The Democrats have no clothes and the picture ain’t pretty. Picture Michael Moore or Rosie O’Donnell taking a shower together. Better yet, don’t! Because it’s all ugly, all the time. And they don’t make showers that big.

What Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the other socialists in the Democrat caucus have done to America is criminal. America’s worst enemies could not have planned the destruction of our republic better. Unless they did. Without a record to defend, Democrats can only call names. It’s soooo Hugo Chavez-ish! Yaaawwwwnn!

$6 trillion in new debt, four years without a budget from Harry Reid and the Senate, Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, unconstitutional actions by the White House, millions more illegals, being the international laughingstock, non-Stimulus, Cash for Perfectly Good Cars, green energy payoffs to Democrat contributors, stirring up blacks over Trayvon while ignoring massive black on white crime daily, ObamaCare disaster, the fun continues every day with Obama!

So how do the Democrats explain all this debt, corruption and governmental malfeasance? They don’t! They call those trying to dig America out from the mess Democrats have played a large part in building ridiculous names. It really is that sad. And, unfortunately, with the RINO Republican caucus, names work! Democrats have nothing more to defend themselves and their record than to call Republicans names. Pitiful. Pathetic. So perfectly liberal!

There is a reason Democrats only call names. Their constituents are too stupid to think for themselves. They hear talking points delivered by the propaganda media and that becomes fact. Democrats realize they will never win the thinking people of America so they focus all their attention on the stupids. And there are, unfortunately, a whole hell of a lot more stupids than thinking people these days. All Dims have to do is call enough names until it becomes common and the stupids of America will embrace it. Think the word “teabagger.”

Here’s a recent man-on-the-street interview from the Jimmy Kimmel show. It’s shot in California. Say no more. Stupids.

Over the shutdown, Obama has called the Republicans “reckless and irresponsible.” Pot? Meet stupid, corrupt kettle. Harry Reid has been worse! He’s called the Tea Party and conservative House and Senate (the few that exist) “anarchists and terrorists.” Think about that! This is the Senate Leader of the United States equating honest taxpayers calling for fiscal sanity with Muslim terrorists that fly jets into skyscrapers or explode everything in sight. A Senator with balls would kick his wormy, pale ass on the floor of the Senate. Decorum be damned!

The federal government, as well as the country, is so completely divided ideologically that AWD believes it’s in our best interest to keep the federal government shut down. How has the shutdown negatively affected your life? I mean, really? So you can’t watch the cute little panda bears at the Washington Zoo? I’ve lived almost 52 years without giving much of a damn about panda bears. Shut down national parks? Well, I’ll just have to suffer. I work too hard and am too poor for vacations, anyway.

My guess is there’s probably enough patriotic volunteers who would welcome the chance to serve America by working at our national parks for free. No, the overpaid park rangers wouldn’t like it but hey, it’s a government shutdown!

Obama and the Dims are trying to make the shutdown as painful for Americans as they can to put pressure on the Ted Cruz Republicans but to no avail. Because, unless one is a professional moocher, the federal government shutdown doesn’t really affect us at all! And keeping WWII veterans away from their monument in DC is just about as stupid as you can be!

Keep calling names, liberals. You have your constituents to play to. But once the dollar and economy come crashing down, there will be nowhere for you to hide. You’ll take a lot of RINO Republicans with you to the 9th circle of Hell…but that’s OK by me! Think the federal government is too big to fail? The corrupt and despicable actions of Congress and the White House prove it’s too big to continue. KEEP IT SHUT! #keepitshut

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  1. Brash Jackson says:

    All the affirmative action employes and other non essential mooches can tighten their belts. Just like the rest of America. It is going to be hard on all those Black museums to not be able to highlight their cultural art. I will try and go on. Perhaps the kids and I will head out to the local CSA cemetery to pay homage to our ancestors for free.

  2. Good job Awd as usual. You know, I think my daughter could have run this country at 16 years old better than what Obama and ilk are doing, and I am being serious.

    • My Labrador Retriever could’ve done a better job. In fact, I’ve told both my RINO Senators the same and informed them I’d be writing in his name before I EVER vote for the likes of them again! What a world…….

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Scary Harry Reid always accusing the Tea Party of being radicals while his own corupt party is supported by these crooked unions,trial lawyers,eco-nazis,the rainbow freakos and the evil UN Frankly he needs to have his head examened and have the loose screws tightened

  4. Jumpin Joe says:

    Jellystone is closing in two weeks anyway, and today it is snowing like hell there so they probably would have closed it due to the weather.

  5. John the Bigot says:


  6. master of sinanju says:

    Man, there sure are some sh*t for brains, stupid,idiotic,moronic,imbecilic,clueless,effing people out there!! My God, the scary thing is these idiots vote and have kids!

    • Crusading Conservative says:

      How is it possible that these people don’t know Obamacare and the AHCA are the same thing? Pisses me off that these are the people who voted this nightmare on us, and they don’t have a clue. I think, when they realize they’re one and the same, they will shit a brick, and I hope it’s a big, sharp one. Especially the woman who doesn’t think anything should be forced on the American people – her day of reckoning is just around the corner.

  7. I agree with you AWD, let the shut down continue. It isn’t hurting me one bit. It is fun to watch the hyperbole and name calling rather than any constructive information from the left. I think Ted Cruz et al might be a bit smarter than the rhinos and dims. He is driving the agenda that the real Americans want.

    Oh by the way, I am thoroughly enjoying the ocare rollout. Glitches, $12,000.00 deductibles, rate increases, IRS attaching bank accounts, suspending driver’s licenses for non payment, it just keeps better and better. Now that we have passed it we are getting to know what is in it. I predict it will collapse within 5 months. You heard that here.

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    Rats,snakes,reptiles,worms,demcrats,trial lawyers,liberals,UN and other lower lifeforms

  9. Maybe it is time to consider the states taking over control of lands within their borders. Grand Canyon shut down? WTF! Who are you kidding. Shutting down a hole in the ground. Only a dumb ass liberal would think the government should control our lands and determine if the people should be allowed access. This whole political dance just shows how way too much power we have let the federal government take away from the states. The flow of power has to come back to the people

  10. McAfee Antivirus founder: “What idiot put this system out there?”

    Whatever other — ahem — eccentricities antivirus software company founder and technology mogul John McAfee may have, I think we can at least safely conclude that the man knows his stuff when it comes to online security, and he is decidedly not impressed with the setup of the many separate yet intertwining systems flying under the banner of ObamaCare. Divorcing his criticisms from the underlying purpose of the law itself, McAfee ripped ObamaCare’s technological arrangement and worried that all of its huge moving parts will make it a perfect environment for hackers to steal Americans’ identities, personal information, and money. The massive consolidation of so much of Americans’ sensitive data has been the prime concern of several lawmakers trying to secure a delay in the system’s implementation, but of course, their quest to make sure the system actually works and that Americans’ information is secure before putting it to an arbitrary political deadline isn’t welcome in the ranks of the Obama administration.

  11. They’re coming!

    In a stunning move, the Environmental Protection Agency decided to ban most of the operational wood stoves in the U.S

  12. Everyone thought Sharon Angle was extreeeeeemist!! and a loon. What do we have in Harry Reid? Thanks a pantload, Nevada, for reelecting the cretin!!

    • Nostradumbass says:

      Ok, you got the bass, Lazlo’s monkey has the lead. My pug’s got the ivory’s. Just a percussion and a vocal away from “song of the south” “the audubon zoo”.