If this isn’t a picture of clarity in more ways than one…then you tell me what is!

Folks…see if the juxtapositions written in the piece that will be presented below ring any bells for you. This is enriched with past history from centuries ago, up to the present surroundings and what’s happening to this nation now. Of course, unless your brain-dead, this is featuring our one and only Dictator in Chief, that being our exalted ‘Emperor Obamus-Caesar‘…as he expects the masses to hail unto him to this very day! Unfortunately, for the sake of themselves, instead of this nation, far too many comply and bow. – They know not what they do..but, hey…after time, everyone will be cradle-grave babies if Obumus has his way when all is said and done before he leaves his throne of power. Agenda matters first and foremost!

Nevertheless, see what you think. – This is via CD:

The Christians of the first century were rebels with a cause. They weren’t the hair-spray-addicted, religious sponges of pop culture and oppressive governments looking to be ogled by an Oprah-addled crowd. Oh, no, senorita. The primitive church was out to change the world.

After Jerusalem fell in AD 70, the church, birthed by the Holy Spirit during Rome’s heyday, exploded with growth in Asia Minor — which happened to be Ground Zero for Caesar worship.

The punch-drunk citizens of Roman rule thought the various Caesars, their laws, and their government were God. They built temples to these men and minted coins with their mugs stamped on them. The poor dupes of Rome believed their leaders’ poop didn’t stink and they could do no wrong. They even gave their human leaders godlike reverence, proclaiming Caesar as Savior and Healer, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Yep, to the serfs of Caesarland, their heads of state were just dreamy, and as they were divine everyone was expected to toe their line. Because of this blind faith in Caesar, the Roman government found it a piece of cake to tax the plebes to death, snatch their kids or their houses, and create crises that ginned up even more robust control of Rome’s citizens. I’m talkin’ Caesar had them on a short leash because of their faith in the state.

The early church, however, made it clear amidst this crapola that their allegiance was to Christ and not the edicts of Caesar — especially when Caesar’s dictates conflicted with the Word of God. Yep, it was the church’s disdain for Caesar’s unrighteous decrees (the decrees that required their obedience at the expense of their convictions) that got them killed.

Get it right, folks: It wasn’t the church’s belief that Jesus is God, or their love of covered dish dinners, or their Christian rock music that got them the ax; it was their holy defiance to the demonic edicts that Caesar attempted to slap them with. Rome didn’t give a rat’s backside whom or what they believed in just as long as that belief didn’t rock the boat of the Roman state. And that’s exactly what first-century Christianity did: It adhered to God’s laws versus Rome’s. The Church believed that Christ was Lord and therefore, respectfully of course, Caesar could kiss their fish sticker. Indeed, following the teachings of Jesus, the initial Ichthus crowd was cantankerous when it came to an oppressive state.

I’m sure the church tried to be nice about their obstinacy toward Rome’s odious laws, but when push came to legislative shove and it became clear that punk Caesar was requiring them to walk his way versus God’s, the first-century church defied the state instead of denying their God.

What say you? Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. We don’t need no stinking Caesars, none, ever. Obamas trying to hurt American people bad, he is scared and will take it out on the common folk. Its all has. He embodies Evil, works with Satan.

  2. Wildkitten says:

    Ditto – this narcissistic POS turns my stomach and I reach for the TV clicker every time he and his teleprompter are on it. I can’t stand to watch his blatant lies. The Libs couldn’t have picked a worse candidate to run this country.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      You still watch TV?  You are part of the problem.  Stop feeding that beast with your cable subscriptions and your advertising eyeballs.  (And movie tickets.)

      Take all that money away, and Hollyweird’s mind-control machine collapses.

    • I hear ya. Every time Preezy Purple Lips opens his mouth on TV or radio, I shout “Shut up, you POS!” and hit the off button. Can’t. Stand. It. And I do the same when Karl Rove pops up, incidentally….

  3. He reminds me of a little Napoleon always looks high with his hands in his pants

  4. Rock the boat …yep they fear that ….I detest them all Obammy ..the congress the whole bunch…..what happened yesterday with the killing of that woman with the child has sickened me beyond relief…..please watch the vids enclosed here and see the elite kiss the ass of their protectors…….I am done with them all.


    • I’m not buying the trigger happy goon squads.
      You breathe wrong and you’ll have a SWAT Team stacking at your front door.

      The borders are WIDE OPEN with the Border Patrol being told to stand down while OTM’s (Other than Mexican) poor in from who knows where) and the Mexican Drug Cartels have free reign.
      There is Zero internal enforcement. The visa system is an absolute joke. Somalis have been moved in to take over Minnesota with many traveling to and from the middle east and Africa.
      Psychos are given top security clearances and Muslims are being moved into the military and the U S Governemnt (Fort Hood).

      This administration is arming Al Qaeda elements in Syria and openly supporting the extremist Muslim Brotherhood in Eqypt, and yet we are supposed to sit back and watch these hyper goon squads and the likes of the TSA treat us as potential terrorist.
      I’m not buying in!

  5. Rock the boat …yep they fear that ….I detest them all Obammy ..the congress the whole bunch…..what happened yesterday with the killing of that woman with the child has sickened me beyond relief…..please watch the vids enclosed here and see the elite kiss the ass of their protectors…….I am done with them all.


  6. Nostradumbass says:

    Obupkis isn’t worth a pimple on Caesar’s ass. His actions mimic Nero much more…Wasn’t Nero’s plan for a “better” Rome, to burn down America the slums and blame it on the Tea Party Christians when it all went to Hell wrong?

  7. Fear not Me Hearties,
    President Judas is slipping into madness, and it can’t be hidden from view for much longer.
    He believes that the media is in his pocket, but is not aware that they can shift with the wind, his stock can fall as well as rise tomorrow
    He believes that his Chicago style thug-ocracy will protect him, but they follow winners and he hasn’t been doing much of that lately
    He thinks the blacks worship him, but they are the ones getting hosed, stop the free stuff and they will ditch him in a heartbeat

    Make no mistake, This craven POS is the tip of the spear for the Liberal/Communist machine, and is the result of 50 years of planning to overthrow the American Constitution, and confiscate the infrastructure to produce bureaucratic largesse for the endless line of toadies waiting to ride on the backs of other people’s efforts.
    They, however did not take into consideration that their poster boy might be crazy narcissistic.

    Lazlo believes that their ‘calculus’ is imperfect. The one real and one stolen election granting them eight years of power is not enough to bring this country down.
    His time in office is coming to a close. He is going to lose the Senate in 2014 and will be isolated and will have to watch his empire and its impetus crumble under stalemate.
    He will plunge into victim mode, and his narcissistic ego will lead him into increasingly feral attempts to wrest his power back, and his weak demeanor will become increasingly embarrassing to his puppet masters and he will be discarded.
    His attempt to crash the economy may succeed. But in the wake of diminishing free handouts his parasite constituency will leave him, just like pilot fish leave a shark too weak to feed.
    He will not adjust well to his last two years. If he cannot manufacture a crisis large enough to suspend the constitution, he will have failed. Then after he is rightly booted out of power his ego will burst under the pressure of watching all his ‘achievements’ be dismantled by his successors.
    He will become shrill and petulant, and devoid of power he becomes an object of mockery, and thus publicly unhinged.
    Serves his ass right, Fartknocker.

  8. LAZ,

    Yes i agree if he can not produce that big event …I hope the great evil that backs him can not….much rides on 2014.

    good post and here is a treat for your monkey as well.


    wishing ya a happy day


    I refuse to honor or respect this miserble reptile this sidewinder and cowardly polecat i,ll never ever refer to him as Mr President just Dictator or tyrant this old shorebird remains defiant and with a attatude

  10. This is another example of what happens to those that don’t bow to Obamus.


    • Big T,
      have you seen this update?

      will be interesting to hear from Levin on this one….Obammy and crew really hate veterans…

      • Yep…posted about just a bit ago on a different thread, and from a different site. Still…this makes me fume. – Same as what they have done in Normandy as well. I heard this morning there’s a group that may scale the cliff to the graveyard and break the barrier.

        Btw…I heard that while having my coffee via Fox News. If that takes place, you can be sure it will be posted.

        • Big T ,
          thanks for staying on top of the veteran thing ..it means a lot to me…

          • Heck, my pleasure. It means a lot to me as well. ~

            Got to get some food ready for my hubby and then make a post of things I’ve had saved.

  11. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10......html?_r=0
    “Boner” to cave in. Dirty little coward.
    and 20 Rinos to join him according to Center For Individual Freedom

    The Following Members Of The House Of Representatives: The Hon. Pat Meehan, The Hon. Scott Rigell, The Hon. Jon Runyan, The Hon. Mike Fitzpatrick, The Hon. Lou Barletta, The Hon. Peter King, The Hon. Devin Nunes, The Hon. Charlie Dent, The Hon. Frank Wolf, The Hon. Michael Grimm, The Hon. Erik Paulsen, The Hon. Rob Wittman, The Hon. Frank LoBiondo, The Hon. Randy Forbes, The Hon. Jim Gerlach, The Hon. Leonard Lance, The Hon. Mike Simpson, The Hon. Bill Young, The Hon. Mario Diaz-Balart, The Hon. Richard Hanna

    Yeah, like there is something honorable about ceding to Caesar.

    • michael…

      I’ve read/heard about some of these rumblings too. Another reason we have to keep calling their offices to keep the pressure on them. They’re counting on us to forget all about this issue…and we will not!

  12. Obama is the perfect personification of a nigga in power.
    They all will act the same.
    It is molded into them by birth.
    Keep yourselves aware.
    Payback will be done by him,,,,himself,,,,for not following his dictates and commands.

    • I don’t think its about his race as much as its about his teachings from a hate filled Communist/Fascist/Socialist Totalitarian Frank Marshal Davis, a known pornographer and pedophile. Obama is one SICK person. He will use race, gender, sexual orientation to his advantage, and right now has got away with it due to Repo Cowardice. 2 Repos in the Senate have thrown it back at him well.
      We have 1 in the House and he is from Texas. Keep calling your so called Conservative Reps. Any that defect and go for a “deal”, should rightfully be primaryed big time.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        He’s behaving true to the Big Man stereotype which we are all so familiar with in African countries and others dominated by Africans, like Haiti.

        It’s race.

  13. Check this out…you gotta love what the internet can do.


  14. Arrogance…pure arrogance.


    And check out what Boehner has to say here.


  15. Two more stories to check out. ~

    This one ain’t lookin’ good at all for the O-Team.


    And this…


  16. Well, I feel at the end of my rope here since no one has checked out any of the other links above that I posted since this morning…but I am posting one more. I hope someone reads it.


  17. damn I wish Mark Levin would do this………I know he could……Obongo would be quaking in his boots….scared to death…..the damn coward……..

    do it Mark….do it………..