Oh brother…this is so typical when it comes to leftist-loons never letting a so-called ‘good crisis‘ go to waste! Wait until you hear what this twit had to say about the horrific Chris Lane murder…see if it doesn’t set your hair on fire! – It’s never the fault of the filthy thugs, murderers that they are…no sireee, as always…the gun laws are to blame dontcha know!

I read and watched this earlier today and wanted to share it with you. – This is via GWP:


Richard Fowler, Democratic political strategist and progressive messaging expert, was on FOX News tthis mornigng to discuss the media’s reaction to the brutal murder of Aussie baseball player Chris Lane last Friday.

Three Oklahoma black teens shot Australian baseball star Chris Lane after he jogged by their home. They killed him just for fun.

Fowler blamed Oklahoma gun laws for the shooting.

“I think the fact that we have guns in large proliferation, in fact Oklahoma is a gun friendly state. I mean, guns get in the wrong hands of the wrong people. That is why we need to have more gun control in this country.”

What an offensive and misinformed statement.
Police have not found the gun yet.

When Democrats can’t play the race card – they play the gun control card.

And to think…this Richard Fowler is a democrat strategist! Are you kidding me…what color is his world?

Here are some other links connected to this case for you to check out as well:

1. Media That Routinely Called Zimmerman ‘White’ Avoids Describing Christopher Lane’s Killers

2. Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow Blames Chris Lane Murder on Facebook, Abortion Laws

3. The Five’s Bolling and Beckel in Heated Battle Over Oklahoma Shooting, Gun Laws

4. Oklahoma Officials Release 911 Call Following ‘Bored’ Kids Killing Athlete Chris Lane

5. Limbaugh: Oklahoma Shooting of White Athlete is ‘Trayvon Martin in Reverse, but Worse’

So…do you have any message for the likes of Richard Fowler and ilk that are playing the blame game on gun laws?

Hit me with your best shots…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Why do these idiot demacrats always want Gun Control laws Is it becuase the demacratic donkey is the worlds stupidists political animal?

  2. Shit drops close to the other turds.


    Get the message??? Well do ya Ms Fowler???

  3. Great service you’ve done here, Dude, by posting the five links which clearly shows the shameless hypocrisy of the Looney-tune Left. I am allowing myself to become somewhat optimistic that the horrible and tragic murder of Lane will begin to turn the tide against truth-defying political correctness.

  4. When I stop and consider that my tax-dollars are being criminally spent to support the sustenance and procreation of a population of evil parasites, I become damned-near homicidal.


  5. Jumpin' Joe says:

    If these nit wit gun grabbers want to stop gun crime. Perhaps they could find the cretin that provided these three poor young yoots with the gun and prosecute them. Then, instead of coddling these little bastards they need to hold them responsible for their actions. Whether they were, “bored” or not.

  6. http://spectator.org/archives/.....homa-story

    Me thinks even some progs are waking up, on second thought I’m sure ther is a $ factor in it.

    • Stein is spot-on…in more ways that one. I don’t live far from wherever he resides…and thumbs-up to him. I’m glad we live where we do too.

  7. http://www.theatlanticwire.com.....ior/68600/
    DHS employee prepping for a race war, advocates for mass murder of white people and more… wonder if they will take his guns?

    • michael…

      Thank you. I hope like heck others read this. That link is eye-opening.

      If you don’t mind, I’m also going to put it on the NBPP thread too. Maybe you already have…haven’t been around much today.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      They won’t do anything.  Remember Major Nidal Hasan?  Too “diverse” even to refer to counselling, because that would have been “racist”.

    • Yeah, and NOTHING will be done about this… Eric Holder will look the other way and Obama will say nothing and he will not lose his job. Imagine the outrage from the MSM and the CBC if a white man working for ICE would have been discovered with inciting a race war under Bush’s administration.

      I consider the lack of an appropriate response to this by our government to be an open declaration of war by our government against us whites… no wonder they wish to disarm us so badly

      • This seems to have been spiked by the News Media, good catch, this certainly connects the dots.

        His doctrine in my opinion parallels Islam

  8. Oh my gosh…there he (Fowler) is again on Fox vs Malkin…this will be a good one. Malkin will clean his clock.

  9. jollywhitegiant says:

    Bullshit he cares about gun control. This “word that I cant say due to site policy” is not misinformed, or opportunist, or even being political. He’s a black covering for another black. That’s all this is. The “words I cant say due to site policy” don’t give a damn why it happened. Occam’s razor folks: Its about their thug asses being as black as his, and they have each others backs no matter what. The gun control angle is a ruse to make the debate about something other than the fact that blacks are dangerous and white people need to start getting away from them. If liberal whites want to live with them, more power to them. But I lend zero credibility to their strawman arguments about economics or guns. They know what its about and so do I. Its them against us. Their kids are killing mighty whiteys kids, and they are OK with it.

    • AMEN.. and you are right about Occam’s razor, the simplest answer tends to be the right one.

      Stats don’t lie no matter how hard they try to twist the truth.. get away from black areas before the SHTF or you will be a victim.. they hate us and their behavior and attitude towards us proves it

      • Correct guns are an inanimate object we love to call Liberals stupid they are not, they are evil. The only reason there is not a one world government right now is White people and their access to guns. Liberals can’t openly call for the genocide of Whites they are close but to be blatant is not possible for them right now. The next easy out is to marginalize Whites reduce their political and financial power, take away their guns.

        Once the White population dips a bit more and they are less educated with less finances and gun control is passed things will really get bad. The goal is a small population of White and Jewish elites who will control 99% of the wealth and the blacks and browns can fight it out for scraps.


          I have said it before that blacks are being used as weapons of mass destruction in this country by the NWO in order to eliminate the one thing that stands in their way of global domination… an organized and armed white society and capitalism. Why else are our borders here and in Europe being flooded with violent parasites? Why else are the politicians in our country forcing integration on us?

          Whites better wake up to this before it’s too late.. if it’s not too late already. The clouds are dark… a storm is coming

        • shotgunwilly says:

          hey man good post, just a fyi, if SHTF happens don’t lump all mexi’s in with the thug blacks man, i’m half Hispanic, half Italian and irish, i was born here as were my parents and grandparents, yeah theirs lots of mexi gang punks id love to get rid of just like the blacks thugs but a lot of them people travel thousands of miles to just work here, where the black thug lives here and cant find a job, im against immigration. we need a fence but judging by the latest news articles i am watching my back for the blacks, ive had several run ins and am just saying if shit ever happens i don’t want to get shot by you because were on the same side, peace

          • How do you end that statement with the word “peace”? Nothing you just said promotes peace…all I read was about segregation and paranoia. Walking around scared of people? We’ll listen bub, serial killers have no skin color. Crazy is crazy.

          • Serial killers are albinos???

      • jollywhitegiant says:

        That’s why its so dangerous when HUD starts talking about actively integrating neighborhoods. Its dangerous economically because it means they are going to either start subsidizing blacks that can’t normally afford to live in white neighborhoods or start forcing banks again to make loans to the same, which led to the housing crisis. But if you are white, the bigger danger is that it will effectively make “white flight” illegal unless you move to the sticks and live on 40 acres, because anytime whites start moving to a particular area to get away from the blacks, HUD will be there to bring some of them in.

  10. Surprise Surprise.. We have ANOTHER black Marxist who wishes to disarm white folks so his brothas can attack us without fear of lethal consequences..

    Does anyone else see the trend that I see?

    NO damn way they are getting my guns… unless they are hot and empty

  11. Is Richard Fowler Gay???,?, Every goid looking black man on t.v. is gay these days!!!

    • Maybe you should try to google and see…I’ve never heard of this guy until last night. ~

      Btw…I guess he has his own radio talk show too.

    • WTF?

      ah, forget it…

      • Exactly….think about it. The majority of the msm has always called our Dumbo-Eared Dear Leader ‘good-looking’ etc too. – NOT!

        Wonder what that would make him in sc341’s world.

        Maybe sc341 will answer later…not quite sure where he/she is coming from.

  12. bigtimer

    ( sc341 ) she is probably a coal burner… a year or two ago that shit never bothered me.. now my hate is growing.. thanks to Obama and his race baiting ilk

    • I don’t know about that…have no way of knowing until we hear more. Some of the point made from sc wasn’t missed on me. – I’ll leave it at that.

      Been a long day, hubby’s home…I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning etc etc. Got to grab a bite to eat, check in here…and then hit the sack. Sure thought I’s see one of the Red’s post today…as well as AWD this evening. – There’s always tomorrow. 😉


    Let them all report to the gallows so we dont have to care for these beasts the rest of their lives

  14. It appears there was more going on than someone being bored.
    Yoots bragged about playing the knock out game on whites post Zimmerman verdict. This is happening all over america and it’s being covered up.

    ‘HATE THEM’: Here’s What Teen Accused of Murdering Australian Student Had to Say About ‘White’ People, Guns and Killing on Twitter


  15. AFCrewChief says:

    There was no provocation, this was as they stated “out of boredom”. I hear they are gang members, who cares they took an innocent life shot from behind ..that poor guy. My heart goes out to his family. Where is the White House? This is an outrage. What’s the matter Obama this doesn’t fit your definition as Racism. No answer either on the Blacks who beat the white kid on the bus. Obama what is up with him???
    Being that Obama is HALF WHITE doesn’t that justify him making the statement “Chris Lane could have been my son.” He did with Trayvon Martin, oh wait Trayvon was black..I get it…. Obama suffers from being a Race dividing RACIST…

  16. Gun control? My a$$!!!!! We need urban youth control……I spent too many years as a news photographer and, unfortunately, I have seen far too many of these “yoots” face down in the street in a pool of their own blood. One could ponder on the waste of life that is. Realistically, it is more likely a way of life.

    Calamity Jane was raised around guns and had a .22 rifle at 8 years old, a 12ga shotgun and a 30-06 at 12…..I don’t “recall” ever being involved in any sort of mass killing or any “kill for thrill” homicide…..Am I alone on this one?

  17. As you have ya morning coffee today ..consider this little tid-bit of news.

  18. We do not have a gun problem. What we have is a black problem. If you eliminate black crime from the stats, then, even with guns, the US is the safest place on earth. Once you add back the black crime, then we are one of the most dangerous places on earth. Instead of talking about guns, lets talk about the fact that 3% of the population commits over 60% of all crime, and that is only the crime reported. What about the fact that blacks in the US are 1400% more likely to commit a violent crime. This compares to a world wide stat that blacks commit a violent crime 300% more frequent than any other group. This has nothing to do with discrimination or slavery. This has to do with the fact that these people are not human. I know that cops will not go into many black areas (black cops) because of the danger. Why don’t we go back to the Jim Crow laws? They worked well and now we find that there was a reason for them.

  19. I don’t know if any of you caught this last night…but it was a good one. – Malkin vs Fowler.


    I also saw this early this morning too…


  20. Mr. Rational says:

    I mean, guns get in the wrong hands of the wrong people.

    Judging by the crime statistics, the “wrong people” have dark skins.  The light-pink-to-chalky ones don’t cause problems nearly as often.

    This suggests that we should have a foreground check before you can have a gun:  your skin must be no darker than X.  We could call this, oh, the “paper-bag test”.

  21. Chris Lane shooting a gang initiation, says father who called police

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/ch.....z2cixZVyim

  22. Maybe someone else already posted about this…anyway, going to throw it in here now.


  23. Guns don’t kill people, Blacks kill people.

    We don’t need to control or ban guns, we need to control or ban Blacks. With a ban on Blacks, the violent crime rate would immediately drop by over 50%. What should be done is to move ALL Blacks into their own corner of the country, say, the northeast, since it’s already a lost cause, then wall it off and leave them to their own devices. In ten years, we go back in, bulldoze the bodies into a mass grave, then rebuild it, as they will have totally destroyed the infrastructure and each other.

    Blacks are violent by nature, they are incapable of living peacefully with other races or even with themselves. Kind of like Islam, if we could segregate ourselves from them, they will eventually kill each other off, or starve to death because there would be no one (White) to rob for money to buy food.

  24. All in a day’s work…………. And the best part, no guns.


  25. I read all of the posts this feral animal made.
    Yes, absolutely ignorant diction. Negro diction.
    Ebonics, I guess.
    How does one “educate” these sub-humans that do not want to be educated, because early on, their sub-human brain tells them they cannot comprehend just what schooling is all about.
    Maybe it is the negro Syndrome that education is a waste of time as trying to train a Gerbil to FLY!!!!
    Gutter spelling and Ebonics!!!
    So, this is just another example of a human feral animal in our 20th Century that cannot and will never be able to assimilate into a civil population.
    You cannot train a Wolf to be civil and walk calmly into a “dog park”.
    Sorry if you do not agree. Maybe YOU, whitey, the next time.

  26. And we will be hearing the “dey bee goot boyz who nevah did nuffin’ wrong” speech in 3… 2… 1…

  27. What was his name again, I seem to forget……….


    Remember those two young Tennessee kids…………..?


  28. President Lazlo sentences these Yoots to 20 years hard labor.

    They will join Lazlo’s Polar Outreach program.

    They will be shoveling out giant trenches in Antarctica to form letters.

    I intend to have them write ‘Howdy Neighbor’ on the South Pole so you can read it on the moon.

  29. Another Senseless Murder You’re Not Hearing About — and Some in the Family Wonder If It Could Be a Trayvon Martin Revenge Murder

    A young white male was walking to his car on a city street late at night on August 12 when he was confronted by a trio of black individuals. They shot him dead. Police have arrested three people and charged them with first degree murder. But some in the victim’s family can’t understand why the shooting is being called a failed robbery when they say the evidence suggests something possibly more sinister: a hate crim


    • Yep…posted about that somewhere earlier too. – It’s becoming an everyday occurrence triple-fold these days.

  30. Oh brother…just check this first one out, the other one matters…but not like this one.


    Here’s one more I’ll toss in to the mix.



    He is a perfect example of ones brains on STUPID

  32. Here’s this…the author is very lib, I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, as I’m short on time at the moment…but the headline is intriguing.



  34. Does Richard Fowler take it in the ass or is it his partner? THE Quire basterd

  35. Richard Fowler you are an idiot! You believe your own BS!

  36. Art Fudenberg says:

    Fowler is nothing but a left-wing idiot.

  37. T McDevitt says:

    Richard Fowler, Needs a tour of duty in the real world, lets send him to Afghanistan to talk about gun control. The most offensive, misinformed moron and he’s convinced he’s right

  38. One question; Who in the hell made this 28 yr old and ‘expert’ on anything? His credentials are as refined as Al Sharpton in that he is- 1. Inexperienced (in life). 2. Talks (a lot). 3. Is black (that would make him pretty much equal to 40 million other people). 4. Profits off of his own race… stellar. He has a mike, talks in it, and has an ‘answer’ for everything (according to Richard). Volunteering with his Mama, going to school on ‘our dime’ makes him an expert? Good to know when Al deprives us of his meaningful existence, there will be another hypocritical, loud mouthed, ill- mannered (Talks over EVERYONE), ignorant (experience that comes with living life beyond age 30), moron that is allowed to speak for profit for one single reason only, he’s BLACK! I would be interested to see where dear tender and ‘soft’ lil Richard will be at age 40. If blowing your wad is so well accomplished by this 28 yr old ‘intellectual’ with a hubris surpassed only by his messiah ‘Barry the awesome’ just WHAT will this AA poster child offer us ignorant Americans when he finally drops a nut and becomes a Man? More money for Richard being…black? This country has sucked on Sharpton (4 million dollar felon/obama fodder) for so long that this ‘progressive’ turd merchant represents ALL black folks now? If racism is to ever go away, let’s make the first turd to be flushed Richard Fowler. Making money on fighting whitey is an actual ‘job’ for race whores like this asshole… yes Richard, you, young man (not a compliment dummy) are an asshole. I never use profanity when writing however, if I must break tradition, you sweetheart (tender, pink sock, penny loafer wearing, punk made, manicured, greasy, painted toe nailed, sorbet loving, sellout UT, race baiting, gentile little boy), are the one that deserves a full wad! I’m quite sure it’s something you are enjoying….for now. However, your career will take a DRASTIC turn when FOX drops your ass, your messiah goes awol with 450K a year to a remote island and being black is no longer profitable for you… What ARE you good at besides talking out of your ass and kneeling to the Obama alter? Name ONE single thing those soft lil gentle hands of yours can do? A ‘delegate’ for what used to be? A volunteer for stupidity? I’d give you $1000 and hour to lay brick, run a jackhammer, put out a fire, save a life (besides your own), serve our country, play ANY GAME WITH A ROUND BALL, box, SWIM 5 feet (no doggie paddle), or maybe play 6 whole seconds of hockey (just for picture op for us, lol). Air conditioned, latte drinking, Carlton shape up. Do you honestly think other black people admire your ass? Come down to 5 mile and Gratiot and stand 30 minutes at a bus stop… ya know, be a badass.. Fox has launched your stupid ass into a whole NEW kind of notoriety that will come to full fruition before your 40 as you’re being USED dummy! Remember Richard, never leave OUR country without body guards because you’d look really stupid on your knees begging Americans (that you hate) to come rescue your tender orchid black ass!!! Truly, a veteran and conservative!