Dudes and dudettes…after reading about this earlier today, I thought it would be interesting to see what you thought about the possibility of scenario like this taking place in the good ol’ USA. It is something one might want to take a minute or two to seriously ponder about, toss it around in your mind for awhile type of thing.

Anyway folks, after you check this out, see where you think you’d end up landing when all is said and done regarding this issue:

Liberals are always the first ones to deride and mock people of faith. To those on the left, all religions are equivalent to a cult. Yet, secular or not, liberals themselves are the most cult-like of all Americans.

For example, modern-day progressives would never admit that Jim Jones of Jonestown fame adhered to the same socialist utopian ideologies as their esteemed leader Barack Obama.

Moving from California to Guyana in the late 1970s with the express purpose of setting up a religious utopia, Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones established a communal agricultural project.

Jones preached about the virtues of establishing and furthering a social gospel. What Jim Jones forgot to mention was that the “Apostolic Socialism” gospel he preached was really communism.

Sounding a lot like Karl Marx, Jones taught that, “Those who remained drugged with the opiate of religion had to be brought to enlightenment — socialism.”

Jones extolled a version of a gospel that sounds a lot like what Americans have been hearing from another social justice promoter named Barack Obama. “If you’re born in capitalist America, racist America, fascist America, then you’re born in sin,” said Jones, “but if you’re born in socialism, you’re not born in sin.”

“Level the playing field,” anyone? How about “sharing the wealth?”

To his credit, Jim Jones never covered up crucifixes when speaking in Christian venues, nor did he accuse his followers of clinging to guns and religion while quoting Scripture out of context every chance he got. Instead, Jim Jones derided Christianity openly. Jim Jones insisted that patriarchal religious institutions and the Bible were tools used to subjugate both women and non-whites. Sound familiar?

Jones built Jonestown and called it the “Peoples Temple Agricultural Project.” Jonestown was promoted as a means to create both a “socialist paradise” and a “sanctuary” from the media scrutiny in San Francisco.

The primary purpose of Jonestown was to establish an altruistic communist society disguised as a religious community. According to Jones, “I believe we’re the purest communists there are.”

Jones openly admitted: “I’m so purely socialistic and some of my family is so purely socialistic, some of the members of this glorious Temple are so purely socialistic, that you’d be glad to work to see that everyone had the same kind of house, the same kind of cars … People are so afraid of socialism. They’re so terrified. They say, ‘What’ll it do to us?’ Why, you poor people.”

At first, Jim Jones attracted people, many of whom were black, to the Peoples Temple through speeches disguised as religious sermons that focused on tolerance, social responsibility, and community.

Preying on the broken, hurting, and homeless, “Alternate Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Temple,” sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University, writes: “Jim Jones appeared to be a great person, and he convinced so many people that he was doing great things in the community. He united the races, and combated the racist attitude, which may have lingered within members. He supported the poor and elderly people in the community.”

As Jim Jones’ following grew, his sermons on fairness and acceptance were disproven by his own hypocrisy, evidenced by his increasing demands for cult-like devotion and unquestioning compliance. Members were confined to the compound, overworked, and increasingly indoctrinated.

Jones’ grip on his followers was so strong that, in 1978, after murdering California Congressman Leo Ryan, three members of the media, and one defector of the compound, 900 or so of his followers, including 300 children, joined him in mass suicide, which was the largest deliberate single-event death toll in American history, until September 11th 2001.

Now, in the political realm, the past is repeating itself. Liberal devotees are exhibiting a religious zeal they themselves would normally mock in others.

For five years the left has evangelized poor minorities into believing one man is able to deliver the Nirvana they seek and are told they have been wrongly denied. There is talk of fairness, accusations of racism, an anti-capitalistic sentiment, calls for community commitment, and persecution directed at traditional organized religion. All that’s missing is the South American jungle.

Even more disturbing is that, with an eerie similarity to Jonestown’s cult-like enthusiasm, anti-religion liberals are eagerly lining up to partake of a cyanide-laced socialistic healthcare plan being fed to them by a charismatic leader named Barack Obama. And while Obama is certainly not encouraging mass suicide, in essence, the end result will be larger and more devastating.

What say you?…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Got one more thing to get, then I’m heading for the hills. Bye bye Miss American Pie.


    Jim Jones was for surea liberal and a radical planed by the evil UNITED NATIONS and other siniser forces

  3. Libs already drank the Kool Aid, thats their problem. Like the Romans and lead pipes. Libs all think their sane, not likely, They are Bat Dung crazy, and the enemy within, all of em!!!!!

  4. bigtimer.
    Pretty scarey with the similarities of O and Jones but O would have his followers murder all of us instead of mass suicide, O loves himself too much,

  5. I hope so!

  6. Obama is absolutely everything a cult leader is, which is also the personality and charisma of a dictator. Same thing, just a matter of scale.

    I agree with gasteve, I can see him ordering his followers to kill the opposition (then when it’s done maybe saying he never said that, you said that, congress said that) but suicide? Nah, not that coward.

  7. Don’t know the answer to your question, Big, but I have noticed the cult-like fervor amongst my Libtard family members. They have ZERO ability to evaluate facts, and spout Dimocrat talking points like programmed robots. Frightening, really. I tend to think ga steve’s comment is on target. What a world…….

    BTW, the author of the piece you reference– Jeannie Deangelis– is top-notch. I recall sending her an email concerning a great commentary she wrote right after 9/11, and she personally replied.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      I see this in people of both leftish and rightish political orientations.

      The problem is that real thinking and honest appraisal of facts requires both above-average intelligence and the ability to put facts ahead of emotions.  Even those who can do it don’t necessarily find it easy.  Repeating whatever passes for the conventional wisdom in one’s circle is comforting and helps people fit in, and that’s not going to change.

    • Top-Notch is spot-on Vix…after reading her article I found her work extraordinary, I don’t think I had ever heard of her before. Anyway, it gave me something to chew on in more ways than one…especially when it came to the end of piece in regard to the destruction to all via ObamaCare etc.

      I’ve got to have my morning coffee..be back in a bit. ~

      Btw…as always, great to see ya here. – And could your state please do something with that sleazeball senator of yours, that being Corker! I despise him with a passion…Alexander not much better.

      • I can assure you that both Lamar Alexander and “Boob” Corker are HATED by Conservatives here in TN and we are furious with both of them. I wrote to both these assholes a couple days ago and told them in no uncertain terms that no one in my household will ever, EVER vote for them again. And I added that I’d sooner vote for my Labrador Retriever who’d be an infinitely better choice. I told Alexander that he and his toady Corker are the poster children for term limits. I concluded by telling them both not to bother responding as I couldn’t care less what they had to say. From the comments sections at various websites, I’ve seen where many other Tennesseans are fed up with these two jackasses. Trust me. Tennesseans, at least those outside of the Dem strongholds of Nashville and Memphis, will not stand for their betrayal. Good riddance!

        • I hope you’re right when it comes their turn for reelection! – Time will tell. ~

          • Alexander is up next year. Check this out: http://therealcnc.com/category/beat-lamar/

          • Thanks Vix…hope others check this link out and help pass around the information too!

            I also tweeted the RINO hunting one…loved it.

          • My daughter will soon be attending a Reagan Day Dinner and guess who the keynote speaker is? Lamar Alexander. Daughter nearly hurled when she found out. I’d say ole Lamar is that ANTI-Reagan….

          • Why in the world would they pick Alexander as the keynote speaker? Sickening to me…I don’t think I could or would sit thru it. Guess it could be worse…it could have been Corker!

          • I have NO idea why they chose Alexander. I tend to think he’s been able to fool these folks, but after today’s vote, not for long. Dear Sen. Corker and Sen. Alexander: Shove it! No more votes for you! Bye bye, Assholes!

          • Vix…I watched the votes too. – I’m still fuming, but I knew full well I would be.

            Heard Dear Leader’s going to be crowing about this in about thirty minutes as well. – The damned liar never knows when to STFU!

    • master of sinanju says:

      Me too, one of my brothers is starting to come around, slow as hell but I think he will make it. All it took was him losing a few hours at work.

  8. Those that develop a following by preaching an evangelistic type of socialism/communism/Marxism seem to find their followers in what we now call the “Low information type.” Whether these followers are “Looking for something” or are incapable of functioning in society who knows? Each cultist preaches the gospel of “Change is gonna make it better for you.” In the overall scheme of things Jim Jones and his People’s Temple and Marshall Applewhite with the Heaven’s Gate fiasco were pikers compared to Obama’s “Change We can Believe In Cult.” Jones got rid of less than 1000 and Applewhite only about 40. Obama has amassed millions who worship at his cult daily. The end for these, and us, won’t be Kool-Aid or the Hale-Bopp Comet but the demise of a functioning society. Is there hope for this experiment in self-government? The odds look rather bleak.

    • Pikers indeed compared to Dear Leader and millions drinking his Kool-Aid gladly. Your question at the end is a good one…and I don’t know the answer either…but your last sentence is spot-on, rather bleak indeed.

    • I agree with your evaluation of cult leaders, but here is where I diverge with your statement that “Obama has amassed millions who worship at his cult daily”

      I personally believe the Freeschitt People who voted for Barrack Hussein Obama in record numbers are not all true believers. But self serving opportunist who would murder anyone who tried to poison or take away their free kool-aide. They just voted for Obama because it was in their best interest; they are not about to commit suicide for him.

      Daren Jonescu has an interesting article today, over at American Thinker, about President Obama’s non-existent twitter followers.


      Barrack/Barry is a composite character and a progressive decoupage representing, savior, dictator, cult leader, father figure, white, black, Christian, Muslim, et cetera.

      He is everything yet nothing, he has an empty suit for every task.

      And if Barrack could flay the skin off any man and wear it as a suit, he would peel and shuck Tiger Woods.

      • As to the twitter followers, read about that too on other sites this week. Mooch is included too…just as many fake twitter followers, or close to it.

        There ain’t a truthful bone in either of their bodies.

  9. Years ago while watching documentaries upon the rise of Hitler, I used to marvel at the gullibility of the German populace and think that could never happen here. I often thought the same about the Jim Jones cult. There have always been cults of nuts but rarely on the scale of Jones. I have often heard people use the term, “cult of Obama.” It is very frightening, but I believe this dumbed down new America led by a complicit media is a good comparison of the Jim Jones and Hitler followers. We truly live in bizarre times.


    They drank the kool-aid of Communism without knowing it was tainted with a slow acting poison of evil

  11. I’d be more than happy to provide the Dixie cups for the libbies punch party. Anyone got a shipping address?

  12. The trouble with people is that once they fasten on a certain idiom they instantly have a new hierarchy in which to rise or fall.
    New vistas of social advancement appear as one can embrace the new mores in ways that bring admiration to themselves by the level of commitment they display.
    This pleases some people, as if they finally found something in this world they are better at than someone else. They have acquired Ego Fuel.
    As this new found solidarity becomes one of the pillars of their personality, they find it unbearable to accept another world view.
    Leftists believe their movement is the Grail, it is their cause, and it may not be denied.
    The inevitable train wreck that follows is the show we have been conned into watching and paying for.

  13. Dead and bloated bodies of libtards roasting in the sun after ingesting poison. Gives me warm and fuzzy feelings . Happiness

    • So the Union is Striking to punish the Corporation that punished workers with cuts because they are being financially Punished by Obamacare, which the Unions themselves Jackbooted into law?

      Its like after haranguing me for hours about saving energy prompting me to turn the light off in the study, the Monkey is now threatening to sue me because he wandered in there and tripped over the Ottoman and spilled Sherry all over his ascot.

  14. Were drugs being moved thru Jonestown?
    Also many there were getting Gov checks from the USA, which he took.
    I had a book on Jonestown, so I know a few things about Jim!

    • I’ve read many a book too…and what you post is relevant and true too. As to the drugs and arms as well, it’s quite a plot he had going on with other enemies of ours.

  15. HI Big T,

    Here is anothers look at Jonestown..interesting

    one needs to beware of whom ya let led ya….question every thing is my policy….

    • Interesting yes…but I take the full report with a huge grain of salt the way it was presented. Just my views…I’ve watched many documentaries, I know there are many conspiracies…but that ain’t one of them. Not after everything I’ve read over the years from day one.

      Btw…when it comes to good ol’ Jack Anderson, I distrust it even less.

      Still…it’s thought-provoking and I sure appreciate the vid. Others may see it differently than me…no doubt about that.

      • Big T.
        I put nothing and i do mean nothing that the CIA is not capable of doing..i think their dirty little hands in in damn near everything…JFK swore to break them up into 1000 pieces …it cost him his life…if there is one government organization I would like to see dis banded it would be them…..but like you I take most things with a grain of salt..lol glad i am not on a low sodium diet …

        • Oh heck…do not get me wrong. I know the CIA was in the mix, just not in the way that was presented…just my opinion.

          Also, as to JFK…I saw a really good piece on Fox news about the CIA and their involvement in JFK’s assassination…it changed my mind completely. I looked all over the place for that piece after it was on…nowhere to be found. The man that knew about spoke volumes about it. I definitely believe they killed Kennedy after watching that…JFK was going to get rid of the CIA agency itself given time and start over with something new, too much power and corruption in the agency (still is)…and they weren’t going to let it happen….and they didn’t.

  16. Obongo is the dumbest……..what a god damn fool this piece-ofsh!t of a president is………..

    He’s being taken for a fool…….this dimwit is so god damn gullible it isn’t funny……….

    Iran will have nukes in no time at all…….they are so damn close to getting them that they are now playing Obongo for a fool with fake talks and stupid hand shakes……and Obongo is falling for it………..

    Obongo thinks his “”lets talk policy”” is going to get the Iranians to forgo building nuclear weapons and a delivery system ………Hey Obongo, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that you should buy…..you stupid dumb-ass……hey asshole “wake up”……they’re playing you for a fool…….

    Rouhani calls Obongo and Obongo gushes all over him………..you stupid ignoramus…….

    Obongo your going to get everyone killed with your naivety………the Iranians are playing you like a fiddle………..


    • Bluto…

      As far as I’m concerned Zero is hand in glove with them, via Valerie Jarrett and ilk leading the way behind the scenes.

      I loathe all of them.

  17. I really am becoming more worried everyday that we are entering the tribulation and Obama is the false messiah.

  18. Those dems drink the Kool-Aid… global warming a perfect example.

  19. I wish….OH HOW I WISH…. that 33% of America’s population could be persuaded to drink a big, tall, long Jonestown Kool-Aid cocktail.

  20. Great piece here. Really food for thought.
    I got the impression that a majority of Jim Jones followers were damaged goods ( too much THC or Angel Dust , or ex mental patients. Same definitely with Heaven’s Gate.
    Today it seems like what with so much prozac-like, ritalin-like drugs out there being taken by college aged low information types it’s almost like they’re chemical zombies.

  21. quartierleblanc says:

    How is Detroit not a Jonestown kind of story? South side Chicago?