This news has been on a few of our local stations the past week…so, I thought I’d share it with all of you. Many of you most likely have seen it by now…for those of you that haven’t, you will now!

See what you think about this dangerous mental-case and his outrageous demands! – This is via MyNorthwest:

A man has been charged with malicious harassment and second-degree assault after he pointed a gun at a man in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood and demanded that he apologize “for all the things white people did to black people,” according to prosecutors.

Chikwanha E. Nyashanu, 35, was ordered held on $100,000 bail Tuesday after King County District Court Judge Arthur R. Chapman called his actions “inexplicable” and deemed him a danger to the community.

“There appears to be no reason for this kind of behavior,” he said.

On Thursday, prosecutors will seek to have the bail amount increased to $500,000 based on information that Nyashanu may have threatened as many as three other people with a gun near the Green Lake Community Center on Sunday.

According to court documents, officers were called to 7201 E. Green Lake Dr. around 9:14 p.m. on the report that an unknown male had threatened someone with a handgun.

“Responding officers located a possible suspect in the area and ordered him to the ground,” the documents read. “The suspect failed to follow the order. The suspect was tased.”

The victim was able to identify the man in custody as the “same person who had just pointed a handgun at him for 15-20 seconds and demanded he apologize for all the things white people did to black people.”

In court documents, the victim is described as a white male and the suspect was described by witnesses as a black male.

The victim told the officers he was “scared out of his mind” and “apologized profusely” to the suspect.

According to the documents, the handgun was loaded and police recovered “multiple rounds of ammunition” from Nyashanu’s backpack.

During a court hearing on Tuesday, a woman who identified herself as Nyashanu’s mother told a judge that her son “has never exhibited any aggressive behavior toward others.”

“I am just pretty astounded that this is happening,” said the woman, who was white.

According to court records, Nyashanu has a weapons-related conviction from 2002 as well as a conviction for obstruction of justice in 2006 and reckless endangerment in 2009.

Evidently this crazy guy has been watching too much msDNC, plus…I guess he threatened 3 or 4 others people using the same tactics in the recent past too. – What kind of a sentence do you think he’ll receive when all’s said and done?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Morning Big T,
    Punishment hell, using libtard logic he is a shoe -end for the noble prize.

  2. Good grief give me a break.. another racist black who thinks because the race baiters never shut up about a HISTORY that HE and THEY had nothing to do with gives him a license to act out on his hate for whites… if I would have seen him doing that I would have “double tapped’ him center mass…

    Life is hard.. its even harder when you are stupid. Ghetto blacks like this POS blame all of their SELF inflicted wounds on whites…like children they refuse to take responsibility for the consequences of their choices in life.

    Meanwhile… here are more examples of racism towards black people in the link below… this is what happens to you when you are black and assimilate/contribute to society… just look at that evil cracka and what he is doing to that poor black man

    • Mr. Rational says:

      He probably took the same coursework as Nkosi Thadiwe, which revealed to him that White people are responsible for every way that Black people have fallen behind them.

      In other words, Marxist grievance-group-studies professors are guilty of incitement to murder (and arguably treason).

  3. He’ll become Odumbo’s Apology czar.

  4. RedSeeingRed says:

    I’ll apologize for what my ancestors did, when they apologize for what their children are doing: for the money they take from our wallets; the destruction of property and lowring of value in our cities; the compromized safety in our parks, streets and neighborhoods; the hijacking of jobs from more qualified people; sucking our impressionable white children into the ghetto culture and getting them hooked on drugs; and the list goes on and on and on.

    We didn’t crack the whip, yet we will always be the crackers to them.


    Heres my appology Jassie Jackson and you RAINBOW/PUSH freakos DROP DEAD

  6. Was that Holder behind the Gun?

  7. bigtimer.
    I guess there is no CC in Seattle, He pointed a loaded gun at 4 people before caught,

  8. He should have went here and chilled.

  9. If Obama had a son……………………………..

  10. Should have run into a CHP holder with the balls to fight back…Could have saved the taxpayers a lot of money and rid the world of one more useless POS nobody owed a damn thing to…

  11. White Bear says:

    So this guy had a weapons related conviction and is on the street with another gun. Man do those gun control laws ever work! First of all, since he previously committed a crime with a gun he should have been locked away for a LONG time. Secondly, had the victim in this case taken advantage of his Second Amendment rights he could have sent this piece of trash to join Trayvon and made sure he never victimized another person. The police cannot stop this type of occurrence, and it’s not their fault; blame the courts. It’s up to us to defend ourselves and put scum like this in the ground when they pose an imminent threat of death or serious physical injury to innocent people. Dead criminals don’t commit any more offenses.

  12. quartierleblanc says:

    Sounds like another job for Kel Tec or Glock or Colt or S&W or …… well you get the point.

  13. perhaps the blacks would like to first make an apology for all the crimes on this page….oh pack a lunch and just keep clicking on the left hand side of the page…it goes on and on…………….

    say i am sorry ..the only sorry you will get from me will be from my Colt on your SORRY arse.

  14. Sentence? The charges will quietly be dropped, there will be no trial, or justice, either. The only action that will be taken will be Revrum Al and Jesse “Mushmouth” Jackson making this POS into a liberal hero.

    Instead of complaining about slavery, these people should be thanking us for the opportunities they now have thanks to being in America. Whitey may have bought slaves, but it was also Whitey who freed them.

    Fcukin ingrates.

    • Excellent video jigg. – They don’t come any better than Petterson or Flaherty.

      Thanks for having this here, hope others take the time to check it out.

    • argusromeo4 says:

      Good video… I would say more but it would be redundant. The video speaks for itself.

  15. For breaking the law of ‘never pulling a gun without shooting’ law:
    British Navy Flogging
    20 lashes
    For violating the ‘Dead men tell no tales’ law by leaving a witness:
    Singapore Style Caning
    20 strikes.
    For getting caught:
    Witch dunking
    20 dips
    For disturbing the peace:
    Lazlo Supreme
    Sweep twenty miles of Highway with a whisk broom
    For annoying Lazlo on a Saturday:
    Lazlo Special
    Eat a whole carton of cigarettes and a frog; frog last.

    • Lol…do you get to use anything to wash down your ‘Lazlo Special’ with after consumption? – What do you recommend?

  16. Eat a frog!?! You racisss, I aint eating no frenchman!



  18. “There appears to be no reason for this kind of behavior,” he said.

    Of course there’s a reason! Each and every day of that creature’s life, it has been told that everything bad that has ever happened to him, his race and the world is the fault of white people.

    The so-called “education” system, the infotainment media, the courts, etc. have all told this person that all evils on this earth have one cause – the European race. He is poor because of white people. Blacks don’t graduate from high school, college, grad school because of white people. There are wars because of white people. There is poverty because of white people. There is hunger because of white people. Blacks kill each other in America’s streets because of white people. Blacks are disproportionately in prison because of white people.

    Why would this Australopithecus NOT demand an apology? They do not accept any responsibility for their own actions or the consequences of their choices because they don’t have to.

    • argusromeo4 says:

      Well said, sir.

    • Mr. Rational says:


      This is what Nkosi Thadiwe testified was his reason for killing Brittney Watts and shooting two other White women.  His transcripts should be public record by now.  We should know who “educated” him in Black victimology, and thus who ought to be on the receiving end of massive lawsuits for wrongful death and incitement to murder.

  19. I would be demanding a posthumous apology from him for making me waste so many hollow point .45 rounds on a douche bag.

  20. > What kind of a sentence do you think he’ll receive when all’s said and done?

    Sentence!? For putting a gun in someone’s face, and making them apologize for being white? You treasonous, anti-American, terrorist! Where would the country be, without it’s Government?

  21. Blacks should thank The Lord their ancestors came to the greatest country in history any way they could. Otherwise they would still be in Africa with a bone in their nose, tsetse flies eating them alive while sitting in front of a pot of boiling water cooking some unlucky soul from the neighboring village for dinner. Oh dear, wait!

  22. If Ovomit had a son………..

  23. master of sinanju says:

    Read in another article that the S.W.B. (stupid white boy) said he didn’t believe it was “racial” !!?? W.T.F.!!?? Black thug pulls a gun on you, orders you to apologize for “racist” atrocities against blacks,(real or imagined committed by whites) and you don’t think it’s racially motivated!? And the dipshit’s mother says “that’s not like him” when he has prior aggressive/criminal behavior!?

    • Yep…bizarro world indeed!

    • quartierleblanc says:

      Unless the SWB was a ultra flaming liberal, then the article was probably written by an ultra liberal in order to cover any “rayciss” track marks.

      • QLB, you got it. I read a different report where the article said that the victim himself stated that he was the only white in the area, and the area is predominantly black. SWB was in direct violation of the Derbyshire Doctrine and as we all know only self hating white liberals would do something so blatantly ignorant.

        I found the article, check the statement the victim made.

  24. Lt. Greyman says:

    The only statement this buck would have gotten out of me was a 10mm 175gr Silvertip at 1300fps out of my Witness.

    Apologize?!! As John Wayne said, “That’ll be the Day.”