Friends…we’re having major issues with our IP server in our neck of the woods today, so I’m going directly to the point regarding some words Senator Ted Cruz had to say yesterday via a radio segment with El Rushbo. Cruz mentions ObamaCare and Syria…along with quick mentions of illegal immigration and amnesty, plus gun control as well.

Everything said is self-explanatory, just see if you agree or disagree with him and sound off afterwards if you’re interested in the matters at hand that were discussed between them. – You can read this in full here:

During an interview with Rush Limbaugh this week, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) attempted to link the international story that’s dominating the news media to the domestic one that is dominating Republican politics. The senator explained to Limbaugh how the potential U.S. military action in Syria and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act are fundamentally “tied together.”

After discussing both issues at length with Limbaugh, Cruz said:

Fundamentally, actually, these two issues, you look at Syria, you look at Obamacare. They’re tied together. They’re tied together by an arrogance of this administration, that they don’t believe they’re accountable to the American people, and they are going to jam their agenda down the throats of the American people.

And on both of them, the answer is the same as it was on guns; it’s the same as it is on stopping amnesty, which is the American people have to rise up and hold every elected official accountable, Democrat and Republican. Every one of us, including me.”

Limbaugh told Cruz he was “right,” but added, “the American people ought to have a political party that’s willing to stand up and join them in stopping this, too, and right now they don’t think they do.”

Listen to audio below, via Rush Limbaugh:

I’m going to throw this one in the mix here as well. – Check it out:

A SYRIAS MISTAKE: 25 QUOTES About The Coming War with Syria Every American Should See

Cruz hit the nail directly on the head when he spoke of the arrogance of this administration…did he not?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Being slower than molasses around here, thought you might find this interesting too.

    • Slower than molasses in January! 🙂 I’ve heard this from my gramp! (and my mother, about me, unfortunately…)

  2. Looking at the results of the past several years of policy in the mid east and trying to determine an original purpose based on those results I’d say the intent has been to unite the Muslim world . Taking into account that Obama/Suerto was raised in a Muslim environment with a mother who openly loathed America, his actions in the area are perfectly sensible- make the U.S. a common enemy to all Muslims and they will unite.

  3. If Dipstick orders an attack on Syria Congress should start impeachment against him using the “Exact” words Biden used against Bush. The Military is forbidden from following illegal orders, even from the President, they are protected by the Constitution. To fire a Military Officer for following his oath is Malfeasance in Office and is an impeachable crime. Whether we have Military and Congress with balls to stand up for the Constitution is another thing entirely. We shall see.

  4. I can only hope the arrogant knave that calls itself “president” starts a war with Syria and suspends (what little there actually is of) immigration law enforcement by executive order on the same day. His approval rating would instantly be halved.

    • Howdy countenance…

      Do you really thinks he cares about that now, he’s not up for reelection, although you wouldn’t know that by the way he flits around on an endless campaign style type of trail from town to town, state to state at different colleges, pushing them for his agenda, the midterms…and voter registration so the dems can use dual votes in different states come any election time.

      I despise him.

  5. Now…onto the other half of the main topic between Rush and Cruz…

    and this…

    And of course, here we have the union bitching now. How funny, they helped write this bill in one way or another. – Guess they want a waiver granted to them via their Dear Leader too.

    • Of course Obama is going to destroy the Unions and 40 hr work week. Union leaders were to stupid they did not realize he wants to destroy them and the United States. The are finaly waking to the fact he is a Commie Rat Bastard, Putin could not do it any better. Even Demos are starting to wake up, forget Pelosi and Reid, senility has really gotten to them.

  6. question of the day: I hate men with earrings. Does this mean I’m old?

  7. What’s this Idiot going to do when he gets out of office and History has a chance to start poking holes in his ego when the sycophants that protect him now move on?
    He’ll become shrill and bitter and insert himself into every issue and bring about ‘The Great Mockery’ he so richly deserves.

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    Obama is a a traitor and dictator and a WAR CRINIMAL and AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL should be demanding his arrested for WAR CRIMES

  9. The common thread proffered by Sen. Cruz is the arrogance of the current administration. (I have decided not to use the O word, like the N word as it is a vile and evil name that does not bear repeating.) Back to the issue, What I cannot understand is why, after being elected to the highest office in the Country, does the current administration not enjoy the Constitutionally granted powers of the office but instead seeks to always expand, circumvent, subvert or ignore our laws and traditions. Acting within the proper scope of the Constitution any administration can further their agenda and purposes either liberal or conservative. But the current administration indeed poses an arrogance I have not seen in 50 years of poli-watching. As one psychologist stated: The man is a narcissist with borderline personality disorder. I guess this explains the arrogance of which Sen. Cruz talks. Also see Dunning-Kruger effect.

    • eekalouse,

      I just call the nigga (meaning man according to Jeantel) a piece of shit president like the country has never seen before… and most likely/hopefully will never see again.


    Music that doesn’t suck! Born, died ndefore I was born. I hear sarcasm; love it!

  11. I never have heard any if the music that doesn’t suck …she doesn’t suck. Though.

  12. If you haven’t signed Cruz’s petition against funding Obamas Unaffordable Crap Act go to sorry if that doesn’t take you there but find it and sign.

    Also if you have Progressive Insurance you shouldn’t. Owner Peter B. Lewis is a Communist/Marxist and is connected with Soros. Progressive=Communist. Tell Flo she’s a hoe, she’s gotta go and kick her ass out the doe.

    • magnum…

      Thanks so much for inserting the much important link. I wrote that thing down yesterday and forgot to put it on today. – Much appreciated, hope others check it and spread the message to their contacts too.

  13. Obongo doesn’t have the cajones to take this to Congress and get congressional approval for his reckless involvement in Middle Eastern affairs(aka Syria).. the dumb bastard doesn’t understand what is going on in Syria and simply wants to interject himself into the fray so he can look like he has a handle on world affairs…..which we all know he doesn’t……….

    Cruz is right……Obongo is arrogant and a god damn fool……..this stupid son-of-a-bitch thought if we just capitulate and tell everyone we are the super power that is throwing it’s weight around and we need to be curtailed then the world would love us…….you god damn dumb bastard… the world thinks we’re fools…..this much they know for sure that you don’t command any respect in the world what-so-ever….you dumb fu@ken bastard…….apologize this you son-of-a-bitch………

    back down……you hear me asshole….back down…….you dumb-ass bastard…..what the hell do you think your going to accomplish sending missiles into Syria you stupid dim-wit………..

    back down you god-damn bastard……………

  14. “And on both of them, the answer is the same as it was on guns; it’s the same as it is on stopping amnesty, which is the American people have to rise up and hold every elected official accountable, Democrat and Republican. Every one of us, including me.”


    Limbaugh told Cruz he was “right,” but added, “the American people ought to have a political party that’s willing to stand up and join them in stopping this, too, and right now they don’t think they do.”


  15. F@ck yea, I agree! Barack doesn’t need any constitution to steer the USA towards a communist goal. He is even getting help from a large percentage of citizens (and illegals) mooching off the government for their free food and medical care.

    He is trying to use the administration to make illegals, legal, ban guns, start wars and take over the healthcare industry! There is nothing he can’t do because he doesn’t believe in the USA constitution. If he is going to be impeached, it should be based on him not following the constitution that he swore he would uphold!

  16. Since Syria was a main topic with Cruz…have any of you seen this news?

    • Snake Oiler says:

      That is pretty tremendous. How do you figure Chairman MaoBama and his mouthpiece, the corrupt career politician and plutocrat Horseface John Kerry, will take this news? I can almost hear Hillary, totally amoral, lying, ugly shitbag that she is, screeching in the background ‘What difference does it make?’.

      • Howdy Snake…

        In my opinion they’ll ignore this news…it doesn’t fit their agenda whatsoever. – The truth is something to be avoided at all costs via this administration.

        Hopefully I’ll have time later today to post something about this topic unless someone else does. Heck, I don’t see Red, RSR or AWD around today…most likely enjoying their week-end.



    ‘Somali Muslims finding a place in Fort Morgan’

    Cargill plant in Fort Morgan, CO where wages that start at $13.25 an hour, plus benefits, beckoned — and no English or experience was required.
    The latest wave of immigrants to remake the face of this rural agricultural community of 12,000 is black, Muslim and scarred from experiences in a failed state.
    An estimated 1,000 to 1,200 Somalis — most of them refugees — now live here, drawn by employment at Cargill in the last six years.

    Read more: Somali Muslims finding a place in Fort Morgan – The Denver Post

  18. Obama, the brazen stupidity of this guy is astounding. “My military”???, you are not a king asshole, you are supposed to be serving the American people. Instead you are serving yourself and all muslim assholes on the earth. Damn I hate you.

    Impeach him and bring him down!!!!!

    • Good morning John…

      I just heard he’s going to make some big announcement in the Rose Garden in about an hour or so. – We know it ain’t gonna be pretty whatever it is concerning Syria.

      Did you happen to see the latest link I posted above a few posts, it speaks volumes. Guess we’re all supposed to be stuck on stupid.

      • Good Morning BT

        Yeah, I looked at all the links. Just astounding where we are, I am a loss for words at the stupidity and incompetence of this so called Government/Administration. We have fallen so badly, the idiotic morons that voted for this guy are mentally challenged idiots and they still don’t get it. Incredible.

        I think your hubby is home now? Hope all is well and things are better after your recent loss.

        • Did you happen to hear the UN briefing just now? – It doesn’t help the lying Dear Leader whatsoever. O always supports the very enemies we are fighting…we all know why too. I know I’ll become more infuriated after he speaks in about 20 minutes or so.

          Btw…thank you so much for your kind words about my loss. I’m doing what we all do after such a thing happens…that’s all we can do. My dog Gabe will be missed by me forever. So will lot’s of other animals I’ve had in my life. The majority of us here have been there…so, life goes on.

          And yes, my hubby returned from ND about ten days ago…he’s visiting his kids and relatives this week-end in another area for a few days before he goes back to work full time again.

          Hope all is going well with you and your wife etc.

          • Yes, I am watching it now. This incompetent, bumbling fool has no idea what he is doing and is very likely to get us into WW3 through his incompetency. Let the damn muslims kill each other and keep us out of it.

            I wish I could say things are better with my wife Brigitte but she is slowly declining. It takes every waking minute of my time to take care of her. Just the way it is.

          • Concur. – Gawd, I despise this administration and what they’ve wrought at home and abroad…and they have years more for their endless destruction.

  19. If I had a son in politics, he would look like Ted Cruz.

    But, on another subject: Why am I getting all these popups on this site for “Cory Booker for U.S. Senate”? This would be the last site I would expect such a popup.

  20. I’m personally against any strike in Syria… but this link shows the weakness of this sissy prez, and don’t think for a moment the other countries around the world view him as weak too. He drew his red lines in the sand only to have the sand kicked in his face… now he says he wants to strike but will now allow congress to give a yes or no vote… knowing damn well they will say no.

    Know one thing for sure as do all of you… this president squats when he takes a leak.

    • Nail on head Paul. Just heard his BS a few minutes back. I have much to do today…but do hope to get something on about it pretty soon.


    Gore wont ever debate his Global Warming ideas becuase he knows he,ll lose and have his awards revoked

  22. Ted Cruz is f**king idoit point blank he got in by using is last name I myself I am a Cruz but no relation thank God. Today he talked about Jessis Helms I hope he as a bed next to him in hell when its Ted Cruz is time to go. These peole are the reason why liberal are moving to Texas in droves. Sad day to even call him an American. Note: I reserve the right to ulitize my first amendment right and articulate my opinion of Ted Cruz. HE IS THE REASON WHY TODAY I AM NOT REPUBLICAN. THE PARTY HAS GONE TO SHIT!