Here’s a pretty interesting poll that has a lot of information inside for all to see. Problem is, will the RINOs in DC take heed to this wake-up call, or just keep forging ahead with the go-along to get-along plans? Seems to me, the majority of them will look the other way and go the way of critters like Karl Rove and ilk. – We the People seem to be a bother to them, we are to be ignored…they know best dontcha know!

Anyway, cutting to the chase, see what you think about the information inside this report. – This is via DC:

More GOP-leaning voters want the party to become more conservative than want it to become more progressive, according to a new survey by the Pew Center for the People & the Press.

On spending, 46 percent say the party is “not conservative enough,” while only 10 percent believe the party is “too conservative.”

On immigration, which is President Barack Obama’s top congressional priority for 2013, 36 percent of respondents say they want a more conservative position, while only 17 percent say the current policies are “too conservative.”

Even among the subset of GOP-leaning respondents labelled by Pew as “moderates,” a plurality declared the party was “not conservative enough” on immigration, by 28 percent to 25 percent.

These ideological numbers are a problem for the GOP’s leaders in the House, who have repeatedly suggested they want to push through a rewrite of the nation’s immigration law that would invite many more millions of unskilled and skilled immigrants to compete against many employed and underemployed Americans for jobs that pay less money each year. The GOP leaders’ support for the rewrite could split the party and cause another critical turnout drop in 2014, say critics.

However, the poll also showed more even-handed splits on marriage and abortion.

A slight plurality of the respondents wanted a leftward shift on marriage rules, by 31 percent to 27 percent, to allow same-sex couples to get marriage licenses.

On abortion, 26 percent of respondents say the party isn’t conservative enough, while 25 percent believe it is too conservative, according to the mid-June poll of 1,480 adults.

Overall, “by 54 percent to 40 percent, Republican and Republican-leaning voters want the party’s leaders to move further to the right,” concluded the Pew poll.

However, Pew’s press release failed to detail the respondents’ opinion on one of the major splits emerging in the party — whether party leaders should try to win more election-day votes by offering economic policies favored by lower-income white and Hispanic Americans, or else use an immigration amnesty to seek support from millions of low-skilled Latinos, most of whom strongly favor big-government policies offered by Democrats.

This widening split, dubbed elite vs. populist or the establishment vs. country split, doesn’t match the much-hyped Tea Party vs. non-Tea Party split, or the cliched “conservative vs. moderate” splits in the party. Crudely speaking, the divide pits reformers such as Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions against established party leaders, such as political strategist Karl Rove.

Like many other pollsters, Pew also veiled respondents’ real attitudes by using skewed or vague terminology. For example, it labelled immigration as a social issue rather than an economic issue, and it also asked if the GOP should move in a “conservative direction” or a “moderate direction.” The terms are outdated because many conservatives cite polls that show their preferred policies command majority support.

The pollsters also didn’t say if respondents thought government was taking on too many roles, or whether government should aid traditional moral standards, or whether it should promote integration of various ethnic and cultural groups into a common culture.

The poll also was weakened by a standard problem that is expensive for pollsters to fix — how to compare voters’ knowledge to their attitudes.

Voters’ knowledge of issue matters, because additional knowledge can reshape their attitudes prior to future decisions, such as primary elections.

For example, even though only 17 percent of respondents said the party’s immigration position is “too conservative,” 65 percent of respondents say they have a favorable view of Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan.

But Ryan is now trying to persuade other GOP legislators to back a massive rewrite of immigration policy that would invite in many new workers amid high-unemployment, despite polls showing widespread public and GOP opposition.

On July 26, for example, Ryan suggested to a home-district meeting with members of a far-left group that is seeking more immigration that he was trying to reverse Majority Leader John Boehner’s promise to keep any draft immigration bill from a House floor vote until a majority of GOP members support the change.

“It is not, ‘they don’t come to the floor unless we have a majority of the majority,’ because we don’t know if we have a majority until we vote on it,” said Ryan, who has a long record supporting large-scale immigration.

“When people really look at the details and they focus on what’s right, I believe what I’ve just laid out is something that a consensus of Republicans and Democrats can agree to,” he told the crowd, which included many members of the radical left-wing group, Voces de la Frontera.

Similarly, the poll showed 50 percent support for Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, who helped Democrats win passage of a majority immigration rewrite that would double immigration to 46 million people by 2033, and allow millions of guest-workers to compete for blue-collar and professional-class jobs.

That outreach to the left is especially unwelcome among the GOP’s base that votes in primary elections.

For example, the poll showed that 41 percent of Tea Party members say the party’s policy is now “not conservative enough,” even through prominent GOP members — such as Boehner, Rubio and Ryan — have tried to declare support for tough positions on secondary issues, such as border-security spending.

“About four-in-ten (42 precent) Republicans who always vote in primaries say there has been too much compromise with Democrats in Congress… [while] less frequent voters are more likely to say that Republican leaders in Congress have not compromised enough with Democrats,” said the Pew statement. .

Pew showed that Ryan had a 15 percent unfavorable rating, while Rubio had a 20 percent unfavorable rating.

So, what do you think about what all this entails…will this just be ignored, or not?

What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Boy, aren’t they unashamedly showing their true colors these days.Vote all the RINOS out ASAP. It’s time to clean house.

  2. You know, this is just a side-note type of thing. The msm is going on for hours now with this pond-scum Castro’s sentencing. What more can they say, what more do people want to hear?

    We have an important hearing going on right now about the IRS and ObamaCare requirements etc….and this is more important to us?

    Disgusting! I hate the msm and their misplaced priorities!

    • BT,although I’m late to the debate, I must weigh in.
      FOX NEWS is also guilty of the same crap,…I don’t know if you had meant they were included.
      We desperately need a news org that focuses on the critical stuff that’s happening in this country and NOT all those stupid a$$ed talk shows!

      • Howdy Tazz…

        Oh yeah, I was including Fox too! I listen to radio talk show during the day, thank goodness…but keep the screen on the boob-tube on in case something happens…always on mute tho…and Fox was the worst!

        Why? What more was there to say when we have the OCARE/IRS hearing going on that’s going to effect every single one of us one way or the other… I was infuriated! Not surprised…just disgusted and ver angry. – Priorities matter…no wonder we have such dumbed down voters.

  3. I don’t know if any of you have been keeping up with this back and forth, I posted about some of this a few days back…anyway, speaking of RINOs when it comes to Chrisie….here’s the latest.

    Anyone surprised?

    Btw…is anyone here, anyone at all?

  4. McPain, McConnell (Edward Andrews lookalike) and Boehner – the big three ! They like to reach across the aisle to their pals on the left. They are “Let’s Make a Deal” Republicans. Naturally these guys back the most liberal Republicans they can find for the presidency. McPain recently called Hideous Hillary a “rock star” in an interview with a liberal rag mag.

  5. Guess the dimwits haven’t bought a clue. ~

    Hair on fire infuriating!

    These twits don’t understand why they will lose, again.

    Here’s a good read. ~


    We oppose AMNESTY for ILLEGAL ALIENS we oppose the SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY we oppose more taxes And as for JESSIE JACKAASONS call for a boycott on FLORIDA i think everyone should visit Florida take their kids to DISNEY WORLD in ORLANDO and tell Jackson and his RAINBOW/PUSH to GO POUND SAND

  7. patthemick says:

    To me the problem is we run too many conservatives for POTUS. This dilutes the votes allowing for the RINO to win the first two primaries and with the help of the MSM gain momentum impossible to overcome by the front runner conservative. We need to field 1 or 2 conservatives and take the first primaries so conservatives have a shot.

  8. angrylittlesouthernwoman says:

    Hey.. BigTimer and Joy.. re: my post from yesterday about Obammy’s welcome in Chattanooga.. guess what??

    • Howdy gal…

      Read about that earlier too. Another poster brought that to attention earlier on another thread.

      Color me furious! We are no longer free…how the heck can something like this continue to go on? I remember that guy in Denver I think it was that dared to criticize Dear Leader during an interview before the elections being fired too. And he’d been at that station for a long time!

      I give up on America waking up anymore…I fear it’s far too late.

      I hope I’m wrong.

  9. I want Tea Party conservatism.
    All democrats have shown themselves to be Socialists/communists,,,,,PERIOD.
    Libertarian values are just fine too.
    I want a “WHITE” America.
    I am too old to attempt to move or convert my politics.
    I believe 100% in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    I fought in Vietnam 4 years, vanquished our enemies, yeah, get the haunts now and then via nighttime “remembrances”.
    So I will stand and deliver, when the time comes again to protect and defend my beliefs.
    My hands do not shake and my eyesight through the battle sights are as good as ever.
    Cool,calm, and collected.
    You do not have to worry about where TEXAS stands.

  10. Nugent/Lazlo 2016

  11. We have to check Lazlos citizenship though he’s from AZ.

  12. The Republican party is dead and it’s rotting carcass is beginning to smell.
    It wasn’t killed, it just rolled over and died. The politicians like the Knob Jobs at the top of this article are now only maggots and other various bacteria feeding off the corpse. They want their bellies full. They want their pensions. They want to stick their noses into the trough because they are out for themselves. They want big houses, big cars, big bank accounts.
    We hired (elected) these people to fight! I expect a fight!
    I want a Ted Nugent/Moe style epic smackdown! I want dirty tricks, I want eye gouging, biting, dirt throwing, and nad kicking.
    Waving your arms and crying like a little kid who just dropped their ice cream cone is not a scrap in the Lazlo book of What’s What.
    I want somebody not looking for a pension from the Feds.
    I want Politicians who want to serve one term and GO HOME!
    Screw politeness.

    I want someone who will look disdainfully at the enemy (because Barak Obama is the Enemy) and tell him: “The Only thing on this ENTIRE EARTH that will satisfy me will be as Follows: Your complete and utter public shaming. Your disgraced dismissal from the Office you currently Pollute. Every single appointment you have made turned out into the street. Every policy, law, program, or bill that you have supported reversed, cancelled, and held up as an example and evidence of your perfidy to this country. Every word you have ever written erased, destroyed, redacted and made mock of. Every image of your hideous countenance collected and distributed to Birdcage owners with explicit instructions for their use. And your Banishment from the country you have tried to destroy.
    Anything less will be deemed as an insufferable outrage, and cause for the doubling of my efforts.”

    • The only way for your wish to be granted for what you want done to Dear Leader and all you entail in your post is if he were deemed an unconstitutional president (which he is)…but that ain’t never gonna happen.

      As to your wants for your description for a candidate for us with some fire in their belly…hell, I’m with ya. But, I no longer hold my breath for that to happen anymore. I used to say the same all the time, year after year, election after election. I most likely will again…but it do get old…and I’m not holding my breath either. I fear we’ll get another PC milquetoast candidate for our side of the aisle…I do hope I’m proved wrong though.

      • Bring back the duel.
        That would be a good start.

        • I second that motion! – So did democrat senator ‘Give ‘Em Hell Zell’ Miller. – I love that guy…miss him in the senate. I loved it when he told Chris Matthews during an interview it was too bad they weren’t back in time for the days of the duels. – It was priceless!

      • The banishment could occur when Ted Nugent does a Matt Dillon style backhand on Barry so hard that he achieves escape velocity.

  13. Tazz there is a new news org. It’s called One America. I think they are just starting up. Check with your cable company.

    • Magnum…

      I recall some people were going to start a new network. The one I’m thinking of said it would be sometime in July when they started and it would be a conservative network. If you’ve seen it…is it like what I described? – Really curious.

  14. BT
    I havn’t seen it yet but I heard cable stations will start carrying it this month. From what I know it is a real conservative news org. Way better than fox. They have articles online right now.


    Liberals are attention mongers they crave the spotlight and the news media attention from a bunch of scandal mongers

    • michael…I read that about rabbits and tigers somewhere yesterday. I think at the Daily Clash. Anyway, glad you have this here for others to see.

  16. I have a theory to explain Boehner’s way of aiding Obama more than obstructing, all the while appearing totally inept. Obama’s MO has been to dig dirt on his opponents to neutralize them such as with both of his Senate races. Obama as POTUS now has the best spy agencies in the world awaiting his orders on new targets, Obama used FBI intel to control and neutered Gen Petraeus.

    Boehner has been know to have a good time, wonder what Obama has on him that is keeping him dancing to his tune while tuning out conservatives. This would answer most all of my questions of Boehner. He is not that tone deaf nor stupid. He is compromised!

    • Zigmond…

      You very well could be right. Others have suggested the same thing here and there over time. If that’s so, he should leave of his own volition, but we know he won’t.

  17. As a former Republican turned modrate Democrat I fully support the Republican Party’s march to the right. The younger generations are already rolling their eyes at you. Far be it from me to stop your self destruction.

    • Ah yes….the younger generation. Give me a break, their heads are filled with mush by the msm and college commie professors etc etc.

      Btw…glad you left the RINO filled repub party. You’ve always been part of the problem…judging that summation via your post.

  18. Thank you. You illistrated my point perfectly. I can always rely on Bobby Jendal’s discription to show itself. The new Whig party.

  19. Always the response given. When the data doesn’t agree then you take your marbles home like the fools you are.

    Younger people are the future and old andry white guys die. If you can’t be inclusive then you die out. Simple. For the record i voted conservative when I was a Republican.

  20. Thanks. I have been depleting your responses. They are proving very humorous. You are a hit.

  21. Sorry meant to say reposting.