How insensitive can the Washington Redskins and their racist owner Daniel Snyder be? Racist bastids who obviously do not embrace diversity and understand the pain caused by their racist team name! As a Dallas Cowboy fan, Angry White Dude supports liberals, Slate Magazine, Injuns and all Injunic peoples in calling for the immediate name-change from the racist Washington Redskins to the Washington Injuns. In the name of diversity and multi-culturism, AWD furthermore calls on the NFL to ban them racist Redskin bastids from the league! Enough is enough!

The journalistic powerhouse Slate Magazine today announced they would not publish the name “Redskins” anymore. That racist crap just don’t flush in 2013!

David Plotz, highly-offended editor of Slate Magazine said:

This is the last Slate article that will refer to the Washington NFL team as the Redskins. For decades, American Indian activists and others have been asking, urging, and haranguing the Washington Redskins to ditch their nickname, calling it a racist slur and an insult to Indians…. Why, then, has nothing changed? Because the choice of the team’s name belongs to one person, Washington owner Daniel Snyder.

It’s about damn time! For years, AWD has hated the Washington Redskins not only for their racist name…but also because they suck! Again, the NFL should just ban the whole damn Washington Redskins team forever because they are racist. And they suck.

Redskins owner and chief racist creepy ass cracka Daniel Snyder must atone for the centuries of racism his team has forced upon America’s Injuns. He must also atone for all the sucky football forced on real football fans by the Washington Redskins. AWD calls on Daniel Snyder to learn how it feels to be an Injun in America. Then he will understand how the name of his racist, sucky team has held down millions of injuns since…well…forever!

Perhaps the racist, sucky Snyder could be forced to live in a tee pee and hunt tatanka (buffalo, you goat roping, racist rednecks). Or he should have to deal blackjack at an Injun casino or serve firewater to the gamblers. I don’t know but Snyder must pay a heavy price for his racist football team name. And for sucking.

If the proud name Injuns isn’t acceptable to Salon Magazine, maybe some of these names for the super-sucky, racist Washington Redskins would be more appropriate:

  • Washington Losers
  • Washington Scalpers
  • Washington Heap Big Racists
  • Washington Pale Faces (even though there are no pale faces on the team)
  • Washington Blackjack Dealers
  • Washington Wahoos (after the greatest Injun wrestler of all time, the Chief Wahoo McDaniel)
  • Washington Poofters (since it’s hip to be queer in Washington)
  • Washington Creepy Ass Crackas (again, no creepy ass crackas on the team)
  • Washington Obamas (since the Redskins suck as bad as Obama)
  • Washington Sucks-A-Lots (since Washington sucks a lot)
  • Washington Trayvons

I don’t know.  I kind of like the Washington Injuns because it honors Injunic history.  Although, the Washington Losers is a much more descriptive team moniker.

Or maybe Daniel Snyder just should break all pretense of his racist, sucky team and name them the Washington Redneck Racists.

Y’all can submit your own potential names for the Washington Redskins, who suck, in the comments section.

As one who embraces diversity, AWD welcomes the day when the Washington Redskins (who suck) will never infest the holy gridiron grounds of Dallas Cowboy Stadium with their racist, sucky team!  After all, haven’t Cowboy fans and the Injuns suffered enough? Damn you, Daniel Snyder, you racist bastid.  You suck!

AWD also calls on the San Francisco 49’ers to change their homophobic name immediately!


AWD is all about diversity!

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  1. Always liked Shanahan, so I’m hoping the team has a good season. As far as the teams name… leave well enough alone or the Kansas City Chiefs will be targeted next.

  2. I remember years ago when the professionally offended American Indian Movement was going to protest at a NCAA bowl game featuring the Florida State Seminoles. They were doing their standard racist this, insulting that, blah blah blah…

    The Chief of the Seminole Nation told them to not come within a 100 miles of the place or there would be tribal war like they’ve never seen. AIM tried the old, “your too stupid to know you are being insulted” stuff. And the Chief fired right back at them about being leftist useful idiots and that the Seminoles were glad to call FL home and have their named used. That there was a close connection between the tribe and the school.

    MSM tried to make something of the AIM protest, the old stir the pot for ratings crap. Seminoles told them to shut up or they would sue ’em. MSM and AIM put their tails between their legs and went home.

    • J-Man,

      I remember that well… the majority of the Seminoles were proud to have their name attached to the team.

  3. Shittsburg Squealers
    Kansas City Griefs
    Denver Donkeys
    Cleveland Clowns
    Shittsinati bunglers
    Forty Whiners
    Green Bay puckers
    St Louis Goats
    Miami Guppies
    Washington Foreskins
    San Diego Chockers

  4. Washington Saggin Skins……..


  5. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    Its been my experience that injuns are just as racist if not more than blacks.

    Once for a pot luck dinner I brought buffalo wings and an indian got very offended and asked how dare I call them buffalo wings blah blah blah. At first I thought, “Squanto you must be joking” but he was serious as a heart attack. Apparently he’s either a distant relative of Jessica Simpson or he’s never heard of Buffalo, NY.

    • Got that beat. Once I was a part of a Methodist group that went to Alaska in the 60’s to build and refurbish churches. One of our destinations was on a reservation. On entering the area, we had a group of Indians begin throwing rocks and epitaphs. Now, I emphasize that we were there to do good, had no interest in preaching or converting anyone, and we were from the South and considered ourselves to be victims of US suppression of freedom and occupied by a foreign country. So, there was no reason for the Indians to attack us other than racism.

  6. San Francisco fudge packers

  7. Baltimore Rapers
    Pittsburg Thugs
    Houston Tampons
    Indianapolis C*nts
    Tennessee Virgins
    N Y Midgets
    Dallas Cowbells
    Tampa Bay F**kingqueers

  8. Oakland Home Invaders
    Detroit Liberals

  9. New England Pud-Suckers.

  10. Lol Good one BT

    • Mag…

      I see where the Chickenhawks won tonight. – Kind of glad I forgot to watch that. I like both teams much.

  11. Why should the NFL change the name of a football team, when it’s a white guy sport, in a country founded by white people? I’m sure most Native Americans would love the teams name. But.. If they must insist call them the white skins. lol

  12. David Plotz, jewish?

  13. I agree the REDskins suck, but how about the team from my hometown? The Cleveland Browns, now doesn’t that demean all Brown ppl? I mean the team moved, yet when they give the city another team, they call it the Browns again, which I was would have to say is pretty dang racissst. And the name is not only racissst, they suck. Why do all racissst teams seem to suck?

  14. Yeah I saw that.

  15. Tony Diamond says:

    In my experience, Indians are more offended by the word “indians” than they are “redskin”, “Native American” (aren’t all of us who are born here?) being the preferred term. This is a bunch of liberal nonsense with no basis in reality other than the one they insist on giving it. I’m a quarter Cherokee and really don’t give a rats ass. GO COWBOYS! And I suppose that will offend both cattle and young men.

    • Chesty Puller says:

      Really? well, your experience has been different than mine… my grandfather ( mothers father ) was Cherokee from the Eastern Band in NC and he called himself an American Indian… heck even Russell Means ( once a loud voice of the American Indian Movement aka AIM ) refered to the historically indigenous people of North America as Indians.. I don’t think there is any word to use that would satisfy the perpetually offended

      HOWEVER, while I have no emotional investment in the changing of the Redskins name, I will say that IF it was black’s ( ahem, excuse me.. African Americans.. ) protesting a name like “black skins” or darkies or something of that nature the NFL would have changed it loooooong ago… I’m just saying

      • Tony Diamond says:

        Right, AMERICAN Indian. Not just “indian” lol. Or injun. But you’re correct, you can’t satisfy groups who are looking for a reason to bitch! My point was that I’ve yet to meet someone in person who thought that the douche bag Redskins should change their name because it’s offensive.

  16. Washington Weenies.



  18. misterbill says:

    Next, I suppose that those selling tickets outside on game day can no longer be called scalpers.

    Bengay becomes Alternate Life Style Cream.

  19. Every time one of these groups whines about a name they declare is Racistly Racist, oblige them by Promptly changing the name to one of our Presidents (Only Dead ones).

    The Washington Washington’s
    The Cleveland Cleveland’s
    The Boston Polk’s
    The Dallas Taylor’s
    The Atlanta Buchanan’s
    The Chicago Taft’s
    The Kansas City Garfield’s
    The Minnesota McKinley’s
    The Golden State Filmore’s

  20. As if the world is rushing to Slate magazine for sports coverage.

    For Slate to make this threat is about as credible as a hobo threatening to leave you out of his will.

  21. Come on everyone , no mention of the Brownies or Bangles/!!!!!!

  22. Slate magazine won’t cover the ‘skins anymore?? Next thing you know “Better Home and Gardens” will stop keeping me informed on the latest UFC happenings! What’s this world coming to?

  23. How about the Washington Stealers?

  24. Is football still relevant? It’s worthless as a sport simply because there is no sportsmanship just big business selling fans stuff they don’t need.

    I would rather go out on a sandlot every Sunday with a few dozen guys to toss, catch, and run a Prolate spheroid, than to sit in front of a TV and watch overpaid megalomaniacs juiced up on Roids run around in tights.

    But ya never see anyone playing sandlot ball anymore…

    I guess someone could get butthurt

  25. Tim I like that one.

  26. I know AWD is old enough to remember and obviously remains bitter, over the most effective fan based momentum driver of the 20th century; “We Want Dallas!!” .. And the the worthless cowgirls were humiliated on their home turf for the NFC Championship .. It took them years to recover.. GO SKINS !!!!!!

  27. Guilty as charged! And loving it!


    And think about how those idiots from PETA whine about teams named for preditorial animals and birds Our local High school team are THE LIONS and our Jr Collage team are THE EAGLES both are preditors

  29. Lions, Bears, Seahawks, Panthers, Jaquars …?weasels?…the Washington Weasels!

  30. Surprised no one came up with Washington Shitskins…

    • The “Redskins” have been sucking since that racist Snider bought the team BUT with RG3 being on the team, the Redskins are 2-0 against the Cowgirls!

      There is absolutely few things worse than arrogant Cowgirl fans who think they are going to win the SB every year especially since the last Super Bowl appearance was in the 1995 season. This year is a little different, I can’t find any Cowboy fans to make a bet with. Usually they are lining up to make stupid bets!

  31. I think that we use the words that appear in our founding document: “Merciless Indian Savages”. If it’s good enough for George Washington, it should be god enough for Washington.

  32. How’s about Dead Ones, as in “The only good Redskin is a…”

  33. god guts and guns says:

    Sorry AWD but I love the Redskins and Hate Dallas. The PC crap is BS and the Cowboys and Redskins are the best rivalry in Sports. I know the girls suk but if they got rid of their GM Jera Jones they might become relevent again. With Tony can’t get it done Romo they have no chance of going anywhere again. Sorry, but fans is fans AWD. I love your site though…..Can’t wait for the season.

  34. Native Texan says:

    In response to the politial correctness which has permeated our soceity so deeply; I have a few words to say about the naming of sports teams. In short,I am NOT politically correct! I still refer to Indians as Indians; NOT “Native American Aboriginals”; as my ex mother in law did! My little brother; (who just happens to be the worlds greatest authority on sports); once came up with an idea for a MINOR LEAGUE football league. It would be made up enirely of teams based in Texas and composed of Mexican immigrants. You could have teams like the Pecos “Pepper-Bellies”, the San Antonio “Spics”, the Brownsville “Beaners”, and of course, the reigning champion Val Verde “Vatos”!!! They would play in the “Vato Dome”,i.e.(a big circus tent). Whichever team wins the championship game, (the MENUDO BOWL); everyone on the winning team gets a Green Card! This would add a LOT of politically incorrect entertainment for us Crazy ass Crackas! After all, isnt that just what the NFL needs?; a running back that works for $ 4.25 an hour?

  35. Sherron Ellsworth says:

    thats a picture of a souix named boy

  36. “Redskins” is offensive??? How about the Cowboys who attacked (justifiably) the Injuns?? And isn’t “Giants” an exclusionary insult to midgets? Is “Saints” an insult to the protestants, who don’t believe in saints? The list goes on….

  37. Racist? Not at all. The wussys who are offended by the term Redskins are thin skinned pansies. The author of this site should go back to paying his fantasy video games an keep his idiotic opinions to himself and his buddies at Loser bloggers .com

    • Bill Green, did you even take time to read the article before leaving your embarrassing comment? Obviously not. Want to try again?