Do my big, sexy eyes and ears deceive me? Is there an primary season around the corner? Must be! Because House Republicans have finally put down their feminine napkins and done something intelligent and gutsy! I know, I know! I can’t believe it myself!

Speaker of the House John ‘Boo Hoo’ Boehner announced today that House Republicans will vote to fund the government (boo!) in exchange for a one year delay in ObamaCare (yay!). While the majority of Americans want ObamaCare completely overturned, it does not seem possible with DB Harry Reid and his Demopublicans controlling the Senate. Repubs will also vote on a separate bill to fund the military.

Maybe Ted Cruz’s filibuster and his growing clout with Republicans throughout the country has lit a fire under the cowardly asses of House Republicans. It’s clear that Cruz and Mike Lee are the new sheriffs in DC town and, while hated by establishment wussypants RINO elites, they are not going to be silenced or kept from doing the people’s will! They have reinvigorated Tea Party conservatives to continue the four year fight to repeal ObamaCare!

ObamaCare is a total cluster you-know-what! 29 of 50 states have not set up the necessary exchanges to funnel money to Washington. Even Obama delayed the employer mandate a year although the individual mandate takes place October 1. The simple fact is this: ObamaCare is unworkable! It is a massive tool (like its namesake) to redistribute more income from producers to pay for more benefits for moochers! Nothing more, nothing less.

AWD has never liked the argument in which Republicans allowed themselves to be trapped. Dims complained saying “everyone in America should have affordable health care insurance.” Answer me this…who in America without health insurance is denied health care? No one! In fact, over 70% of births that take place in the public Parkland Hospital in Dallas are to illegal aliens without money or insurance! Does anyone expect illegals and welfare moochers to now purchase ObamaCare insurance? Yeah, right! Moochers will continue mooching while taxpaying producers will continue footing the bill! ObamaCare has nothing to do with health care or health insurance! That is the fight the Republicans should have fought four years ago!

Let Harry Reid shut down the government. He will because he’s convinced he can blame the Republicans. Republicans can do something right (for once) by standing their ground and saying they will not fund ObamaCare and are willing to let Reid shut the government down for as long as he wants. Does the government really do anything for anyone besides moochers, anyway? Let Reid shut that sumbitch down!

As long time readers know, AWD has ZERO confidence in Republicans except that they will always disappoint us. Do I believe they will stand their ground and let the government shut down? No, I do not! But maybe some of the Senate RINOs are telling their House fellow-RINOs of how their primary challengers are sharpening their knives back home over their votes for cloture and scare the bejeezes out of the wussy House RINOs.

Balls! All it takes is balls, Republicans! Call Reid’s bluff and let him shut down the government. Don’t worry about being called names or being accused of pushing grandmothers off the cliff. If it takes rolling Grandma off the cliff to kill ObamaCare….roll her over! Stand your ground for once and do what’s right! Ted Cruz is unaffected by name-calling. Take a lesson from him. Either that or get your RINO asses primaried for 2014. Ask John Cornyn!

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    By far Obama is americas all time worst presidents ever he is nothing but a tyrant and dictator who sneers his big fat snout at the U.S. Constitution and ignores the law He needs IMPEACHED NOW But HEY EVERYBODY IM FLYING TO THE MOON CARE TO FOLLOW THIS ANGRY OLD SHOREBIRD THERE?

  2. Throwing old folks over the cliff is something Demos do all the time then blame Repos. Only one I want to see over the cliff is that kiss ass Senator McCain. I’d kick the chair so fast he’d think it was jet assist. I’d probably break Senator Grahams nose doing it. Oh well McPain would have a good “Lewinsky” on his way down. too bad the VC didn’t finish him, it would have saved millions of lives right here in America.

  3. The Repubs will collapse like a house of cards at the last minute like they always do. I have completely lost faith in the party. Next cycle, it’s time to clean out that craphole.

  4. 79FirebirdMan says:

    “Balls! All it takes is balls, Republicans!” Well as we all know, boo hoo and the rest of the establishment Republicrats don’t have any of those. Not polite in mixed company though to go into detail about what they do have down there. Does their rubber backbone count?

  5. How can we convince liberals that suicide leads to 25 virgins or some dumb ass thing like that? Let’s start something!

  6. “If you’ve got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow.”

    “Courage is being scared to death…and saddling up anyway.”

    John Wayne

  7. let Obongo shut the government down tighter than a drum………

    millions of Americans have phoned their congressman and their senators all over the country……….calls have been coming into Washington telling the dipshits that represent us to stand and fight………democrats congressmen and senators have shut off their phones they were getting so many calls……..and still they didn’t listen to the people…….

    well maybe they will listen come midterms but then it will be too late……..guess what is going to happen……the democrats age going to get slaughtered…….this coming midterm election will be as big as 2010……maybe even bigger………

    but for right now good ole Harry will scream, yell, piss, and moan like he always does and call republicans names like tea-baggers…….well Harry it’s not going to work this time…..the people are on to you democrat sons-a-bitches……go ahead and shut the government down and we will see if you can squirm your way out of being blamed for the shut down you piece-of-sh!t…………

    c’mon you bastard shut it down……you can do it you fu@k’n sac-o-sh!t

  8. rightwingterrorist says:

    Shut her down!

    While we’re at it, turn off the EBT spigot but tight.

    Get the revolution going overnight.

  9. McCain is an old fighter pilot, and has used an “ejection” seat.
    The time is right to now install another “ejection” device under his present Senate seat.
    This device is to be controlled by Senator Ted Cruz.
    Cruz has the balls to use it.
    Maybe this will make McCain wake up and vote accordingly.
    If not, I know that Cruz will “pull” the lever.
    Time’s up McCain.

  10. Shut it down and take the country back.. It’s time to let these liberal clowns know WE are PISSED and are tired of their screw ups// Return the Republic to what it’s supposed to be.. People live free, work for and deserve what they have and Big Guv’mint is thing only written about in books

  11. I think I can see into the future. It looks like a giant train wreck.

  12. I usually don’t talk with Democrats, but when I do it’s just to order a burger and fries…