An amazing thing happens when libtarded musicians try to think. Nothing. So instead of keeping their pie-holes shut and resting on laurels of 40 year old songs, aged rock stars believe they are still relevant and preach their leftist lunacy to fellow libtards. And leftist love them nothing more than some lunacy of global warming. To libtards, the fallacy of global warming is like firewater to the Injuns! Like a case of Oreos to Michael Moore. Like a female intern to Bill Clinton. Like a female intern to Hillary Clinton. Like industrial-strength ugly to Whoopi Goldberg.

Enter libtarded has-been Bob Geldof. He sang for the 70’s Englishter band The Boomtown Rats and later found a few seconds of notoriety by heading up the Live Aid concert. The Live Aid was a huge success in raising money to send food to the starving masses in Africa. It was a huge success for corrupt dictators and militaries, too who seized all the food for themselves or refused to let it get to the starving masses. Truckloads of food rotted. But it sure made libtards feel good about themselves. After all, they had once again wasted someone else’s money without achieving anything! Sam Kinison was right. Should have sent suitcases to Africa and not food!

Geldof recently attended the One (Stupid) Young World Summit in Johannesburg, Some Damn Where. The Summit also featured corruptocrat communist Kofi Annan and Englishter whack-job billionaire Richard Branson. All that was missing was Sean Penn to make it the Four Horsemen of the Apoca-stupid.

Geldof made headlines with his educated and peer proven prediction that the Earth is in it’s last years because of global warming. He said:

“The world can decide in a fit of madness to kill itself. Sometimes progress may not be possible.”

“We’re in a very fraught time. There will be a mass extinction event. That could happen on your watch. The signs are that it will happen and soon.”

“My generation has failed more than others. You cannot let your generation fail. The next war will not be a World War One or a World War Two, it will be the end.

“We may not get to 2030. We need to address the problem of climate change urgently. What are you going to do about it? Get serious. Some of the nations that arrived here so proudly will not be there to meet us.”

So “my generation has failed more than others?” Hope he dies before he gets old. Oh, too late!

We may face extinction on Earth before 2030 by global warming. But the catalyst will be hundreds of nuclear bombs from China, Russia, North Korea or any of the Muslim wacko countries who will undoubtedly acquire nukes in the very near future. 2000 degrees is some big-assed global warming!

Geldof’s solution to keep the Earth going a few more revolutions was this:

Be “more human. Less Irish. Less Cameroonian. Less Chinese. Less Russian. More human.”

I kind of like the Irish…those that aren’t driveling libtards (like troll unextroidinaire Brid). But AWD agrees that them damn Cameroonians cause way too much trouble than they’re worth. Just look at Detroilet! Same goes for Chinese! Little mini-van crashin’ bug humpers! As for the Russians? Godless heathens.

AWD’s solution is to be more American. Hell, better still, be more Texan! We’ll shoot you straight on all that global warming BS mess and have your little libtarded asses driving pickups, hunting hogs and listening to Dale Watson 24/7! Better still, stay the hell out of Texas, Bob!

So congratulations and condolences to Bob Geldof for being AWD’s Libtard of the Week. Maybe he should sing a big ol’ We Are The World and change the words to We Are The Global Changing World. Couldn’t suck as bad as the first one!

For all y’all goat ropers who have never heard of the Boomtown Rats, here’s about the only song they made that anyone has heard of.

Oh, here’s another one that I didn’t know was the Boomtown Rats.

And here’s the great Dale Watson because…well, hell…who needs a reason to listen to Dale? And, if I haven’t told y’all before, AWD has sung onstage (invited too!) with the great Dale Watson! I know, I know, I’ve told y’all about 100 times but I’m gonna tell you 100 more! Wanna fight about it?

Here’s Dale singing “I Lie When I Drink” at the sacred Broken Spoke honky tonk in Austin. AWD has slud his boots over some boards in that there saloon a time or two!

Suck on that, Bob Geldof! Crazy as a Boomtown Sh*thouse Rat!

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  1. Ok, I seriously thought that was a pic of a leftist woman at the top of the post before I started reading! No lie!

  2. Neverunarmed says:

    Well as you may have realized, a major liberal agenda is to skew men and women. So liberal women end up more manly than a liberal male, who ends up more effeminate than a damsel in distress!


    Just another lunatic running loose he seriously needs some electro shock theropy his brain no longer works right and needs a jump-start anyone got some Jumper Cables to attatch to his ears? THE DANGERS OF ENVIROMENTALISM and ECO-INSANITY

  4. Okay, of the 3 only the last 1 was worth listening to. The double-bass saved it.

  5. dr poontang says:

    I saw the picture and thought “now what in the hell has Gary Bussey gone and done now?”. I didn’t think it was a liberal woman. Too pretty for that!

  6. I realy realy need to get out more and expand my horizons, never heard of this ass clown, nor of his noise.

    On second thought I’ll stick to honky tonks and bluegrass, you know, the other swamp-billy cracka music.

    islam Sucks the other cracka meat, you know, PORK


    Chicken littles out of a job becuase to many have taken his job away

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    Look its one of the entire galaaxies most idiotic lifeforms the DIPWADICUS STUPIDCUS most well known habbits inclueds opening its piehole and uttering the most idiotic nonsense ever its habitat is most others of its own kind and living entierly on NUTS mostly Green Ones

  9. Geldof is proof that Lesbian Activists are becoming far uglier than first predicted.

  10. ‘I DONT LIKE MONDAYS’ is about the mass murder of children in [San Diego?]..doubt me, look it up.

  11. Isn’t Geldolf responsible for African famine relief projects? I wonder if he’s realized yet that his noble African relief efforts have perpetuated the African poverty problem by producing MORE perpetually starving Africans. What a doofus…

  12. I am so sick of libtards who haven’t figured out how the real world works…….after years of libtardism these nitwits are still in their fantasy world of utopian bliss and can’t we all get along…….thinking that they are so morally superior…….but, they’re nothing but dumb-ass idiots blathering on about crap that has never worked and never will work in the real world…………

    the more these types are in control the more dangerous the world becomes……even a severe beating wouldn’t wake up and idiot like this…….you could pound this guy like pizza dough and turn him inside out like a pretzel and he still wouldn’t get it…..there’s no hope of these types….they will never wake up to reality and the real world……..

    they were born blathering idiots and they will die blathering idiots……..


    Someone needs to inform this dip-wad that they have been prpdicting the end of all civilization and humanity since the very first earthday back in the 70s i suggest he GET A LIFE and stop his blabbering and mindless braying

  14. Spurwing Plover says:

    Its October and the green nuts are still falling someone inform the squerrels

  15. Mister Geldof is from Dublin, Ireland. His family came over from Belgium. Refugees?

  16. Boomtown Rats…holy cow.

  17. Spurwing Plover says:

    I dont like rats