Black hands out

Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine?

Awash with a mix of sadness and rage at the latest act of senseless violence perpetrated upon an innocent and upstanding member of society, I ask: Why bother posting this latest outrageous murder of a defenseless white person at the hands of feral blacks, when there will just be another one tomorrow to bury today’s headline?

From infants to the elderly, from mothers to war vets, no one is safe from the random, vicious savagery of blacks. No one.

Ever since the races of the northern climes began to travel and mix with other races, up until about fifty years ago, it was common sense that the races were different. We look different and behave differently, and, with time, science would show that we also have anatomical and biological differences as well as cognitive differences.

Rather than accept reality, white leftists have been on an Orwellian crusade to force everyone to believe the fantasy that race is only a “social construct” and that there are no fundamental differences amongst racial groups (“it’s only a difference in ‘melanin levels’,” etc.), and that therefore any differences in outcome of racial groups is necessarily a product of evil, racist oppression by whites (and whites only).

Fueled by this patent nonsense, the entirety of the US political, media, and educational establishments lurched toward “righting past wrongs” by tyrannically imposing an endless litany of decrees, propaganda, and indoctrination whose sole purpose was to uplift blacks—the world over—out of their squalor and violent dysfunction.

Fifty years later… after abolishing Jim Crow laws; after forced bussing, forced school integration, and forced community integration by the federal government and the courts; after the sundry Affirmative Action laws; after Johnson’s “war on poverty”; after endless “disparate impact” rulings allowing state-sponsored discrimination against whites in favor of blacks; after trillions of dollars in food, medical, and other aid to Africa; after sacrificing blood and treasure in black hell-holes from Haiti to Somalia; after ending Apartheid; after forgiving every sin and failure of every black due to the legacy of “slavery” and “racism”; after pouring trillions into a school system that is obsessively focused on closing the “achievement gap” between blacks and other races (all the while doing nothing whatsoever to close that gap, but successfully sinking to rank lowest amongst developed nations); after electing and appointing blacks into positions of power throughout the land—up to and including the nation’s highest office; after coming up with every excuse imaginable as to why so many blacks continue to be stupid, ignorant, violent, corrupt, criminal, rude, nasty, and hopeless after so much time, money, effort, blood, sweat, and good will has been showered upon them to the exclusion of all other races…at what point do we say enough is enough? At what point do we admit that, while the experiment was noble, it has utterly failed? That blacks are, on the whole, a failed race? That we have done enough—more than enough—so we now will let them sink or swim on their own merits, or lack thereof?

Are we, as a people, capable of admitting the truth? Are we capable of summoning the courage necessary to accept unpleasant realities while scuttling comforting fantasies? Are we capable of deprogramming ourselves from the better part of a century’s worth of culture-wide brainwashing and reestablishing a just and civil society that is based upon evidence and reason instead of wishful thinking?

The answers to these questions will mean the difference between a rebirth of American exceptionalism, vs. a continued slide into becoming but one more hopelessly dysfunctional, third-world hell-hole.

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  1. At what point do we say enough is enough? A point not in your lifefime nor mine, this question/problem of race still has much play in it for the race baiters, and Joe Blow is not paying attention nor smart enough to see behind the facade.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      At what point do we say enough is enough?

      Depends who you ask.  I was saying that, oh, 30 years ago.  YMMV.

  2. Dave in Texas says:

    I don’t know Red, What do we do about this jacked up situation we are now in?

  3. A response is on the horizon, what exactly that will look like I’m not sure but complacent attitudes have changed. Their great savior of “White Guilt” is nearly dead in America.

    If there has to be a race war, which sadly I think may be where this is heading,let it be in my day so that my offspring may have peace.

    Not a original post, paraphrased from another forum, though it is what it is.

    • Nostradumbass says:

      When I stand on my chair, I can see over the horizon just enough to know that there won’t be a need for uniforms.

    • You are correct; white guilt is dying I think. Even here in New York, people are fed up. (outside of NYC that is. I think red is the leader of the 16 republicans that reside there.).

      RedStater: this is one of your best EVER. I have nothing to add; it’s all there.

  4. David in SC says:

    As I’ve said before, forced deportation, we should make it dangerousness for them to out in public. I’m so sick of Obama phones, EBT cards, free pigford money and the thousand other ways they scam the working man. Let ’em drown. Curfews, no black allowed zones, make em stay in their hoods and kill each other. Turn shitcago and detoilet into holding areas until they can be deported.

    • I agree with your “make it dangerous to be out in public”. Since they don’t work much they are returning to Tribal Ways. Its not a fit in “Civilized Societies”. They need to leave, walking out peaceful like or carried out in body bags. People are fed up. Night of the Long Knives type of event will happen at some point, explosively
      and then it starts and numbers do not favor them.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Detoilet is so depopulated, there is no reason at all to have Section 8 housing anywhere else.  The power, water and sewer connections for demolished houses are still there, just drop FEMA trailers on them and move the Baby Mamas into them and out of the rest of the state post haste.

      Let them shoot each other in Detoilet instead of Mt. Clemens (Mt. Ghetto), Benton Harbor, Pontiac, Flint, etc.

      • Celebrate Homogeneity says:

        FEMA trailers? Yet more of my money confiscated for the benefit of Shainqua, Tyrone, and their bastards? No. Tell them that in one year, the money tap closes. They are on their own. They claim to be as good as the rest of us; now they need to prove it.

        • quartierleblanc says:

          Won’t happen. They’ll take till there is nothing to take. I once read an article about a number of scenarios read out to Black kids. One of the scenarios was if White people suddenly disappeared. The most common response was ” we be fu#@$^ den.” Pretty much says it all.

          • Celebrate Homogeneity says:

            So, maybe it’s time “dey beez f$€£3d”, right?

          • quartierleblanc says:

            You going to have ask a lot of people one simple question. Who is the slave now?

          • Quartier, interesting you say that! I’ve been thinking of writing a post on that very subject for the past few weeks. Maybe I will today. Thanks!


  5. RedSeeingRed says:

    My theory is this. If we were to stop the rediculous amounts of aid we give, or even cut back 70%, blacks will either die off, or rise to the top. We might be surprised how a little motivation can stir the work ethic in the blacks. They will NEVER get there, however, with this culture of white guilt. Obviously there are some highly intelligent and successful black people. Dr. Ben Carson comes to mind; and before welfare, did you know that unemployment among blacks was just 11%? The Demorats want blacks to stay on the plantation. ‘Don’t you negros worry none. Massa gonna take care of yous’.

    Where there is no need to work, there will be no work. It is precisely the reason why communism doesn’t work.

    Sorry, that was rambling, but you get my point I hope.

  6. A short film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s story about Harrison Bergeron, 2081 tells of a bleak future where everyone in America is finally equal and no one is able to live accordding to their abilities – strong people are hampered with weights, beautiful people are forced to wear masks and smart people have audio disrupters to prevent them thinking too much. It’s an imperfect system founded on ideals of perfection and one act of defiance will change the world forever…..

    We are pretty much there considering political correctness that keeps us informed via MSM that allows us to only know enough to keep us confused and ill informed about current events…and on and on with the dribble of nothingness….

    • Turn Off The Television, its no good for news, its for numbing the mind and selling you crap ya don’t need. All TV is PC, therefore propaganda, Corporate mostly that works with the Government.

    • Thanks, Susan. I remember reading that story many years ago and couldn’t recall the author.

  7. Remember how Harrison Bergeron ends, Susan?

  8. Yes, he was killed and his parents memory wiped out…

  9. I’m thinking I should learn to shoot a gun. I never have…

    • Boots, Redstater can teach you! He became a dead-eye at Dude a Palooza! Although it was Ghostrider who blew up Brid.


    • Bill Harzia says:

      Yes. Do not waste another second. Start the first thing tomorrow morning.

    • Robert in Arabia says:

      Do you think 12 year old Autumn Pasquale was rude or mean before she was strangled to death and dumped in a recycle bin?

      “Understanding is good. But some times it is better to carry a revolver.” Eric Ambler

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    Look what happens when were nice to these savages its time to start giving them a taste of eqial justice HANGED FROM A TREE make them fear to the consiqences again

  11. Very, Very good post RedStater. I think America has two issues that need to be explored with those of African descent. Number one we have to realize that we made a mistake. Africans should have been repatriated to Africa after the Civil War forceably if need be. We provided Liberia as a place for them to go and those who chose arrived and promptly enslaved the local population. so much for the evils of slavery.
    Number two blacks are the useful pawns of the Leftist Socialist machine to grind down and destroy White America. They take trillions of dollars in resources that will crash our economy. They are killing Whites in an underground shadow war reducing our population. They are destroying our education system through forced intagration. They are placed in government employment gumming up the gears and functioning of government at all levels. Look into the racial make up of certain departments in federal government. Tell me what you find?

    I do feel for the Ben Carsons and the Allen Wests but what can be done? Should we have an IQ,EQ, test for blacks to remain citizens?

  12. PAmadwoman says:

    “Are we, as a people, capable of admitting the truth? Are we capable of summoning the courage necessary to accept unpleasant realities while scuttling comforting fantasies? Are we capable of deprogramming ourselves from the better part of a century’s worth of culture-wide brainwashing and reestablishing a just and civil society that is based upon evidence and reason instead of wishful thinking?”

    Well, RedStater, coming from the generation that was raised on Martin Luther King, Jr., and having been thoroughly indoctrinated by the NYC public school system, and growing up on the theory that the color of the skin does not determine the content of the character, I’d have to say: yes, we are now capable of admitting the truth. Once upon a time (as a model public school student), I believed the black hoodlum was the exception to the imagined rule of a historically oppressed people working their way, by the sweat of their collective brow, into the American dream; but I came to see that gang mentality is rather the rule — even among civilized blacks. Whereas whites embraced MLK’s ideal of equality, blacks wanted only vengeance, and used “equality” as a pretense to exact it. MLK must be rolling over in his grave listening to the modern race-baiters using the excuse of slavery to drag black culture back into a state of primitive savagery.

    The fantasy is SO over.

    I say this as a person who, admittedly, is not a cutting-edge thinker; so my feeling is, that if I am seeing this after so many years of indoctrination, others who were similarly programmed must also have awakened, or are awakening, from their stupors. I think a lot of people are more than ready for the tide to turn back to reason and common sense. Like parents of spoiled-rotten children who are finally confronted with the brat-monsters they have raised, it’s time to cut them loose and make them fend for themselves. There’s no other hope for them, or for us.

  13. DiamondDave says:


    This can not be allowed to continue. It IS time to take our country back.

    PC is stymieing the evolutionary process necessary for humanity to evolve and prosper.

    This parasitic race MUST be allowed to perish as a result of its own utter ineptitude, low intellect, violent nature, and inability to survive without sucking off other races.

  14. nostradumbass says:

    It seems that the caucasoids are the failed race.

    If there is a cock roach infestation, it is not that cockroaches have failed, it’s the person in charge of the area that is allowing the cockroaches is the one that failed.

    how about voting him out of office? No exceptions, no incumbent gets a vote, at the very least in the primary.

    • Nostra, I was actually going to end this post with a twist–i.e., make it seem like I was speaking of blacks but then turn it at the end and say I was speaking of whites who–exactly as you put it–have allowed themselves to be eaten alive by a swarm of cockroaches. But I decided to end it with some probing questions instead.

  15. I can’t even BEGIN to express how relieved and reassured I was to read this article, which beautifully articulates everything everything I have ever felt about the worldwide issue of race. Thank you, RedStateNYC… you hit it out of the park with this one.

  16. I’ll be posting this one world-wide. Again,kudos on knocking it out of the park, RedStaterNYC.

  17. I vote for the Captain Cook approach:
    Bring 100 Bibles to teach the ignorant Heathen the Glory of God
    Bring 1000 muskets to explain Hell to the Savages

  18. Anyone out there remember Eve Carson’s murder at UNC Chapel Hill?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. White Guilt will not be allowed to die as long as the Liberal Whites control the lamesream media. Hell, it could be dead now, but we would never know it because according to networks like MSM, NBC, CBS don’t want it to be, they make too much money of or racial strife.

    It’s going to have to start like an avalanche, someone White will be publicly attacked by one or more spooks, White witnesses will come to aid, more spooks will come to aid their side, and it will devolve from there into a racial civil war.

    My suggestion for when it finally happens: Save some ammo for the media execs, liberal whites, politicians, and for Revrum Al and shitbag Jackson.

    When it does finally start, we must take advantage of it and just clean house.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      I’ll repeat myself from the Dunbar, OK thread:

      Something to consider here:

      At least one of the orcs had, by his own bragging, committed a number of priors (“knocking out woods”). Had he been properly locked up for aggravated assault, he would not have been free to be “bored” and have any role in the murder of Chris Lane.

      There are a great many people and institutions to blame. A partial list:
      * The Politically Correct law enforcement agencies which do not take black-on-white violent crime seriously.
      * The Marxist news media which e-race the criminal/victim relationships, or do not report such crimes at all.
      * The left-liberal “compassionate” academics and society types who view almost any punishment for these budding murderers as “too harsh” or “racist”.

      As you can see, there is a lot of housecleaning to do.

    • Apocalypse is on says:

      There will be a racial war in USA.The plans of the neocons and the ashkenazis are to decimate the white race around the world.Why?The white people are too smart for the NWO.That`s why the neocons are making wars in the Middle East,Africa and so on-large destruction,large poverty,large emigration.Now there will be even more niggaz,paki,indians and more muslims in USA,Canada,Australia and in the countries of the European Union.I am really glad that there are so many awakened people over there,especially in the USA.
      One old woman has said,i think it was “baba Vanga” in Google search that Obama will be the last USA president.The Russians believe her prophecies especially after the case with the submarine Kursk and Vanga has said about the WW3-“When Syria will fall”.A lot of years before the Syria war to begin with.
      The communism is created by ashkenazis,spread by ashkenazis,ruled by ashkenazis and of course sponsored by the sami ashkenazis and masons from England,France,Europe,USA wallstreet banksters…
      The ashkenazis have realised that even if they have managed to kill a lot of white intelligence there are too many left intelligent white people.Intelligence=no communism,no one world government.That`s why the same people now are trying to destroy the white race but without war and from a higher birthrate by blacks and especially radical muslims(dumb as hell people of course) and mass emigration through wars made in the ME,Africa…
      “If you can`t rule the white race,decimate them”clearly is their moto…

  20. Hallelujah!

    I wish that speech was being delivered tomorrow in DC at the “MLK” reunion! I hope tomorrow’s crap is totally ignored by most Americans .. enough is enough..

  21. You know, the left wing drek destroyed these people.

    Listen to any of their songs from the 30’s-80’s. Songs show the heart.

    They are destroyed. Hope the liberal PIGS are happy.. They have turned most of these people into hate filled, racist, violent anti humans.

    (Many Jews are not far behind them, either as far as survival-cant say I didnt warn)

    • Jewess, northern Jews just seem attached at the hip with disastrous liberal politics. Never understood why.


      • To expedite gaining political power.. With that “goal” being achieved, some have recognized the true consequences (David Horowitz & Mark Levin)

  22. Here are the people who understand race better than anyone else. They are DNA testing those trying to get into THEIR country to make sure only THEIR KIND get in:

    Strangely enough, they’re the same people who have made sure – and are still at it today – that ANYONE can flood into my country. Yes, they understand race better than anyone else and how to use race to destroy the countries of others while preserving their own.

  23. bluffcreek1967 says:

    It has only been during the past 50 years that well-meaning, but naive whites have believed that blacks are just as smart, productive and creative as themselves. Prior to that time, most whites knew in light of history and human experience that blacks were the least intelligent and least productive of all the races. It was common knowledge among all the racial groups, and even many blacks were not shy about admitting it either. Many blacks, in fact, benefitted greatly from the superior thinking and creative abilities that the white man generally possessed in much greater degrees than blacks.

    When whites acknowledged such obvious truths, it did not mean that they wished harm toward black people. Most whites were able to balance the reality of black underachievement with compassion and kindness toward them. This notion that because whites acknowledge the real presence of differences between the races, that they must therefore wish harm and evil toward the black man is absurd and not fair to history.

    Liberalism has caused so many Americans to think in only two polarizing categories about race: If you think people are different and possess differing abilities and traits, you’re evil and want to destroy everyone who is not like you – or – If you say that each of us is the same, with no differences among the various races, you’re a good and decent person. It’s either one or the other. But this isn’t true to life nor to the very real differences that exist between blacks and whites.

    “What does black failure tell us about blacks?”

  24. “I’m thinking I should learn to shoot a gun. I never have…”

    Learn ASAP. It is not difficult.

  25. Lt. Greyman, NVA says:

    Embrace your own people, your own Tribe. Support them when attacked, defend them when accused, understand them when they are on the run. Whites are the Future.

    BRA can’t be the Bow out.

    This would not be happening if Whites had a Country of our Own.

  26. A great rant by RedStaterNYC, someone sick of black violence against Whites.

    I’ll take a turn to rant, …

    [Note: all talk about ‘jews’ does not mean ‘all jews’, it means ‘organised jewry’.]

    Meanwhile our jewish overlords behind the curtains and in the shadows (controlling our institutions) continue to:

    * Promote jewish ongoing plans of importing millions of these people into White countries in order to destroy White societies. Jews have been the main, behind the scenes, backers of immigration law changes to flood White countries with the third world.

    * Produce ‘reversal of reality’ mass entertainment by jew controlled Hollywood that promote blacks, in particular, as beacons of virtue, intelligence, wisdom and all things good, while While are portrayed as weak, effeminate, greedy, evil and all things bad.

    * Suppress, through jewish dominance of our media, the incredible level of black violence not only against blacks but also Whites. Black atrocities are buried while White offenses against blacks are given front page star treatment.

    * Educate Whites to hate themselves through jewish controlled education and media systems by constantly pushing the noble savage idea vs the evil White man idea.

    * Brainwash females into believing that feminism can liberate themselves from ‘male bondage’. Jewesses dominate the feminist movement that has led to the destruction of the family. As the family is the bedrock of society, there goes our society. Jewish led feminism is also pushing Whites to below replacement level birth rates through delayed marriage, careerism, abortion, birth control, self hate and so on.

    * And so on, and so forth. Do your own research on the many ways, big and small, that Whites are being attacked in all forms.

    Black violence and the general mayhem that blacks produce is but one symptom of a fundamental and insidious, hidden disease that infects our societies.

    The disease that we with suffer with is the vampire squid stranglehold that the tribe known as ‘the jews’ have established to varying degrees, ever so slowly over generations, over; our banking and finance, our politics, our media, our education systems, our established religions, and anything else that is a source of power. In other words all our institutions, exactly as the jewish Frankfurt school of subversion planned, among other jewish strategies.

    Through the takeover of all our institutions and installing well paid lackey brainwashed goys to fill the numerous non critical key positions, jews have gradually got themselves into top-dog control.

    Their aim looks very like to create increasing chaos in White societies that then justifies a police state response with jews wielding the iron rod. Going by what the jews did after their revolution in Russia in 1917 and also elsewhere, they will then eliminate the ‘thinkers’, potential leaders, that’s 10% of society.

    Back to the blacks.

    Bitching about black violence, however satisfying and therapeutic, is ultimately railing against a symptom of a disease that will produce more and more black, and hispanic, violence like an erupting boil. It’s just like railing against the Muslim invasion of Europe. All these things are just symptoms of deliberate policies by jews that really control our institutions, and have secretly hijacked them.

    So, the long term answer to the problems that plague us is to go to root causes and confront the relatively hidden control of our societies by jews in the background and shadows. Henry Ford wrote his book ‘The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem’ for that very reason.

    Bitching about blacks is a good baby start, but the answer only really begins by studying the jews, the tribe that controls America and all that America controls.

    • Well said and exactly correct! $$$s have led the cultural-Marxist takeover of America. They are the master manipulators, indoctrinators and parasitic destroyers of our culture and greatest enemy of our race.

      All points made are correct and your last point is well taken.

    • Katana,

      all i have to say on it is Remember the USS Liberty.

      • Israeli gunboats even shot up the lifeboats when men were trying to abandon the ship. Not that the law of war or Geneva conventions would ever stop the “chosen people” from doing what they wanted to do.

    • Right on the money katana, 100%. It amazes me that more commenters here do not discuss the root of the problem. Excellent comment!

      • Thanks Boots and others here who found my comment useful.

        As to why more people don’t discuss the jews more, there’s no doubt several reasons ranging from: being oblivious to the issue, thinking the jews are innocent victims, being fearful of being called an anti-semite or nazi, etc.

        All of those reasons have been the creation of several generations of jewish dominance over the media, effectively brainwashing us with intense and constant pro-jewish propaganda. Their creation and maintenance of the Holohoax story has been especially potent in creating White guilt and reinforcing the false view that jews are ‘victims’, instead of the reality: that organized jewry is actually the world’s foremost predator and parasite.

        Harsh words indeed, especially to those not ‘jew-wise’ as they say. I’ve only woken up to the true nature of the jews and their central role in the destruction of White societies in the past two or three years. Before that, I believed all the pro-jew stuff. I now realize that I was a victim of a massive jewish ‘mind fraud’! It hasn’t been an easy journey, but hey, you’ve got to go where truth leads you.

        A good site that doesn’t baulk at ‘naming the jew’ and has loads of educational podcasts is The White Network. (

        Their “The International Jew” Study Hour is a good way to learn about Henry Ford’s landmark book. Ford created a team of researchers and spent considerable amount of money on this work, in an attempt to alert America and the world at large to the threat that jews pose to humanity.

        Ford told us much truth about the jews and we would be very foolish to ignore what he said.

        • quartierleblanc says:

          Whoa padna. I call like I see ’em and when you call the Holocaust a hoax you lose credibility. It happened. I personally knew several old soldiers who saw the camps and talked to the survivors. One was my neighbor of many years who had his portrait done by one of the inmates in exchange for a few C rats and the other was my uncle who went from D-Day to VE day. You’d mouth off to him once and I doubt you’d call him a liar to his face in his prime. The Jewish people have a lot of sins, but some crazy Jewish conspiracy is not one of them. Jews do well in this world for a lot of reasons. They value hard work, education, community and above all they stick together for common interests. Hell, the Jews are whole less dangerous than the Democratic Party as a whole. Besides there is a sizable conservative Jewish contingent, especially in the South and West.

          • Quartier,
            not all share your views ….here are some other views …..I was not there in WW2 ..I can not prove how many were killed in the camps…but here is a link to some interesting other views of the jewish race..

          • quartierleblanc says:

            What you can prove is that the majority of Jews in Europe were somewhere else and probably not breathing after WW2. I don’t think the mothership picked them up. I also didn’t say they were “chosen people”, they have their fair share of sins. However to say there is an international Jewish conspiracy is nuts. I could care less where they come from. Most of them are of Eastern European extraction and the vast majority can probably not trace a shred of ancestry back to the Middle East as Judiasm was an export religion that was a competitor to Christianity. There are a lot of Mark Levin’s out there, more than you know.

          • I think the term Zionist applies more so than jewish as far as the international conspiracy goes.
            Call it what you will,but to deny an evil by design to destroy the USA is being quite foolish.
            but thanks for your in put.

          • quartierleblanc says:

            Don’t see it Jigg and if I did I’d say so. You have to realize Zionism was promoted by a number of movements and countries, including Great Britain. It’s not just about the Jewish religion. Modern Israel is essentially a twice promised land. Historically, Israel as an independent kingdom was pretty short lived and for most of its time existed at the discretion or under the subjugation of a number of empires. Britain realized early on that petroleum was going to take the place of coal and they promoted Zionism as a means of securing oil reserves.

          • quartierleblanc August 25, 2013 at 8:11 am wrote:

            Whoa padna. I call like I see ‘em and when you call the Holocaust a hoax you lose credibility. It happened. I personally knew several old soldiers who saw the camps and talked to the survivors.

            Well, quartier I also call like I see ‘em and when you call the ‘Holocaust’ a reality you lose credibility! Actually, you don’t really as your view is the default view ‘taught’ to everyone through jewish run Hollywood, etc. It was the same view that I held until very recently.

            To understand why the ‘Holocaust’ is really a gigantic fraud worthy of the name Holohoax you first need to know what revisionists mean when they ‘deny the Holocaust’.

            A good list of what most revisionists believe and don’t believe is this;

            Claims About Holocaust Revisionists: Fact

            They deny that Jews were persecuted: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny that Jews were deprived of civil rights: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny that Jews were deported: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny the Jews were herded into ghettos: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny the existence of concentration camps: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny that Jews were put to forced labor: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny the existence of crematoria in concentration camps: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny that Jews died for a great number of reasons: epidemics, malnutrition, diseases, mistreatment: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny that other minorities were also persecuted as well, such as gypsies and political dissenters: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny that the treatment of the Jews was unjust: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny the victims their dignity: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny the victims to be remembered: WRONG. They do NOT deny this
            They deny to show compassion for the victims: WRONG. They do NOT deny this

            They deny that there was a plan to murder all Jews: This is what they claim
            They deny that Jews were murdered systematically: This is what they claim
            They deny the existence of gas chambers for mass murder: This is what they claim
            They deny that six million Jews died in the Holocaust: This is what they claim

            Learn more about it Here …

            So your old soldier friends were quite correct in seeing the camps and talking to survivors. The camps existed and so did emaciated survivors and those dead we see on old newsreels. But that doesn’t amount to a Holocaust, it just amounts to one of the many tragedies of that war, and largely caused by Allied bombing of German infrastructure, etc.

          • quartierleblanc says:

            Actually katana, 6 million Jews “went somewhere else” and somehow didn’t resurface after the war. BTW money says I know significantly more about bombing and the assessment thereof than you or anybody associated with you ever would. Even if you double or even triple the civilian deaths attributable to bombing in WW 2 you don’t even come close to the fatality rates you claim. The best come from the French and they took the brunt of it in terms of civilian deaths. You can only call ’em like you see them when you actually know something. You don’t.

          • quartierleblanc August 25, 2013 at 8:22 pm

            Actually katana, 6 million Jews “went somewhere else” and somehow didn’t resurface after the war.
            Well they did resurface after the war in all sorts of places like the USA, Commonwealth countries, Latin America, Palestine and Europe itself. You’re relying on what jews tell us about jewish demographic numbers. The official Red Cross figures put the number of deaths in all camps by all inmates (not only jews) at about 270,000. The Red Cross had access to all the camps and brought food parcels and mail, etc.

            Question: What do you make of the official death toll in Auschwitz being 4 million, until one day in 1990 (or thereabouts) they officially lowered it to a bit above 1 million? Where did those missing millions go to, once it was realized they hadn’t died after all?

            BTW money says I know significantly more about bombing and the assessment thereof than you or anybody associated with you ever would. Even if you double or even triple the civilian deaths attributable to bombing in WW 2 you don’t even come close to the fatality rates you claim. The best come from the French and they took the brunt of it in terms of civilian deaths. You can only call ‘em like you see them when you actually know something. You don’t.

            Perhaps I wasn’t clear about my reference to Allied bombing. What I meant was the conditions in the camps deteriorated in the last months of the war due, in large part, to Allied bombing of the German infrastructure resulting in food and medicine shortages in the overcrowded camps (overcrowded because other camps like Auschwitz were being evacuated, on a prisoner volunteer basis, away from the Allies advance). Terrible, but the Germans were doing the best they could under the circumstances, believe it or not.

            BTW, just so I know where you are coming from, do you believe that: 1) there was a German plan to exterminate the jews, 2) That they used ‘gas chambers’ to do so?

    • Every word you say is the truth. I’ve researched this for years. The Negro problem is the effect and the elite Zionist Jew is the cause.

  27. MLK was a Mongoloid race pimp just like the rest of them. He got what hw deserved.

  28. You want things to change then pray for these people. They are being controlled and manipulated by Satan and his fallen angels thru human agents. This is at the root a spiritual problem. That does not mean I condone or excuse what they are doing. It is the REAL REASON behind all the violence.

  29. blacks are an evolutionary experiment gone wrong.Check out what James Watson(co-discoverer of DNA) and Albert Schweitzer said about them-you can find what they say on assorted web sites.
    In the meantime,just avoid any blacks at all costs.Sorry,urban youths.

  30. The black race has sown the wind these past fifty years, and they are about to reap the whirlwind.

  31. Red, my phone went. I lost all of your contact info (and hundreds of others) unfortunately. Would you text or email when you have a chance? Just in case you’re around here or I happen to be down there. Tx, Boots

  32. quartierleblanc says:

    Ever hear of Wannsee? The Germans kept good records.

    • quartierleblanc: August 25, 2013 at 9:08 pm wrote:

      Ever hear of Wannsee? The Germans kept good records.

      Yes. I take it this is your implied affirmative answer to my question in my previous message asking: do you believe that: 1) there was a German plan to exterminate the jews, …

      OK, but I’d appreciate if you would respond to my other questions and points in that post.

      Regarding Wannsee and German record keeping propensity, this is where it actually exonerates the Germans because there isn’t any clear cut and voluminous documentation of the ordering and carrying out a genocidal plan. There is no signed Hitler order, etc., let alone the massive amounts of paperwork it would generate to carry it all out. German officials and functionaries all the way down the line, being as fastidious about such things, wouldn’t carry out such huge crimes without everything being in order, paperwork wise. Here is what the revisionist Germar Rudolf has to say:

      The Holocaust Controversy

      It is often claimed that there are “tons” of captured German documents proving the Jewish genocide. When challenged on this, however, only a handful of documents are produced, the authenticity or interpretation of which is highly questionable. If pressed for reliable documentation, it is then claim that the Germans destroyed all the relevant documents to hide their evil deeds, or the absurd claim is made that the Germans used code language, whispered verbal orders, or conveyed orders through a meeting of minds.
      As a matter of fact, all available documentation and material traces indicate that there was no order for a mass murder of Jews, no plan, no budget, no weapon—that is, no gas chamber—and no victim—that is, not a single autopsied body has been shown to have been gassed.


      Question: So what do you think about the fact that allied pathologists could not come up with any autopsy evidence of gassing? A bit strange don’t you think?

      • Mr. Rational says:

        You’d have to be very, very silly to look at the ashes of cremated bodies, realize that there was no way to distinguish gassing from many other causes of death, and conclude that therefore it did not happen.

        It would be almost as if you started from your conclusion and picked only the facts consistent with it.

        • Mr. Rational, August 26, 2013 at 7:50 am wrote:

          You’d have to be very, very silly to look at the ashes of cremated bodies, realize that there was no way to distinguish gassing from many other causes of death, and conclude that therefore it did not happen.

          You’d have to be very, very silly to think that the Allies never found a single body in all the camps they took over. That in every camp they only found piles of ashes. That the newsreels of bodies were all faked. Right!

          Being less silly, please read the following from this article: The Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies



          When American and British forces overran western and central Germany in the spring of 1945, they were followed by troops charged with discovering and securing any evidence of German war crimes.

          Among them was Dr. Charles Larson, one of America’s leading forensic pathologists, who was assigned to the US Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Department. As part of a US War Crimes Investigation Team, Dr. Larson performed autopsies at Dachau and some twenty other German camps, examining on some days more than 100 corpses. After his grim work at Dachau, he was questioned for three days by US Army prosecutors. [1]

          Dr. Larson’s findings? In an 1980 newspaper interview he said: “What we’ve heard is that six million Jews were exterminated. Part of that is a hoax.” [2] And what part was the hoax? Dr. Larson, who told his biographer that to his knowledge he “was the only forensic pathologist on duty in the entire European Theater” of Allied military operations, [3] confirmed that “never was a case of poison gas uncovered.” [4] …

          • Mr. Rational says:

            You’d have to be very, very silly to think that the Allies never found a single body in all the camps they took over. That in every camp they only found piles of ashes.

            You’d have to be very, very silly to believe that gas chambers connected directly to crematoria (to the point of having the condemned walk uphill so that carts carrying their corpses could be trundled down to the furnaces) could not and would not have finished the disposal of their final set of victims within hours of their arrival.  Many of the gas chambers were destroyed before invading armies arrived.  Residues of Zyklon B remain at some of the surviving structures, as Prussian Blue.  Explain that some other way.

        • Here’s a good summary article of what I’ve been talking about re the Holohoax:

          Rules of evidence should evenly apply


          Were there any autopsies performed on the corpses at the concentration camps after WWII? Yes. The highly-acclaimed pathologist Dr. Charles Larson was assigned the task of overseeing the performance of autopsies on the corpses found at Nazi concentration camps by the Judge Advocate General’s Office. After overseeing thousands of autopsies he concluded that: “Not one case of death by poison gas was found.”

          These autopsy reports were not entered as evidence in the Nuremburg war crimes trials.

          Dr. John E. Gordon, MD., Ph.D., Harvard Professor was also part of the autopsy team. He stated that: “Most deaths in the concentration camps were caused, not by starvation or maltreatment but by typhus.

          Dr. David Batton entered the camps with British forces and volunteered to help the diseased survivors. Testifying under oath in a Toronto courtroom in 1985 he said: “Thousands of prisoners who died at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during WWII weren’t deliberately starved to death but died from a rash of diseases.

          Major Miller of the Allied Military Police HQ in Vienna signed memo/order #31/48 on Oct. 1, 1948 declaring that since the Allied Commissions of Inquiry had established that no one in the 12 German concentration camps was killed by poison gas, that any former inmate maintaining otherwise was to be arrested and charged with perjury.

          This memo/order also stated that all confessions of gassings at the camps used at Nuremburg war trials were gained by way of torture. This memo/order was witnessed by a Lieutenant Emil Lachout.

          I should add that the U.S. autopsy teams were not allowed into the eight USSR-controlled camps in Poland. Our buddies at the time, the Red Communists of the USSR, did not want the U.S. performing any autopsies in their camps. In fact, it was L.P. Beria of the NKVD (Soviet secret police predating the KGB), a Jew, who started the rumors of homicidal gas chambers in 1945. Also, the USSR never allowed Red Cross observers into their own concentration camps in the USSR as the Nazis did during the war.

          Upon review of mountains of Nazi documents seized by the Allies, no orders to kill inmates at the concentration camps were found. Orders were, however, found from Heinrich Himmler and SS General Richard Glucks for the commanders of the camps to do everything possible to preserve the health of the detainees. Dr. Konrad Morgen of the Reich Criminal Police investigated 800 accusations of cruelty at their camps and obtained 200 convictions. Punishment included execution for Commandant of Majdanek-Hermann Florstedt and also Commandant of Buchenwald Karl Koch for unwarranted cruelty of inmates.

          In 7,000 pages of memoirs by Eisenhower, Churchill and de Gaulle, there is no mention of homicidal gas chambers—horrors, yes; gas chambers, no.

          In 1,600 pages of reports of the concentration camps from the Red Cross there is, likewise, no mention of homicidal gas chambers. In fact, I personally wrote to the Red Cross in Geneva and obtained a copy of its investigation of Auschwitz for homicidal gas chambers dated September 29, 1944. The Red Cross found no homicidal gas chambers.

          The “Holocaust” lobby claims that, at the Wannsee Conference of Jan. 1942, the Nazis established the “final solution” for the Jewish problem was gassing them to death with Zyklon B, but these documents have proven to be a hoax and would be laughed out of any courtroom. The “final solution” always was for Jews to be forced to emigrate from Germany.

      • Katana, I respect your opinion. Would you please chime in on the grind my gears post?

      • quartierleblanc says:

        The minutes of the Wannsee conference were recovered. The Germans killed a lot of people. At what point in time does it become significant. 100K, 500K? They did it and everyone knows it.

  33. Mr. Rational, August 27, 2013 at 2:10 pm wrote:

    You’d have to be very, very silly to believe that gas chambers connected directly to crematoria (to the point of having the condemned walk uphill so that carts carrying their corpses could be trundled down to the furnaces) could not and would not have finished the disposal of their final set of victims within hours of their arrival. Many of the gas chambers were destroyed before invading armies arrived. Residues of Zyklon B remain at some of the surviving structures, as Prussian Blue. Explain that some other way.

    Can I take it that you concede that the Allies did indeed perform hundreds of autopsies on camp inmates? And as a result found no evidence of gassing?

    OK, now the issue of the existence of gas chambers. After doing a good amount of reading on this, I’ve concluded that the revisionists position, that there were NO homicidal gas chambers, is conclusive.

    That the only ‘gas chambers’ at the camps were de-lousing chambers (that did use Zykyon B) for the purpose of maintaining hygiene in the camp and to stop the spread of diseases such as typhus, etc. The crematoria (furnaces) were there for the same reason. Nothing sinister about crematoria, despite the propaganda.

    The revisionist Germar Rudolf has a section devoted to Zyklon B and gas chambers:
    202: Some Technical and Chemical Considerations about the ‘Gas Chambers’ of Auschwitz and Birkenau

    He has a Masters degree in Chemistry and is also the author of the book (among many others) Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the “Gas Chambers” of Auschwitz.

    Anyway, for those genuinely interested in getting to the truth about the ‘Holocaust’, aka, Holohoax (as I’ve concluded) you do need to start reading the other side of the story, the Revisionist side of things.

    Jews in particular will be, at least should be, absolutely relieved and delighted to learn that in fact there was no ‘Holocaust’. That they can stop having nightmares about the ‘evil Nazis’ gassing innocent jews, and can start casting an evil eye towards their brethen who have been running the biggest scam, fraud, hoax, libel and slander operation against Whites and Germans (in particular) in history.

    The reason why the ‘Holocaust’ needs to be exposed as a hoax that it is, is because it is used (and designed) by our enemy as the ultimate bludgeon against Whites if they dare assert their rights to self determination. If Whites start to talk about what’s good for Whites, the jews and their tools pull out the the big ‘H card’, switch on the White guilt trip and cry out ‘Nazis!’ And it’s enough to humble and reduce to blubbering the hardest ‘nigger hating’, gun toting red-neck White as his mind flashes back to the poor little Anne Frank gettin gassed or put in the oven or somethin, .. the fuckin Naaziis!.

    • Holocaustralian says:

      Outstanding work dismantling the unholyhoax katana.

      ‘Do I “deny the Holocaust”? No! No indeed. I hope the holocaust is not denied and never forgotten. I hope the holocaust is remembered as the greatest propaganda effort and hate campaign ever waged against a civilized people. We must never forget. We must look at the despoliation of our people and our culture and ask: Why do the heavens not darken? We have lost the will and courage to defend ourselves. The time has come to commit the new blasphemy. It is time to deny the gods of the New World Order.’

      Tom Blair, The New Blasphemy

    • Apocalypsis is on says:
      This is the reason the general Paton has been stopped from taking the whole Germany under american rule-in order for the “jewish son” Djugashvili known as Stalin to be the first leader to recognise the state of Israel!Later most of not all of the soviet republics(under the jew bolsheviks or “liberal” as you have it in the USA now)have recognised
      the state of Israel.A little later west Europe and “anticommunist” but jew governed USA had recognised the state of Israel!
      Check the Stalin info:
      So when you read about that gen.Paton has been stopped by the jew Eisenhower to take all of the Germany and you see the jewish led USSR by the jew Stalin and others like him try to see one simple thing:what if the holohaux has been made with the support of the bolsheviks?
      USSR and Stalin is the first supporter,later the “anticommunist” western states.
      There is a war from the arabs because the “bad muslims” support eachother.Have you heard about “radical islam” and “Al Qaida” before the creation of Israel?Anyone?Have you heard about Al Qaida to attack even one time Israel and jews?
      Now something interesting-do you know which two european countries in Southeast Europe have been created by the jews and for the jews and governed from the jews,even now?Greece and Turkey!First is Greece,the white people are called “greeks”.From the town of Thesaloniki which has the name “Solun” you have the base of the “Young Turks” and of course the Jew Kemal Attaturk which have took down the sultan and have created the fake country of Turkey.Greece and Israel have two ideologies.The black greeks(one of the jewish tribes,that`s why they have all this money from abroad even now!!!)have the “Megali idea” which say-all who speak greek language and are born in Greece are greeks and we own the whole land of the Balkans and Mediteranean,even parts of Syria,Turkey as the Byzantine Empire.False history,false pretentions!Jew created and governed country!
      Turkey have the same ideology-fake history and pretensions above foreign teritories,everyone born in Turkey is “turk”,armenian genocide from 1915,the Kurdish problem-the original nation in most of the land in Turkey…
      Now let`s see again at Israel-fake country because of fake history with the fake history “God gave us this land…”,fake created and supported “Holocoust”,AND THE IDEA OF THE GREATER ISRAEL AROUND THEIR LANDS IN FOREIGN TERITORIES!
      Three different countries supported by the jewish governed USA,Canada,Australia…the leaders of the EU countries…A LOT OF CASH for these countries,false history,false previleges.
      Demonisation of the white people in the Ottoman empire before the arriving of the “black greeks”,demonisation of the kurds in parts of Turkey,demonisation of the arabs,but only the ones who are against “Greater Israel”,not the “Al Qaida” and the radical,jewish led “terrorists”…
      The TRUTH will give back the land to the natives everywhere,everyone will pay for his sins!The truth about the fake countries with the fake history,the truth about the genocide and assimilation of the natives will be available for everyone to see!Every “empire built” country will fall down one day,the people just don`t mix each other.

  34. Apocalypsis is on says:

    Have you heard about racism in one ethnicity country as China or Japan,Korea?What about racism in most of the black countries in Africa with the clear exception of the South Africa?
    In order to fight the racism we (the white people) should not let black and other races in our societies,in our countries.
    Every race has racism towards others,we have even xenofobia which is discrimination based on ethnicity even amongst the white race and all other races.
    In order to fight the racism we (i consider all people around the world)should fight the multicultural societies.
    The multicultural societies in the counries around the world have the potencial to be balkanized-separated and weakened.
    Every race,every nation and different culture wants to preserve itself and what is it.It is destroyed when the people are mixed and such things as nationalism don`t make sense anymore and therefore they (The NWO ashkenazis and Cabala sabbateans behind them)can rule the world.
    The asian societies are more much stronger than the multicultural societies as USA because they can`t be manipulated with “racial card” and destroyed from inside.
    The first ashkenazis in USA,the founding fathers have known pretty much how to rule the world-destroy the populations around the world and especially the smart and inventive white race with WW1,WW2,victimization card-holohaux,the same victimization card-slavery of the blacks and then the victim card for previleges under the pretext for equality.
    Fight the nationalism of the different white countries when you mix artificially the different ethnicities and they won`t have to cry about their nationalism and will ask themselves “Who i am,what is my ethnicity,i can`t be racist because i have some black,some white,some latin,some asian,some arabic and so on blood.Hell,let`s be american.F?ck the natives,let`s just mix eachother and see what will happen”
    I can tell to these people one thing-stick to your race,stick to your ethnicity,stick to your culture.Just see the jews in Israel,they don`t mix with others,they do it only with the purpose to look as white,black,asian and so on in order to implant their PEOPLE in the Governments around the world.They speak the local languages,they change their names,but THEY DO IT IN ORDER TO RULE US ALL!
    The racism and the xenofobia are the social weapons and right for every race and ethnicity around the world.
    Mix one kg. of shit with one kg. of honey and you have two kg.of shits!

  35. Quartierleblanc says:

    The big question is can they sustain, much less create a modern society. Baltimore, East St. Louis, Birmingham, Baltimore etc say no. All of sub-Saharan Africa says not a chance. What say you?



    • The White race has always been the smallest race on earth and yet we have conquered everyone we set our hearts on. And so you actually think you are going to destroy us from within? You are the ones who have already destroyed yourselves….. everything you touch is destroyed. Soon the day of setting accounts straight will come upon you rotten beasts and then we’ll see who Karma falls upon you miserable savage!

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  38. I am astounded we still live under the idiotic affirmative action mindset, affirmative action is just gov. speak for “stupid ******”.

  39. After living in the metro Atlanta area for the past 40 years, our family was SICK of the low-IQ, violent, feral race of blacks taking over the suburbs, so we sold everything we owned and moved to northern Utah. In our new home, my kids were astounded at the free, safe, clean public transportation; amazed at the incredibly nice community facilities such as parks, restaurants, and schools; and especially delighted by the fact that their high school actually TRUSTED the students enough to forego “dress codes” (which are unnecessary when there’s no blacks to dress like whores and gang-bangers) and allow them to come and go for lunch as they pleased (unnecessary when the student body is invested in their education, rather than in seeing how much they can “get away with”).

    The only hope for our country is complete separation of the races. I agree with others who support a three-state solution: Allow the blacks to have a “black homeland” in America, which they always claim they want; then permit whites the same courtesy. (Fair is fair, after all.) The rest of the country can remain integrated as it is now.

    The black homeland can be portions of Mississippi, Alabama, etc., but no more than 13% of our land mass (commensurate with their population). The white homeland can perhaps be in the Pacific Northwest (since many of us are already here). Living in the white or black homeland would be completely voluntary, with one caveat: whites will not be allowed to live in the black homeland, and blacks will not be allowed to live in the white one. If a citizen dislikes the homogeneous states, so be it…they can stay in the “integrated” part of the country. Each of the three sections will be completely autonomous, allowing for only a very small federal government to address things like national security, etc., just as the Founding Fathers intended.

    How long do you think it would it be before every white person was clamoring to live in the white homeland, including those hypocritical white libtards? How long before its boundaries would need to be expanded to allow for its growing population? And how many weeks (or days) would it be before the black homeland, which idiots like Screwy Louie Farrakhan are always demanding, implodes into a hell-hole of violence, poverty, blight, and disease (in other words, Zimbabwe)?

    • I think we should allow the blacks to have northern utah and the whites to have all the south, sounds really simple to me.

  40. Wow. It is 2016. And there are still people who think like this??? Interesting!

    • it simply amazes me that there are some really dumb-ass doo-jiggers who don’t have a grasp on reality yet…….that can’t see for shit….and think this is suppose to be some sort of “utopia”………

      wake up…..and quit being so god damn stupid……take off the rose colored glasses…and see reality and how things really are…..not this stupid bullshit of “can’t we all get along” crap…..get’n real tired of all the bleeding hearts…..