AWD loves to watch liberals charging face-first into a massive stream of machine-gun fire. Always brightens my day! Texas Democrat State Senator Wendy Davis, who won liberal accolades for a pro-abortion filibuster that failed in the Texas legislature, is throwing her Code Pink hat in the ring to get turned into swiss cheese in the Texas gubernatorial race.

Liberals love killing them some unborn babies! Wendy was the talk of the socialist sets in the propaganda media and the toast of the liberal towns across America. Trouble for her is, outside of Austin, Texas doesn’t have many liberal towns! The last numbers AWD saw, over 70% of Texas women opposed her filibuster and supported Texas Bill 5. Maybe Wendy should run for the Governor of California!

The only thing most people know about Davis is she filibustered a law (that was passed) that would prohibit abortion after 20 weeks. 20 weeks! Can’t irresponsible women wanting to abort their unborn do it in the first 20 weeks? Of course, most liberals fully support the killing of children born alive after botched abortions. Barack Obama does. I’m sure Wendy Davis does, too. She’s a Democrat. Democrats love animals. They hate people.

Sure, Davis will get a lot of George Soros funding and lots of donations from liberals and lebanese groups across America but it won’t matter. Texas Republican and Attorney General Greg Abbott will spank her little leftist ass like a red-headed mule.

Dims in Texas haven’t won a gubernatorial election in Texas since 1990. The last Texas Dim Governor was fossil Ann Richards, who had so many wrinkles she caused a drought! Here is the last Dim Governor the Dims are going to see for a long time in the Lone Star State:

Wait, that’s not her. She didn’t look that good.

Great Googly Moogly! She looks like a Shar Pei puppy. On a bad day!

AWD couldn’t stand that old wrinkled commie! Richards is famous for her disparaging “poor George!” speech attacking George W Bush. Yeah, poor George! He probably fell into one of those wrinkles and couldn’t escape! They modeled the Grand Canyon using Ann Richards’ face!

Back to unborn baby-hater Wendy Davis. If she unwisely decides to run for Texas Governor, she’ll go down faster than Barney Frank in a San Francisco bath house.

AWD was hoping Davis would run for reelection for Texas State Senator. Her competitor Konni Burton is full of conservative values and kick-ass attitude and was poised to whoop the dog snot out of Davis! Konni is a local Tea Party leader and takes no prisoners when it comes to bloodying the noses of RINOs and Dims! She also possesses the most awesome collection of bad-ass cowgirl boots known around these here parts.

So another well-funded liberal is going to run for state office in Texas and be humiliated? Pass the popcorn!

But Texans have a much more important election coming up. The Republican Senatorial primary where conservatives will retire that RINO bastid John Cornyn!

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  1. Abortion Barbie isn’t going to be able to filibuster her way out of the loss she’ll have coming.

    As to Cornyn…Texas, please get rid of him ASAP!

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Yeah Ann Richards the former govenor of the Lonestar State who was a big Gun Control wank soft on crime ultra liberal demacrat they dumped her for George Bush Sr

  3. When, not if, Davis loses, she will most likely say the same thing a certain ex Colorado politician said “It’s a clear case of voter suppression”.

    The citizens of Texas need to banish this idjit from the state forever. Just don’t send her to Arizona.

  4. Catheter Lady should move to Detroit where such carnival antics are more in vogue.

  5. Now I like me some Texas fer sure ….not living there but have spent some time there.

    I found the Texas folks as nice as could be…now mind ya I am a bit better looking and smarter by far than most there.
    And I enjoy my freedoms like they do….but i could never drink water from a hoof print like most Texans claim they have done….but one thing is fer sure abortion Barbie has not a snowballs chance in hell of winning .
    as for Ann Richards I have heard when she showered one could Kayak down her face…don’t mess with Texas.

  6. yeah……I hope the libtard does run…..she will get her ass kicked and kicked hard………

    it would be great fun to watch the libtard communist democrats go down in flames…..and get the dog snot kicked out of them……

    you bet I’m looking forward to this race…….I’m going to get a bottle of Jack Daniels and some beer chasers and sit back and watch the returns come in next year………..

  7. Even Texas has some angry screaming lesbians…there is Austin after all…she might get 10% of the vote.

  8. Wendy Davis doesn’t stand a chance against Greg Abbott. They don’t call Abbott the Man of Steel for nothing. When he was 26 yrs old he was jogging and a tree branch fell and struck him on the back. Drs. put steel rods in his spine to hold his vertebrae together. He’s on the cover of Texas Monthly in his wheelchair with a shotgun over his shoulder. He is definitely Dude of the Week material.

    Fast Cars, Firearms and Freedom. It’s a Texas Thing!

  9. D and C…DNC…coincidence? I think not.

  10. She is not a “viable” candidate.

  11. Hopefully she will loose big time. Soros has targeted Texas as his #1 target. Little voter fraud that got “O” reelected is in the works. Never ever count those slimy Progressives out, playing fair and legal is not in their game plan.

  12. quartierleblanc says:

    It’s a hell of thing where her platform is based upon killing babies. Amazing. I”m not sure you get past St. Peter’s screeners much less even get to talk to St. Pete. Another thing is for certain. Her policies would also kill a lot of others as well.

  13. iron_mike_houston says:

    I remember that Ann got a face lift shortly after she left the governors mansion. Afterwards there was enough skin for a pair of boots!

    Anyway Wendy is a single issue candidate and she doesn’t have a prayer of winning. Most Texans agree that 20 weeks is enough time to make a decision but Wendy wants the 8 or 9 month abortions. If everything doesn’t work out the doctor can clip the spinal cord while a pair of scissors. There is a story on the web about women having late term abortions and then holding the dead child and getting a footprint.


    The funniest thing about the libtards during the debate in Texas is that brought plastic coat hangers with them as a protest.

  14. 1 of the Dark Prince’s sluts running for Lone Star Gov? Wow? Who pumped that empty soul full of hope? She needs culled from the great state of TX.

  15. If the wannabe mass murderer Wendy runs she will crash and burn big time and then her and RINO Cornyn can go ride off into the sunset together.

  16. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    I gotta hunch the Tea Party will rule in the 2014 Texas elections. Greg Abbott in, Juan Cornyn out, Konni Burton in.

  17. Libs aren’t focused on winning elections, only stealing them. So she’s still a threat, no matter what the voters want. Texans need to keep Libs out of the polling area if you want an honest vote.

  18. It’s about time Wendy Davis bans all guns in Texas.

    Get ready to turn them all in, and welcome to Bloomberg’s vision for Texas:
    Disarmed, pacified, democratic, and under New York’s control.

    Abortions are just the beginning for Wendy Davis,
    all sorts of ‘change’ are coming your way – gonna make Texas look like Berkley, California.

    More open borders with Mexico so the number of border jumpers can triple or more, flooding into Houston, Dallas, and Austin.
    You better be ready to pay for all their health care and unemployment. Work harder Texans, Mexicans need your paychecks.

    Oh, and if you think you can stop her, she can just change the term limits laws and set herself up as queen of Texas for the rest of her working life…