Maybe one day Dims will figure out that their anti-gun views are as popular with the American people as logic and reason is at MSNBC. Dims lose every time they bring up anti-Second Amendment legislation or ram it through state legislatures.

Colorado voters double-tapped two anti-gun, liberal state senators after they provided crucial votes for severe gun control laws. John Morse and Angela Giron were thrown out of office in a recall election last week by freedom loving Coloradans. These two anti-gun libs learned the hard way that if you mess with the Second Amendment bull, you get the horn of freedom.

But Giron, like the good liberal she is, can’t accept that she got her ass whooped by freedom loving voters in Colorado. Ohhhhh nooooo! It was that evil voter suppression! Nevermind that she had boatloads of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg money backing her and outspent her recall opponents 5-1! Here she is on CNN. Kudos, for once, for the CNN anchor for calling out Giron on her BS.


The AWD News Network contacted Giron as she was packing up her office with boxes filled with Brady Foundation propaganda, a well-worn copy of The Communist Manifesto, and a personally signed Big Gulp cup from Mayor Bloomberg. Ms Giron was asked if there were any other factors involved in her election defeat. Here were her top ten excuses:

  • Global warming – Polar bears arrived in Colorado last weekend when their polar ice homes melted and ate unwashed liberal voters they confused with rotting seal carcasses
  • Since marijuana was legalized, all Colorado voters do anymore is sit around in circles singing @#&* Grateful Dead songs and eating Cheetos instead of showing up at the polls
  • Voters never recovered from Giron and Mayor Bloomberg dressing up as characters in CATS and singing “Jellicle Mags For Jellicle Guns” on the floor of the state legislature
  • Racism – Giron was once a slave but is now free and white Coloradan right-wing extremists hate her because she is a White Hispanic like George Zimmerman but was once black like Sheila Jackson Lee…or something
  • Syrian poisonous gas wafted into the mountains of Colorado and killed all liberal voters
  • George W Bush!
  • Giron’s loss attributed to lasting effects of Tim Tebow being a sucky QB for the Broncos three seasons ago
  • The altitude
  • The dead in Colorado were discriminated against and couldn’t vote
  • NRA snipers on rooftops killed any potential voter with dreadlocks carrying bongos, wearing tie-dyed t-shirts and singing @#&* Grateful Dead songs

Giron said there were lots of other reasons she was body-slammed in the polls but was late for a Code Pink meeting where they were making vagina costumes to protest heterosexuality. Giron committed to send the AWD News Network a few hundred or so more excuses as soon as they could be verified by an impartial group such as the ACLU.

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  1. Okinawa Marine says:

    This shows the power of our votes.
    I hope that these same voters show up and we can take back the Senate, and make some progress in spite of Balack Obama.

  2. Okinawa Marine

    Amen to that devil dog! Make a lame duck out of his ass.. starting with a complete repeal of Obamacare

    are you still in Oki?

    • Okinawa Marine says:

      Got back a 2 months ago. Living in Dallas Tx working with a Defense Contractor.
      Good to hear from you.
      I hope that we can repeal Obamacare as well, it is starting to affect peoples money, that gets everyones attention.
      Texas is great, guns, working people, hunting, fishing, I sure did miss the US.


    Hope Micheal Bloombergs beating his little walnut sized brains out against the wall he lost a fortune over this


    This is as fun as when anti-gun scolar Micheal Belleslies had his bancroft prize revoked for his phonie ARMING AMERICA He said the charges against him were UNFAIR Yeah Sure Woo Hoo tell me about it Mr Bellsiles and dont let the door hit you in the rear as your exiting

  5. Or they could use the standard excuse that everyone uses:

    * We’ll make it up on volume.

    Really, voter suppression? I can buy that: The Republicans suppressed all those Democrat voters in Pueblo that came out to throw Angela Giron out.

    • Its a lot easier to get out the votes of 20 Mexicans in a one bedroom apartment by mail than by following directions to a building in English.

  6. Great post AWD, This mother of puppies doesn’t know when the voters opened a can of woopass on her, that it was over. typical libtard!

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    Two members of the STUPID JACKASS PARTY found out the is a U.S. Constitution and its still the law of the land and were not living in a monarcy

  8. You know, The Earth Goddess is crying right now over this travesty.
    Five bucks she fails upward into a plum job at the Federal level where she can do some real damage.
    In the Lazlo Administration these pukes will leave office by being shot out of a cannon.
    The monkey gets to yank the lanyard.

  9. She could double for little Lois Lerner at the IRS hearings while Lois continues on with the faces of horror 2013 tour. She will probably fool the chairperson (forgot his name…oh yeah, sh!t for brains); but she won’t fake out Troy. He is going to have some scalps before this IRS BS is over. She needs to change that atavan and vodka stare to little Lois’s condescending smirk.

  10. I guess that her being a liberal douche bag slipped her mind.

  11. Without the 2nd the rest don’t matter.

  12. She blamed a lot of it on not being able to vote by mail. I think if you cant get up and go vote then you probably dont deserve to vote, and someone can help grandma and grandpa get to the precint too.

  13. She was also voted out by Democrats. She is in one of the most democrat district in Colorado. They turned on her.

  14. Thank you Angela for your stupidity and a giant thank you to to the people of Colorado. Thanks to her eyeliner overload, your sense of constitutional rights and the greed of wall street my RGR stock soared in the past three days to the melodious and booming vibrato of a brand spanking new TTR – 700 tactical breakdown sniping rifle, with pelican hard case, of course. I always wanted to treat myself and doubting SpecOps needed my services at the moment (I hate sit-ups); I heard the glorious sound of opportunity pounding. What better way to celebrate he defeat of a whiny harridan (is that redundant?) Ian your gonna love it, but it’s not leaving the USA. It is sexier than Deirdre in her cutoffs and heels, but probably not quite as dangerous. Thank you and God bless America.

  15. Oh and I’m no ingrate. I’m getting a Ruger Scout rifle for my daughter and one of those super cool breakdown 10/22s for Jessi, (try to find one of those and then let them tell you gun sales have leveled off.) Not in bitter clinger country, anyways. So happy!

  16. now we need to throw some more of these damn stupid-ass progressives out of office……..

    root these sons-a-bitches out…..expose them…..and get rid of them……..

    voter suppression my ass you god damn lying-ass bitch………you got what you deserved……..if it were me I would have pulled down your panties and beat your ass with a stick to teach you a god damn lesson……I would have put welts on your lying-ass….mean, real nasty big red welts all over your ass for lying the way you have……..

    sick and tired of your kind………….

    • You have a delicate sensibility that is quite endearing. Followed by a kick-ass and take names demeanor. What’s not to like? May the grace of God bless you and strengthen your body and mind to fight the godless idiots. One day at a time brother.

  17. Mr. Rational says:

    She lost because all of the ex-California voters were urgently re-arranging their furniture to get the feng shui right.

  18. Can you believe this one? MSNBC says that it’s the NRA against the voters in Colorado; the voters that kicked the two Dims out of office. Can’t have it both ways at once, asshole.

  19. Thank God the Dems can’t read the 2nd Amendment, because its written in English.

  20. here’s another lying-ass bitch that needs to slammed to the ground, arms wrenched behind her back, handcuffed, and dragged off by the hair to a waiting cell with big black Shaniqua licking her chops in anticipation……….

    I want this lying-ass bitch prosecuted for her crimes……what the hell is Issa waiting for….Christmas……….

  21. The real reason for her recall loss, which is not being reported by the media–“huh..wha…sorry, I was playing solitaire on my iPhone and ignoring everybody”

  22. They’re coming and at some point you’re going to have to make a stand! Californicate is the canary in the coal mine: It’s comin!

    California just gave illegal aliens Drivers Licenses! (Now they can vote)

    California: “bills that would add all semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines to the state’s list of banned assault weapons; ban owning any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, including existing ones; ban “bullet buttons” that allow fast swapping of rifle magazines; require long-gun buyers to pass a written safety test; and add more crimes to the list of those that would bar someone from carrying a firearm. The bills, already passed by the state Senate, are moving inexorably closer to floor votes and the governor’s desk.”

    • “…The bills, already passed by the state Senate, are moving inexorably closer to floor votes and the governor’s desk.”

      Go for it, Moonbeam!

    • I see a big market in large capacity magazines and make-your-own-AR-15 lower receivers-kits in adjacent states. Everything should be done to throw a monkey wrench into the wet dreams of the Cosmopolitan Communists and their Third World Hispanic and Black support. Only widespread disobedience to these unconstitutional gun “regulations” that will undoubtedly be upheld by their judiciary has any hope of preserving gun rights. Buy and GIVE AR lower receivers to your trapped CA relatives!

  23. Just for fun before lights out here in bitter clinger land:

  24. LOL, now i’ve got this image of a bunch of confused idiot libs crashing into each other in their wheelchairs while trying to get into the hospital, out of the hospital, not knowing where to go to vote … Cuz tthe damn polar bears are blocking the doors! Voter Supression for sure!

    Typical Lib … Delusional

  25. iron_mike_houston says:

    LOL, the interview was great and I was glad the libtard ad no clue why she lost. It wasn’t because she restricted free citizens rights. No it was voter suppression!

    Having an election against those gun nuts is just unfair because they can find a way to the polls and figure out how to vote! That isn’t fair!

    Maybe CNN should interview Bloomberg a get his view of the election!

  26. I almost couldn’t take any more whining? Talk about a poor loser. Just in case you run again