Dudes and dudettes…have you heard the latest about future presidential debates when it comes to the RNC and Reince Priebus? – It’s pretty interesting what’s going on well ahead of time…Limbaugh weighed in on this issue yesterday via his radio show, and Priebus was on with Hannity later the same day expounding his views on this issue. No matter how you look at it, something has to be done and must change when it comes to the liberal controlled debates, no doubt about that!

See which way you lean the most, with Rush or Reince…and throw in your suggestions too. – You can read both stories in full here and here:

When Rush Limbaugh heard that GOP chairman Reince Priebus was threatening to pull the 2016 presidential debates from NBC and CNN over scheduled Hillary Clinton film projects, he thought Priebus wasn’t going far enough. Why not refuse to let candidates appear on any network that has a supposed liberal bias? According to Limbaugh, there’s “nothing to gain” from showing GOP debates on those networks and others.

“I assumed this is thought to be an aggressive move” by the GOP, Limbaugh said on his radio show Monday. The way he sees it, what Priebus is really saying to the networks is, “If you guys don’t produce the Hillary movies, then we will happily show up for your biased debate coverage.” Unlike some people, Limbaugh did not find this approach “admirable.”

Limbaugh said the reason the RNC should stop working with CNN, NBC and others on the debates has nothing to do with the Hillary Clinton movies and everything to do with the “biased moderators and journalists” who run them. “The GOP, the RNC ought to pull out of all of these debates that show up on MSNBC, on NBC, on ABC or CNN. There’s nothing to gain!”

In his letters to the networks, Priebus said CNN’s “credibility as a supposedly unbiased news network will most certainly be jeopardized by the decision to show political favoritism” for Clinton and “the credibility of NBC News, already damaged by the partisanship of MSNBC, will be further undermined by the actions of NBC Universal executives who have taken it upon themselves to produce an extended commercial for Secretary Clinton’s nascent campaign.”

If the networks move forward with the projects as planned, he threatened to refuse to partner with them on the 2016 debates. If he goes as far as Limbaugh suggests, Fox News (and possibly CBS) could get the bulk of the debates.

Listen to audio below, via Rush Limbaugh:

Now, here’s what Preibus had to say last night:

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus joined Sean Hannity Monday night to defend his threat to NBC and CNN that if they do not halt production on the Hillary Clinton films they’re working on, they will refuse to partner with either network in 2016 presidential election debates. Hannity agreed with Priebus that it will probably be a “love letter to Hillary,” while Priebus maintained the GOP needs a better handle on finding friendly outlets and moderators to team up with.

Priebus slammed both networks for spending millions of dollars telling the story of someone who is very likely going to run for president in 2016. He accused CNN and NBC of “being in the business of promoting the Democratic party,” saying he’s tired of working with people “spending time and money” backing the Democrats.

He considered it a “very reasonable” proposal that the Republican party would want to “filter who actually deposes our candidate,” acknowledging that in 2012, there were too many debates that the GOP should have exerted more control over, as well as “moderators who are in the business of making news at the expense of our candidates.”

Priebus told Hannity he wants the GOP to “control the referees that we’re bringing into our playground,” and questioned why if the Hillary Clinton films are so non-partisan and not a big deal, the networks don’t just release them after 2016.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

Many of us remember there were well over 20 different presidential debates last time…and the various leftist-loons that hosted and controlled all of them, with the exception of one hosted by Fox. – CNN’s Candy Crowley being the worst offender for her messiah to-boot! – Anyone recall that debate between Romney and Dear Leader pertaining to what happened in Benghazi and BHO declaring he called the murderin’ bastids terrorists…and he did NO SUCH thing…but Candy concurred with the Liar in Cheif….it was outrageous to put it mildly!

Anyhow….what would you like to see happen when it comes to future presidential debates come election time?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Where and on which channels Republican primary debates are on doesn’t much concern me. What concerns me is how often they happen and how many there are. In 2011 and 2012, there were just too damned many of them. The Republicans should self-limit to a single digit number.

  2. Why do I get the feeling that Preibus is making a threat he might not be willing to follow through on? Now he’s got people signing petitions – ‘if you don’t make the movies we’ll come to your debate’? I don’t like that. We get nothing but bad lip service from them anyway, this is a perfect opportunity to stand up and fight. And don’t stop at CNN and NBC – run the table.

  3. Very good post BT… hell yes we all remember stinking lib Crowley claiming puke leader called the terrorists, terrorists… when in fact he did not.

    I’d like to see Mark Levin, Hannity and Limbaugh be three of the moderators, or at least someone who isn’t moderating with the intent to make republicans look and sound foolish.

    • Thanks Paul…and I echo your wishes. Something has to change, and change in a big way!

    • Those 3 as moderators would be awesome.the possibility of that happening is the same as me winning the 400 million Powerball.

      • Ditto that Joy….I’d sure like to see someone like Jim DeMint be able to moderate one of them too, he heads the Heritage Foundation now.

  4. I agree with Rush
    We are either in it to win it, or we should just hunker down and await the inevitable, and kiss America goodbye.

    He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the
    morgue! …
    That’s how you win.

    I wish I had a many billions of dollars.
    I would spend it all making films of all Hitlery’s and Oboinker’s perfidies, and buy all the air time right before elections so the only commercials were 30 second hit pieces on liberal knob jobs.

  5. there should be 4 debates next go-round…aired on the network(s) that “donate” the most, in equal amounts, to the DNC and the RNC.
    one would be moderated by wolf blitzer, the next by sean hannity, next candy crowley, and the last by rush limbaugh.
    you couldn’t get more “fair” than that now could you??

    otherwize, the RNC should “just say no” to any televised debates, and opt instead for live, face to face large venue debates in football stadiums and other large areanas…moderated by local celebs, like mayors and govenors

  6. chicago guy says:

    Conservatives need to start communicating their disgust with msm news avoidance programs to those who advertise there. Organize boycotts, be a pain in their asses like the lefties and race baiters do.

  7. Who can forget the pitiful moderators and their biased questioning during the one side favored “debates” of the last presidential race? It was by far the worst TV I have ever sat threw? If their held again, I will most likely sit them out.

    • Well, being the political junkie I am, I’d have to watch what took place instead of waiting for sound clips from other networks showing their bias agenda.

      I just hope Preibus is serious…this should have been done last time.

      • If republicans allow this again… then they deserve to get screwed. Grow some backbones on my side of the aisle would be nice for a change.

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    Dont watch the news no more its the usial liberal leftists propeganda

  9. we don’t need the libtard lapdog media at all…….they aren’t going to give the republican candidate a fair shake anyways……what the hell do we need them for…….let them go to hell…….they want to play the game like a bunch of assholes…..let them……why should we help them screw us……….

    shut CNN, NBS, CBS, ABC out and shut them out for good……let them go to hell, we don’t need them to get our message out…….if anything this will do us good……

    take our small government message directly to the people………there are so many venues that these lapdog media outlets just aren’t needed…..we don’t need them…..they need us more than we need them…………..

    as far as I am concerned they can


    • Hey Bluto…see ya made here today. As always, glad to read what you’re blowing off steam about….along with your great link.

  10. for those of you who give a sh!t….and you know I am not who does give a sh!t…..I can’t stand this bastard……..Obongo is speaking at a high school…..why a high school…..because it’s the only venue where real voters won’t show up…..if Obongo spoke at a venue with real voters (adults) they would probably chase him down and beat the living sh!t out of this son-of-a-bitch……

    the only place safe for Obongo to give & and deliver his lying-ass propaganda laced speech is with little dumb-asses like little high school brainwashed kiddies or college idiots and dumbbells……..

    Obongo gets seranated by the little brainwashed heathens………


    give me a break……………..

    the only crowd that still likes this bastard…..the brain-dead…………

    • Glad that was only a 14 second vid…although, it was 14 seconds too much.

      Gawd…I cannot take much more of this entity we call prez.

    • Hey Bluto, His handlers would not let a real American anywhere near the door let alone inside to upset the,,,,,,,

  11. I “lean” to vote for a “Conservative”……

    If Republicans run another RINO for President…..

    I’ll hold my nose and vote Republican……

    If Republicans run RINO’S for Congress and the Senate in my voting district……

    I’ll hold my nose and vote Democrat.

    A Democrat is easier to get rid of in the next election than a RINO.

  12. This link pertains to this blog post…of course it’s insane.


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