Dudes and Dudettes…thought what was said here would give you a laugh or two today, it should be more fun than watching a barrel of monkeys! (pun not intended, just in case I get called a racist.) Heck…using the race card 24/7 via the msDNC Funny Farm has become nothing but fodder for humor these days, at least that’s how I take it, you may see it differently. See what you think below:

Good ol’ has-been Joe Madison decided to display how his two-celled, racist, brain works…and of course he used the race card to do so. He’s always been a despicable POS from the left via my viewfinder in life, but it seems he just doesn’t go away and says anything for attention. So, yesterday we have a another case of say anything, do anything, while bowing at the alter of Walks on Water, his one and only messiah.

Here’s a summary of what was said…see what you think of what came out of his pie-hole:

Al Sharpton occasionally likes to go after Rush Limbaugh for his attacks on President Obama or his policies, and did the same on Tuesday night over Limbaugh downplaying the government shutdown. Guest Joe Madison simply responded by calling Limbaugh a “fat ass.”

In response to Limbaugh saying that the shutdown won’t be that bad, Madison had this to say about Limbaugh himself.

“Fat ass Rush Limbaugh really has some nerve. Here’s a man that even talked his maid into stealing drugs from her husband so that he could have a high. So, I mean, let’s call it what it is. These people have lost their freaking minds, they just can’t handle it.”

Later on in the segment, Madison also referred to “lily white congressional districts” to disparage Republicans “trying to use black vernacular to try to sound like they’re hip and that somehow Obama is just too black to be President of the United States.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, via MSDNC:

Towards the end of the segment Madison fed right into Not-so-Sharp’s rhetoric…summing up those that don’t like Dear Leader’s policies/dictates as having lost their freakin’ minds! Methinks that duo need to take a long, hard look at their reflections in their nearest mirror…then again, they’d see nothing!

So, what do any of you ‘lily-white‘ rascals think about all of this BS…desperation much?

Do you have message for them? If so… – Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. As Hienlein said, “it’s time to beat those plowshares back into swords”. I’m beginning to believe the only way to fix this nation is going to be through violent revolution.

  2. Those poor mirrors…. They will all break.

  3. Lol, thanks Big!! I needed a good laugh today. Consider this,

    Definition of vampire (n)
    vam·pire[ vám pr ]
    1. bloodsucking evil spirit:in European folklore, a dead person believed to rise each night from the grave and suck blood from the living for sustenance
    2. predatory person:somebody who preys on other people for financial or emotional gain
    trap door:a trap door on the floor of a stage
    Synonyms: parasite, freeloader, sponger, scrounger, hanger-on, predator, sponge

    We all know vampires have no reflection, no soul, no remorse, and no shame of any kind. These scumbags are social vampires of the lowest order. They are not burdened by having to look into the mirror for self reflection. All they know is to devour and manipulate weak minds to achieve their own evil ends. Just sayin..,

  4. Nostradumbass says:

    … that duo need to take a hard, long look at their reflections in their nearest mirror…then again, they’d see nothing!

    They could always smile…seems to work in the dark.

  5. Civil discourse with Reverend Al.


  6. dr poontang says:

    Leave it to a libtard to simply resort to personal insults when their tiny crap-filled brain begins to overheat. As for his last comment why in the hell would my lily white ass want to use black vernacular? I have no desire to sound like an uneducated piece of ghetto trash! I was taught to speak properly and with respect where respect is due. What a moron.

  7. Shots fired at the Capitol campus.

    • Roof top voting has started.

      • Yeah, just heard the bad guy is dead. Sure been many different stories about this from the get-go….as usual with the msm.

        Guess we’ll hear more about that bad guy later. You can bet they’re hoping there’s a Tea Party connection.

      • Did anyone else the suspect was a gal?

        I hate hearing reports before they really know the facts.

        • Fox is saying it is a woman and she is in custody.

          • Heck…last I heard she was dead, with a child in the car too. Geesh, the msm always has to report what they don’t know yet. It makes me sick…all of them.

            I tire of them never waiting until the real facts are in.

            Clueless, breathless wonders all wanting to be first to report the worst.

            Now I’m hearing that she isn’t dead too.

            What a bunch of overblown brouhaha.

          • I know. The cops had a news conference and didn’t say if she was dead or not. We shall see.

          • I think he said she was in custody, not clear now if she had been shot, and did have a child.

            Plus, just heard where she tried to get in at wasn’t the WH gates, but a few blocks from there. – Whatever. We won’t know the real story until later tonight, if then.

            I am glad the child is okay physically.

            Btw…I also heard there should be another presser in about an hour or less. We shall see.

          • Latest update I read says that she is dead, and is “African American”, que up the outrage from Al, Jesse, and the rest of the race baiters.

          • Yep…and she’s a mental case just like the names you mentioned.

            Waiting to learn more about her and such. Photos, friends opinions and such.

            I also heard one of the reporters mention something about her being Somalian, and asked the guy at the presser how those in authority could already say this isn’t connected to terrorism type of thing.

            I’m going to be real patient until we at least know more of the real rest of the story.

          • REV Wright says:

            If she is black, or an African imported to vote Democrat, NO QUESTIONS may be “axed” as any and all questions will be considered “racist”.

            Glad to clarify……………


          • Yep…that’s most likely why the msm for the most part has clammed up about this, plus…she was a gal.

    • nevernevernevergiveup says:

      cops say it is an “isolated incident”. We are going to see more of this happen as pissed off citizens take out their rage on government. She would have made a greater statement if she had been driving a Chevy Volt!

  8. Anyway…back to Madison and his racist BS when it comes to El Rushbo etc.

    Meet this guy…pathetic.


  9. What do I think of that duo?
    Well here is a photo………………………………………

    and that photo is of whale sh!t sinking toward the bottom of the deepest sea…..for me those in that video are far lower than these dung well ever reach…

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    Sharptons a typical liberal lefists all mouth and no mind and stupider then a stick the facts are a stick is more intellegent that sharpton and his ilk

  11. REV Wright says:

    I am so tired of Commie lib “We be victim” Democrat blacks.

    Parasites all.

    America 2016: Zimbabwe

    Obama: Robert Mugabe

    Washington, D.C.: Harare

    Detroit: Mogadishu

    Atlas has Shrugged. Whites need to live and work far away from blacks.

    Let them kill, and eat each other [Lord Of The Flies]

  12. Racis’. Eh-body jus’ be racis’.
    Neh’ min’ dat 78% of all black babies be bone to single baby-mamas. Neh’ min’ dat black nayba-hoods be drug infested war zones. Da main problem be dat e’body be racis’.

  13. quartierleblanc says:

    I listen to Madison on Sirius on many mornings. He’s a shizer skin who hates Whites. I like to listen to his BS about Black inventions. If we left today, they’d be eating each other tomorrow.

    • You got that right.

      Btw…I don’t know how you can listen to Madison, I quit doing that years back. Then again, I catch much of what our enemies within say elsewhere too. Being informed of their game plans is something to be aware of at times.

      • quartierleblanc says:

        I listen to what the enemies of civilization has to say all the time. It puts you inside their decision making loop. If you think Madison is stupid, then the guy on Sirius 127 in the afternoon, Mark Thompson must be the first openly retarded talk show host.

        • Lol…oh my gosh, thanks but no thanks, I got to keep the little bit of sanity I have left while listening to all the BS I do now.

          So…I take your word for that guy you mentioned and you can fill on the rest. 😉

  14. quartierleblanc says:

    I like Gutfield and he says what he can get away with. However, I’m not restrained by the PC BS. Some ethnic groups invent the airplane, discover electricity and invent the submarine. Others invent break dancing and give us Baltimore and Detroit. Then there is Joe Madison who tell his feral followers that they really invented everything and that Whitey stole it from them. They’d be lucky to be in caves if wasn’t for us.

  15. winstonsmithereens says:

    C’mon……. Anything with Sharpton is simply l’heure de pimp……….


    Looked up the word Idiot it showed Sharrptons face beneth

  17. Speaking of the msDNC Funny Farm…


  18. Sad how white America brain’s are so conditioned. Every time a black man with any type of power other than these right wing dummies say anything true and how black people really feel their playing the race card. Wake up white America face the facts. Were tired of systemic racism. That white people benefit from and are too stupid to see it. I’m not racist by no means, but I don’t like racist people in general. That goes for ignorant negros toooo. Find a bridge and kill yourselves. That’s how we feel. How about this everybody go back to thier countries and give the indians back thier land. Cant do that because the rest of the world hates us too. For good damn reason. We argue over rights and jobs and so on abd so on. All over stolen land.