Well, well, well…here’s another example of ‘Big Brother‘ hard at work when it comes to the power they hold. This report is outrageous…just as this one was. – Simply unbelievable…despicably astounding, as well disgusting! – Keep in mind they used ‘riot shields’ to-boot! Make sure and read all of this.

See if you agree with me, this is what happened to John Wrana. – This is via CT:

When John Wrana was a young man, fit and strong and fighting in World War II with the U.S. Army Air Corps, did he ever think he’d end this way?

Just a few weeks shy of his 96th birthday, in need of a walker to move about, cops coming through the door of his retirement home with a Taser and a shotgun.

The old man, described by a family member as “wobbly” on his feet, had refused medical attention. The paramedics were called. They brought in the Park Forest police.

First they tased him, but that didn’t work. So they fired a shotgun, hitting him in the stomach with a bean-bag round. Wrana was struck with such force that he bled to death internally, according to the Cook County medical examiner.

“The Japanese military couldn’t get him at the age he was touchable, in a uniform in the war. It took 70 years later for the Park Forest police to do the job,” Wrana’s family attorney, Nicholas Grapsas, a former prosecutor, said in an interview with me Thursday.

Wrana’s family wants answers. The Illinois State Police are investigating the horrific incident but won’t comment, and neither will the Park Forest police pending the outcome of the inquiry.

I wasn’t at the scene, and maybe the police have a good explanation. But common sense tells me that cops don’t need a Taser or a shotgun to subdue a 95-year-old man.

And after doing some digging, I found there are two versions of events: The police version, and a new picture that raises questions of whether John Wrana was killed unnecessarily.

The Park Forest police version is that on the night of July 26, John Wrana, a resident of the Victory Centre senior living facility, threatened staff and paramedics with a 2-foot-long metal shoehorn and a metal cane. The police statement neglects to mention that the old man also used a walker, at least according to photographs supplied by Grapsas.

“Attempts were made verbally to have the resident comply with demands to drop the articles, to no avail,” the police statement reads. “The resident then armed himself with a 12-inch butcher type kitchen knife.”

But lawyer Grapsas says that Wrana’s family never saw a knife in his room and that staff also told him Wrana didn’t have such a knife.

“So where did the knife come from?” Grapsas asked.

The police statement leaves the impression that the staff was under threat, leaving police with no choice other than to shoot him.

But according to Maria Oliva, an executive with Pathway Senior Living, the staff was kept out of the room after police arrived. So there was no imminent threat to staff.

“The staff was not inside once the police were on the scene,” Oliva told us. “At different times the staff were in there, but not when they were called. They (the police) were in charge at that point.”

Police said there had been threats made against the staff. But Grapsas said he was told that staff begged to be allowed to try to calm down the old man.

“If there were threats to the staff, why did the staff want to intervene and say, ‘Let us handle this; we’ll get him calmed down’?” he asked.

Grapsas says he was told that police used a riot shield to come through the door before shooting bean-bag rounds at the old man as he sat in his chair.

Riot shields are used to push back mobs of angry young protesters in the streets, or against dangerous convicts in prison cells, not to subdue an old, old man in a chair.

“At some point, I’m told there were between five and seven police officers, they went back to the room with a riot shield in hand, entered the door and shot him with a shotgun that contained bean-bag rounds,” Grapsas said.

If this is true and police had a riot shield, why on earth would they need a shotgun?

Most veteran cops I talked to suspect this is a case of unnecessary force. I’ve never met a police officer who couldn’t handle a 95-year-old man in a walker. And John Wrana wasn’t Jason Bourne. He was an old war veteran who didn’t want to be pushed around.

But one senior police official who has trained police recruits in defensive tactics had a different take.

“When I first heard it, I was like, ‘C’mon,'” he said. “Then I thought it through. We don’t know what occurred. We don’t know what information they had at that time. If you don’t have all of the facts, it’s hard to judge someone. … Anyone can be dangerous.”

Sharon Mangerson, 74, doesn’t see her stepfather as dangerous.

Wrana and Mangerson’s mother, Helen, were married for more than 30 years. Helen died in 2005. So Wrana lived with Mangerson in the south suburbs until his health β€” and her health β€” began to fail.

She said he was a fiercely independent member of the greatest generation, honorably discharged as a sergeant after serving in India and Burma during the war.

“He was a very vital 95-year-old, let me tell you. He still played cards. He taught the 70-year-olds how to play gin rummy,” she said in an interview. “I used to admire him so much because he was able to keep doing those type of things. As independent as they come, trust me.”

On the night of the incident, he wound up at Advocate Christ Medical Center. The doctor was on the phone with Mangerson, telling her that even if Wrana survived surgery, he’d likely be on life support. Wrana wanted to talk to her. The doctor held the phone up to his ear, she said.

“He just said, ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I love you and goodbye,'” Mangerson recalled, her voice cracking. “That was it.”

Will the family ever get an explanation?

“I want answers,” she said. “I want someone held accountable.”

Why murder this man…for what purpose? Will anyone be held accountable for this? Will any heads roll?

What say you? – Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Nostradumbass says:

    YOU WILL CONFORM and/or YOU WILL DIE…Live exactly as we say to and/or we will decide if you get to live.

    All your thought are belong to us.

  2. This link will now be seen by Police Chief Clifford Butz in Park Forest, Wisconsin… or at least someone in the department even though I emailed it to the chief.

    • Howdy Paul…

      Wisconsin? I thought this took place in Illinois. Don’t get me wrong, the more that know about this…the better. And, as always…thank you for all you do behind the scenes. It does matter.

      • Typo BT, I meant Illinois. Here is link to Chief Butz’s department just in case others want to email thoughts. Know one thing for sure, there is no need to kill a ninety-five year old man unless he is pointing a gun at you.


        • Thank you so much for that link Paul. And, I do hope others use it.

          Btw…I kind of thought it was a typo, or else I had really gone out of mind…finally. πŸ˜‰

          One other thing, you know I agree with you about them pointing any kind of a gun at this man and using it. What the hell has happened to this nation?

        • Quote from his home page.

          “The men and women of the Park Forest Police Department are proud to serve the Village of Park Forest, Illinois, enforcing local and state laws, and protecting life and property. Together, with the help of the community, we will keep the Village of Park Forest a safe and friendly place that is welcoming to all”

          “protecting life”

          Yea right Chief Butz, unless your a 95 yo war vet in a nursing home you mother F%^$*ER low life POS crank sucking SOB :-(

          BTW Chief Butz sucks mussy weenie

          BTW #2 And some folks wonder why I have little to no respect for LEO …… EF the bastids

          • Tell us how ya really feel!

          • Yall wont let me, no darkside over here ;-(

          • Hey navydavy… Btw… something tells me you were a squid… go Army!!!

            I put a link above for Chief Butz… guess you probably saw it. Can’t imagine in my wildest dreams why police would have to shoot a ninety-five year old man with a bean bag round… doesn’t make sense at all.

            I had much respect for law enforcement all my life, but lately that respect is diminishing at a rapid rate. Police departments all across the country seem to be out of total control… what say you???

          • Paul…

            Totally agree with your last paragraph. – Getting spooky out there.

          • Paul, I can give a couple reasons why police have to use a bean bag round on a 95 year old. FIrst, Affirmative Action, all govt. agencies must hire the second or third string instead of the cream of the crop. That’s why L.A. had the Rampart Police scandal, that’s why NOPD confiscated guns during Katrina. Second, look at the quality of intelligence that our schools are turning out today, hell, the last 25 years.

            With such a poor quality pool to hire from, it’s no wonder this kind of thing is happening more these days.

          • Hiya dog face :-)

            Yeppers 23+ lifer

            As I was enlisted, I always pulled for the Army, matter of fact still do. It’s the only game of fools-ball I will watch πŸ˜‰

            Like you my respect for LEO has diminished to the point that I don’t trust them very much at all. Mind ya, I haven’t been on the receiving end other than few traffic violations in my younger days.

            Go Army beat Navy

    • I pray the pos basid reads my remark below.


    He fought a war for a demacratic war monger FDR he dies in his own country ruled by a demacratic war monger BRACK OBAMA who received a PEACE PRIZE

  4. OFF TOPIC As horrific as this true news story is, it needs to circulate!!!

    The animals pictured below car-jacked then raped Christopher Newsom, cut off his penis, set him on fire and fatally shot him several times while they forced his girlfriend, Channon Christian, to watch. An even more cruel fate awaited her!

    Channon Christian was beaten and gang-raped in many ways for four days by all of them, while they took turns urinating on her. They cut off her breasts and put chemicals in her mouth… And then murdered her.

    Knoxville (WVLT) – The District Attorney General of Knox County announced the list of charges facing now five suspects in the double murderof Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

    The District Attorney General Randy Nichols is not saying whether or not he will seek the death penalty, but he does say the State will seek conviction for all charges filed in a 24-page indictment from the Knox County Grand Jury. Lemaricus Davidson, 25 , faces a total of 46 charges.. Letalvis Cobbins, 24 , faces a total of 46 charges. George Thomas, 24 , faces a total of 46 charges. Vanessa Coleman, 18 , faces 40 Tennessee state charges. Eric Boyd, 24 , also arrested in connection with the fatal car jacking, only faces federal charges as an accessory after the fact.

    SO!!!!! Where’s Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson? Are they providing counsel and help to the families of the victims?

    Of course not – the victims were white

    Why hasn’t this received National coverage by the news media like the Trayvon Martin case in Florida

    Oh, that’s right – the victims were white

    Why hasn’t the NAACP, ACLU, New York Times etc., called for an investigation?

    Must be cause the victims were white

    Why hasn’t the FBI been called in to investigate this as a hate crime?

    Oh, that’s right – the victims were white’

    So, if a white radio shock jock uses the phrase ‘Nappy headed’Ho, it gets 2 weeks of constant news coverage.

    If two white people are tortured, raped, and murdered by a group of black people, it barely gets a blip in the news.

    In God’s name, Wake Up, America!!!

    Please like & share to help spread the word … over 8,182 viewers but only 348 likes … not sure what I’m doing wrong but could really use everyone’s help … I will reciprocate … thanks!

    In an effort to show support of my country, military & veterans, I also created God Bless America, Our Military & Veterans: https://www.facebook.com/thankthemilitary

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    ~ D ~

  5. Pointy End Out says:

    Time to FREELY and OPENLY use the “forbidden” N word…let the [redacted] attack…the coroner report will state that they dies from wounds from their intended prey.

  6. Guillermo Del Toro says:


    Someone should become the anti-Jesse Jackson and really bring this kind of shit to light for the world to see.

    Its bull shit that these people get away with this and just get a free pass. Damn it im beyond pissed.

  7. chicago guy says:

    The msm is so damn guilty of trying to ignore the criminal shit done by demorat operatives, they should rot in hell. Check this out, especially at the bottom, where they answer press questions…….http://www.aim.org/benghazi/

  8. As a disabled combat vet myself ,this story sickens me to no end…
    There is no excuse none….it is a matter of Cops out of control..I will also write the Chief as Paul did and hope all will.
    I would like to post a link to a story that is a bit dated and hard to watch ,if you have time it is worth the viewing.It is a true horror story not only of cops out of control but an entire system….if this story does not bring anger and a need to help shine the light on this sickness then nothing will….
    thanks for allowing me a place to post this .

    • Thanks for your post, thanks for your link…and I’m glad you’re going to say your piece to the Chief as well. ~

    • Jigg

      Thanks for your service and sacrifice for our Country. Fortunately I was never hit or injured during my service in Nam but I have great respect for you and all my other military brothers.

  9. Please tell me this story isn’t true. Did they think he was sufering from PTSD and was now considered a home grown terrorist?

    I tell you, this is the future of Obamacare, euthanasia through police brutality.

  10. I thank you all for attending. Though tragic,this is a time of remembrance and tribute to the greatest country in the history of the world. She was founded in the name of God and her founders legislated His rules of governance. She left behind 50 children.She sometimes had to police the world,including 2 world wars.Often for good, sometimes not, but always with the belief that she was acting with honorable intent. She always stood for personal freedom and the pursuit of happiness. She was charitable to a fault,mostly without so much as a common thank you from the rest of the world. She saved the world from Naziism and Soviet style communism, but she could not survive the
    “cancerous police state” of fascism and moral decay that ate her alive from within. There is a corner of Heaven reserved for her and all that believed in her promise of FREEDOM. Hopefully, her example will be a testament to the rest of the world how dangerous this “CANCER” of Socialism is and don ‘t succumb to it too.

  11. This is beyond belief!!!!!!!!!! A WW2 veteran treated like this! OMG. What is going on??????? I am sick over this. What an outrage.

    • It’s heartbreaking…yet stomach churning isn’t it Joy? – To think, this could be someone we loved, this also could one of us someday. ~

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    Off the subject but i read of recently where a couple of thugs kidnapped and man and his wife at gunpoint and forced them to withdraw money from the man and wifes bank account the man had a gun hidden in his pick-up truck and when it was over one thug was dead and the other in crtitcal condition Just another reason to reject the UN SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY and the UN asw ell

  13. “Wrana’s family wants answers.”

    They already know why Mr. Wrana was executed, because…

    “She said he was a fiercely independent member of the greatest generation, honorably discharged as a sergeant after serving in India and Burma during the war.”

    That is the reason.

  14. Still haven’t heard any of the msm report about this story…has anyone else?

  15. Max & Eric says:

    and we won`t hear a word about this in the msm. If this were my father I`d go postal. My father always says, there are things worth going to prison for.

  16. Imtoooldforthis says:

    It doesn’t matter what the police say. There is no way they can get away with this one. Excessive force much? You bet. I have a 92 year old WWII vet living in my building and he uses a walker. No way he’s a threat to anyone. These cops should be fired and tried for murder. SCUM.

    • Time will tell…outraged with what happened to the man. I suppose many will just forget about it….and move on.