Wishful thinking…a picture worth a thousand words!

Thought I’d throw in three major topics that have to do with Dear Leader as well. – Hope you check all of them out, it’s well worth your time.

1.) HURT: Obamacare exemption — none dare call it treason!

2.) Federal Appeals Court: Obama Administration Is Violating Federal Law ‘Without Any Legal Basis’

3.) Report: Jailed Muslim Brotherhood Leader Al-Shater Has Information That Will Land Barack Obama in Jail

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. My country is history gave up our liberty to bho I sing……..

    ISLAM SUCKS chesterfield smoking rodeo clown weenies

  2. He is the single biggest argument for abortion I’ve ever heard.

    • Howdy Red…

      We’ve really been getting spammed big time the last half hour or so…just wanted to let ya know since I’m busy outside today. I don’t know if I can keep up with it all by myself. 😉

      • Biggie, I tweaked the blacklist and it seems to have stopped the false positives. Ao I think we can safely just empty the spam bin now without reviewing them all.

        btw, know what keyword I removed that seemed to do the trick? ..

        • Thank goodness for you…you’re one computer savvy guy, while I’m completely clueless about so much. – Anyway Red, thank you very much…you’re truly priceless.

          I’m gonna go finish my work and settle in here for a while when I’m done. ~

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Radical islam forcing all christians to convert to islam they all deserve to be banned from america when thier too radical

  4. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    I haven’t read the 3rd article but I doubt anything will land that clown in jail. So far he’s been untouchable. His corrupt administration has gotten a pass on everything amd all the scandals just kinda go away.
    Fast and Furious
    And so on and so forth, at this point I will be shocked if he’s ever called on it.

    • Totally agree with your conclusion. – I give up anymore…he gets away with anything he wants to. – Despicable.

  5. If we could change his party affiliation to Republican he would be impeached faster than……….

    • Heck, that would have already happened by now…let alone a repub prez stepping down as well with all the scandals that surround him like O does.

  6. geesh his black skin must be made of Teflon because a cracka president would have been impeached for half of the shit he has pulled…

    As for the condom.. Obama’s skanky whore of a mother wouldn’t have used one if she had box full on the nightstand. She probably isn’t sure who his daddy is since she was ass up for all those Marxist radicals to run a train on her every night… nasty

    • Vince…

      I’m shocked to see ya here…it’s been ages! – Good to hear from ya again….don’t be such a stranger.

      Oh yeah…as usual, you never mince words when it comes to what you think. ~

      • I’ve been around now and then incognito 😉

        I’m sure some trolls are relieved when they think that I am absent so they are spared my long winded diatribes… let the trolls beware

        sorry about the graphic references in my last post… I forget about the AWdudettes

    • Want a chuckle? Look up pictures of his supposed half brother from Kenya. Now look up his “Spirtual” father(as bho calls him) Davis and his spawn. The family resemblance ain’t with the ones he calls blood kin.

  7. What’s good fer da goose is not always good fer da gander …at lest not in Obammy World….

    Now me ..hell i love guns and think everyone should have one or two or however many ya what ..
    An old quote goes “God did not make all men equal…Colt did”

    Well the safe use and enjoyment of a firearm is a wonderful things …check at this nice video of Old West guns and see fer ya self…..

    As I see it ,I was not put on this earth to ruled over by Obammy and his liberal mess…in fact i am damn proud to be every thing the libtards hate…….and remember Be Strong Darlin…

  8. Grandma’s Little Man, he lives in borrowed splendor
    If I had the building skills, I’d build a giant blender.
    I’d snatch him up, and then I’d grin.
    Turn on the power and toss him in.

    • SS coming to visit you Lazlo… they’ll tell you your post was not a direct threat against Ovomit, but their superiors thought you needed a visit. Just fix’m some tea and they’ll be on their way.

  9. Hey jigg, How about he whose name I won’t say throwing a baseball(priceless) Remember his first pitch (like a girl)

    • Chas,

      What about his basketball skills… something like twenty-nine shots captured on video without a basket. I’d bet on Stevie Wonder if they ever played hoops.

      • Paul…that’s funny as heck. – I’m with you on Wonder. – Great slam-dunk you made there my friend. 😉

  10. Vince I was wondering where you’ve been too long time no see. My nickname for you is the Troll Killer. We could have used you the other day when sequester showed up.

  11. Spurwing Plover says:

    Obama is like one of those nasty bugs from the old RAID ads

  12. What ever happened to Bluto?

    • He’s still here. In fact he commented on a post somewhere today. He no longer is using his computer or something like that, heck I can’t keep track of everyone and what goes on. Anyway, he’s looking for a good monthly price to use for his WiFi so he’s back here like he used to be.

      I hope he hurries it up a bit and get’s ‘er done. We all miss his input during the day etc…it ain’t the same without him.

  13. Jumpin Joe says:

    When we see the empty suit out gulfing in his shorty shorts, are those his legs or is he riding on a black chicken? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Now there’s an image I didn’t need, Obummer in a pair of Daisy Dukes.

      Excuse me, I have to go bleach my brain….

    • Read that this morning, Big. Looks like Dear Leader bails whenever something serious is going on, he wasn’t around during Bengazi either.

      We are on our own, luckily, good ‘ol JMV will be picking up a brand new personal protection device in the form of a Para-USA Expert 14-45, spare 14 rnd mags, and 1K 45ACP rounds. Big and heavy, but I live in a constitutional (open) carry state.

      Load up and keep it ready, troubles comin’.

      • Lol…guess I’m behind the times still since my modem was fried Sun. night.

        And of course…keep your powder dry and all that goes with it. ~

    • Big T ..
      They cover each others lies so easily….scum covers for scum…it is my belief that Osama died in 2001…of kidney failure ….isn’t funny how that they got caught faking his photo….funny how he was buried at sea…funny how now all the Seal Team 6 are dead …killed in accidents (ya right)…..funny how the lies are hyped and believed .

      here is an old link but worth a look…interesting if nothing else.

      • jigg,

        Funny how it is all coming together… or should I say crumbling down. Can’t remember where I read it, but a sailor on the ship where Osama was supposedly taken and dumped at sea, reported that no one on that ship ever saw anything regarding this story coming from the WH.

        Did this administration get rid of Seal Team 6 to cover the fake killing of Osama???… I wish I knew for sure. What I do know is that Obama is a scum socialist, and if he was taken out tomorrow, I would not shed a tear.

        • I wonder if we’ll ever know the truth about all of this before we depart this planet. – Most likely doubtful.

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      So, “playing cards” is what gay euphemism exactly?

      • Lol…I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know they were playing spades. – Let’s wait for someone on the left try to use that for their race-card game.