Why am I fighting back tears on the elliptical? While the elliptical inspires only dread in me, it’s never brought me to tears. Just minutes before, I was ramping up my fast and dirty HIIT elliptical routine. I had my sexy Zedd disco drivel to drive me, adrenaline rushing and Fox news on mute. A glance at the screen showed the looping, shaky night-vision video of a beautiful and lifeless boy’s body. He was only one of a number of bodies but he’s the one the stopped my sweaty self-torture in its tracks. Seeing that little lifeless body, I almost couldn’t breathe. The words from Mr. O regarding WMD’s and his red line also came to mind. And my heart sank lower.

The tragedy of the wanton murder of so many innocents makes the soul cry for action. But exactly what action is one that is appropriate for our nation? Secretary of State Kerry worked painstakingly in his statements August 30 to make the case that Assad is the culprit and somebody should do something, darn it. Assad may well have given the order. And I’m not saying Assad isn’t a bad dude. But everyone already knows that nerve gas was used against civilians. We don’t know precisely who ordered the attack on the Damascus suburb. Even if Assad did give the order, why must the U.S. respond? Who is Kerry trying to convince? It’s not like we get a vote on any action that will be taken. His remark that they know things that the rest of us can’t know was interesting. Really? Why not share this zinger information with us, so we too can feel sure that intervention is warranted. He said the Arab League pledged to “to hold the Syrian regime fully responsible for this crime.” Great, then let those nations punish the bad dog in their own backyard. They have enough U.S. military equipment and funding to take care of this atrocity handily, without direct U.S. involvement.

The equine Kerry also stated that he and Mr. O, “we believe in the United Nations.” Speak for yourself, Mr. Kerry. We know that if given the chance, you’d turn the U.S. over to complete U.N. control in a heartbeat. So, exactly why should the U.S. lead the response? Why should the U.S. standard fly above any response? No good could possibly come from giving Assad a smack on his little bottom. And, hello people!: Russia has a naval installation in Syria.

Since 1955,civil wars in Sudan have left around 2 million dead. No U.S. intervention. Wonder why. Even when the U.S. has intruded previously in the affairs of other nations, as in Somalia and Vietnam,-what reason did the U.S. have to sacrifice it’s own people and assets? Never got that. Evil is a worldwide affliction of humanity. Mass murder in Syria is not more tragic than murder in Sudan.

Kerry said “President Obama has also been in close touch with the leaders of our key allies, and the president will be making an informed decision about how to respond to this indiscriminate use of chemical weapons.” Translation: Barry hangs with the big dawgs and he has no idea what he’s about to do…or what he can get away with.

So what is Barry actually after, in his fumbling power display? Could it possibly be only for the sake of his overblown ego? If our president can be pulled along into conflict, by his own blowhard tough talk, then we are truly at the mercy of a fool. For the first time, I find myself endorsing Joe Biden’s idea to impeach a president who takes a nation to war without congressional approval. Sounds good to me, Joe. How ‘bout the one stinking up the oval office currently?

Of course, most of the under 40 types I know haven’t given a moment’s notice of anything relating to Syria. The typical reply is something like “Oh, what’s happening in Syria?” We are a sick, shallow people, contaminated with gifs engrained in our brains of Miley twerking and Jackass golf cart crashes. And while people making fools of themselves is fine entertainment, it is a profound waste of our nation’s limited attention. So shame on the masses of distracted narcissists who are completely oblivious to evil, abroad and here at home. Thanks to their kind, socialist-leaning profiteers hold the choke-chain on our nation.

Any decent human is outraged by evil. We think of our own children when we see images of little ones that were slaughtered. And we cry. We ask why. But the fighting in Syria has been ongoing since April 2011. People will continue to suffer and die in the Middle East until the end of time. No U.S. action in Syria will change that. We will only be tossing our chips onto the pile. The only likely winners will be the defense contractors. Oh, and Barry’s ego.

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  1. rightwingterrorist says:

    …and Islamists.

  2. Desert Rat says:

    Just got back from a gun show in Las Vegas. Bought the wife a new pistol. Nothing like a fine looking woman shooting a gun. During the event, we all said the pledge of allegiance, and then the M.C. stated how many soldiers have died under Obama. Staggering amount, nothing ever reported on MSM. I remember when Bush was in office, there was a body count every day on every network. It was nice to be among “friendlies” for an afternoon.

    • “It was nice to be among “friendlies” for an afternoon.”

      That’s increasingly rare today. Usually, we all have to bite our tongues at work and any other public place. Welcome to Semitically-correct America.

  3. His ego and his behind the scenes agenda to-boot.

  4. All one has to do is look at Obamas track record. Libya he sided with radical muslims opposed to Gaddafi. In Egypt he sided with those opposed to Mubarak, and they elected Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood. As was mentioned on another thread, Assad is the last in opposition to the brand of Islam that Obama favors.

    The agenda is a Middle East Caliphate that will have a centralized source of power, and will be able to spread faster to the west, and America. Yeah know, kooky talk.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      I believe you are on target – that is certainly the way things are trending. A seldom mentioned player in all this mess is Turkey. Their leadership has gone from secularist to islamist in a stealthy manner. I fear there are sinister goings-on that are being kept under the table.

      • The table is wide and your right. 2:1 the CIA at Benghazi were distributing not only missiles but Libyan or Iraqi Sarin or something like that. Chlorine gas is a possibility, this Regime is “Dirty”.

    • His CIA Director is rumored to be Muslim, where ther is one there is more, birds of a feather.


    OBAMA THE WAR CRINIMAL WHY ISNT AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL demanding his arrested for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity?

    • Same reason ACLU does not stand up for The Second Amendment, it and A.I. are Commie Front Groups staffed by dupes and hard core Commies, and the Commies are starting to become just mainstream Liberals.

  6. http://jonrappoport.wordpress......dead-pigs/
    This will make ya laugh, kind of, and cry at the same time.

  7. Now O-blame-a wants to get Conressional approval, which means he wants somebody else to blame for this disaster

  8. We have an “affirmative action President”: Not qualified in any respect

    Dear Leader is obviously incompetent. The “affirmative action President” is an absolute joke and a danger.

    Rule numero uno Dems: Community organizers aren’t the best choice for a world leader during a time of international crisis

    He could actually start WWIII

  9. You know what they say, Big Ego-Small (fill in the blank)


    The ACLU was founded by a COMMUNIST it should realy call itself ATHEISTS.COMMUNISTS & LAWYERS.UNDERGROUND