AWD will be unavoidably detained for the early part of the evening so I looked for a good post from the past to bail me out.

Ted Cruz has us right-wing extremists all abuzz! It’s about time we saw a statesman damn the RINO torpedoes and go full-speed ahead doing what’s right! I’m feeling new energy around the blogosphere and social media from Tea Party types who had gone dormant since Obama’s reelection. AWD has felt the same way.

But I’m ready to get back in the game if Cruz and Lee will continue kicking the asses of the RINO traitors in DC. This post was written when Redstater and I crashed Occupy Wall Street in Nueva York a few years ago. I’ll check in later. Let me know if y’all still have any fire in the belly to kick some RINO and libtard ass! Maybe we’re looking at the second American revolution here!

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the second America Revolution! This time we cast off the tyranny of American leftists! Enough common sense has drained out of collective America to it’s where our country is now but a shell of the nation that produced the most wealth and power in history. Over the past 50 years, liberal politicians have transformed America from a responsible, hard-working nation built on Judeo-Christian principles to one where half the population is quite willing to live off the earnings of others while championing the “rights” of illegal aliens, freakozoids, and lazy moochers! The left loves everyone from every world culture except the conservative Americans who pay the bills! It’s a sad thing to watch America shrivel while being force-fed the doctrine of Marx and Engels. Clearly, too many Americans have swallowed that poisonous bait whole!

The leftists, with their comrades in the media, have been quite successful in dumbing down America. With politically correct tools constantly in their hands, leftists have turned traditional American values upside down. What was once sacred, is now ridiculed. What was once appalling is now accepted as the norm. Nothing is sacred to leftists unless it is vehemently anti-American. Fortunately, not everyone has fallen for the lunacy of the statist left. After all, common sense Americans realize that no communist country has ever succeeded at anything more than imprisoning or killing millions of its citizens.

The Occupy Wall Street With Idiots protests did not just materialize from anger from American unemployed producers. These rent-a-mobs of socialist miscreants protesting whatever-it-is have been planned for a long time. It is clear that labor unions are pulling the strings of these events. Labor unions own the White House and are flush with cash after profiting nicely with the $1 trillion Stimulus money funneled to them by their employee Barack Obama. Obama doesn’t go to the bathroom without asking the labor unions for permission. Labor unions and tax-payer funded communist groups like ACORN and their off-shoots have been planning violence in American cities once it became clear that Obama would be unable to hold on to the White House in 2012. The left has tried to destroy the voice of the opposition in the tea party by lies and distortion but failed. They have only succeeded into making a movement begun by 41 people in February, 2009 a political powerhouse that represents the future of America. Now that the left’s traditional methods of using the politics of destruction have failed, leftists have only one recourse…violence!

AWD was in Time Square this past Saturday night. I saw with my own eyes the army of worthless, human trash assembled to protest. These were not unfortunate people angry because they cannot find employment. These were anarchists espousing the politics of Lenin and castigating America and capitalism. They use the convenient lie that capitalism was responsible for Wall Street bailouts. They could not be more wrong. Capitalism would have let every one of those failed banks and corporations fail. It is how capitalism keeps the strong and best business models while eliminating weak ones. It was pure socialism from Washington that stepped in and bailed out Wall Street and General Motors. Notice the socialist brats aren’t protesting GM…one of Obama’s biggest mistakes. The current economic nightmare we currently are suffering is because Democrat politicians in Washington decided every minority in America “deserved” a mortgage whether they could afford it or not. They forced banks to make risky loans they wouldn’t have made in a million years and told bankers the government would back the worthless loans with taxpayer dollars. The housing and banking crisis was manufactured in Washington by Democrats! The unwashed scum touting the tenets of communism neither understand the history of why Wall Street banks were bailed out nor care!

The protesters have been ordered to provoke the police into violence. The police have shown great professionalism and restraint. Look soon for the rent-a-mobs to step up the violence. The goal of the left is riots, burning and looting along the lines of what England recently experienced. It will spread from city to city with anarchist welfare turds follow what their labor union masters order them to do. What happens will set the course for America for the next 50 to 100 years.

Violence is always the weapon for those who cannot defend their failed ideology. Violence is all Democrats have left. For 50 years, they have depended on the goodness of the American producer to keep busy working and paying taxes while the Dims siphoned off their wealth to buy voting blocks of professional moochers. We are at the end of that road. There is no more money. The good people of America must be prepared to put down the violent thugs who soon will come to a town near them. This is something we do not want. It is not something we have ever anticipated in this country. But there is an existential threat to America and we are at the point of battle. No one will be left unaffected.

Sad thing is, this needs to happen. The modern-day left must be totally destroyed or America will not survive. No country can survive the self-hatred and lunacy of the left. Washington must be decimated in power, expense and scope. Schools must begin to teach American values and history. We will no longer tolerate our children being taught that America is the world’s problem. There is no going back at this point. A dust-up is required to clean things up. There is simply no other way.

I am not prepared to live in America if the leftists win. I anticipate Texas would secede in the next 10 years along with many other red states. I don’t have a problem with that. Whatever it takes. I believe and swear to Henry’s words: “Give me liberty or give me death!” It will be one or the other!

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  1. More like the 4th revolution. Lincoln oversaw the second. Wilson, both Roosevelts, and LBJ with the beloved murderer and lion of the Senate in the backseat oversaw the 3rd. This be number 4 in my humble opinion. This should get interesting.

  2. Did I get the dreaded hammer or did I forget to hit post comment? I was saying that NYPD is the best and so far above I can’t pick a second. Maybe the Queen’s Regiment or the Swiss Guards.

  3. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with my patriot brothers. I’m am so ready for the shit to pop off. I can smell a liberal from a mile away. Crosshairs on em all.

  4. I’m thinking it may be an Economic collapse that starts the Shit to Hit the Fan.

    • Here’s a link that gives an example of how Europe is fairing under the world socialists. This is coming here soon.
      In 2007 when it became visible that the press was going to elect a communist to the white house I made arrangements to quit my job for 90 days then hire back in . I withdrew my 401 k . The bastards got about 50% anyway through penalties and alternate minimum tax on my years gross. I used it to build a house with materials and my own 2 hands that should be out of their reach ,for awhile anyway.My 401k is now only funded by me to the extent the company matches.. When it gets much more dicey I’ll pull as much out as I can again. Better to loose 30% than all. Plan ahead..
      and buy ammo.

  5. Americans don’t care. There is a new season of The Voice starting up and who cares if my premiums double or triple?

  6. I ready willing and locked and loaded, hit em where it hurts Ted….
    Cruz for President…….

  7. Islamic Terror Groups Are Killing Christians All Over The World And Obama Wants Us To Ally With Them –

    Over the past couple of days, we have witnessed some absolutely horrific examples of Islamic terror groups specifically targeting Christians and those from other non-Muslim religions. Sadly, this is not a new phenomenon. Radical Islamic jihadists are constantly attacking churches and slaughtering Christians all over the planet. The recent events in Pakistan, Kenya and Egypt may have taken this persecution to a new level, but this is just the continuation of a trend that has been building for years. Unfortunately, Barack Obama does not seem too concerned about Islamic terrorism. In fact, he specifically directed that “all references to Islam” be removed from terrorism training materials that the federal government uses. If that wasn’t bad enough, now Obama is actually supplying weapons to the radical jihadist rebels that want to take over Syria, and he appears to be very ready to use the U.S. military to attack the Assad regime directly if “negotiations” with the Syrian government fail. In essence, Obama wants the United States to be allies with psychotic jihadists that have the exact same radical philosophy that those who are killing Christians in Pakistan, Kenya and Egypt have.

    Is Obama insane?

  8. President Obama said the most beautiful sound in the world was the Muslim call to prayer…

    ‘Eyes gouged out, bodies hanging from hooks, and fingers removed with pliers’: Horrific claims of torture emerge as soldiers reveal gory Kenyan mall massacre details
    Kenyan soldiers claim to find scenes of torture by mall terrorists
    They say children found dead in food fridges with knives still in bodies
    Men were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed…


    We need to run the United Nations not just out of Dodge City but clean out of the U.S. of A their the enemies of america the U.S. Constitution and all American Citizens


    I got this in an email..I know not its source…I already knew everything from the Catholic Church to maybe- The Birch Society had been infiltrated. Republican party.

    World Council of Churches joins enviros to push UN on ‘climate refugees’

    Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 26, 2013

    The groups are going to send postcards to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon by December 10th to try to persuade the UN to do something to save the people affected by weather. Isn’t that a cause we should all get behind? Weather affects us all!

    WCC joins a call to protect climate refugees

    24 September 2013

    In order to build on its work for the protection of climate refugees, the World Council of Churches (WCC) joins an innovative campaign “Postcards from the Frontlines” aiming to achieve urgently needed recognition and protection for climate refugees around the world.

    According to reports millions of people were forced from their homes due to weather-related events in the year 2012 alone.

    Initiated by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) in collaboration with ByPost, the “Postcards from the Frontlines” campaign allows people to send a free postcard from phone or desktop, which will arrive as a real physical postcard at the United Nations secretary-general’s office in New York, calling for action on climate refugees. The project aims to reach 100,000 postcards by Human Rights Day, 10 December, when a public response will be sought from the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.

    The campaign was launched on 24 September.

    Through the postcards campaign people are invited to take a photograph of themselves using the free ByPost iPhone app or website to send a real “petition” postcard to the UN Headquarters in New York asking for concrete measures protecting the climate refugees.

    “We call on our churches, and all other partners working together with us for climate justice, to join the postcards campaign asking for visible actions towards the protection of climate refugees,” said Dr Guillermo Kerber, the WCC programme executive in the area of Care for Creation and Climate Justice.

    “The WCC and its churches have on their main agenda to support the vulnerable communities facing the impact of climate change. Forced displacement because of climate change is a concern for churches, especially in regions such as the Pacific, South East Asia and Africa, as stated at two conferences organized by the WCC in collaboration with the PCC and BfW in 2010 and 2012,” added Kerber.

    The report from these two conferences has been published under the title “Climate Refugees” and will be available at the WCC assembly.

    What the F….. Climate Justice- Environmental Justice….. all this means is to resettle the humm
    from Africa, Indonesia, Middle East etc. in western countries….because they have drought , floods etc. climate justice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    E-gad, I knew the Catholics were sicko’s . One of the main reasons we have so many Latino’s USA
    but this …. …………….below

    By the way, we know of one off-shoot of the World Council of Churches resettling regular refugees and that is the Virginia Council of Churches which is almost completely funded by you, the taxpayer.

    World Council of Churches a front for communism?

    That is what the author Christine Meinsen contends in a little book I just found at Amazon entitled: Communist Infiltration of American Churches 1887 – 2012: World Council of Churches National Council of Churches .

    Here is the write-up at Amazon:

    Who knew when they placed their money in the collection plate Sunday morning they were financing the removal of prayer from America’s schools and “giving aid and comfort to the Communist movement”?

    This book begins with a detailed list of Communist goals straight from the Congressional Record then, with references included, provides documented accounts of church activity and funding used to aid communist agitators in their pursuit to achieve those precise goals.

    Shockingly, many of these goals have already been achieved. It began in 1887, when Josiah Strong coordinated the General Christian Conference to pool America’s churches into one of the most elusive united fronts for communism the world has ever seen. Strong’s organization morphed and expanded eventually culminating in the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches.

    Behind the scenes these groups, along with a host of others, founded by politicians and millionaires, have been directing the church’s progressive transformation from one that promotes soul saving evangelism and apostolic training into a mission to advance communism throughout America and the world.

    This book provides a brief but detailed account of some of the most shocking activities of the communist front organizations that have infiltrated churches in America and around the globe. Also included is a Resolution to get your church out of these hideously deceitful organizations. What we don’t know, has already hurt us.

    • Initiated by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) in collaboration with ByPost, the “Postcards from the Frontlines” campaign allows people to send a free postcard from phone or desktop, which will arrive as a real physical postcard at the United Nations secretary-general’s office in New York, calling for action on climate refugees.

      Since there are far more potential climate refugees than there is living space to accept them (at least in Western countries), it is obvious that this action must have two major parts:

      1.  Immediately halt all non-Western immigration to Western countries, both illegal and legal.  This immigration results in immediate increases in greenhouse gas emissions by the relocated population, so ceasing such migration is one of the imperatives.  Existing non-Western populations in Western countries should be encouraged to re-migrate to their original/ancestral countries.  Such encouragement should include denial of work permits and housing, medical and other welfare benefits.

      2.  Immediately begin a program of nuclearizing all Western electric grids, Western industrial energy supplies, and other opportunities as they appear.  Western nations should try to replace all imports of coal, oil and natural gas insofar as economically practical.

      With the Third Worlders back in the cesspits countries they created in their image originated from, and the West’s imports of oil and natural gas from the Middle East and elsewhere essentially replaced by uranium from Canada, Kazakhstan and Australia, we will have bought time to fix the remainder of the problem.  Once the West is done with the technical fixes, we can export the solutions instead of importing “refugees”.

      (Of course, this is “racist”.)

  11. Continued:
    The WCC and its churches have on their main agenda to..get yr $, send you to Cuba, free Mumia, etc.

  12. Lazlo has a couple good rifles, a good pistol, a cutlass and a sidekick.
    Bring it on, Barry I got stuff to do later.

  13. It’s going to take an armed revolution to bring this country back to its’ original intent.
    The communists/statists/ progressive/regressives who are in control will not give up without a bloody war and Jeffersons’ words from over 200 years ago are ringing so true today.
    Tyrants do not like freedom.

  14. Gooooood Mooorning America!Well,let`s see who are the first multicultural societies in the last 200,250 years?The new world,aus,new zealand…where are the natives,what rights do they have?
    You don`t like the globalism?How is that possible?You are not a nation,how can you understand the natives,the tribes around the world?The communism is jewish created and jewish governed all around the world and one of the first and the biggest communists are in Wall Street and all the big corporations and communication industries,didn`t you know that?
    Where have you slept for the last 100 years after the creation of the FED???And even from your creation more than 200 years ago,you and the others conquestadors what have you done to the others?
    Why did the USA has given money and support for SSSR jew led Russia against the so “bad NATIONAL(They have wanted back their lands and no interfering in their business in the ME,didn`t you know that?) socialists from Germany and some other countries that have wanted justice-take back stolen land and assimilated people,resources?
    Why did you begin to cry against the communism as late as now?Now it hurts isn`t it?It hurts when you personally suffer what you and your ancestors have done to the other nations and tribes around the world!
    You can`t fight with the communism until you fight against the government,literally.The banks,the media guys-all the major ones,everywhere,the politicians.
    I have the right to deny the Holocaust in the real life and say the “n-word” to the blacks,can you do this?
    What is “american”?Ask the Europeans and the natives Indians they know the answer.Such hypocrisy,when did the other cultures became “illegal”?
    I am white,European,in Europe,my country has suffered from your “nation” and your “globalists” for so long and my grandmother is a communist.Do you know what does this mean-she is a traitor to her nation,a brainwashed person!Read the Big Brother there were such cases of destroyed families in the former “Soviet-jewish countries” like in the book.
    Get some more propaganda in your hollywood movies against the white Russians,Ukranians,white Serbs and their original creators before them that your jewish tribe has tried to destroyed for centuries and can`t spell their name in not a single movie!!!Let`s not forget the white Germans!
    Do you know who are the black greeks and the turks?Do you know who have helped the Osman empire to fight against the christians hundreds of years ago?The jews antihumans around the Vatican one of the enemies and fake christians of all time!?Do you know who is pushing for mass emigration in Europe now?The same lobby?
    Who have always helped the Ottoman empire against and the black jewish cousins “the greeks” against the white christians in Europe?The same lobby and your guys from England,France,especially USA!Who have given the modern Winchester repeating rifles to the radical genocidal muslims?Who have created Al Qaeda,the Talibans?Who still supports them?
    All i said is real,some of it is pure history little more than 100 years ago!
    Are you angrywhitedudes?!?Have you suffered,you and your ancestors for so many years,i mean for real?!
    Now see all the scum around you!They are the result of the same lobby!Hate them if you want,but please see deeper than this.See who have taken away the lifes and the hopes of millions and millions of white normal persons in one of the oldest,smartest and inventive tribes in Europe.
    When it`s personal,it`s real.

  15. is that a photo of the actual AWD himself?

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      If it is, and he was in NY, I bet he covered that shirt pretty quick after the picture.
      You’re not allowed to have a gun to protect yourself from an insane mob (democracy) beating there.


    Reagan pulled america out of UNESCO becuase of its blatant anti-americanism George W. Bush brought us back in, we need to totaly evict these UN crinimals from america razie that entire facility to the ground and turn the area into a Bird Refuge with goose hunting allowed

  17. Spurwing Plover says:

    As Ronald Reagan said MR GORBECHEV TEAR DOWN THIS WALL(BERLIN WALL) now we need to say SOMEONE TEAR DOWN THIS BUILDING(UNITED NATIONS)lets evict these intruders