Marco Rubio thinks he’s pretty smart. Sure, he has a silver tongue and recites great soundbites like any good politician. But, like every piece of dirt politician, he will say and support whatever he believes will further his political career. But Marco’s not quite as smart as he thinks.

The Dims and wussypants RINOs saw Marco coming on Amnesty and managed to destroy any future support he will have from the Tea Partiers who put him into office. It’s a toss-up over whether Democrats or the wussypants Republicans despise the Tea Party and fiscal conservatives more. My vote goes to the wussy boy RINOs. But both Dims and RINOs convinced Rubio to commit political suicide with his most staunch supporters over the Amnesty Bill who now are looking to primary him when his first term ends. Not a good position to be in for an up and comer. Rubio, among Tea Partiers, is now a down and outer. Yes, he may feel safe inside the warm embrace of his new buddies Charles Schumer and John McCain. He may even end up as the Republican nominee for President one day. And he will lose, just like Bob Dole, George Bush and Mitt Romney who were each big-government moderates who never sealed the deal with the fleeing conservative wing of the Republican Party.

Rubio is now trying to reel the conservatives back in. He’s now full-speed ahead going after the defunding of ObamaCare. Totally predictable and totally safe. But also totally a waste of time because he fully knows the wussypants Republican caucus would rather sell their children off for medical experiments in Zambia than defund ObamaCare.

Rubio told Mark Levin:

“[T]here has to be some point at which we say, ‘Look, this is the issue where we draw the line,’” Rubio said. “I mean, on this issue we’re willing to fight no matter what the consequences, politically or otherwise. If that issue is not Obamacare, I can’t understand what issue it would be. And that’s the point I tried to make — of all the issues out there, if there was one issue that we should be willing to go to the limit on, this is it. I mean, you look at the impact this thing is going to have October 1 on every aspect of our economy. There’s literally not one aspect of our economy that is not negatively affected by Obamacare. And if that’s not an issue we’re willing to fight to the end on, I’m not sure there is such an issue that we’d be will to do that on.”

The majority of conservatives wish Marco would have drawn the line at Amnesty which will make the Republican Party as scarce as intelligence on MSNBC.

The thing is, on ObamaCare, Rubio is exactly right! ObamaCare WILL destroy everything! Small and mid-sized businesses will not be able to meet the ridiculous regulations of ObamaCare and survive. Moreover, most hourly workers in America do not yet realize that now they will be forced to purchase insurance or will have money seized automatically from their earnings.

AWD has a good friend who manages a 300 employee company in the business services industry. The vast majority of his employees are hourly and do not opt for the company’s very basic healthcare plan. Either they have insurance through the VA, a spouse, or opt for free-services at the clinic. The company is struggling to keep their doors open with a struggling economy and only put $125,000 on the bottom line in profit last year. Under ObamaCare, the company must either offer an ObamaCare-approved health care plan that would cost between $6,000-$8,000 per year per employee. That’s not possible. The other choice is to pay the government a $2,000 per year/employee fine for all employees over the first 50. Again, impossible. That’s a $500,000 fine yearly for a company that only made $125,000 in profit!

Many companies have tried to sidestep these regulations by making employees part-time. But Obama has also recently ruled that making employees part-time will not be allowed under ObamaCare. What’s the option for my friend’s company? Go out of business with 300 employees who didn’t want healthcare losing their jobs. Great choices! But what can we expect when ObamaCare was written by corruptocrats and lobbyists in Washington who have never signed the front of a paycheck?

Marco’s late-inning stand against ObamaCare is a totally predictable attempt for him to try and weasel his way back into the good graces of his former-supporters. And, for Rubio, it’s totally safe. He knows Boehner would go through a case of Kleenex before ever thinking about defunding ObamaCare. Mitch McConnell talks tough on ObamaCare because he is being primaried for reelection in Kentucky. But he’ll collapse quicker than Michael Moore’s lawn chair when push comes to whimper.

There are only two real conservatives in the Senate. Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas. Rand Paul has too much Ron Paul wacko blood coursing in his veins to take him seriously. Marco Rubio has exposed himself as a con man. Two conservatives out of 50 corruptocrats doesn’t offer a lot for conservatives to hang our hats on.

Rubio continued with Levin:

“[L]ook, I’m not attacking anyone directly,” Rubio said. “All I’m saying is that you cannot say you are against Obamacare if you are willing to vote for a law that funds it. If you’re willing to fund this thing, you can’t possibly say you’re against it.”

Of course you’re not attacking your good friends in the most deliberative body on Earth! Those good friends who have destroyed America with $17 trillion in national debt on their watch and seek to fully destroy America with ObamaCare. We wouldn’t want you to get taken off of the Schumer cocktail party invite list! Grow a pair of cojones, Rubio!

Rubio is smart but not smart enough to see that conservatives and former-supporters have his number just as much as Chuck Schumer and John McCain. And we know that, with the exception of Lee and Cruz, there are 48 wastes of space that are concerned for themselves and themselves only, America be damned. Because that is exactly what America is under their governance.

Rubio did us all a favor by exposing his unbridled ambition so early in his career. Now we will think of him as a leader no more. Just another sorry politician.

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  1. Nice try, Marco. But you’re dead to me. Also, didn’t Mike Lee already start a movement to defund Obamacare?? Stop riding the coattails of actual Conservatives.

  2. How did (our?) representatives just let Obama have any say in what business can do and cannot do. His Regime is truly starting to sound like a full blown Dictatorship. He doesn’t have the power to just snap his finger and make laws or policy in private business unless our Congress is just going to play dead again. Congress is either with the people or against the people, we know Obama is against us.

  3. Excellent post AWD… could not agree more. I considered Rubio an up and coming star a year ago… now, he couldn’t get my vote for dog catcher.


    The author of this article has got the Repos number, much of it is why I’m going Independent. I just won’t get to vote in Primaries. Sure has Rubio and Ryans number. 1st sentence nails Repos good.

  5. Good one AWD. I’m not convinced he is that smart but he was definetly fully paying attention for the politics of heresy section of the curriculum. I’ve been done with the Republican party since Bush 41. As Waylon so aptly put it “…been the same way for years – we need a change!”

  6. Rubio’s history to me, he showed his colors on amnesty.

  7. People –please stop referring to elected office holders as ‘Leaders”.
    In our constitutional democratic republic they are to be hired managers and administrators. It may sound like nitpicking but it is a very short reach of nuance from ‘leader’ to der Fuhrer. The current unwashed pigs playing ‘occupy the White House’ for the last few years are a good example of the result of that. The large flock occupying congress are almost as above the law .

  8. rightwingterrorist says:

    Only a full blown revolution will stop this.

  9. Spot-on.

    Btw…I heard that interview, Rubio’s become a real fast-talker too. He’s got everything down pat.

    And, speaking of OCare, we just got notice that our insurance premiums have raised once again since OCare passed. We aren’t sure what we’re going to end up doing at this point.


    Why dont rubio go live with the illegal aliens him and the rest of the traitors want to allow into america

  11. ThisObamaNation says:

    A politician’s mouth will say anything to get elected, but their behavior and voting record do NOT lie.

  12. AWD,
    Insightful post ….when i first became aware of this guy I
    had a gut reaction something was not quite right with him..
    too polished too programmable …not sure how to put that in words …but I find when i listen to that gut feeling is normally correct.
    Then again that gut feeling is sometimes just gas.

  13. Here in Florida we are furious with this son-of-a bitch Rubio……..I’m looking for a “”dump Rubio”” movement when the primaries get going……..I don’t care how he votes or who he supports……as far as I am concerned, he’s toast….he’s done……and there are a lot of us Tea Partiers that feel the same way……we want him gone……………

    “”Dump Rubio”” Rubio needs to pay for what he has done……we need to take his Senate seat from him and send a message to all of the other turncoats………

    wish I had a printing press so I could make a bumper sticker that says……..

    “”Dump Rubio Now””

  14. I may be mistaken, but I believe that everyone makes mistakes, especially when you’re still young and dumb. Ronald Reagan himself, the epitome of American Conservatism, was the original peddler of amnesty.

    I’m not saying that we should forget that Rubio has taken the side that he has on this issue, however I do think that if we throw overboard every politician who makes a single vote that we disagree with we will have no one to vote for. There will never be a perfect candidate.

    I am not suggesting that we turn in our morals when we vote, (as I had to do with Romney) but don’t forget that Rubio has been supportive of small government, fewer taxes, and more personal freedom with not just his words, but his vote. That is a rare thing in Washington these days.

    • Your points are well taken by me. You’re very correct in much of what you state about those we really like, then all of the sudden dislike because of one vote we all don’t like. – You’re summation about that is spot-on via my viewfinder in life. I’ve seen what you speak of happen for over three decades now (or more), then am filled with fury…yet the rest of what they do pleases me just fine.

      Sometimes you’re damned if do, damned if you don’t.

      Just my two-cents.

  15. White Americans should stop depending on blacks or Hispanics to deliver your message for you. If the idiots you elect will not send your message, elect another one. If your message does not get listened
    to then do what you must to get it heard. We showed King George and we will show King Obama.