The good citizens of Colorado spoke out last night via the ballot box regarding the smothering gun control laws the dems recently passed…and the citizens won! Two state senators were sent their pink slips…both had better start packing, (no pun intended) and make a quick exit!

Short on time this morning so I’m cutting to the chase, everything reported is self-explanatory.

Here are two reports about this issue. – You can read both in full here and here:

Two Democratic lawmakers in Colorado, including the president of the state Senate, were recalled Tuesday in elections brought about by their support for tougher gun control laws.

According to unofficial results, voters in Colorado Springs favored recalling state Sen. John Morse, the body’s president, by 51 percent to 49 percent. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, state Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo was defeated in her recall election, 56 percent to 44 percent.

The Colorado Republican Party called the vote results “a loud and clear message to out-of-touch Democrats across the nation” in a statement released late Tuesday. Colorado’s Democratic governor, John Hickenlooper, said he was “disappointed by the outcome of the recall elections” before calling on state residents to “refocus again on what unites Coloradans — creating jobs, educating our children, creating a healthier state — and on finding ways to keep Colorado moving forward.”

“We as the Democratic Party will continue to fight,” Morse told supporters in Colorado Springs as he conceded the race. Republican Bernie Herpin, a former Colorado Springs city councilman, will replace him. Giron will be replaced by Republican George Rivera, a former deputy police chief in Pueblo.

“We will win in the end because we are on the right side,” Giron said in her concession speech.

The votes marked the first time in Colorado history that a state lawmaker faced a recall effort and the biggest backlash in states that passed tougher gun-control laws following two mass shootings last year – at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater and a Newtown, Conn., elementary school.

Democratic-leaning Connecticut, Maryland, and New York also passed tougher gun laws without a recall effort making a state ballot.

The states’ effort came after President Obama’s unsuccessful attempt to get Congress to pass stricter federal laws – including tighter background checks and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines.

In Colorado Springs, the majority of registered voters are Democrats, but many are conservative-leaning. 23 percent of them, in fact, signed the petition to recall Morse, according to The Denver Post.

The National Rifle Association and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg lined up on opposite sides of the recall effort, led by gun-rights advocates upset over the legislation and how the hearings were conducted.

Both state legislators voted for 15-round limits on ammunition magazines and for expanded background checks on private gun sales.

The legislation passed Colorado’s Democrat-led legislature without any Republican support and was signed into law by Hickenlooper, who had initially rejected calls for stronger gun control laws.

Morse, a former police chief in suburban Colorado Springs, said Colorado’s gun laws were commonsense ideas to reduce fatalities in mass shootings. He was first elected to the Colorado Senate in 2006.

Reported contributions to Morse and Giron totaled about $3 million, dwarfing the reported amount raised by gun activists who petitioned for the recall, though some independent groups didn’t have to report spending. Both the NRA and Bloomberg contributed more than $300,000 to the pro- and anti-recall campaigns.

In addition, dozens of elected county sheriffs have sued to block the gun laws.

One of the Morse recall organizers, Timothy Knight, said supporters are upset that lawmakers limited debate on the gun legislation and seemed more inclined to take cues from the White House than their constituents.

“If the people had been listened to, these recalls wouldn’t be happening,” Knight said.

Here’s a report from late last night:

You have to wonder if Bloomberg and ilk, including the O-Team, are going to take a hint about the ‘Second Amendment‘, ‘We the People‘ and outrageous gun control laws! Then again…they’ll most likely look the other way and pretend this didn’t happen! – What say you?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. It is a bright light in a darkened Country. I hope more citizens exercise their rights and begin the slow process to take back our Country. My thanks for the citizens of Colorado for their action and hope it inspires us all to do what we can. Thanks also to the bikers who are riding to Washington to show that we clingers are alive and well and will be coming to a neighborhood like yours real soon. I had to give up motorcycling due to health reasons but my boot are with them.

    • Howdy eekalouse…

      My same sentiments are with what you expressed so well.

      Btw…I have a report or two saved about the bikers march too. Hope to get to it in a few hours. – Good things are happening in this nation for a change…and the majority of the msm sure ain’t liking it!

  2. Wow, can you believe it. The People have spoken and what a loud and clear voice they have . Hip-hip Hooray, there is HOPE after-all.

  3. Glad to see the good people of my birth state coming to their senses…

    And then this………

    • Roaring with laughter just from what the link says…leave it to the leftist losers…any ol’ excuse will do!

      Btw…I read somewhere last night before all the results were in, that Morse was trying to use the same excuse because he saw he was going to be a goner. Talk about grasping at straws!

      Wait and watch – Holder might try to stick his beak in this using the same rhetoric!

      • bigtimer, your so good at finding great links to post, I wonder what video coverage of the bikers march on DC and the ragheads demonstration you could find and post.It would be much appreciated.

    • Talk about a recall that’s truly needed!!!!!

    • Voter suppression?????????
      Maybe this left wing ding bat is trying to say is that the voters on the left are not smart enough to find the polls in two weeks time. I live in Colorado and am very proud of the people in those districts. It give one hope that the system can work as designed.

      • Hey there…

        Maybe you can help out Countenance with his questions about statistics in Colorado etc. – Just scroll down some, you’ll see his post. I’m curious to the answers too, as I read something about that same issue last night somewhere.

        Thanks. ~

    • The other side actually tried to stuff the boxes in early voting.

      “Voter suppression” — When Democrats don’t win an election.

      • I live on the other side of the mountains but I did hear they caught a couple of lefty college students with their back-packs filled with
        ballots when they went to vote. Can’t confirm or deny

  4. Gee, accusations of voter suppression. They did it to get Skidmark into office, and now they complain? Maybe they won’t complain about voter I.D.s now.

    • Howdy JMV…

      That’s a mighty big ‘maybe’!

      • Now if they can get those Colorado counties to vote and become the 51st state, maybe, just maybe our so called representatives will begin to understand who really has the authority in this nation.

        However, I doubt it. You just can’t fix stupid, and arrogance goes to the bone.

        • Yeah…that last wish about secession won’t work…but I sure as heck wished it would. Like you say, that would be a major wake-up call. I sure tip my hat to those that have fought the good fight regarding what we’re speaking of.

          Carry on, fight on we much!

  5. Here’s what I find weird, from a political statgeek perspective. No, I am NOT Michael Barone’s illegitimate son, but this is the kind of stuff that only I and a few others notice.

    The Pueblo district, the one where Democrats outvoted Republicans by 2:1, turned out Giron by a bigger margin (56:44) than the Colorado Springs district where Republicans who voted were 15% higher than their percentage registration in the district turned out Morse (51:49). And the numerical turnout was much higher in Pueblo than it was in Colorado Springs, in fact, twice as high (34k votes vs 17k votes).

    I’m a little bit lost for an explanation. Can anyone on the ground there in Colorado help fill in the blanks?

    My other thoughts re yesterday:



    The good citizens of Colorado have sent a clear message to the DNC but the demacratic donkey is too stupid and arrogant to listen I hear the DNC is throwing a little tantrum over this recall

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    Surprise surprise braindead liberal DUM-O-CRATS but two jackasses have big knots tied in their tails Now i hope the good citizens of Missori vote their stupid liberal govenor out of office leave his tail tied ina knot to

  8. Dear Colorado, not only does Lazlo not hate you anymore, the monkey thinks you’re a bit of all right.

  9. Very good news… nothing better than pissing a dim off.

  10. “We will win in the end because we are on the right side,” Giron said in her concession speech.

    The votes marked the first time in Colorado history that a state lawmaker faced a recall effort and the biggest backlash in states that passed tougher gun-control laws following two mass shootings last year – at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater and a Newtown, Conn., elementary school.

    They fail to mention that both massacres were the handiwork of a couple of Obamanaut loony tunes. Perhaps instead of ‘loony tunes’, I should have said a couple of typical leftist sociopaths.

  11. Opps looks like someone has lost their Colorado Rocky Mtn. High…hee hee

  12. Both the recall and the DC Rally are encouraging, but let us not get too happy and complacent, lots more to do, we are still drifting left.

  13. SAD! – This outcome failed by ONE vote.


    I see Micheal Bloomberg lost a bundle in this all like he did with the soda cup incedent


    Reminds me of IOWA where the citizens of the hawkeye state recalled three imperial judges who forced gay marrage upon them

  16. The dnc is obviously using the tried and true methods of the Chicago Way of voter fraud, now that Chicago criminals have achieved national office. By the way, now the Chicago board of elections simply denies places on the ballots to anybody nobody sent.

  17. Spurwing Plover says:

    As usial knuckledragger PEIRS MORGAN of the COMUNISTS NEWS NETWORK is being his little reptile self and being perfectly arrogant He needs his putrid show boycotted totaly boycotted

  18. the MSLSD retard reaction to losing the recall election…..these dumb-ass bastards just don’t get it……..

    Joe “fake conservative” Scarborogh and company lament over their precious gun control legislation……….Bwahahahahahahahaha….cry in your beer you dumb-ass libtards……Bwahahahahahahahaha…………

    • Howdy Bluto….

      I happened to catch that segment in the early hours. It had me smiling about their reactions before I ever got out of bed.

  19. Colorado’s Democratic governor, John Hickenlooper, said he was “disappointed by the outcome of the recall elections” before calling on state residents to “refocus again on what unites Coloradans — creating jobs, educating our children, creating a healthier state — and on finding ways to keep Colorado moving forward”

    What typical liberal poppycock…no mention of respecting the voter’s decision to reinforce their constitutional rights. How about moving forward by limiting the size of government by cutting state taxes and reducing bureaucracies, duplicative state programs and allowing citizens vouchers to educate their children in a manner they desire. How about “the people spoke and as your governor I’m listening.” How about allowing citizens to pursue happiness in a manner that they feel is appropriate and not what the “state” prescribes as moving forward. And the use of refocus as if the citizens are too stupid to see the folly of a state talking about “creating” anything, “our children,” as if the state has children (please stop by to change diapers and make dinner), a “healthier ” state instead of improving the health and well being of the citizens by allowing them freedom from an overbearing state legislature. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Wes…

      I hope more than anything that POS for a governor is never reelected. I have despised him from day one.

      Btw…your post said it all!

    • ‘…creating jobs (for illegal aliens), educating our children (on the superiority of ‘alternative’ lifestyles), creating a healthier state (of mind with all of our marijuana dispensaries) — and on finding ways to keep Colorado moving forward (right over the cliff)…’

  20. You just have to check this out! – This from a CNN anchor no less…color me shocked. And kudos to the anchor.

  21. And here’s this twit from hell…

  22. If someone else has posted this, sorry for the repeat. Anyway, I can’t believe Rahm Emanuel did this, along with a few others.

    • Bwahahahahahaha! they had no choice if they wanted to save face… the strictest gun laws in the country and the highest amount of crime… they hear political pundits talk about it daily and it proves that “gun control” does not work

      HOWEVER.. now just watch as they look the other way while crimes are committed and inflate the numbers for awhile so they can come back later and say “see, we were doing better with gun registration” just to push their agenda harder

      I don’t trust these Marxist like Rahm “fish face” Emanual.. they will give up ground in order to make a larger point later.. nefarious, the whole lot of them