Arrogance much? – Minnesota congress-critter Keith Ellison is at again spewing his usual ‘Big Brother’ BS to anyone that will listen…and listen many do, unfortunately. – What he says should set your hair on fire, then again…maybe we’re all getting used to this type of blather. Yet, we can’t forget that what they’ve demanded via laws inflicted upon all of us will continue to cost us dearly…in one way or another! – But, but, but, they have a right…we have none! You’d better just hand over your money while they pick your pockets some more in one fashion or form, if you don’t…they’ll make you pay, they have many vessels to ensure that! – What country are we living in anymore…anyone?

Here’s a well-stated, short summary of what he had to say. – See what you think:

Keith Ellison is a Democrat House of Representative politician and the first Muslim to be elected to Congress.

He also thinks that government has a right to people’s money:

“The bottom line is we’re not broke,” Ellison said. “There’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it.”

“The government has a right, the government and the people of the United States have a right to run the programs of the United States,” he continued “Health, welfare, housing – all these things.”

Yes dear politicians – just dream up your wonky, shonky pie-in-the-sky policies and the people will come running with their wallets open to do your bidding, seeing as you, the great almighty government think you have the right to the money we earn with our hands and brain, all to pay for what you dream of implementing in exchange for votes to keep you in government.

Thanks for putting into words what we have always suspected – you’re a bunch of out of touch, protected wankers who think you have the right to do what you like to us, the little people. Why not just take all our money and decide how best to give it back to us, like they did in the USSR?

Oh, I forget, that’s already happening when we fund welfare programs for your voters….

Watch below, this only takes under a minute flat:

Side-note: Some of you may know about who Ellison is, along with plenty that support and back him. For those of you that don’t much about him, I suggest doing a bit of quick research. – I will say this much, CAIR loves him!

Anyone think Ellison needs a cluebat to hit him a good one on the side of the head when it comes to the debt the US Govt. is in…’stuck on stupid‘ he is…you can bet he depends on the rest of the nation to be in the same mode too. Heck, come to think about, according to the last election – you fill in the blanks.

So, folks…do you have any message you want to send Keith, and those that think like him…hmm?

If so…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Proof positive that MUSSYS SUCK

  2. Bottom feeding scum.

  3. Off topic:

    This is the mindlessness of MSNBC:

    • John…

      I heard about that via radio earlier this morning. Heck, he’ll fit right in with the cast at the funny farm.

  4. Chesty Puller says:

    aaah he is a Marxist… hello

    most blacks are actually Marxist in their political ideology… most of them have a problem with capitalism ( unless they are successfully exploiting it themselves ) voting democrat at a rate of over 94% should tell us something.. they view capitalism as a white construct that needs to be destroyed…

    I guarantee that Elis and his ilk in the CBC would have no problem with the government seizing all assets from private and corporate owners and “redistributing” said assets… its what Obama campaigned on too.. the moment they confiscate our guns it will happen

    • Chesty and all…

      Check this out.

      • Chesty Puller says:

        LOL Im sure Obama will chime in about it at some point…

        Why are people surprised that Rep Ellison hates America.. most blacks hate America.. fact

        • Chesty….

          I’ll have to take a pass on the vid, I’ve got a really sick dog I have to get to the vet in a bit. – I hope others check it out. ~

          Later all.

          • Chesty Puller says:

            I hope your dog gets better 🙂

            mine mean the world to me

          • Thanks so much…so far, not so good. – Hope things turn around in the next day or two. It’s been a rough week…it tears your heart up when you know you’re losing something you love dearly.

          • Mittsy (Black Lab/German Shepherd;Dennis’s dog; neighbor) and Zeke (Black Lab mix; my dog) get to play happily once, maybe twice, each day when Dennis and I meet to discuss our political bonds. We are both conservatives (as you have already deduced) and we sometimes brainstorm posts to AWD. Both of us are crying for you. We’re dog lovers for sure.

          • I sincerely send my thanks for your kind words/thoughts…much appreciated from both of you.

  5. You know a good place to get a bunch of cash quick?
    Go into all the closets of all the houses that each politician owns and you can find shoe boxes full of cash.
    Also go look under the bed of all the houses that each politician owns and you can find brief cases full of cash.
    Also try looking in the freezers at all the houses that each politician owns and you can find frozen funds.
    Finally look in all the safe deposit boxes in all the different banks that each politician has for the really big cash!


    Your typical liberal DEM-A-RAT for Bigger Goverment and the UN in total control of our lives allow the Muslim Brotherhood of Evil to come to america and make Ramada a american celebration replacing Christmas,Thanksging and Easter

  7. Lt. Sandman says:

    I’ve been looking at this all wrong. I think I’ll shut down my business, sell everything I own, and start getting free money. I’ll shop at the thrift shops for my wardrobe, and go dumpster diving. Then I won’t have to work any more. Nah.

    • What you say isn’t far from reality for tons of people across this land. Of course the majority of the msm ignores this…everything is coming up roses according to their world…after-all, their messiah deems it so.

  8. Congressman Ellison must be a homo……

    because we all know that……

    islam sucks it.

  9. Blacks,,,Islam,,,,,UGH !!!!!

  10. redseeingred says:

    Minnesota has always been a haven for the Marxist socialists. Yes, the only state to NOT vote for Reagan in the 1984 election has a Muslim socialist elect in their legislature. Surprise Surprise!!!

    ‘Minnesota nice’, of course, is the culprit. You know, the whole ‘smile and nod in front of their face and talk smack behind their back’ philosophy of human interaction. Say what you want about New Jersey, but I will take that candor over ‘MN Nice’ any day of the week.

    The culture of rolling over and taking it in MN has effectively neutered the conservative population. An atmosphere of general malaise has descended on the farms and blue collar workers like fog on a Nova Scotia pier.

    Unless us like-minded people start speaking their minds (like they do on here, but in real life) we look like easy targets.

  11. “Muslims aren’t allowed to pray with their asses facing Mecca because it might hurt their God’s feelings: hence they face Mecca to pray. This is fine since the Koran sees the world as flat. However, the Earth is not flat and consequently their asses, thanks to the Earth’s curve are always pointing to Mecca when they pray. Muslims fail at prayer and their God is apparently an insecure idiot”

    MUSSEYS MOON THEIR GOD, just another reason why ISLAM SUCKS lol

  12. You can bet Ellison and his ilk are A-OK with these examples…

    and this…

  13. Ellison is a sack-of-feces………he stinks like a sack-of-sh!t because that is what he is……a sack-o-sh!t………..

    every time he opens his mouth more communist laden feces spews off his lying-ass forked tongue…………

    this lousy bastard rolls around in hog feces and then expects us to buy into his liberal communist propaganda…………

    who are the sacs-o-crap that voted for this sack-o-feces…….how dare they defile the House with this bastards presence……….

  14. Commie Bast*rd
    When their day of judgement comes (after they collapse the country, and the law of club and fang is back in play) and pukes like this are on the back of a truck with a rope around his neck tied to a lamp post, he’s going to try to appeal to our collective humanity.
    He’s going to cry ‘I did it for the people!’
    Bullsh!t, you did it to pad your own pocket.

    Floor it Larry, before he drips that tar and feathers all over my truck.

  15. Bluto and Laz…

    You both said a mouthful…and then some.

    Bluto’s picture sums it up to a tee.

  16. David in SC says:

    More like “gibs me dat, gibs me dat, gibs me dat”

  17. A real dick ain;t he?