In the United States of the Perpetually Offended, leftists have long utilized political correctness to silence their ideological opposition. They silence their cowardly opponents with charges of racism and bigotry while subscribing to the very beliefs they criticize. As discussed here, most black people hate white people. That’s OK, it’s their right to hate whomever. But the false doctrine of political correctness forces white people to accept every negative action from every culture or be criticized as racist or some other character flaw. This is hypocrisy on steroids. Moreover, crime and poor behavior from blacks and other races is glossed over or totally ignored by leftists and race-baiters of various races. How can we have an honest conversation when honesty is never entered into the equation? More and more “crackas” are coming to that realization.

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have said on numerous occasions that America needs an “honest conversation” on racial issues. An “honest conversation” is the last thing these PC leftists want. They want to further their agenda by blaming America’s trouble on “evil white men” while excusing the violence, ignorance, and irresponsibility of too many minorities.

White liberals and race-baiting blacks are worse! They disingenuously say they want to have an honest conversation but their agenda is to blame whites while sweeping every negative behavior of blacks under the carpet. Anyone who watched the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman debacle sees quite easily that white liberals and black racists weren’t concerned with truth and justice. They wanted the neck of a white man to further their leftist agenda and keep blacks voting Democrat. They even invented a new race in calling Zimmerman a Hispanic white (a first!) to drum up an actual white-on-black crime.

Trayvon Martin was portrayed by the propaganda media as an angelic young boy murdered by a sinister white racist who only shot Trayvon because he was wearing a hoodie and was black. Photos of a young Trayvon and a darkened, scowling mug shot of Zimmerman were widely disseminated by the mainstream propaganda media to skew public sentiment. And it worked until the facts began to leak out thanks to true journalists in the blogosphere. Trayvon was proven to be a violent, drug-using thug who had been kicked out of school and was no stranger to trouble. The court trial came and went and the not guilty verdict was correctly rendered. However, white liberals and black racists were not pleased with the outcome. Their cry was “Let the violent games begin!” Or continue…but only black on white violent games.

How many white innocents have been beaten by black groups in the name of Trayvon? Why isn’t there an honest conversation about this from white liberals and black race-baiters? Why have none of these stories caused a national outrage? Where are the voices of those calling for an “honest conversation” on racial issues on the plethora of black on white beatings and murders? Isn’t a growing number of whites being victimized by violent black gangs worthy of a national conversation when the White House, Department of Justice, and the mainstream propaganda media used every tactic to engineer a white on black crime in the Trayvon case? No, of course not! The scourge of black on white crime doesn’t warrant a word of discussion while the virtually non-existent white on black in the ginned-up Zimmerman trial received constant commentary in support of the thug Trayvon from the leader of the free world?

Where is the outrage and condemnation of racial violence over the beating of Ray Widstrand of Minnesota when he was beaten, robbed and stripped by a gang of 50 black youth? He will suffer permanent brain damage like so many other whites who have made the mistake of being in close proximity to young blacks. Welcome to community organizer Barack Obama’s America!

Want an honest discussion on racial issues? How about this?

  • Black males make between 18-49 make up 3% of the US population but are responsible for over 51% of the murders and violent crime in America.  Doesn’t this warrant discussion?
  • Blacks fall behind every measurement of performance in America compared to other races.  School dropouts, out of wedlock births, unemployment, crime, violence, etc.  Waiting for an honest conversation?  Don’t hold your breath.
  • Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.
  • Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic.
  • Blacks are seven times more likely to go to prison, Hispanics three times, and the reason is clear, because from 1980 to 2003 the US incarceration rate has tripled, and so proves that Justice is not only hard won, but well served.
  • The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.
  • Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

Those are statistics from the FBI and the Department of Justice. Yet not an honest word will be said concerning these atrocious statistics by those who hypocritically seek and honest discussion on racial issues in America.

White liberals and black racists seek to blame every shortcoming of blacks on white people. You’ll hear plenty from them about slavery, Jim Crow, white privilege and institutional racism but never hear will hear that evil whites in America are the only people in history to end slavery. Evil whites have paid trillions of dollars of reparations in Affirmative Action, welfare, Section 8 housing, food stamps, and social programs to bring blacks to the same levels of performance of other races. All these attempts have failed miserably because of one issue. Blacks have learned through political correctness that they cannot be held responsible for their anti-societal, violent, dependent behavior. There are votes and money in constantly telling blacks they cannot perform at the levels of other races because they are victims of white people.

But whites are not forcing blacks to kill other blacks at astronomical rates in inner cities across America. Whites don’t make black kids to drop out of school, have illegitimate babies, join gangs and commit crimes. White people didn’t bankrupt Detroit although they are fully blamed by the propaganda media for such. When will the honest conversation discuss the tremendous problems caused by blacks themselves in America? It won’t. Remember, there are undying votes for Democrats and money for race-baiters in play.

Most white people realize the double standard utilized by white libs and black racists. We recognize that an honest discussion is impossible because the left is only interested in furthering their agenda. Political correctness is their weapon and cowardly whites and so-called conservatives fear nothing more than being labeled a racist.

Question. When did expecting more out of blacks become racist? AWD, like most whites, doesn’t judge by pigment. We judge by actions. Just as Martin Luther King dreamed. But by daring to criticize the violence that comes from blacks in America, AWD and other rational voices are immediately labeled racist. I believe that blacks in America can and must perform at higher societal levels. Does that make me racist? If Al Sharpton, Toure, and the rest of the MSNBC ilk are the judges, you know the answer.

I’m a racist even though I openly supported black man Allen West for President. Of course, he’s an Uncle Tom because he dares to not walk the black victim, politically correct walk. See the stupidity in all of this?

Americans are more than ready to have an honest and needed discussion about racial issues when leftists and race-baiters are serious about having that discussion. Until then, we know they have an agenda and will never accept the viewpoints of their political adversaries at face value. It’s a game honest people cannot win. So why play the game?

When Barack Obama says he has a neighbor that looks like Ray Windstrand or the numerous white victims of black violence and Al Sharpton and the other professional white-hating racists criticize the out-of-control black violence….then, maybe we can have an honest discussion.

Here’s some honest videos that should receive commentary and explanation from white liberals and black racists:

Fox 2 News Headlines

And businesses are racist for not opening stores in black neighborhoods!

If Barack had a young, white friend, would he look like this victim of black violence?

Or this?

And there are hundreds more videos like this. Honest discussion on race, liberals? Yeah, right!

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  1. Here’s my take: If America is a racist society where blacks never have a chance at success, how do you explain the extraordinary success of Haitian immigrants who, within a single generation, become doctors and lawyers? They have higher per-capita income than Baptists and WV hill-billies. It is not about race, it is about culture. Hill-billies are no different from ghetto blacks, except they’re stupider. Belive me, I’ve actually been to WV.

    • quartierleblanc says:

      But the hillbillies still have much lower crime rates. Go figure on that one.

      • You know, that’s a good point. But stupid WV hillbillies are still “oppressed” by someone. Otherwise they would all be vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard with the blacks.

        • quartierleblanc says:

          Do you think Hillbillies would fu&* up Haiti or would they make something of it? Money says that it would be much better than Haiti today.

          • quartierieblanc
            Been to Haiti, sailed in from the north at dawn and set anchor, seemed like a tropical paradise till I went ashore, I’ll cut it short, the blacks pissed away a chance to have a #1 tourist destination, a chance for every Haitian to share the wealth that is still in their grasp, nothing but grinding poverty everywhere you look, even the most destitute poverty stricken W V Hillbilly will scratch in the dirt and raise some food but the Haitians will stand with their hands out and beg while they kill the Island that could bring them wealth, After 2 yr’s in Haiti and ten in Ethiopia the wife’s brother told me blacks are the same all over the world, they can’t be helped, the daily killing in large city’s are what they do best.

          • ga steve……..Interested readers should research François Duvalier….aka…Pappa Doc and his son Baby Doc. This will give more insight into why Haiti is the dung heap that it is today.

            I lived in South FLA in the early 80’s and witnessed the influx of refugees from Haiti (and Cuba). I can’t imagine how they lived in Haiti, because they literally set up temporary shelter in tin shacks with dirt floors thinking they were staying at The Plaza.

          • My Sister is a Coasty and patrolled off Haiti.
            They had a standing order that if anybody fell in the water less than a mile offshore they got a Hazardous Chemical scrub for all the chemicals and feces in the water.
            Look at Google Earth
            There’s a definitive line where Haiti Ends and the Dominican Republic begins.
            Hard to screw up paradise so badly that you can see it from space.

    • Your “take” is obviously that of a “libtard” as they say here. Perhaps you have data (links would be welcome) to back up both the assertion of Haitians’ “extraordinary success” and the equally imbecilic statement that “Hill-billies are no different from ghetto blacks, except they’re stupider.”

      If you can’t, I suggest you’re simply another foolish “libtard” who is always willing to throw slurs at white people for “politically-correct” reasons.

      For your information, statistics show that whites from the lowest socioeconomic class (that would include “hill-billies” for libtards such as yourself) consistently outscore all blacks regardless of socioeconomic class. Therefore, your statement is very much shooting your mouth off without having any ammunition.

      For your information, West Virginia has produced its share of notables including Homer Hickam (of “Rocket Boys” fame), John Nash (of “A Beautiful Mind” fame) as well as great soldiers such as Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

      Frankly, you are obviously not very well informed and probably know nothing but what you see on the Televitz. Are you black?

  2. question: when will we have this conversation?

    answer: When there’s money in it.

    Right now, the money is on the other side, so until it switches…….. (insert sound of crickets here)

  3. Cooter Brown says:

    The DOJ says there is no Black on White Crime. So any liberal white folks want me to buy you dinner on a Friday night in South Dallas? I bet not…

  4. I totally blame Obama and Holder for this crap. They have since 2008 given blacks a pass on beating whites and it just gets worse. It is exactly what they wanted, racial strife. They are racists of the worst type, the black KKK is how I look at this Regime. This is what happens when Commies get into power, black ones especially. Soon the blacks will be using machetes since they can’t shoot too straight. I can’t wait till this disgusting, racist, POS President and all his hoodlum lackeys are out of office. No President in my lifetime has deliberately created so much malicious
    hatred among American citizens. He and his are as vile and evil as humans get. Karma, I’m waiting!!

  5. Haitian huh…would that be like the famous Racial Jentel?
    But I am from Virginia what do I know?…..just a ole hill billy.

  6. AWdude,

    Excellent post…….,,you are so right…..to have an honest conversation all parties must be honest….so far it has been a one way street…..
    It is my firm belief that Obamay and his crew want to tear this country down….they hate so badly it smells thru the fake veneer of their smiles.
    Again most excellent post and thanks for giving us a voice thru your words .

  7. Haiti commited one of the only succesful full genocides of a people in recorded history. Whites are made to feel guilt for black slavery in the Americas but are Haitians ever held to account for genocide? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Haiti

    Maybe this could be one of the first discussions on race? We throw money at Haiti to the tune of billions and they devastated the White population with impunity.

    Shall we talk about the shadow war of black on White crime? All the Flash mob attacks? The interracial rapes? http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/, http://violenceagainstwhites.w.....ear-about/

    Maybe the complete devistation of cities by blacks? http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.kr/

    How about the lies we are told to make us feel Whites are stupid and steal? http://tightrope.cc/Black-Invention-Myths.htm

    I can do this all day. Something tells me no Liberal worth his/her cisgender, rainbow loving, illegal placating, Vegan, pacifist corn hole has the stones.

  8. Pointy End Out says:

    WE are ALL Zimmerman !

  9. When race baiters say they want an ‘honest conversation’ about race they’re saying they want a public podium from which to continue their Blame Whitey screed and pocket the money that rolls in. That’s it, that’s all.

    I have a question for the race baiters and white haters – where would you be without the white race? The first answer would automatically be a resounding “Free!”, of course. My followup would be to ask “Free to do what?” Live as Haitians? Live as Zimbabweans? Go back to the jungles,
    sleep in the mud and eat grubs because there’d be no white money to buy food and shelter?

  10. OBAMA AS GOD NOW….you got to see this..

  11. The Confederacy had it right.

    • yes im from the south and yes we did it right why do you think we fought so hard to keep the blacks out,we saw it comeing now you all feel the pain.there is a way to stop them.white people need to return to the old ways of the deep south.take back your homes and children from the black race lets give them a war.

  12. Here is an example of a past conversation between Blacks and Whites .
    It was made in such a way the Blacks understood our stand on things.

  13. Nostradumbass says:

    Here is an honest conversation on race, religion, government and life:

    After me and mine, You’re First


    Screw Trayvon Martin and his parents im getting so tired of the way their treating that career crinimal like some crime victim he was a crinimal and died a crinimals death

    • Saint Skittles was in a gated community acting suspicious.
      There was a gate there for a reason. To keep burglars out.
      It was raining, but he seemed in no hurry to get out of it.
      Zimmerman was aware of the recent home invasions in that community, so he was correct in ‘profiling’ him for the above reasons.
      He had two thirds of the recipe for ‘Drank’ on him. Was he going home to share with his 12 year old relative?
      He had pot in his system- evidence of illegal activity
      He had four minutes to go home but didn’t
      He ambushed Zimmerman out of the dark
      His only call was to Blimpicus Maximus, not his Dad or the cops.
      He brought his fists to a gun fight.
      Natural selection at work.

  15. Contrasting views
    No I do not think like many of the blacks in your nation.
    when they do this …..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABZwTVW2RgA

    I remember this ……http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt8y18YFH70

    I ask myself just what will it take to wake thepeople up to
    shake him so hard to his very core that he/she will realize all is near lost….Obama and the ones behind him
    …the Media ..the libtards ..the corrupt bankers and mafia style government have chipped away at us till it will take nothing short of a revolution to take back this country…..the police state is upon us and soon we will not have the option to speak out.
    Once a people gets use to being feed by the governments hand …he will not want to bite it. That is why the black man will vote in always those that will try to take our rights and control us .
    But some day will come when no one is free …there will be no middle class..only the very rich and the working poor….I am sure many will get so tired of my bitchin my speaking out….but God have mercy on us when the time comes we can not.

  16. Chesty Puller says:

    Liberals use race as political capital… they have no desire to disarm themselves of this tool by having any kind of honest discourse about it… It is in THIER best interest to keep racism ( and other differences ) alive in order to keep America divided.. exploitation at its best… the “black condition” NEVER improves under democrats in office at any level ( federal, state, local ) but they are too bamboozled to see it…

    What did Democrat President LBJ say after starting the “great society” ( welfare)?

    “we will have them n*****s voting for democrats for the next 200 years”

  17. Lazlo lives in rural America.
    Instead of “There’s a Black Guy” it’s more like “There’s THE Black Guy”
    This is by design.
    Not because I don’t like blacks, but because I like an Ordered Existence.
    I used to live in Hell-A, in fact I lived in Hollywood.
    Around the late eighties the Blacks moved in.
    If one remembers that’s where the Guitar Institute of Technology USED to be located. I used to see the future guitar heroes walking along practicing, jabbering about theory and the power of jazz chord substitution.
    Not any more.
    I went back to do a show in the nineties. It was like a war zone.
    Angry blacks lounging everywhere, casting predatory looks, the trash and filth on the side streets was easily double. Having lived there I was used to Hollywood, the trash, the junkies, the crime. But this was a whole new level of scariness.
    I asked a friend where all the guitar players went. He told me they moved the Guitar Institute because all the students were getting robbed and beaten for their guitars. Their students stopped enrolling because of it. GIT moved for the safety of the students.
    I wouldn’t live there now if you paid my way.
    Now I travel all over AZ for my work. I see all kinds of neighborhoods.
    Standing out like a sore thumb because of my evil whiteness, I carry everywhere I go.
    I refuse to retreat, I refuse to be robbed, I refuse to be a victim.
    I may end up in jail for it, or dead, but I swear I will take a few with me.
    THAT is how you win this fight for an Orderly Existence.
    The bad guys accost you, you shoot them.
    But you have to be ready to put it on the line.
    Law and Order is not the natural state of affairs in the world.
    It must be enforced, and any cop will tell you they are there to record the damage for the courts to handle.
    So only when they fear the average Joe, will they stop.
    Dear Blacks and Liberals: If your are All Trayvon, remember he’s dead and Zimmerman is alive. There’s a lesson in that.

  18. Here’s a good starter for a conversation on race and equality. This morning on Fox News they had their cameras on the school bus thugs and their “parents” entering Juvenal Court to face charges. None would speak to the “ONLY” reporter there.Only one “DAD” spoke, saying his son was sorry. “SORRY HE WAS CAUGHT”. When George Zimmerman was arranged there was a mob of reporters and cameramen surrounding him everywhere. Where’s the equal coverage. Where’s Jackson,Sharpton,MSNBC,CNN,ETC this morning. IT makes me sick how the left covers race issues.

    • The dif between Z and these pos yoots is that the race baiter in chief and eric with holder armed with his doj sponsored protesters stirring up the prog media. No traction can be gained with the bus yoots by the lame stream media and race bait inc. Where’s queen oprah? Worrying about being dissed in switzerland over a $38k purse.

      Ya got me by 2 years Chas, 36 years and counting, 23 of which as a squid.

  19. ALSO,If you see a group of any size of black teens, at all cost ,if you are white, avoid contact with them. If they approach you , you better be ready with you concealed carry weapon.

  20. Nostradumbass says:

    Michelle Malkin to Eboni Williams:

    “Let’s talk about the way conservative minorities are demonized by leaders in your own party…”

    response by Eboni: “Right, but we can’t have that conversation, Michelle, without also address (sic) the racism that does exist”

    this is what constitutes an “Honest” discussion, we can’t talk about your issues without first addressing mine, and if I am satisfied with your answers, maybe if we have enough time, we will talk about your issues

    @ approx. 5:09


  21. The worst mistake that the Founding Fathers made was importing cheap black labor from the jungles of Africa. G-d knew what He was doing when He gave the African continent to the blacks.

    • Nostradumbass says:

      And the biggest mistake after that was not enforcing repatriation of the newly-freed with free transport back their native homelands.

    • Celebrate Homogeneity says:

      The biggest mistake we make today is not doing our own gardening, diaper changing, food prep, and toilet scrubbing. It all boils down to laziness, people.

      • Chesty Puller says:

        Would you elaborate please?

        I cant figure out if you are making a statement against illegal immigration or you are an advocate for growing our own organic food…

        • Celebrate Homogeneity says:

          I’m an advocate of us doing our own work, or hiring our own to do it. And as for growing food, I’m old enough to remember victory gardens; folks grew a few things nd exchanged the extra with neighbors who grew other things. Community plots are a common thung in many places with apartment dwellers.

          Me? I mow my own lawn and clean my own house.

  22. Nostradumbass says:

    Breaking news


    ♫ And the colored girls go Doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo doo… ♪
    – Lou Reed

  23. Stuart Devers says:

    So true what the woman said about the attack on her son being racist.

    Back here in Englanstan we have large gangs of Muslims and blacks ( “All Muslims are good” David Cameron)who regular beat up and mug young white guys,never one on to one!!

    It’s never deemed as racist and gets very little press coverage.

    All the major cities in the UK are free-falling into urban ghetto’s and no go areas for most white people.

    When the question is raised about why so many young blacks don’t work and are active members of gangs.

    The usual answer is its whitey’s fault!!!

    Most young black people are unemployable and don’t want to work..

    Free housing great benefit system ,why work!

    It’s so sad to see whats happening in the States and some other western countries.

    The Trayvon Martin case has for me been a big wake up call in the respect how that guy is portrayed as some modern day martyar.

    When i was the young kid in the 70`s we were heavily influenced with American TV and white culture from the States.

    For me that has been and still is a great influence for me as a father and somebody who has a great love for the old American values and way of life.

    Some of the music and culture we get now (gangsta rap,Urban rap) it’s all utter shite!!

    No talent and just glorifying being a arse-hole

    A funny story about a recent TV crime programme in the UK about black gangs in the States

    They had to put subtitles on as you just could not understand what they were talking about.

    I have travelled to States and met lots of Americans in Europe and Asia when younger.

    Never once did we not understand each other.

    It’s the same in the UK with blacks and bastardisation of the English language.

    Then they wonder why they are unemployable!!!

    I have been following the AWD for sometime now,its great to hear the real truth!!

  24. If you have friends, family, or acquaintances that want to hang with the “bros” in the hood……

    Please sit them down and explain the “Derbyshire Doctrine” to them…..

    It’s known as “The Talk”…..


    It might save their lives…..

    For Progs and Liberals that don’t want to use their common sense…..so be it.

  25. Wake up America,,, these wastes of oxygen are not to be trusted , are not your friends and are far more racist than any group in the country today. Watch out, Arm yourself and smarten the hell up!!!

  26. The continuing racist persecution of poor, poor Opra

    Her accusations are the product of a victim mentality, something money cannot fix, apparently.
    Second, her ‘Apology’ where she said she was sorry she ‘mentioned it’ is crapola.
    Being ‘sorry you mentioned it’ is passive aggressive for: “I am hurt by ‘whatever’ and you obviously cannot comprehend it so never mind.”
    Just another self important gas bag.
    BTW Where did she get that Mastodon Nut Sack to wear on her head?
    I want one now.

  27. Mr. Rational says:

    This is hypocrisy on steroids.

    It’s not hypocrisy, just deceit.  They aren’t after any sort of justice, they just want White people to die.

  28. Elitest White Liberals hate the average White middle class and the White lower classes. The soft racism rears it’s ugly head yet again. It is easy for them to excuse the bad behavior of blacks and brown because they are the others. To the Liberal the blacks and browns can’t do any better and are not expected to do any better. They may or may not believe in Human Bio Diversity(HBD, where humans groups exhibit certain traits IQ being the largest one) but they do see a very strong distinction between them and us.

    A Middle class White or a poor White scares and sickens the Liberal. Because these people are White they can not create a distinction. No matter how loving the Honey Boo Boo clan is their physical features and appearent lack of sophistication and education is kyrptonite to Liberals. The White Liberal is just one step away from becoming a beer loving NASCAR watching pleeb.

    They would prefer to be the 1%(or think of themselves that way) and the rulers of a low class of minorities than rulers of low class White. They realize a little education and a hard work ethic will raise those low class Whites into the classes of the elites and that can hide among them.

    Make no mistake they want us dead they want us gone. What did Lucifer say better to rule in Hell than be a servant in Heaven?

  29. Here, Here, Dude. THIS….THIS…..THIS is the kind of news and editorials that need to be shouted from the mountain tops, since the pathetic, despicable MSM won’t touch this kind of news. If I were a millionaire I’d contribute and support this kind of news outreach mightily.

  30. Never heard about this – or many more. I wonder why?


  31. Glenn Beck: Gruesome Story of Murdered Tennessee Couple – Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian


  32. Pingback: Racism Is Alive And Well In The USA, Alright | Nice Deb

  33. I’ve had a printed copy of this article on my stack of things to read for the couple of weeks since I first stumbled across it. I finally got around to it today.

    Angry White Dude supported ‘Allen West’ for president? Un-flipping-believable. Look, folks. Nary a day goes by where I don’t get another piece of evidence that convinces me that the White race has to be the absolute stupidest, most gullible, most clueless, most naive and easily snookered race of retards on the entire freaking planet. The Cultural Marxist controlled media white-guilt brainwashing has been so toxic, so effective, so relentless and so pervasive, that even White guys who claim to be ‘awake’ and savvy to what’s going on – meaning, savvy to the deliberate White genocide agenda being pushed by our hostile, hate-filled jewish elites – are still demonstrating that they just don’t ‘get’ the Big Picture.

    Let me explain the racial facts of life for all you Whites out there who seem so desperate to find some ‘magic numinous negro’ politician who has two or three relatively ‘conservative’ opinions on a few issues, and then who you will slavishly fall to your knees in front of and start licking their feet and proclaiming your devotion to them in order to prove to your inner self that you’re ‘not a racist’.

    This kind of behavior by Whites really does make me want to puke.

    Listen up. It makes zero difference whether the maggot who sits in the White House and who happens to be black has a D or an R next to his name. Understand? The point is – one needs to understand the black mentality and get a handle on how the primitive black mind works. Since Obama was installed into the White House – black on white violence and black arrogance and belligerence and misbehavior has sky rocketed and I think even AWD understands that simple truth. Blacks see the presence of a black man in the position of supreme power over a White European nation in a symbolic sense. They see this as a case where, at long last, the black man has his steel boot on the back of the hated White man’s neck and this has energized and emboldened them to commit accelerating levels of savage violence against the White race. Black savages see this as payback time.

    Thus, even if some magic negro with a couple of conservative opinions on a few issues and who had an R next to his name were to be put into the White House by racially naive and clueless Whites like AWD – blacks would still see his presence there in the same symbolic sense as they see with Obama. And, they would still be committing ever increasing acts of violence against Whites. Understand?

    Here is the rule that Whites must grasp and follow. Never, and I do mean never – vote to help put a racial competitor into a position of absolute power over your race and nation. If you are stupid enough to do this, then you are assuming that said racial competitor is going to be able to resist the temptation to ‘get even’ for real or imagined past grievances that he may harbor against the White race. As we can clearly see with Obama – he did not resist the temptation and he has been doing everything possible to punish and enact as much pain as he can upon Whites ever since he took office.

    Trying to take away our firearms. Trying to screw us out of our hard earned money and force us to pay for free health care for low life inner city welfare queens who all happen to be black or mestizo. Trying to flood our nation with 100 million indigestible, parasitical mestizos and give the Democrats a one party dictatorship so he and his Marxist buddies can impose Communism on America. Recently, his spokesman for the HUD announced that Obama wants to scrutinize neighborhoods across America that are ‘too white’, meaning too crime
    free and safe places for Whites to live and raise families – and then scoop up the inner city ghetto gang bangers, thugs, drug pushers, pimps and prostitutes from crime ridden black cesspools like Detroit and Chicago – and then deposit these predatory beasts into any empty houses in those White neighborhoods and communities.

    The bottom line is this: Never trust any non-white with supreme power over our White asses. This is so fundamentally simple to understand that I am sickened whenever I hear some brainwashed White male or female wailing and slobbering over the latest phony conservative black stooge who is being trotted out and presented to us by the same jewish media who are lusting to engineer our racial genocide. How can it possibly NOT occur to these brainwashed Whites that the enemy wants us to HELP them place Whites under the steel and hostile boot of our racial competitors? And, they will purposely groom and finance such a stooge and write his speeches for him and put opinions in his mouth that they know will set the hook in the jaw of racially naive whites like AWD.

  34. There are hundreds of examples of violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country. There’s this book I have read, just google “White Girl Bleed a Lot” or this site http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/. It’s an epidemic of black mob violence.

  35. Michael Boyce says:

    Keep spanking ass, AWD. The stats; the truth is on our side. The truth will prevail in the end. It can’t happen soon enough. I know this is an oldie, but goodie, but keep up the good work anyway. If you happen to see my comment. All the best.