The picture above speaks volumes in more ways than one…does it not?

Here’s a story to go with this just for the heck of it…see what you think about what’s said here, the author of this piece is mad as hell and isn’t gonna take it anymore!:

Over the weekend, an unintentionally hilarious syndicated column by former Labor Secretary and legendary “Friend of Bill” (Clinton) Robert Reich appeared entitled “Why The Anger?” “Anger” is one of those code words that libs use when they are frustrated because a few people are pushing back against their efforts to destroy the country we grew up in.

Please read the opening sentences, and try telling yourself that this isn’t going to be good. Mr. Reich writes:

“Why is the nation more bitterly divided today than it’s been in eighty years? Why is there more anger, vituperation, and political polarization now than even during Joe McCarthy’s anti-communist witch hunts of the 1950s, the tempestuous struggle for civil rights in the 1960s, the divisive Vietnam war, or the Watergate scandal?”

See what I mean? With an opening like that, you know this is going to be a precious presentation of what seems to be never-ending, hand-wringing liberal angst. Since the intellectually stunted liberal mind is incapable of original thought, after a brief put-down of “yell radio,” and the predictable lament of the loss of “trusted arbiters of truth — the Edward Murrows and Walter Cronkites,” he comes to the inevitable conclusion: “income, wealth, and power have become more concentrated at the top than they’ve been in ninety years.” Karl Marx is no doubt giving a thumbs up from his fiery, eternal torment.

Sadly, I think that Mr. Reich is sincere, but he couldn’t be more deluded, confused and wrong if his name were Robert Wrong. Virtually every word in his piece is a laughable example of the very negative effects of East Coast Brain Rot, an affliction that results in a complete disconnection from reality. For example: “If anything, you’d think this would be an era of relative calm. The Soviet Union has disappeared and the Cold War is over.”

Right. I don’t know about you, but when I flip on the TV or read news stories online and see what’s going on in Egypt, Syria, North Korea, Darfur or any number of other places on this planet that aren’t exactly brimming with light and laughter, or I see head chopping maniacs releasing video and audio messages, in which they vow to murder as many Americans as possible with an endless series of ingenious schemes, I say to myself “What, me worry? The Soviet Union is no more!”

In addition to needing to buy a vowel on the current state of world affairs, Mr. Reich obviously doesn’t appreciate the delicious irony of his citing the demise of the Soviet Union as a reason we should all chill out. “The Soviet Union has disappeared,” no thanks to you! Leftists like Mr. Reich not only opposed the policies that resulted in the end of the Soviet Union, policies adopted by heroic men and women like Ronald Reagan and Lady Margaret Thatcher. They fought them every step of the way, and demonized them as warmongers and fools.

So, do you agree with what Teri O’Brien had to say in response to the mental-midget Robert Reich’s well as to the rest of the leftist-loons that have helped destroy our country every way possible for past decades…and are still doing so to this day…especially with the O-Crew at the helm?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Nostradumbass says:

    I refuse to listen to someone who, when standing, only reaches the height of an ass-kisser. Robert Reich hates white males, and me in particular, because I like to eat burritos and get on elevators with him.

    talk to the ass, cause the face ain’t listening


  2. Robert B. Reichhhhhhhhhhhhhhh asks:

    “Why is the nation more bitterly divided today than it’s been in eighty years? Why is there more anger, vituperation, and political polarization now than even during Joe McCarthy’s anti-communist witch hunts of the 1950s, the tempestuous struggle for civil rights in the 1960s, the divisive Vietnam war, or the Watergate scandal?”

    I respond:

    Because non-leftist white people are allowed to live and allowed to consume oxygen. Kill them ASAP because they’re standing in the way of the left wing crackpot utopia.

    James Edwards (the black murder suspect, not the Memphis radio host) said on Twitter that “90% of white people are evil.” Did he really tweet that, or did he retweet a New York Times tweet?

    • Your question at the end was a great slam to the NYT’s and ilk. – Perfect!

      And your reference to El Rushbo with Reich’s name was great. 😉



  4. Scumbag alert!

  5. Then there’s always this…

    In his dreams. ~

  6. This one from Drudge today hit me hard for some reason:

    WWII vet, beaten by black teens outside Eagles Lodge, dies

    SPOKANE, Wash. –
    WWII veteran Delbert Belton survived being wounded in action during the Battle of Okinawa only to be beaten and left for dead by two teens at the Eagles Lodge in Spokane on Wednesday evening.

    Belton, 89, died from the injuries he suffered in the beating Thursday morning at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

    • Edtudo,

      Just heard this on Mark Levin’s radio show. Apparently someone let a couple of blacks out of their cages and since they had nothing better to do… like furthering their educations, they beat this old man to death.

      Lets see now… wasn’t there a guy be the name of Chris Lane who got shot by feral blacks a couple of days ago??? Piss on the black community… I have no use for the black race and they contribute nothing to society.

    • Edtudo…

      Yep…this is the local news we get in my neck of the woods. I don’t live real close in proximity to Spokane, but know Spokane well and have for decades…we, in this household both have family that live there. My, oh my how it’s changed. – Btw…the msm will look the other way about this horrendous crime too. Nothing to see…just move on.

      God help us all…and my these dirty rotten bastids that did this burn in hell for eternity.

    • This action is typical of the Feral Black community. Never attack when it’s one on one, unless the victim is weaker than you. If it’s a strong victim, always attack in a group. In case no one has noticed, this kind of action is cowardly. But of course, in the Feral Black community, it’s a sign of toughness if you can beat or kill someone weaker than you.

      Guaranteed that the two cowardly thugs are somewhere bragging to some lard assed chicken head ghetto rat about how they kicked a white guy’s ass, so they can get into her skanky panties.

      If it had been one on one, the vet most likely would have kicked some ass, no matter how old he was.

  7. Wonder if they could have been sons of Obamas. Sons of a Bitch!
    Some point in time some one is going to have to point out, to the Black community, forcefully, how to live like civilized people or get the F*ck out or be carried out. They just keep pushing Obama just keeps covering for them. He’s a friggin thug no better than these two killers except he has become immune because of chikensh*t
    Republicans in Congress and an AG who is also as bad as he is covering his back. Racism is worse because the President of the US
    actively promotes it. You will see a lot more Black on White killings as long as this Regime is allowed to just run wild.

  8. “I believe it is both immoral and idiotic to dislike individuals because of their ethnic heritage. I also believe it both immoral and idiotic to hide one’s head in the sands of political correctness and ignore the realities of such issues as black crime, immigration, intelligence disparities, and the destruction of Western culture. Problems can’t be solved if their existence is denied. Violent black crime is a persistent epidemic. While not all blacks are violent criminals nor all violent criminals black, it is true that 52.2% of homicides are committed by blacks [source], most committed by males aged 18 to 49; about 3 percent of the population. It is also true that the black-offender homicide rate is 8 times greater than the white homicide rate [source].
    Want to have a conversation? Let’s talk … ” from

    • Edtudo,

      Guess I’ll just have to fall into the immoral and idiotic class, because I no longer want anything to do with the black race… I’ll keep a couple of black friends I already have, but I no longer will extend my hand to anyone who is black.

  9. NAPA,,,,ha ha,,,, I’ll go over to my local NAPA store today and inform them!!!!