If Egypt keeps going, pretty soon it’s going to look a whole hell of a lot like Detroilet! Total destruction with dead bodies everywhere. Only with more literate citizens. You gotta hand it to Obama and his leftist cronies who were all about that Arab Spring and the Egyptian’s desire for democracy! What liberals don’t f*** up going in, they f*** up going out! And the Arab Spring has turned into the present-day disaster zone we all knew it would. Betting on the Arab Spring turning into a massive cluster-you-know-what was more predictable than Hillary Clinton being ugly all day.

Here’s the deal. Muslim countries are filled with Muslim savages. Muslims value the life of humans the way those of us in the West value the lives of cockroaches. What they don’t kill immediately, they first rape and kill afterward. Uneducated, violent, sexually-repressed, backwards-ass Muslims are pretty much a nightmare anywhere they infect. The world would be much better off if Allah would allow his followers to get laid every once in a while!

The only way for peace to exist in the Middle East is for a savage dictator to kill or imprison all the savage Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda types. AWD has no problem with that. Egypt had a somewhat close American ally in Hosni Mubrarak before Obama threw him under the bus in favor for his comrades in the Muslim Brotherhood. I guess he had to pay off the debt for all those Muslim Brotherhood billions in campaign contributions. Mubarak was indeed a savage. But he was our savage. And he kept the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda radicals locked up or dead. But there was stability in Egypt. Just like the Shah who did the same with the radical Islamists in Iran before Carter threw him under the camel. And we’ve been paying the price since!

As we saw when Morsi was in power in Egypt, any non-Muslim is pretty much screwed. Literally and figuratively. Hell, even now that the military in Egypt has deposed Morsi and his radical Muslim (redundancy alert) crowd, Christian churches are being torched and Christians are being massacred by Al Qaeda types. Of course, no criticism from Imam Obama on the mass murders of Christians. Christians don’t matter anymore.

AWD doesn’t really give a rat for anything about Egypt except that Egyptians stay in Egypt and not be allowed to move to America. It isn’t like AWD is going to vacation there anytime soon. I prefer Myrtle Beach where my only worry is yankees from Ohio in rusted out mini-vans.

So the Egyptian military is killing the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood types? Great! Pass the popcorn. They ought to sell pay-per-view tickets so the civilized people of the world can watch. Would be better than MMA!

AWD has a Israeli friend who was a higher-up in the Mossad before moving to America. He told me at the outset of the Arab Spring that the Egyptian military is mostly pro-West. Most of their officers were educated in America or England. Egypt under Mubarak enjoyed many freedoms that are not normally allowed in Islamic countries. Women could drive cars and weren’t forced to wear black burqa garbage bags in public. He predicted the military would retake power should the hardcore Islamists take control. He was right. He also says the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim. He’s a Jooo. But I’ve never heard him say “Death to America.”

So AWD says let the games begin in Egypt! I’m pulling for the Egyptian military. At least they are pro-West. Of course, this means liberals like Juan McPain and Lindsey “Fredo” Graham will side with Obama and other libtarded leftists to condemn the military. That only tells me AWD is correct to want to the military to open a can of major-league whoop ass on the Muslim Brotherhood. We’ve seen for the past year that all the Brotherhood seeks is radical Islam and sharia law. Screw that! Wipe them sumbitches out!

Oh, AWD! You’re too mean! You’re Islamaphobic! We must respect the Muslim Brotherhood as the duly elected leaders of Egypt!
We must return Morsi to power! To that, AWD says “eat me!” Here’s a little reminder of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda over in Syria. These two boys were kidnapped to force a release of Al Qaeda prisoners. When the the Al Qaeda savages weren’t released, here’s what happened to the kidnapped boys. Violent content warning

Real choirboys, those Al Qaeda types. Murdering kidnapped children. Remember, these are the people John McCain and Graham traveled to Egypt and demanded be put back in power.

America should drill all our own oil and have absolutely nothing to do with the Middle East. We can deal with the Chinese and Russians. They don’t want to die. Muslims are a different case. All they know is killing and dying. We should have nothing to do with them. And they damn sure should not be allowed into America. We have enough on our hands with our domestic violent savages.

Egypt is not America’s problem. Let them sort it out themselves.

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  1. I can’t watch that video…just can’t do it tonight. I have a good idea what happened, that’s enough for me. – Agree with much of the rest of what you stated AWD.

    Dear Leader pisses me off every single time he opens his mouth…he did so again today regarding this issue. – True colors show…they shine through in spectacular colors when it comes to him and what side he’s really on…here, there and everywhere.

    • And the media and Obama sheeple ignore and make excuses for all the outrageous crap he does. If the Big O has his way, what’s happening in Egypt will be happening here. It will be his and Holder’s “people” who will be executing us.

  2. I was afraid to look too…..LOL!

    • Mythy…thanks. There are days when I can’t take much more, glad I’m not alone.

      Btw…love your avatar. 😉

  3. TeaPartyGuardian says:

    Dang, those first few lines had me laughing so hard I couldn’t see! I’m sharing this site AGAIN!

  4. I cant watch those videos either. Islam is a cancer to all of humanity and needs to be humbled if not eradicated. Which reminds me of a joke: why are there no Muslims on Star Trek? Because it’s in the future!

    • Pointy End Out says:

      And what is the best way to eradicate a cancer?

      Nuke the filthy savages. Every “man” woman and child (even a baby snake is still a snake)

  5. When President Ted takes the reins of power he will personally drill so many oil and natural gas wells the whole middle east economy will collapse, they will fight like the animals they are and in ten years the most expensive thing in that region outside of Israel will be a camel ride.
    I would call these Bedouin Fartknockers pond scum, but at least algae operates on a principle.
    If Lazlo ever gets to be President I will declare any ammo NOT dipped in bacon grease to be illegal, and every Terrorist I catch will be killed with that ammo, and sewn inside a Pig Skin and hung up where the cameras can get a good view, and I will jam every TV channel in their land with that feed until I get bored with it, which is never.
    Then I am going to take all the discarded bacon grease in America and render it into aerosol form and crop dust the entire region with it.
    Then I am going to buy the patent for the Pink Floyd Animals flying Pig and make ten million of them and set them to hover over Mecca and Medina, and Damascus.
    And if that doesn’t satisfy, I am going to get creative.

    • Laz,

      If Ted is not on the ticket, you’ll get my write in vote. In all seriousness, lets get a president who says drill baby drill… and as you stated, we’ll sit back and watch the oil countries die a slow death.

  6. Lazlo’s rage is towering.
    I did watch the video.
    What breaks my heart is the boy on the right of the screen reaches over an pats the other boy’s arm to comfort him while that coward rambles on about the usual Islamic nonsense crap.
    I used to be charitable.
    I used to think that it was only a few bad actors, but not anymore.
    Their bloodline must be stopped.
    Their ground must be salted and no stone may stand upon another.

    • Laz,

      I immediately noticed the same thing… the older boy trying to somewhat comfort the younger boy, possibly his brother or friend. What a waste of life… I say piss on these Islam savages.

      • Piss on them all from a considerable height

      • What you and Laz describe is exactly why I couldn’t watch. I know full well it’s over…nevertheless, I there are days I can’t take much more. You both did that for me. I share your sentiments too.

  7. To friggin bad McCain wasn’t there…… to watch of course, so he really knows who he is siding with. That Senile ole Bastid needs to be drop kicked into the Atlantic as shark bait. I’d rather look at Obama than him. He is the classic definition of Senility or he is a Traitor, no gray area there.

  8. On sept 11th there is to be a million Muslim march to DC,…..

    Obammy was raised a Muslim….and a socialist….his intention is to destroy this USA…..

    The man is an arrogant ass clown…he hates whites and he hates what this country stands for…when the flood gates are opened with amnesty for the illegals…one of the final nails in our coffin will be driven in…do the math.

    If this scum is allowed 3 more years…a nightmare like few could ever dream will take this land…

  9. AWD
    hey pal, I love your sense of humor, and your great articles, but I don’t appreciate you smacking down all Ohioans just because we live in the rust belt. I’ve got a 67 chevelle SS with no rust, now my 4×4 is a lil rustt but not all Yankees drive rusted out pussy mobiles. There are plenty of so called Yankees who will end up in the fox hole right next to you and yours who are willing to fight to the death for the constitution, so please don’t lump all Ohioans into one rusty mini van………………….;-)

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  11. captainmike says:


    As far as Egypt is concerned, I spent quite a bit of time over there in the late 70’s. By and large, the Egyptian people were the warmest, friendliest people you would meet anywhere. They loved Sadat and they loved America. Whenever they found out you were American, they would say “Welcome.” In the desert areas we often encountered Bedou running towards us in the wadis. After a brief exchange, one inevitably heard the word “shai”, which meant tea, as they who had virtually nothing insisted that we have tea with them.

    Aside from being dirty and overcrowded, Cairo and its inhabitants were no different from any other large Western city. Plenty of bars, casinos, and nightclubs (this was the disco era). Overall it was pretty poor but I never felt threatened in any way. We had both Muslims and Copts on our team and everyone got along just fine. All of the professionals were Western educated and women essentially enjoyed the same privileges as women in the west. Very stylish. Occasionally saw burqas and head scarfs but not that common.

    I feel for my Egyptian friends because this is not who they are or what they want. Once again, U. S. foreign policy has caused a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.

    • I always heard the same about them. My Uncle was there years ago on business.he said the streets were filthy but the people were nice and liked Americans. He also said every saturday they held public hangings of murderers.Works for me!

  12. RedSeeingRed says:

    Those boys don’t just need justice; they need to be avenged.


    They havnt progessed much past their savages begings when they did the same to christians during the crusades

  14. meanwhile in africa:


    Violence Causes Doctors Without Borders To Exit Somalia : Shots ……/vio.....somalia‎
    2 days ago – Doctors Without Border’s general director Arjan Hehenkamp, called the group’s decision to leave Somalia “massive” and “unprecedented.”.

    Doctors Without Borders to Pull Out of Somalia –….....…‎
    2 days ago – Doctors Without Borders to Pull Out of Somalia … the bravest in the field, often the first ones in when disaster strikes and the last to leave

  15. This is a video from Egypt of unarmed protesters against armed government troops……………………..

    they are muslims being shot …that is not my concern..what is my concern is seen in this video……….

    it’s coming here folks ,and the protesters will be us…that i am concerned about….the USA is building a domestic army to be used by a Muslim President against it’s citizens..look at the signs…

    • It will be a bloodbath if he tries to sic his “domestic army” on us. There is 300+ million of us, and damn near all of us have guns. The reason that guns and ammo have been hard to find is because the public has been stockpiling.

      We the people, are the real Domestic Army, not some alphabet vomit (DHS) government bureau. We are what Admiral Yamamoto was talking about after attacking pearl harbor with his statement “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and fill him with terrible resolve”. He also stated about invading America that “there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”.

      We the people are armed, and no army, foreign of domestic, will succeed in the overthrow of America.

  16. Kill the Muslim Brotherhood…..kill every last one of them…..and I mean every last one of them…………..

    We have a god damn Muslim in the white house that is saying restore the Muslim Brotherhood back into power in Egypt, Morsi was duly elected……..why am I not surprised………

    yes, pass the popcorn…..I’m loving every minute of this……let the Egyptian Military kill every last one of these Muslim sons-a-bitches……

    Kill them all……………

  17. After what I heard on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning of the number of atrocities committed on Christians in Egypt by the brotherhood and the money we give to this country in military aide makes me sick.I’m all for forsaking the entire Middle East.Give Israel warning and nuke the entire region into a glass parking lot.

  18. I have not witnessed so much as one single commentator amidst all the ungodly hell taking place within Egypt (and Syria) reminding the public that it was Obama and his junta who were overwhelmingly responsible for the ouster of Mubarak.

    I’ll say that again…….

    I have not witnessed so much as one single commentator amidst all the ungodly hell taking place within Egypt (and Syria) reminding the public that it was Obama and his junta who were overwhelmingly responsible for the ouster of Mubarak.

    It was Mubarak and his government who had effectively kept the Muslim Botherhood at bay. You can figure out the rest………

  19. Cooter Brown says:

    Well you guys get ready to watch some more of this bull Sh#t because our King Leader Obummer will support there march on Washington on this coming 9/11. King Leader did state in his book Bill Ayers wrote for him that he would side with the Muslims.

    • PAmadwoman says:

      I have no doubt he’ll support it (in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if he was instrumental in the planning). I also have no doubt that the press will spin the march as ‘an outpouring of grief by Islamic-Americans for the tragedy of 9/11,’ or some sh*t. Get your barf-bag ready.

  20. And this is who the U S is backing

    Muhammad Morsi’s Lovely Islamic Speech

  21. rightwingterrorist says:

    Those “boys” would have just grown up to be islamic murderers anyhow.
    We see it time and time again.
    It’s what muslims do.
    I’m more than happy to watch them eradicate themselves in their own lands.
    It’s much better than here, in ours.

  22. this is my first visit to your site, i found the link from This Aint Hell.

    gotta agree with ya here, the Egyptian military, not its leaders, have been american allies. the Egyptian military has up held the treaty with Israel, and protected our interests in Egypt. yet obama wants to stab another ally in the back, and take sides against those who have stood by us. i cheered when i heard that the military was finally cracking down on the muslim brotherhood. maybe they can finally regain order in their country. Muslim brotherhood, and all devout muslims for that matter, can not live with democracy. if you disagree with them, you are disagreeing with God! you must be killed as per the will of alah! you can not have open debates with out violence because both sides see the other as heretics! the military and the provisional government are trying to set up a secular state, because the majority of egypt isnt super devout muslims, there is a chance they can succeed, but they must get rid of the muslim brotherhood types. the rest of the arab world is screwed, they will never permit democracy until they have killed off all who disagree with them. once everyone blindly follows the same sheik, they will have a fair and open election

  23. Lt. Sandman says:

    The US has no business interfering in Syria or Egypt. These are sovereign nations and need a strong dictator to keep the locals in line. But, NO……………………

  24. Mr. Rational says:

    America should drill all our own oil and have absolutely nothing to do with the Middle East.

    AWD, we’ve BEEN doing that since Drake drilled in Titusville PA way back in 1859.  Our appetite got bigger than our ability to pump way back in 1949 (until then the USA was an exporter, yes, an oil EXPORTER).  And in 1970, geology caught up with technology and US oil production started going down.  Not even the 2-million-barrel-a-day Alaska pipeline got it back up to its previous high.  It’s taken $100/barrel to even give us a little uptick.

    You can’t run everything on American oil; there isn’t enough of it.  Your domestic choices are American natural gas or American electricity.  You can buy natural gas pickups from any one of the Big 2½, and electric cars are here and growing.  Pick one.  Make the leap, don’t look back.

    (Darn blog editor won’t let me use the escape for ½, I had to find a way to paste it from elsewhere!)

  25. Watching the carnage in Cairo reminds me what a hopeless situation Omohamid has gotten the world into with his embrace of the Arab Spring. The worst is yet to come. There will be a civil war, and terrorists will take their losses out on Europe and America. But it will get even worse when Israel finally does what it must to defend itself from Iran. Get ready for World War III, because the feckless, pro-Muslim POSPUS we are stuck with cannot make the right decision if it means betraying his real allies, the Muslim Brotherhood.

  26. Just a little late with this link but it is awesome.


    latest polls shows that 69% of egyptians want the islmamuc brorgerhood banned