Screw them all! Want to spend American borrowed money on helping people? We have plenty right here in America!

Spend my money on a-holes like this?

And this proves my point about crying “democracy” and wanting America to pay for it! Those savage Muslims only want democracy to vote in depraved mullahs to install sharia law and take them even further backwards!

Wasn’t it only a year or so ago that Hillary Clintoon and Lurch Kerry were referring to Assad as their “good friend?”


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  1. Aside from letting Israel kick that flat headed bastard Assad into orbit, we should stay out of it.
    Lazlo bristles at the thought that gas is being used. But where are the Arab countries? Let them wade into it.
    Knowing the ineptitude of that Fartknocker in the Oval office it will cost a hundred twenty billion and five thousand brave Americans and it will still be a craphole when the next president cleans up his mess.

    I will approve of only one action: We go in there and take ALL of the WMD’s and move them to a safe site for incineration or make sure they are in stable containers put them in our own bunkers in the US.
    That Dickweed Assad can stay in power for all I care.

    Better still, capture his ass and bring him to Arizona. Give him to the Apache women and tell them he’s a coward. He’ll wish we let the Israelis have him.

  2. This is only about furthering the advancement of the Caliphate in the Middle East. Eventually it’s spread to the West, including the United States of America. It’s all part of the plan.


  3. Kerry is a left Jew w an Irish name! He talks of the ‘inevitability’
    of sending troops.
    IE, we are a satrap of Israel.

    • What does Israel have do do with this one? Arabs kill each other all the time, it’s how they roll. This is nothing but a dictator being taken out by internal and external forces, all of them Muslim.

      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

      – Abraham Lincoln 1809-65

      • Yinon Plan. That’s what this has to do with Israel. You are either a shill for Israel, or completely and utterly ignorant.

  4. Sounding like a Paul-bot can sound really good most times. Not all, but…

    • Indeed!

      So now that AWD has come around to the notion that the U.S. has no business in the middle east, what part of Ron Pauls platform is it you don’t care for?

      I recall prior to the last election hearing many conservatives bleating that we must not split the vote by going the third party route. People that believed in Ron Pauls ideas were, as you say, “Paulbots”. Fast forward to today, and what do you know – these same conservatives say they will not vote republican again, if a Rino is presented as our next great hope – which is a given. Well Mr. Paul has packed it in. He spent many years trying to get folks to open their eyes, but he has grown old and run out of steam. I am certain that 3 years from now I will be hearing people questioning, “where is a third party alternative?”.

      Yeah, I used this as another opportunity to do a “told ya so”, but so be it.

      • Timbo, Paul is right on a lot. But he brings a kook factor that makes me nervous. If you remember, Paul said he’d put Dennis Kucinich in his cabinet. WTF?


      • Chris Mallory says:

        Israel can do what ever they want, but first we need to kick AIPAC and every dual citizen out of the United States and end the welfare gravy train that has shipped billions of American tax dollars to Israel. Time to put America first and let Israel stand or fall on it’s own.

        • patthemick says:


          • I read this post and look at the comments and right away a bunch of you are already blaming the joooooos. The Jews have nothing to do with this piece of shit obama wanting to help put his terrorist muslim buddies in charge of every middle east country and eventually the rest of the world under the rule of his true religion.I’m like AWD.I don’t care if they wipe each other out in fact I’m hoping for it. Why spend our blood and treasure when all we have to do is let them kill off each other I have no problem letting muslim kill muslim let them send each other to their seventy two virgins.

  5. No one has come forward with why Syria is such a prize. And it is. Can anyone figure it out? It’s right in front of everyone’s nose. The narrative claims that Assad is the bad guy and is using “WMD”. How original. When will America stand up to the lies? When?
    I am glad to see the senate investigation into everything “Benghazi” is complete and the truth came out and the guilty prosecuted. So too the same regarding the US Navy SEALS (Team Six) murdered…….., pardon me, I mean “killed in action”, as well, the IRS scandal and NSA.

    Fun factoid: In 2012, seven times more people applied for and received food stamps to those who obtained employment.

    In other news…………..

    Just when one thought the GOP couldn’t sink any lower……….

    Then there’s this…..

    First and foremost, where were the parents or at least parent, guardian……? No excuse. No excuse whatsoever. That said, the inherent violence of pickaninnies is no myth.


    I respond: Because, hope and change.

    Barack Obama, John F’n Kerry, Chuck Bagel, Manchurian McCain and Goober Grahamnesty should realize that they stand with a big 9% of the people.

  7. Hell AWD… I’d vote for you as president based on this post alone. I’m sick and tired of fighting for other countries who could give a shit about America… not to mention the young men we send who will return home with blown off body parts and will never live another normal day for the rest of their lives.

    I have an enormous amount of hatred for Obama and his trampling of the Constitution along with his hatred for the American way of life… but the American (morons) people voted for this community organizer who had zero experience doing anything but agitating and shaking down Chicago companies.

    Then we have McCain who surely got some of his brains sucked out of his head while he was a POW… you might think McCain would be hesitant on invading another country, but when it comes to war, McCain is like a little kid on Christmas morning.

    One last thing… if 2014 elections are not a repeat of 2010, then bend over and kiss your ass good-bye because America is going down the shit hole.

  8. Snake Oiler says:

    Al-Qaeda buys US supplied weapons from Syrian Free Army

    It’s only about one paragraph, and, of course, you have to consider the source.

    If Putin catches Obutthole poking his nose too far into Syria, the dialog might go about like this:

    Get outta here you nosy little pervert, or I’m gonna slap you silly!

    With a Russian accent, naturally.

  9. AWD wrote

    I’m going to sound like a Paul-bot on this but we have no @#&* business doing anything in Syria!

    Sound like a Paul-bot on this one. This is where the Paul-bots and their leader(s) were able to dig deep roots into the voting public. The problem is, Ron before and now Rand are cutting those roots by being open borders.

    • Open borders–the fatal flaw of libertarianism. Too many libertarians are race idealists, and thus don’t refuse to recognize the fact that freedom requires a freedom-loving electorate, and that the freedom-loving sentiment is a uniquely white (on the whole) thang.

  10. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    I hate to see those poor kids suffering the effects of being gassed. I’d love to see us blow some more middle eastern shit up but unfortunately it would really be for nought. If they were truly seeking democracy, were friendly to America and could actually govern themselves it would be one thing but we all know how it will end, we’ve seen it time and time again so yeah it would be a terrible waste to get tangled up in another pointless go-nowhere conflict in the God forsaken middle east.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      Assad is among the last of a rare breed – consider the strongmen/gangsters that have recently bitten the dust. Saddam, Gadhafi, Mubarak. Along with the Saudi thugs, Assad is about the only one left of any consequence. Perhaps we will see a revival of the Ottoman Empire.

  11. BillTheBuyer says:

    Amen to that AWD! I think we should just stay the hell out of the Middle East and let them kill as many of each other as they can. It’s just less for us to have to kill later. Furthermore, I have always said. When you have a bunch of them marching in the streets chanting ‘Death to America”. That is a perfect time to take a whole bunch of them out at once. Islam isn’t and never has been a religion of peace. I say F%*k them all!

  12. Screw them all. I would turn the entire mid east into a glass paved parking lot that glows in the dark for the next 10,000 years. This whole shitstorm would be over in a couple of hours with no loss of american lives. And if Vlad Pukin has a problem with it he is welcome to kiss some American ass.

  13. No, AWD, I cannot tell you why we should give a damn about Syria. We could cause or help cause the downfall of a Baathist (secular nationalist) dictator. We have the power to do that. The likely successor would be an Islamic dictator a la Morsi.

    Is there an upside there? Not that I can tell.

    • Thats exactly right. As SnakeOiler said, Assad is the last ‘gangsta’ in the ME. Like those before him who kept the radical Muslims in check, he must be eliminated. Then the rise of the Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East can be achieved. They’re all Muslims, it ‘s just that Chicago Jeebus prefers a certain brand.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        In the same manner that he prefers Newports – all cigs will kill you. It would be very satisfying, if during a summit meeting or conference, Putin became agitated and beat the shit out of Obutthole. Though that would probably be an all day job.

        • We could pay off some interest from our national debt by selling tickets to that fight. I’m no Putin lover, but would pay well to watch him dismantle “O” in a cage fight. Putin is no wuss and has some brains also, “O” couldn’t even start a push lawn mower without guidance from Valerie.

  14. TiminKuwait says:

    Agreed AWD!! I see no positive outcome for the US to get involved in Syria. But I do see a whole lot of negative potential.

    I’ve asked the same question you did for a long time now; why is death by chemical weapon so much worse than death by other means? We’ve sat by while over 110,000 civilians have died, and over 3 million have been displaced, and now all of the sudden the 300 or so killed with CWs is the last straw??? Doesn’t fit with logic to me.

    This region is absolute crap. It has always been crap, and will always be crap UNLESS islam is wiped out. That ain’t gonna happen!!

    What I fear the most is not anything from Syria but from Russia. If we piss them off too much we may find a destroyer or two at the bottom of the Med. And for what? Syrians???


    look what happens under the so called RELEGION of PEACE Yeah,Sure liberls WOO HOO tell me again about the RELEGION of PEACE

  16. RidinShotgun says:

    Yeah, seems like a bunch of fun and games now. Wait until Putin shows up loaded for bear and tells obunghole, “Not so fast bitch.” (Apologies to the ladies for the use of salty language.)

  17. i think barry and his terrorist buddys staged the chem attack. i also do not think fires limited to 20 floors brought down wtc 1 and 2 in one hour. nothing even hit wtc 7. read dr judy woods book where did the towers go? and no i do not want the usa involved in syria, it is bad enough barry is running weapons to syrian terrorists out of benghazi, at least up until last sept

    • PAmadwoman says:

      “i think barry and his terrorist buddys staged the chem attack.”

      I think you’re right, leo. Here is a piece from Walid Shoebat’s blog showing that it was most likely the Brotherhood (i.e. Obama’s buddies), not Assad, responsible for the chemical attacks. If you scroll down to the last video (the first 2 are in Arabic (or something) untranslated), but the last is amazingly, from CNN International. Don’t miss the text following that report.

      All that said, I agree 110% w/ AWD (my first pick for President also, btw Paul B). The only action the US should take over there is NO action, and that includes no more weapons sales or giveaways (no-brainer!). If they’re savage enough to slaughter each other indiscriminately, whether by gas, bullet, bomb, sword, stone or rape (they don’t seem too fussy), then there is not a blessed thing we can do about it. Been there, done that. ANY attempt to help those people only ever leads to further disaster for everyone involved.

      • leo derosia says:

        Jerome Corsi wrote same thing on wnd. I do not beleive anything that comes out of barrys mouth or sleazy kerry. they are trying to start ww3

  18. Michael Savage covers Syria

    The Savage Nation – August 26 2013 FULL SHOW

  19. How would you like to be fighting in Afghanistan and know that this administration is suporting the enemy in Egypt(The Muslim Brotherhood), and backing Al Qaeda elements in Syria?
    A President that refuses to define the enemy is who they have to salute (I couldn’t do it, I won’t do it.
    An administration that still refuses to reverse the Fort Hood shooting classification for the victims from an act of “work place violence”, to the OBVIOUS ACT OF TERRORISM IT WAS, as admitted in court by that verminous murderer Maj.Nidal Hasan.
    Allah ackbar you motherf…s you!

  20. Can the administration show any more incompetence than it has shown in the last 5 years? I seriously doubt the idjits can!

    Even at the leftist HuffPost only 9% want a war with Syria. I seriously doubt the administration will seek approval from congress like Bush 43 did for both Afghanistan and Iraq. Why should they because the leftist media will be cheer leading on the sidelines and telling us how great it is that Barack brought Al Qaeda in power and that Barack has made peace with the terrorists.

  21. Syria and Egypt. Muslims killing Muslims, how can that be a bad thing?

    Stay the hell out of Syria.

  22. David in SC says:

    We should withdraw completely from the middle east, period, not another soldiers should be put in harms way for these people. Let them kill each other and then nuke the winner.

  23. Nostradumbass says:

    Good one, AWD! I wasted more than 15 minutes trying to come up with a reason for you to give a shit care about Syria. I didn’t catch on that it was a sadistic trick trick question on your part to screw with me actually research for anything good about Syria.

    I say we leave Saddam’s WMD right where he buried them, the containers will rot in a few more years and there won’t be a “Syria” problem any more.

    • Nostradumbass says:

      Just because it is the only thing I can come up with:

      We should bomb Syria until the rubble bounces because….

      It will obliterate all evidence of Iraq’s WMD. This will allow democrats to keep up the “Iraq was an unnecessary Bush War”.

      You can imagine how the lemmings on the left would feel if those WMD ever were to surface! Oh, the cries and anguish. It would make their children so uncomfortable. Think of how badly they would feel if their parental units were so disjoined.

      Do it for the children, Obama!


  24. Jumpin Joe says:

    How about becoming energy independent, telling those stone age freaks to pound sand? Very simple solution, but when you are the first black towel head President and hate whitey it doesn’t make sense.

    • We can’t become energy independent as long as we have that asshole in the white house, he’s the prick that is against coal, the keystone pipeline, drilling in the gulf, (unless you are a foreign corp.) or drilling in Anwar.

      The lying son of a bitch wants a nation of 300+ million slaves dependent on looking to him for permission to wipe our own asses.

  25. I care what happens to people anywhere especially children, but the adults do it. You know sins of the father, reap what you sow and all that. It would be great if everyone danced around the Middle East holding hands to Tunak Tunak Tun but it ain’t gonna happen. How many administrations have said they were going to bring peace to the Middle East? Peace is a gift from God. The Lord gives strength to his people, the Lord blesses his people with peace, Psalm 29:11. Besides worshipping the wrong God a big problem with the Muslim population is in-breeding. It has seriously affected the gene pool. 40% in Syria and approx 50% of the Muslim population. Might make for a good post someday Awd.

    Rock On!

  26. Beware of the military industrial complex……I do not care about any muslim country. Let them kill themselves into oblivion. There must be something there we want…..OIL ???? Let all the senators and congressmen send their sons there to fight……..haven’t we learned a damn thing from Viet Nam, Iraq & Trashcanistan. We have too many problems here in America.

    • But Joy……., war is good business, actually the number one business in the world and the number one commodity exported by the “United States”. And besides Joy, we’re “defending, protecting LIBERTY and FREEDOM” for not just “America”, but the world………. We are standing up to ruthless governments who oppress “freedom and liberty”.

      Always believe the narrative, it never lies. Not once, ever, period.

      By the way, how many of you have contacted any member of Congress’ office, making your voice duly noted to support this needful once again violation of the outdated and irrelevant Constitution in demonstration of US strength in protecting feedom and liberty? I have.

      Go “president” Obama, the NWO, the international bankers who thankfully bankroll and control the debt for these episodes of protecting freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty is what it is all about.


    Latest polls 69% of the egyptians polled wants the ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD banned in their country You wont see this in any liberal news rags

  28. captainmike says:

    And now the moron-in-chief has succeeded in bringing the two other world superpowers, Russia AND China, even closer together against us. Except for the fact that they might wipe us out, I have to agree with their position. Scary.

    • I was thinking about that earlier today.
      I never dreamed I would agree with Russia on anything ever.
      That is a pretty major sign that things are screwed up here at home!

    • Biting the countries that feed us? All those container ships, from manufacturers around the world, never returning to our ports again? Who has the power now?

      Now I know why zombie movies have become so popular today. “Brains! Send more brains!”

  29. this is an interesting view of the coming war…

  30. The Middle-Eastern ragheads and camel jockeys have been killing each other since time began. Why should it become my problem, as an American taxpayer, to change violent cultures on the other side of the globe?
    The same goes for African poverty… Why should I be saddled with the expense of feeding warring, starving Africans when, once fed, they’ll procreate and inevitably create more warring and starving Africans?

    • Agree,Africa has more natural resources than most other countries and yet the people are starving.Goes to show just how intelligent the muslim blacks are.

  31. Snake Oiler says:

    Rock Top McCain is an embarrassment to America and reasonable, civilized people, wherever they may abide. He’s itching to blow up something, is he? Let him help crew a B-52 with Purple Heart Kerry, Barack ‘Bomber’ Obama, Pickle Puffer Graham, and Stretch Pelosi. Maybe they could go to a museum and find an old Tallboy or Grand Slam bomb (no nukes – that would be socially irresponsible) for the senile old bastard to ride down with like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove.

  32. I am so glad I ran into this post…. I agree with every single thing written on this article. F*** SYRIA.

  33. 79FirebirdMan says:

    This is a conflict we cannot get involved in. Let the Allah demon worshipping camel humpers kill each other off. The world will be a much better place without them.

  34. Pingback: Empire Fatigue | Angry White Dude

  35. Dude, This is why Sept 12, 2001 all these towel heads should have seen a giant mushroom cloud over their precious Mecca! Better Dead Than A Towel Head! Bush should have turn the Middle East into one Big Ass Mirror! Hell I would have at least like to have seen how many camel jockeys one of those daisy cutters could have killed! AMERICA FIRST from now on!

  36. CombatMissionary says:

    Guess Saddam’s WMD finally turned up. Is Obama going to apologize to Bush now?

    Beyond that, I weep for any kid in any Muslim country, but we can’t be the world’s police. We need to protect our interests worldwide, but this is just a mess.

  37. A.W.D., what about all the positive contributions to society made by Syrians, throughout the ages? There is…, ok., well, and there is always…, and who could forget…., and of course….., yes, o.k., the sand preservation league. There it is!

  38. PAmadwoman says:

    Bill O’Reilly making an ass of himself on Syria:

  39. I have a solution -why don’t we find that egg that created a forcefield in CHESTER MILLS, move it and put it dead center of the whole middle eastern region, activate it in full power and put all of them once and for all – UNDER THE DOME. Solve everything wouldn’t it?

  40. Colonel Peters bitch slaps John Frankenkerry concerning Syria. It’s a beautiful thing:

    • Love it!
      The hypocrisy of “Lurch Kerry” is astronomical! He and the other “RATs” squealed like mashed cats, saying “Bush lied and people died” over the war in Iraq,….now it seems that Sadams’ WMD stash has been uncovered in Syria! DUH!
      The RATs are ALL despicable hypocrites and I despise ALL of them!

  41. A MUST-READ! From Cowboy to Mau Mau Diplomacy:

    • Obama is warning Assad that we are going to send a shot across the bow, but in a limited way, sorry, in a very limited way, to say “stop doing this.” I see. That’s going to impress Assad, that pencil-necked swine friend of Nancy Pelosi’s? Wow! He must be sweating bullets . . . or, more likely, busting a gut laughing his behind off at the guy who leads from behind, or follows from the front, or whatever it is he does, besides play golf and give historically illiterate speeches.

  42. I’m sure that al-Qaeda will turn Syria into a democratic secular state.

  43. The issue is the “chemical weapons” nothing else, they need to be destroyed, and don’t tell me we don’t know where they are, they know where all things are. If we don’t destroy them, Morsi and the BroHood will end up with them, then what. It is in our vital national interests to destroy them, if there are 50k-60k in collateral casualties so be it. And lets not forget they “Muslims” are killing each other.