Talk about a so-called mother from hell…this gal has to be it! What this filthy woman did to her own child is beneath contempt, to put it mildly. And, for her and her bastid of a partner to only receive twenty year sentences each is despicable to say the very least! Lower than pond-scum…the both of them!

The real words that I want to say here would get me the ban hammer. After you read about what happened to this little boy, see if you don’t feel the same way. – Let’s all hope the emotional scars this young boy surely carries with him will heal with time.

Meet Sabrina Bonner: – This is via MailOnline:

A French mother who held her four-year-old son by the arms while he was raped by his stepfather in a prison visiting room has been sentenced to a maximum 20 years in jail.

Sabrina Bonner, 25, blindfolded her child and made him kneel on a chair throughout the ordeal.

Her partner, 31-year-old Lionel Barthelemy, who has been jailed since August 2009 for violence, also received the same sentence from the court in Strasbourg, eastern France.

Both Bonner and Barthelemy have admitted to multiple counts of rape and sexual assault of the boy, now eight.

Some of the assaults, including the rape in the visiting room at the Toul detention centre in eastern France, had been filmed on a mobile phone.

‘The behaviour of Sabrina B. is not even that of an animal towards its child,’ said prosecutor Gilles Delorme, who also described Barthelemy as ‘a sadist in the purest form’.

At the detention centre, Bonner had blindfolded her son and made him kneel on a chair in front of Barthelemy, then held him by the arms as he was raped.

The case had raised questions over why prison staff failed to stop, or even notice, an act of such brutality taking place during what was supposed to be a supervised visit to a prisoner serving a sentence for domestic violence, who had been diagnosed as having schizophrenic tendencies.

Investigators had found that black bin bags were used to cover the glass window of the door of the visiting room.

Yannick Pheulpin, the lawyer representing the victim, said he intended, at the end of the trial, to initiate legal proceedings aimed at holding the prison to account for the suffering of the child.

Psychiatrist Jean-Pierre May told the court that the couple had a ‘sado-masochist relationship’ in which each took turns to be ‘master’ and ‘slave’.

‘It is hard to determine who used the other more’ during the savage acts carried out on the boy, said another expert, Jean-Georges Rohmer.

Bonner has admitted carrying out multiple sexual assaults on her child during 2009 and 2010, filming them on her mobile phone and giving the phone’s memory card to her imprisoned partner.

She gave herself up to police in May 2011, shortly before Barthelemy was due to be released from prison.

Bonner has claimed that she carried out the assaults under the orders and threat of violence from Barthelemy.

Here’s another case of the utmost contempt:

Michigan: Jury Convicts Man for Orally Raping Baby to Death!

Anything you want to add? If so…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Dave in Texas says:

    I don’t know what to say. What the hell is our world turning into? Just sick. Reading sh!t like that makes my heart hurt.

    • Ditto that. – Sometimes words just don’t suffice when it comes to situations like these.

      I know where I hope all of them involved in this burn in hell eternally.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Your forgeting that france is now part of the Euroweenie Union who treat crinimals better then their victims

    • Heck Spur….we do the same thing here many times in instances like this when it comes to sentencing. It’s beyond madness!

  3. It’s the French, they’re uber socialists, so while I’m intensely disgusted, I’m not at all surprised.

  4. Ant Hills, stakes, people like these, and we sell the skeletons for science.

  5. Lazlo has changed his mind, about the Ant Hills. These people deserve Coyote Hill. They can each wait their turn on the Ant Hill though.
    Coyote Hill:
    Top of a hill, four upright posts form corners of a ten foot square.
    String these people up about four feet off the ground facing downward.
    Open them up, base to apex and set the webcam, and wait for the Coyotes.
    Give Coyotes pet names and make wagers on performance.

  6. I would like to fill that bitch’s vagina full with gasoline and then stick a red hot rail road flair up her ass.
    Good Lardy how i hate people that hurt a child…that couple needs to suffer the most painful death possible and the prison guards as well….no excuse for this ..

    I really should not have read this post …I’m as angry as hell now…..

  7. Crusading Conservative says:

    Liberals should have to explain to us why the death penalty is unacceptable, even in cases like this and the one in your link…Liberals will beat you into the ground over this person’s right to remain living. I absolutely believe these ‘people’, upon conviction, should meet Mr. Sparky. And not in fifteen years – the next day. Take the trash out! And if liberals don’t like it, these people can live next door to them when they implement their ‘neighborhood diversity’ program!

  8. this story is so horrific that I wish I hadn’t read it………

    I would have killed them both if I had found out or come across anyone that did something like this to a little boy or any child……….I would have dispatched these two pieces-of-crap to the great beyond without a second thought……….

    20 years my ass…….Kill them…….

  9. Bluto, CC and jigg…

    My sentiments prelicate all of yours. After reading this report early this morning the fire in my belly flamed towards evil soulless entities such as these.

  10. master of sinanju says:

    Dear lord, you say vengeance is yours, please if it be acceptable to you, let US be the instrument of vengeance upon those vile wretches, who would harm the little ones. My heart and soul hurt right now.

    • While I will not claim to or ask to be the instrument of the Lords vengeance, I will have no problem sending souls to Him, that He may do vengeance upon them.

  11. bigtimer.
    Send them to me, I assure you real justice will be carried out.

  12. Put them in a wood chipper

  13. No big deal here… should welcome these folks to America where they’ll fit right into the dem party and killings of innocent aborted babies.

  14. 20 years. By the time they get out, the victim will be a young adult with a bad memory. I’d love to see the looks on their faces when he says, ‘Hi, remember me?’

  15. There are things worth dying for and there are things worth going to prison for. This is one of those things.

  16. This is a scene from hell..I remember as a kid watching my dad kill a rabid dog wandering our neighborhood; one shot to the head. These two cowards need to be done to as they did to the boy until they’re dead, very slow and excruciatingly painful. I’m sure there are a couple of “bucks” in the stable who would love to do the honors.