The Republican Party left AWD decades ago when it selected estrogen over testosterone. No offense to conservative Republican women who have more balls than the current GOP leadership! When wussypants Republicans rule, they spend money like Democrats. When Democrats rule, wussypants Republicans roll over and spend money like Democrats. What do both parties have in common? They are both Democrats to some extent. Republicans criticize Obama for leading from behind but the entire legislative strategy for the GOP is kissing Democrat ass from behind.

The wussypants Republican elite lost AWD and millions of other conservatives like him over the past 30 years. Being the stupid fools they are, they erroneously believed the conservative base of the Republican Party would always support them, no matter how center of left they moved. Wrong! As the Democrats became the Party of Marx and the Republicans became the Democrats under Tip O’Neill, millions of conservatives gave up! They stayed home in November rather than vote for another big-government RINO candidate like Mitt Romney.

Not surprisingly, wussypants Republican elites turn their attention to winning the corazones of perpetually Democrat voting Hispanics for their future while turning their backs on millions of conservative voters who have left the Party! Romney was another in the long line of wussypants Republican losers who have the killer instinct of a newborn kitten. Boo Hoo Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Juan McPain, Lindsey ‘Fredo’ Graham, Murkowski, Collins, Eric Cantor, Pete Sessions, and too many other worthless-crats to list without shutting down the internet, why would any conservative still support the Republican Party?

Along comes a true conservative warrior and Republican statesman like Ted Cruz and the only people that hate him more than the Dims and mainstream propaganda media are the wussypants Republican Party. Just like they hate the Tea Party movement. For any Republican in Congress reading this, you’ll have to look up the meaning of the word “statesman.”

According to NRO (h/t I Own The World):

Yesterday a senior House staffer confronted an aide to Senator Ted Cruz, telling him he was “not dealing in reality.” Today House Democratic whip Steny Hoyer said Republicans have confessed to him they are “shaking their heads” at their conservative colleagues.

“I talk to Republicans all the time who are shaking their heads at the irrationality of some of the people in their conference. I’m not going to name names because, why should I start that fight? But there’s no doubt in my mind that there are a significant number and perhaps a majority of Republicans who agree with Hal Rogers,” Hoyer told reporters at his weekly pen and pad.

Ted Cruz is doing exactly what he promised in his campaign and exactly what those who elected him sent him to Washington to do. Kill ObamaCare and reduce the size and expense of our bloated government. But Republicans don’t want to do what voters want. They care about only one thing….staying in office forever. So they rig voting laws, gerrymander districts where they can, and use good ol’ boy money from lobbyists and corporate donations to keep their corrupt carcasses in office until they are rolled out on a gurney.

Paris, Texas RINO Ralph Hall will turn 90 this term. He was a registered Democrat congressman until he switched parties to stay in DC when Reagan was elected. I crap you negative. He’s been there that long. And he’s still votes like a Democrat, like so many other wussypants Republicans. When a Republican is thrown out of office, they immediately become a lobbyist. America is truly ruled by our worst.

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and sometimes Rand Paul recognize the danger of ObamaCare, debt, big government, and the status quo that puts Americans a trillion dollars more in debt each year. They want to return America to true Constitutional values that once made us great. Republicans want no part of that. Cruz and Lee are shaking up the status quo! They are embarrassing Repubs in front of their Democrat brothers! They are ruining everything! They must be stopped at once because they cannot be bought off! What are men of character and conviction doing in DC!? Republicans are asking themselves daily, “how did we let Cruz beat our hand-selected, worthless puppet David Dewhurst, whose little BB-sized balls we owned?”

AWD will tell you two stories about two Dallas area Congressmen still in office (of course) that proves who and what they are but I will not mention the name of the first because I was given this information in confidence:

AWD had lunch a few years back with the local guy for one long-term Dallas area congressman. He went to Washington a conservative but ended up being just another bought-and-paid-for guy in Boehner’s pocket. The staff member told me of when W was in office trying to push through Medicare Part D with Ted Kennedy, there was intense pressure coming from the White House to support the bill even though it was a huge, costly mistake and everyone knew it. This particular congressman was going to vote against the bill. He received a call from the Oval Office from Bush who told him “if you vote against this, we will redistrict you out of office in Texas.”

What would Congressman AWD have done? I would have immediately held a press conference and gotten in front of every TV camera I could to say I was being threatened and extorted by the President of the United States to vote for a bill I could not support. I would have told the country that Congressman AWD would not be bought off or threatened and the President can kiss my ass if he believes he can bully me for a Yes vote! And if I am redistricted out of office, I’ll go home knowing I did the right thing and would be able to look myself in the mirror each day for the rest of my life.

What did the Congressman do? He voted for Medicare Part D. He’s still there and a big-shot in the Republican Party.

I will mention the name of this Congressman because I wrote about it a few months ago.

Recently, a Tea Party leader friend of mine in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex attended a meeting with another local wussypants, long-term Republican Congressman, Pete Sessions. After the meeting, they had a private conversation with him and Ted Cruz was brought up. Sessions called Ted Cruz a “blowhard who could only say “no” but never offered counter ideas.”

Why offer counter ideas to bad legislation? Just kill it and look for the next bad law to kill. There are millions of them! But this shows how wussypants Republicans come running whenever Democrats whistle and how they hate anyone who rocks their cushy, luxurious boat.

Republicans hate Cruz? I hate Republicans! Oh sure, I hate Dims too but I have never counted on Democrats to do the right thing. I know believe the same about Republicans.

Here’s a post AWD wrote just last month on what will happen on ObamaCare, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandals, etc:


How do I know? Experience! When has the Republican Party ever failed to disappoint? I rest my case.

Tell ’em Rush:

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    Wussiepants republicans might as well switch parties and become wussiepants demacrats becuase demacrats are wussiepants

  2. Please Mr. Andrew Jackson, please come back to earth and beat the living shit out of our modern politicians.
    Please Mr. Teddy Roosevelt, please come back to earth and kick the shit out of weak kneed sissies in both houses of congress.
    If you do I will stand in the breach and soak up bullets so you can finish the job unmolested.

    • Just an FYI, Teddy was a Progressive, he would fit right in with the Demo party. He had machismo, but was NOT conservative. Thats why McCain like to associate himself with TR’s name.

      • He was a MAN
        I can respect a man from the other side as long as he has a backbone.
        I would still soak up bullets for Teddy’s rampage.
        In fact Teddy would kick asses in both parties with equal vigor

  3. Can’t get past that picture of Boner, what a loser to be the GOP leader.

    • A few decades back “Boner” would have been a moderate Demo, as many of the Repos would have been. Repos have been completely
      infiltrated by Demo operatives. Have ya noticed they vote more and more on the Demo side. Infiltrated by Commies who sit back and patiently bleed the country dry.

      “Remember: Evil exists because good men don’t kill the government officials committing it.” — Kurt Hofmann.

    • iron_mike_houston says:

      What about McCain and Graham. I’m so sick of rino’s stabbing their voters in the back. Can you believe that McCain was the GOP nomination in 2008?

  4. I thought that you would like to see this video. It is from around where I live near Detoilet, MI. It shows a group of mid 20’s activists supporting the 2nd amendment. Then it also shows the heavy hand of the man coming down on them. Finally, it then shows them proving cops are not informed of the laws and that they were well within there rights.

  5. Ohio is a really screwed up state. All the smart people are getting out while they can. Wait until the full force of Obamacare descends on them. They might wake up but the car will be under water.

  6. Read a little history, men. Calvin Coolidge was the #2 conservative president in the last century. Only Reagan outdid Silent – BUT STRONG – Cal.

    Teddy, Taft, Hoover, Ike, Nixon, Ford, and the Bushes couldn’t hold the man from Vermont’s nuts if they had two wheelbarrows to do so. Were most of these guys good men? Yes. Conservative? Sorry.

    Go back 125 years and you’ll find another staunch conservative: Grover Cleveland. Republican? No. Anti-government, anti-big business, and anti-wuss? Every inch of the way.

  7. Anyone here noticed the Australian general election the other week?

    Tony Abbott stood on a proper conservative ticket, and said: “I’ll stop the boats (fraudulent, mostly Muslim ‘asylum seekers’ trying to bully their way into a fine country) and scrap the carbon tax”.

    He was pilloried as a lunatic, right wing extremist, racist, blah blah blah ad nauseum, you know the score.

    Today Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister of Australia, and the socialists are (metaphorically) picking up their teeth with a broken arm after the worst drubbing in their history.

    • Oh yeah…I’ve paid close attention to all of the goings-on there. Read a great piece late last night too. What you stated is precisely what I read about. – This country needs to take hard look and do the same.

  8. There needs to be a RINO Test:

    1)No Republicans who don’t have the Constitution memorized.

    2)No Republicans calling themselves conservatives only when it’s convenient for them.

    3)No Republicans with chapstick, their lips are chapped from kissing ass.

    4)No Republicans claiming to be conservatives but supporting liberal agendas.

    5)A mandatory testosterone test.

    6)No Republican who doesn’t go to the shooting range at least twice a month.

    7)No Republicans who are the Democrat or Media bitches.

    Make it legal to hunt RINOS year round and change the name from the GOP to The God, Truth and Freedom Party.

  9. In France, during WWll, they called these types of folks who went along with the Nazis, collaborators. These wussypants rhinos are indeed collaborating with the enemy only this time they are not Nazis but Socialists/Communists/Statists.

    Remember what the Free French did to the collaborators?

  10. Whenever I see an article about “National” politics, I giggle. But its not that I disagree with the AWD though. First of all, ask yourself this question: do you give a damn about the politics of the UN? My guess is no; but isn’t the UN a FEDERATION (or dare I use the evil, racist term “CONFEDERATION” of states? They all voluntarily come together under the banner of a federation of independent states to further the “common good” (or something like that).

    With this in mind, why do we give a damn about the politics on a Federal level? Why do we acknowledge that this level of government has any power over us? At best, AT BEST, our state should be the highest level of government that we should have to endure. If you really think about the federal government, it is like a behemoth that has access to more resources than any one state (but in actuality, not by much)! The federal government only has power as long as we acknowledge its power. Yes, its good to be in coalition with other friendly states for military protection, but I think we can all agree that even this simple chore has gotten out of control, not to mention the thousands of other resource wasting programs that they suck from our efforts in order to force feed us.

    When resources are doled out through a system of political favors (wait, doesn’t the government do this?) only increasingly corrupt individuals will be drawn to decide how to distribute the loot, while the rest of society will be enamored by the magnificence of this machine that provides, and train themselves to become more and more like the kind of person that is worthy to receive the loot of the system. Unfortunately the larger and more abstract the system of government is, the more corrupt it becomes because individually, we do not have the weight to throw into it to change its course. This is why the win in the first civil war of 1776 and the loss of the second in 1861 were so important to the mind frame of our people- the first to establish the restrictions on the system that they knew would eventually grow out of control, and the second to squash any and all who oppose the power of those hijacking of the originally established system.

    So as a new movement, I propose we discuss literally ignoring the power that the federal government “claims” to have over us, start thinking of this federal organization as a republic again, and start thinking of each citizen as sovereign over themselves and their families. We need to think on the familial and community level again if we are ever to have a return to the “good times.”

    • You are certainly on the right track, Kansas.

      Sovereignty Unbound:

      There is a new campaign starting listened to it last night on blogtalk. Also had guest Freebyrd, first officer of a lawful militia The link for the radio blogtalk is at Great show and infomation coming to organize better the rival…acorn.

      Also, Orly Taitz is now doing daily video reports at her site. Quite good.

  11. Watch Glenn Beck Call For Obama’s Impeachment For Arming Al‑Qaeda

    Glenn opened his radio program with some very troubling (and bizarre) news that led him to call for Obama’s impeachment. Yesterday, the President waived a federal provision specifically designed to prevent the U.S. from supplying arms to terrorist groups in order to begin providing military assistance to the Syrian rebels.

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  14. 😉 well done! Bravo!

  15. Michael Savage presents his case against John McCain:

    The Savage Nation – September 19 2013