When AWD woke up today at the crack of noon all appeared pretty normal! Nothing was different. The sun had risen, birds were chirping, my AR-15 slept peacefully in the corner of AWD’s boudoir, my cell phone had the same texts from the same Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders begging for some of my sweet lovin’. AWD texted back I ain’t got no time for that! Today was just like every other day!

The thing is…since the federal government shut down…nothing much has changed. Actually, nothing at all has changed for AWD! The sun came up, Texas remained the bad-assiest state in the republic, and liberal womerns were still butt-ugly while libtarded males remained effeminate and worthless. Situation normal.

Maybe the vast mooching classes are affected by the government shut down. Maybe no welfare checks, food stamps and other forms of income redistribution are available. If so, I hope the federal government never reopens!

Sure, 800,000 non-essential government employees were furloughed because of the shutdown. The fact that the federal government employs 800,000 non-essential employees shows precisely the reason the federal leviathan should be shut down!

We heard the usual hysterics from corruptocrats in Washington over the shutdown. Douch Bag Harry Reid called conservatives demanding the defunding of ObamaCare “extremists, terrorists and anarchists.” Who gives a rat what that sniveling little rat calls us? Reid, who didn’t submit a budget for four years lectured Republicans on the importance of budgets! This is akin to Janeane Garafalo (where’s that ugly hag been lately?) lecturing on the importance of bathing.

Reid and Hussein haven’t passed a budget because they do not want the American people to see how they have irresponsibly pissed away trillions of dollars on buying votes and paying off Democrat contributors. They prefer to use continuing resolutions that increase the debt limit of the United States ad infinitum (that means ‘without end,’ goat ropers). Foolishly (stupidly), the wussypants Republicans under John ‘Boo Hoo’ Boehner have granted the Dims CR after CR with zero spending cuts part of the deal. Party of stupid.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are successfully challenging the establishment RINO Republican elite. Does anyone really believe Boehner has suddenly found Jesus on raising the debt level? Hell no! The House conservatives have revolted against him and his pathetic wussy House RINO leadership.

Cruz has been meeting with House conservative Republicans on how to buck Boo Hoo Boehner’s plan of once again appeasing the Dims and rolling over on the latest continuing resolution. Cruz has locked horns with McCain and the other wussyboys in the Senate too old and corrupt to fight the openly socialist Democrats. And Cruz is winning! A statesman among corrupt, sorry politicians! A true leader who the wussypants RINOs are seeking to destroy. They must be retired and sent to the sewer of history!

So the federal government shut down today. AWD says keep that sumbitch shuttered! Keep the military operating for national security but to hell with the Deparments of Labor, Education, Agriculture, Energy, the EPA, and especially Obama’s Luca Brasi, the IRS! Send their mooching, non-wealth producing non-essential employees to the private sector and maybe actually produce a penny of wealth! Give taxpayers a break!

It’s the end of the federal government as we know it for at least a little while but AWD feels fine!

AWD is not about to play that REM song about the end of the world as we know it. All right! I’ll play it!

Damn! That’s some nasty-ass white people in that video!

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  1. Story of the day to me is the WW2 Vets knocking down the barriers to their memorial. Talk about actions speaking. I love those guys!

  2. Yes that was nice. Hope we see more people defying Obama.

  3. John the Bigot says:

    Spot on dude! Maybe there is some HOPE after all. This is off topic but Shepard Fairey the artist that came up with the HOPE portrait, recently told reporters that if he could change the word HOPE, he’d change it to DRONES instead. So even that libtard’s getting a half a clue (maybe).

  4. Dad died in January 2004 and when I was going through his things while executing his will I found that he had sent a donation for the WW2 memorial which opened in May that year. He rarely donated to anything other than the American Legion, VFW, and the local volunteer firehall. He (Army) and fours of his brothers (my uncles all dead) served in combat in WW2 (never heard any of them say a thing about it other than the usual buddies and bs kind of things). They did their duty and came home to help build a country we are busy pi$$ing away. Makes me sad. His oldest brother (1st infantry) was KIA and is buried in Belgium. Jessi and I went down a couple years ago with our youngest daughter. Very moving. Those were men. I’m getting antsy. Maybe I’ll open the Green label tonight MT.

  5. Samuel Di Muzio says:

    The brief history is a joy to read, and brought back memories. I was eight years old and for a good two years my parents had young men from the Navy and Army over for dinner…once a month sons of parents my parents knew. If home on leave, it was an automatic invitation. The dinners were joyful. Never once did I hear any of them complain about the war or about their military conditions. Most of them saw live action. Some died in action. Many stories were told with a sense of real awareness, good belly laughs, and never a complaint and no bragging. I sat in the kitchen just listening to the good cheer. Young boys in their late teens and twenties. Not really…they were honest, mature, American citizens accepting their responsibilities. I was in awe of them and their uniforms.

  6. The real fun will begin if and when the bottom feeders’ EBT cards no longer work.

  7. EBT cards should have been the first thing shut down.

    • Not quite yet. My ammo is in the mail. Be hard to fight off starving Yoots and other scum. Couple more days.

      • Local Wally world had M855 in 1000 round box back on the shelf for 2 days near me .45 cents a round . I had a bought several cans back when the socialists siezed control from the constitution and can make do with what I have. People can lowrate walmart for a lot of things but not price gouging. They could have doubled the price the last year and still sold every round on the shelf. They didn’t. I was po’d about their China deals and had backed off shopping there. Their integrity with the ammo brought me back.

  8. Day seemed pretty normal for me and my colleagues today. Though they usually have CNN going (and yes, I hate it, but I’m in the minority on that one). And of course, the government shutdown was all that people on CNN talked about. Including the Empty Suit (Obama), the Walking Bag of D*cks (Harry Reid), “Boo-hoo” Boehner, Nancy Per-Grossey, and others. All whining ad nauseum about how the other side “did this to the American people” (as if they care all of a sudden). Made me want to take up bartending in Washington, D.C. So I can serve them all bottles and bottles of Shut the F**k Up.

    I’d do that free of charge! :-)

    • ABisaBA

      Hey AB I’ve been meaning to ask if you had your stopover in London yet, and if you managed to get into town for a lookaround? Hope all went well.

      • The trip, for the most part, was good. Although I ended up not leaving the airport, so no sightseeing. I did it in the hopes of avoiding going through airport security or Customs. But ended up having to go through both. Just because they kicked everyone out of the departure terminal (It was late at night). So in hindsight I guess I may as well have gone out, and gotten at least some enjoyment out of it.

        But other than that, it was a good trip, both in Italy and at the airport.

  9. I have been a lurker here for a bit. And I totally agree with AWD!

    Shoot them to hell, but the shutdown of the gubment is exactly what we need! As for me, I keep going, no matter what. The trash that depends on our gubment ought to know what it is like, for times coming. what ever happened to doing your own thing, no matter what?

    I am a product, as single, never graduated high school, female who raised two good female children, who made it in this economy, either graduated college (first one) or who is doing it debt free. No matter what. I did it. I am the American Dream. I got my education long time ago, on my own dime. I now make in excess of $130K yr. And I did not graduate high school…

    Socialism, or fascism, in the case of the USA, is about to be revealed.

    I am sick of the RINO’s. I am sick of the standard Republican party. I am sick of it, to the end.

    Many times, on this site, I have read exactly what I was thinking, but do not have a website/gall to express it.

    I worked hard, for many years. I teach this to my kids. There is no free lunch.


    • -Spedie

      Welcome aboard. Obviously you think like all of us on AWD. It is the best conservative, anti-liberal, patriotic site on the net.

      Glad to have you here.

      • Thank you. I am highly pissed off right now due to the incompetence in government. That statement is an understatement.

        If I see Polosi, on the TV, doing her arm waving thing one more time, I WILL PUKE/

        I need to move back to Texas. I left 6 years ago..lived there most of my life.

        I talked today to two of my neighbors. They are of the same mindset. This crap is ridiculous!!

    • Bravo Ms. Spedie,

      May opportunity and prosperity always lay across your path.

      And may the Socialist wail and rend themselves over your success.


    Hey can anyone remember Y2K back in 1999? all that poppycock about nothing the imperial goverment of Emporer Palpatine Obama has shut down and Darth Vader Kerry dont have fresh batteries for his lightsaber

  11. I also liked the story about the vets from WW2 knocking down the barricades to their memorial. My grandfather who is still living fought in the Pacific, been trying to get him to go but unsuccessful so far.

    It was fun watching from the President on down and the liberal media whining all day long. The people that will mostly be affected is those feeding off the government.

    • It’s his call but don’t let $$ stop him. If he wants to go we can get him there. None of us would have any idea what freedom looks like if it wasn’t for him and all the rest.

      • Wes, I’s not about the money, both my grandparents are still alive and grandmother refuses to go on trips anymore. He won’t leave her, even with family who have volunteered to stay with her. Thank You for the offer and I haven’t given up trying to convince him to go.



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  14. not2latenow says:

    “800,000 non-essential government employees were furloughed because of the shutdown”
    And Joe Biden is still on the job?

    Holy crap….

    • 800,000 gubment jobs is saving us from 20 million dollars a day in debt.

      Good riddens.

      I just hope King Obama does not spend that amount on his next trip to his beloved Kenya…sarcasm…

      Our country is going down in flames.


  15. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    So far all I know is national monuments are shut down. The important people are still getting paid and even some not so important. Im sure the welfare moochers are still getting their money im sure or we’d see rioting. How about a permanent shutdown?

  16. Silly me, I thought the National Parks and National Monuments belonged to the people. Funny though, how they had enough money and personnel to erect barricades but not keep the sites open. How small and petty our government officials are. I guess we need the greatest generation to show us how one more time. Come on all us Korean, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan vets, lets make our WWll vets proud and pick up the baton from them and march forward. We fought and died for this country, lets take it back from those who didn’t.

  17. worth repeating ..GOD BLESS EM ……………………..


  18. The Government shutdown is really bad. The elevator button pushers in Washington were furloughed. Can you imagine Pelosi and Reid having to push their own elevator button, The horror! Pelosi says it’s beneath her dignity to have to push a button.

  19. 800,000 nonessential personnel laid off

    non·es·sen·tial (nn-snshl)
    1. Having little or no importance; not essential.

    800k! Just let that number sink in for a few.

    par·a·site (pr-st)
    1. Biology An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.
    a. One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.
    b. One who lives off and flatters the rich; a sycophant.

    Merica’ needs to permanently eradicate the parasites don’t ya thunk?

  20. 50 lesbians and 50 government employees, 100 people that don’t do dick.

  21. God bless the WW2 vets! Go truckers!!! Welfare and food stamps will not be stopped! The rats in DC are dealing to help get amnesty for the illegal horde and to bring in millions more…..break the unions and bring in more unskilled,low paid workers.


    But Obama will still be playing golf on the week ends

  23. not2latenow says:

    The country didn’t implode from the previous 17 government shut-downs, why this time?

  24. CombatMissionary says:

    I’m a full-time Soldier that got furloughed yesterday. If it meant the slime in Congress had to live by the same rules I do and that the morons in DC wouldn’t tell my kids what kind of health insurance they could get, I’d give up my house and my pension. I say give the big O hell! And God bless the WWII vets.

    • Combat I’m sorry to hear you got furloughed. Hopefully it won’t last too long. Thank you for your service.

  25. How many of us stand with Mark Levin?

  26. whites make up 42 percent of the poor , but take in a disproportionate 69 percent of government benefits. Yeah I hope these people don’t get their welfare benefits.

    • Screw you. blacks take up 13 percent of the USA percentage, but take up 31 percent of our tax dollars. Which one is better?

      Perhaps if us whitey’s weren’t taxed to death to take care of the blacks, we would not be so poor?

      I do not know about you, but 28 percent of my check, every week, is taken out for the “less than advantaged”. I then get taxed at the gas station, taxed for ObamaCare, taxed for everything, including taxes and fees and telephone, water, sewage, electricity and gas for my house, in addition to gasoline taxes.

      You TROLL. Leave, and find comfort in your socialism. I have had it with your types. Move to Russia.


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  28. haha @ 31% of your tax dollars going towards black people. What is unfortunate is that you actually believe that. You shouldn’t be upset with black people. You should be upset with all the white people getting the government benefits. But you won’t do that because that would mean you would actually have to talk about your community which doesn’t make you feel good. You only feel good when you talk about black people. Whites get the most welfare and affirmative action benefits and you still sit her and blame black people hahaha. You’re the troll for not waking up to what’s going on.

    • Feel free to post a link to your statistics, showing us where we’re wrong. I’m assuming that you CAN prove all these statements you’re making.