AWD has seen this on a couple of websites I normally peruse and wanted to discuss. It’s an article by some Englishter womern who can’t get a man because she’s too smart (yeah, that’s it!) published in an Englishter newspaper titled:

I’m single at 50. Why? Men hate me being brainier than them, says KATE MULVEY

  • A recent study found men simply can’t handle it if a woman outshines them
  • Kate believes this is why she’s still single
  • She’s a published author and can speak multiple languages
  • She’s ‘lost count’ of times she’s been rejected for being witty and clever

First off, you’ll quickly realize after reading the article that Kate Mulvey is a pretentious bore. Super-impressed with herself and her “accomplishments,” she can’t see the reason why men aren’t interested in her is not because of her education but because she is a self-absorbed, jerk! She comes across in this article as a female version of Keith Olbermann. She’s that bad.

Her article begins with her bragging she speaks five languages and recounts speaking in Italian with a hotel receptionist while her non-Italian speaking boyfriend steamed as he waited on her to finish showing off. Honey, it’s plain rude to speak another language and exclude others who don’t, especially your boyfriend. That alone shows you are an attention whore only interested in yourself. Speaking multiple languages isn’t that impressive anymore. Millions of Mezcans who have infiltrated Los Estados Unidos do it. Hell, AWD speaks two languages (Ingles and Espanol) fluently (three if you count Pig Latin) but I don’t speak Spanish in front of others who don’t hablar. Simple courtesy, Kate. Goes a long way with a boyfriend.

Here’s how Kate sees it:

“What had I done? It should be depressingly obvious. I had dared to dent his fragile male ego.
By speaking in a language Philip didn’t know, I had managed to make him – a successful writer, ten years my senior – feel small. How selfish of me to embarrass him in public with my linguistic prowess!

Like so many of the men I’ve dated, it was clear he expected me to play second fiddle to him at all times.”

Wrong! He expected you to not be an a**hole! It’s not a matter of first or second fiddle in a relationship. It’s about complimenting and respecting the other! Or didn’t you learn that in all the years of your impressive matriculation?

Kate then supports her position by quoting a study by some (wacko, no doubt) psychology group:

“I was reminded of our contretemps last week, when research in the APA Journal of Personality and Social Psychology confirmed what I’d always suspected – that men simply can’t handle it if a woman outshines them. According to the study, rather than bask in the reflected glory of a partner’s success, men feel worse about themselves.

‘A lot of men feel threatened if a woman outshines them,’ says Professor Sandi (Anita) Mann, psychologist and author of Hiding What We Feel and Saying What We Don’t Feel. ‘It harks back to cavemen days, when men had to provide the resources. If a woman is too intelligent, a man subconsciously thinks she’s taking over his role.'”

AWD doesn’t doubt there are men whose asses get chapped by the thought of his woman making more than him. But harkening back to cavemen days? Let’s discuss. Why is it little boys instinctively play with guns while little girls play with dolls? I’m talking normal children, not pre-liberals. There are traditional roles the sexes play. Why? It’s natural and things work out better when we play our natural roles.

Ask a normal woman if she wants a small, weak, short guy over a big, strong one? The tall, strong one wins every time. Why? Because most women want to have a taller guy who will protect her if the time comes. She doesn’t want to tower over him any more than he wants her to tower over him. Physically, intellectually, or emotionally. It’s in our DNA. It’s how we’re built. Men and women compliment each other. Each plays a role. Yin and Yang. Feng Shui. Mao Tse Tung. I’m OK, You’re OK and that there’s what it is. Again, I’m talking normal people…not liberals.

AWD personally cannot stand to be near stupid women. Sure, big boobs and an onion behind (brings tears to your eyes) is fun for a little while. But I like a woman who can compliment me, intrigue me, keep me interested, and challenge me while discussing more than her favorites on Dancing With The Stars. Normal women don’t want a metro-sexual type (homosexual in a metro) who spends more time on applying facial products than she. They want a witty, strong, intelligent man who can bring home the bacon and kick a little ass literally and metaphorically if the time comes.

Kate plays the oh-so-intelligent victim:

“For me, this is stating the blindingly obvious. I’ve lost count of the times men have rejected or insulted me simply because I was brighter, wittier or cleverer than they are.

They have called me ‘intimidating’, ‘scary’, ‘difficult’ and ‘opinionated’. Translated, that means: ‘You are too clever and I don’t like it.'”

Kate, these men were too kind to call you what you really are: self-obsessed, shallow, pretentious, and boring. Plus, looking like an English Sheepdog doesn’t help matters. Just saying. A Debbie Wasserman hairdo doesn’t go a long way with regular guys.

She sums up her pathetic existence with:

I’m convinced that the reason I’m still booking a table for one instead of settling down with a significant other is not because I’m a year off turning 50, but because men are so threatened by my intelligence.

I might have a successful career as an author and broadcaster, but I have never been engaged, let alone married, and my longest relationship lasted just seven years.

Sometimes I wonder if isn’t all my father’s fault – ever since I could talk, he encouraged me to hold my own in an argument. But little did he know, as he exhorted me to ‘get a good degree’ or add yet another language to my repertoire, he was reducing my chances of getting hitched altogether.

As a child, I went to one of Britain’s most academic girls’ schools, Godolphin & Latymer, where I got three top A-levels, then breezed through an Italian and French degree at the University of Kent, getting a 2:1, while keeping up conversational German on the side.

I grew into a bright and confident young woman, keen to flex my intellectual muscles and to never let a man get the last word just because of his sex.

Bless her little heart! She’s convinced nobody will have anything to do with her is because she’s so smart! Yes, that must be it! Question is this. If she’s so smart, why can’t she figure out how to get a man? AWD’s daughter has a degree in chemical engineering and respects her husband as the head of their home. For all I know, she makes more money than he does. But they still compliment and support themselves completely and are as happy as Al Gore in a carbon-belching private jet.

Since Kate is beyond considering reality for the answers, it must be her father’s fault now. Is this uber-educated (just ask her!) woman capable of self awareness and introspection? Her last sentence about “not letting a man get the last word” proves why she will be soon be a bitter old woman. A successful relationship is not about “getting the last word.” It’s about respecting your partner and not trying to outshine them but compliment them as they compliment you.

Kate’s entire life has been a competition against men. Men and their evil ways were viewed as patriarchal supremacy over women. Normal women who sought to be a partner with her man while playing the female role were viewed as diaper-changing rubes. They didn’t have the money for BMW’s. They spent their money on raising children. Now, in their 50’s, they are free and are celebrating life with their man while their children are bringing home grandchildren to visit. Who had it right all along? Maybe Kate should try being a lesbian? They hate men. Themselves, too.

This article is a thesis on what’s wrong with over-educated/under-smart, miserable women in America and what’s left of the West over in Europe. These women, now firmly middle-aged, listened to female and male women in the womens liberation movement. They grew up wearing t shirts that said “I Hate Boys” and everyone thought it was so cute. They got degree after degree, worked long hours into the night to move up the career ladder, sacrificed friends and having families because “they could do anything a man could do, but better.” They let everyone know they “don’t have time for children” and “I’d rather travel than change diapers, anyway.” So they got pets and called them “my children” while those of us with real children rolled our eyes at your pathetic, miserable life.

In short, women like Kate did what they believed would make them happy and give them a fulfilling life only to arrive at middle-age and find that they have believed a lie their entire life. They are bitter, cold and alone. It eventually happens to all who believe liberal lies.

So these womyn seek to, as usual, place the blame for their poor life-choices on someone else. It’s men! They’re the problem! I’m too smart for them! That’s why they won’t poke me with a stick! I speak five languages, for heaven’s sake! I put my boyfriends down in public and they have the audacity to leave my pretentious ass for doing it! How dare they! I’m smart! Smart, I tell you! Women like Kate cannot bring themselves to realize they are their own worst enemy.

It would blow Kate’s sophisticated mind to one day wake up and realize those diaper-changing rubes had it right all along!

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  1. I went to school with that guy. He hasn’t wised up a bit.

  2. Bravo the way you wrote this AWD. – I also have read that pathetic, bitter gal’s tales of woe while she played the blame-game too on a few sites. No one could have put it in a nutshell as you did…another one of your best.

  3. Men and women compliment each other. Each plays a role. How true! My role tomorrow… watching the Dallas Gayboys football team getting their asses kicked by the KC Chiefs.

  4. I wonder if she realizes that what is ‘being witty ‘ with some real close buddies around a beer or campfire would be considered ‘being an a**hole’ in other settings ?


    She has been listening to too much of Gloria Steinems mindless clucking

  6. Men don’t like being embarrassed in public by man or woman. What a revelation. If you truly were more intelligent, stronger, sexier, and a better shot you don’t rub your friends nose in it. Well unless you’re Vlad Putin. Years ago a treasured mentor advised me not to worry about my lousy Russian language skills and instead go to the gym and the range. That grizzled veteran said something to the effect that, “You will never run up against and opponent that doesn’t understand a right cross to the jaw and a .45 hovering just behind the left ear.” Never forgot that, Tommy. Vlad had a Tommy somewhere in his past. The little doofus had little Billy Ayers and Rev. Wrong giving him advice. Nuff said?

  7. Day-um, Is she John Kerry s sister? what a dog face.

  8. I assume she is talking about English men. She looks like John Cleese in drag, ‘and now, for something completely different…’

  9. Cooter Brown says:

    What she is looking for is a man with detachable nuts so she can keep them in her purse until she decides to let him be a man in the bedroom.

  10. I guessed this was from the Daily Mail before I checked the link.

    That paper has its uses, but for some reason now and again they let some deranged, deluded, self-pitying childless hag loose to whine about how she’s too good for ordinary men. Or something.

    Personally I think it was much more dignified when embittered shrews like this just drank Gin straight from the bottle at home and kept the passive-aggressive stuff for their dozen cats, rather than being allowed to write 1,000 word articles in national newspapers. But hey, each to their own.

    • Maybe it’s just British humor and we don’t get it over here.

    • Liam, how far are you from Cardiff? Or if you can sneak across the Severn I’ll introduce you to some characters you will find muy sympatico. You ain’t gonna want to go home so pack for two weeks at least. Brecon is beautiful in October.

      • Wes, I’m a fair way from Cardiff, up in the English Midlands. I’ve never been down Cardiff way, just about the only big town in England or Wales I’ve never visited.

        I’m told the Brecon Beacons are lovely, though with the change in the weather they can be pretty tough? After all the SAS train there 🙂

        I know North Wales pretty well. Holidays there when I was a lad. Lovely place apart from the endless rain. Got fond memories of climbing Snowdon one day with my Dad when I was about 14.

        • You’re welcome anytime. Lost a cuple youngunz in Brecon Beacons this summer…too darn hot for those English lads and the packs were a bear…Snafu caused by stupidity…every young stud wants to go SAS nowadays…the good ole days are over and there used to be better ways to separarte wheat…you still wouldn’t want the guys around if things go to ground…you might have read about it…got some contacts in Swansea you’d enjoy…Cardiff is a good base of operations…not far from the Republic…gets better up north…Kate and the Prince gone from the island…gonna miss them.

    • Most of the comments on the original article are pretty scathing. They don’t think she’s all that and a bag of chips across the water either.

  11. Sweet Jeebus honey get over your damn self. YOU are the one who is putting people off with your attitude that everyone should kowtow to your ‘superior knowledge’ and all. Talk about an educated idiot. NO common sense, but that’s a libtard for ya

  12. Most western women these days have been raised to believe that all the problems in their lives are because of men. God, is they only had a clue as to what the real problem is…themselves!! If you make a poor life decision, at least put on your big girl panties and take responsibility for your own decisions!!

  13. Don’t worry Lady, some blind guy with hearing problems might lower his standards in a reproductive pinch.

  14. I’d love to throw this little lady in a burka and drop her in the middle of Iran

  15. Damn that IS John Kerry in drag.

  16. Noone likes a Jackhole, no matter what the gender. Doesn’t matter the education level or the intelligence level. My wife is way smarter than me and has a higher level of status in our line of work than l do. Doesn’t bother me because she still treats “us” as equals.
    Doesn’t have anything to do with her affliation either. I can’t stand Ann Coulter. She reflects the most obvious attitude of the biggest unt that l have ever had the displeasure of seeing.
    Even putting the tv on mute and just watchin her body language pisses me off.

  17. That’s a great article, AWD. (Yours, not hers.)

    “‘For me, this is stating the blindingly obvious. I’ve lost count of the times men have rejected or insulted me simply because I was brighter, wittier or cleverer than they are.'”

    So, they lost interest because she saw them as simply dull and witless compared to her. Real turn-on! What could THEY be doing wrong?

  18. Robert Arvanitis says:

    It is clear Kate has considered the question we all face — Would you rather win or be right? — and has chosen ego over success at life.

    Too bad for her. She gets off a few wisecracks at the cost of any real, meaningful and ultimately productive life with a partner whom she can respect and admire.

    As Tom Stoppard said so well “You’ve unmade your bed, now lie about it…”

    • Touche and enchante…never could get much farther than puzhalsta (please), spasiba (thank you), and nyet (no) in Ruski but I would have been hell bent for leather if we ever I invaded Marseille. I do remember; nyet die drppen that friggin weapun before I blow yurt cabbage eating brains out. Which loosely translated means your screwed you comminist bastid.

  19. Another oinker educated beyond her intelligence.

  20. What a hideous witch.
    I showed the monkey her picture.
    It did not go well.
    He says I have to buy him some bleach for his eyes

  21. This lady is full of it. My wife is far smarter than I am, more successful, much better looking than I.

    The lady already has an obvious bias against men from the start and carries about 4 decades of baggage and leojects it onto the new guy, then she Does crap to self justify why she has just been dumped, remains single and a acts the victim instead of changing herself. Knowing multiple languages doesn’t make you smart,it just means more people know you’re an idiot (caparulo) and if she’s “so smart” so intelligent, shed have a man, or woman. By her age she should give up and get a big dog, a big vibe and stfu. She needs to ask herself,”if it hasn’t been these X number of guys, it must be me, what am I doing wrong?” Most men, real men, like intelligence because we know them looks fade (hers sure did) and all we are left with is the brains, conversations and memmories. If you were a brain in a jar, and they were, would you marry them?

  22. Wow, she could ask how to please her man in five languages. How is it she does not have a man?

  23. TeaPartyGuardian says:

    You had me rolling with the Debbie bad hair day WShultz comparison…

  24. Her longest relationship was 7 years? Well that’s over twice as long as my longest and I’m in my early 60s(and quite happy living alone with my 2 huge GSD) So I guess all those wimen all those years were missing out on this diamond in the rough huh?

    Not-I’m a bear to live with, I come home from a hunt, bloody, I work my own hours(usually very long hours), I come and go when I please and don’t tolerate fools and I wish nothing but bliss on those who make a go of it-it’s simply not for all of us-if she’s so damn smart, maybe this gal should just realize that.

  25. “He expected you to not be an a**hole!”

    That’s a nice compact way to put it. The rules of good manners include not conducting a private conversation in the presence of others excluded from it — regardless of what language it’s conducted in. But the idea that women owe the same degree of courtesy to men as men owe to women has apparently been lost on the Kate Mulveys of the world…and there are one hell of a lot of them.

  26. This trainwreck’s modesty and humility is most becoming. Her intelligence at best by one-tenth………….. Mirror, mirror on the wall…………

  27. Kate is just pissed because she’s out of batteries again.

  28. There’s a “C” word that fits this woman to a T.

    Ovaries are wasted on women like her.

  29. The last couple of paragraphs of her article are illuminating. She doesn’t like women, either. The reference to being Stepford wives was really nasty. I bet she doesn’t have many women friends, either.

    I came of age in the sixties, read all the feminist literature, bought the women’s lib thing hook, line, and sinker. One day I woke up and realized that the only thing I had gained was another 8 hour job that robbed me of the time that was most precious, the time I could have spent with my children (I had to have it all, you see). I watch my girls, all of whom have chosen to be stay at home moms interact with their families and I am so proud of them and so sad for myself. I missed all that.

  30. I think not2latenow hit it square on the nose. At least a nose on one face of this hag’s multi-faceted papermache’ of denial and misinterpretations! I think her biggest problem is that she’s “Another oinker educated beyond her intelligence”.

    BTW. At the risk of sounding like one of those pretentious self-congratulatory dweebweasels we’re in the process of bashing, wives (spouses) are meant to “complement” their husbands. It’s always a good thing to compliment your mate or potential mate, or anyone for that matter. But the function of a spouse is to complement, as in to go well together. A tie complements a shirt, or a photo complements an article the way a wife complements her husband and vice-versa. God created Eve to complement Adam, to complete him or make him whole. That’s why the Bible says that a man and a woman are to leave their mother and father and cleave together to become ONE flesh. The two halves make a whole.

  31. master of sinanju says:

    She sounds alot like some of the introverted, self absorbed, shallow, vain, and spiritually ugly women I have to work with and alongside. Mind you, some are young, older very pleasing to the eyes, BUT damn they have FU@king ugly personalities, demeanors, and manners!! One of the worst is the head lesbian dr. Seems one one of the female drs. on staff became romantically involved with a “lowly” correctional officer, damn lebanese dyke was heard to say, ” I can’t believe she would lower herself to that level!! WTF!!?

  32. I have worked with liberal women just like her. They treat men like dirt and then are shocked that men don’t like them.
    She needs to get her nose out of the air before it rains and she drowns.
    She also needs to get some decent clothes a good hair style and some makeup.
    Note to liberal women if you are going to look like a slob then don’t be surprised when men don’t pay attention to you.

  33. freespeechzone says:

    At least this woman is probably too old to reproduce and pass her anger and ‘values’ to another generation.

  34. Interesting the way she conveniently covers her Adam’s apple in the picture.

  35. AWD, your lovely wife outshines you every day, and you’re okay with that! 🙂

  36. “‘A lot of men feel threatened if a woman outshines them,’ says Professor Sandi (Anita) Mann

    Of course, this is coming from a woman named Mann…

  37. Spot On, at least humanity will evolutionary breed out the Mulvey/Olbermann genes.

  38. Why did they use a picture of a 60 year old man for her photo?

  39. HAHAHAHAHA what a deluded B-! She deserves to be alone. She’s the only one that can put up with her!!!

    I’m happily married and agree with what’s already been well put above. My wife is a bit taller than me, very witty, educated and intelligent. But none of these things are an issue because I’M THE MAN and she treats me that way. When I let my guard down, I know she won’t kick me in the balls! Spot on- this has NOTHING to do with her intelligence.

  40. iron_mike_houston says:

    I didn’t see any where in her comments that she could cook. Also, she is manly looking.

    Is she good in the sack?

    I have been married for a while (27 years) but don’t think speaking a different language with some clerk is going to turn me off. There has to be more. How is her attitude.

    Speaking 5 or 10 languages is OK but can she do something practical like cook, clean or work on cars and trucks or even load ammo? Maybe she could go back to school and learn a few practical skills!

  41. Ugh… John Kerry’s twin sister? That is one homely wench.. and bitter to boot. She is so bitter that her vagina probably has teeth…

    How many of us “married up” I know I sure as hell did.. My wife has more education, makes more money than I do and, she is MUCH better looking.. Do you think I care? Nope… not at all. It just proves that I had some game once upon a time LOL

  42. 79firebirdman says:

    She is single at 50 because she is an edumacated idiot and is so full of herself that potential suitors can’t stand to be around her. Bitter, arrogant, and alone is no way to head into one’s golden years.

    • Nostradumbass says:

      Poor old Kate can either go to Jamaica to get her groove back, or she can head to Bali for a little Kuta Kowboy rodeo. She will find all kinds of attention that she craves from fellas that really, really don’t care how smart she is.

  43. Imtoooldforthis says:

    Proof that idiots come in all shapes, sexes and sizes. This woman may be well educated but she’s certainly not smart.

  44. cranky.white.woman says:

    I have an IQ in the mid-140s, and I’ve never had a problem getting a man…in fact, I’m now married to my third — and final — husband. The Mister appreciates my smarts and sense of humour, and says there’s no way he could be with a stupid woman who can’t make him laugh. She can’t get a man because she has an ego the size of Baltimore and, let’s face it, she’s not terribly attractive.

  45. Celebrate Homogeneity says:

    Another credentialed harridan with a chip. All she’s missing is the hyphenated name.

  46. I’m single at 50 because I won’t marry down and don’t wish to get raped in divorce court and pay alimony for the rest of my life.

  47. Look at the bright side Gentlemen!

    She not gonna reproduce!!!
    *All the cool people in the world cheer*

    • Robert Arvanitis says:

      Alas Andrew, she won’t reproduce biologically. But her ideas will continue to infect others. It’s the ideology that spreads like a virus, even as her physical form withers and dies.

      • I hadn’t considered that… At least what she says is so dumb, even by Libtard standards, that it will be easy to counteract any comments by her Libtard followers!

  48. This woman( if you can call her that) is a legend in her own mind. She writes checks that no man would want to cash. Enjoy your cats and box wine.