Dudes and dudettes…it seems the word ‘impeachment‘ is starting to be bandied about qutie a bit. The more days that pass, the more you read or hear of this talk via various articles, a handful of congress-critters, radio talking-heads and their callers etc, etc. People of many walks of life have had their fill of Barack Hussein Obama and his arrogance, his abuse of power. He is, and has been, skirting our constitution by circumventing congress for many years if he doesn’t get his way on issues. Unfortunately, some citizens haven’t been aware of that major fact.

Well friends, it seems more and more are waking up to the smell of coffee and facing reality. They’re painfully learning the lesson via OCare and the shutdown….lord knows some of those still asleep at the wheel will be forced to open their eyes before Dear Leader is done issuing his dictates! – Remember, when a mandate that’s been ordered hits one in the pocketbook it becomes a personal matter…which eventually leads to sh!t hitting the fan and splattering all over the place!

Now, when it comes to the partial shutdown that’s been taking place for about a week, BHO and his henchmen have been doing everything possible to inflict as much pain as possible on we the people. We’ve all read and heard many stories about tons of them. Glenn Beck had something to say about that today…see what you think. See if you disagree with anything he uttered on his radio show this morning. – Here’s a summary…you can listen to all via the video:

In a monologue on his radio show Monday morning, Glenn Beck asserted that by “intentionally inflicting pain on the American people,” President Obama‘s handling of the government shutdown has been that of a “dictator.”

Beck lamented that the media and the D.C. establishment have largely blamed the Republican Party for the shutdown, and that this week’s new theme is that the president will attempt to negotiate an end to the battle. “Now they are coming out and saying [the president] will negotiate, but it’s the Republicans’ [fault],” the radio host said.

Offering up several examples of government programs “inexplicably” affected by the shutdown, Beck suggested that Democrats are the ones “inflicting pain” while the GOP is “negotiating.” He cited the controversy over NIH cancer funding, the World War II Memorial brouhaha, the furloughing of military chaplains, the D-Day Memorial in France, and the “forcing out” of citizens living on public land, among others.

“This is a strike and a slap across the face,” Beck warned. “This, I’m warning you, America, this is the sign of a dictator. He is slapping you across the face and saying, ‘You will behave. You will do what I tell you to do or I will punish you.’ If your friends don’t wake up and see the nonsense and see what they are in store for, when you’re spending money to put cones on the highway so people can’t stop and even see Mount Rushmore, we get everything we deserve. And we are about to get a lot.”

Watch the monologue below, via TheBlaze.

Folks, here’s another example of our dictator’s viciousness. This is a must read:

Pure Evil: Obama Is Kicking Senior Citizens Out Of Their Homes Until Shutdown Ends

Watch below:

Now, some of you have read much of what was listed here the other day. Well, here’s a few more items that are taking place in our wonderful world that have to do with our dictator’s vindictive viciousness, along with a few in his gang:

1.) President Obama Blasts Republicans in Unscheduled Remarks to FEMA Staff

2.) Raul Grijalva Tries to Block Energy Exploration During Shutdown

3.) See the Rant from a Popular Sportscaster During an NFL Pre-Game Show That May Have Helped Get Football Back on for Our Troops

4.) Obama’s Shutdown Campaign

5.) Outrageous… StL Post Dispatch Attacks Republicans As Racist Confederate Rebels

6.) *UPDATED* The List: Unnecessarily Shut Down by Obama to Inflict Public Pain

7.) ‘All about power and leverage’ — feds shut down major roadway, block access to graveyard

8.) After bad press and confusion, Justice Department restores federal Amber Alert website

I’d better stop there…but I could go on and on with what our thugs in this adminstration are doing to we the people across this land. – So, when it comes down to the brass tacks do you think it’s high time articles of impeachment are started…or not?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Is it time??? Big, is this a trick question? LOL Oh hell, it’s WAY past time to impeach this A-hole. He needs to be impeached, arrested, handcuffed, escorted OUT of the White House, tried for Treason, have all his personal wealth confiscated, and thrown in jail for life. NO, wait, not thrown in jail. Send him to Libya since he loves the Muslims so much. Make him ambassador or something. After all, what difference does it make? I just hope that when he is given the choice to “squeal like a pig” or have his head chopped off by a dull knife, or both, that he finally comes to the realization that he was NEVER an American, even by Liberal definition.

    • Nah…it’s not a trick question. I’m very serious. I’ve said in the past since this bastid has been office that impeachment would be futile. Well, I’ve had my fill and changed my mind. I cannot take anymore of what he’s done to all of us personally, let alone what he’s doing to destroy whats left of this nation.

      He must be stopped.

      If we can get it started in the House, by the time we might gain power in the Senate, me may well be convicted too. Unlike BJ Clintoon.

      Either way…articles of impeachment need to be started up ASAP. His claws on our throats need to be chopped off…period.

  2. master of sinanju says:

    Doesn’t matter what we say, it;s those spineless,gutless,scumbags who are supposed to be our representatives say,BUT WE THE PEOPLE need to light a fire under their collective asses!!

  3. http://www.westernjournalism.c.....obama-yet/

    when we had a chance to get rid of Obongo the republicans nominated a weak candidate that caused conservatives to simply stay home……..even back in 2007 we knew this Chicago messiah was a Marxist and had plans on destroying this country…..

    Obongo has systematically been dismantling the country on a daily basis and his goal of transforming the greatest nation on earth into a utopian sh!thole of a welfare state is at hand……..this bastard should have been stopped right at the beginning……we knew…..we knew what he was…..we knew he was going to destroy our country…….and the repubs did nothing to stop him………even now they are scared to death of him….even with this shut down (slim down) the repubs are scared to death of this mongrel……..

    Obongo foams at the mouth and the repubs cower in fear…..I would give anything if they would impeach this mongrel but they won’t…….they’re to scared of him……….

    Obongo howls and the repubs cower in fear……unfortunately this foam at the mouth mongrel in the white house will not get what he deserves….impeachment……….


  4. Yes. Or something.

  5. Yeah, I was just talking to Satan, and if anyone’s actually impeached, he’s placed an order for several billion parkas.

    Seriously, people, if it hasn’t happened by now, after literally hundreds of impeachable offenses clearly documented, IT AIN’T GONNA. They’re ALL in on this, or at least 99% of them. Stop fooling yourselves that there’s still a rule of law in America–they’re just laughing at you.

  6. YES, the time is now to start the proceedings.
    Obutthole has proven that he wants to destroy freedom in the USA.

  7. Anything, just get rid of the scumbag traitor.

  8. In times past it could have been a hell of a lot worse than impeachment. What’s the appropriate sanction for overthrowing a government?

  9. neverunarmed says:

    Impeachment? It’s about time we draw up building plans for a guillotine. we need to get rid of all these elitist ruling-class a-holes and put fear back into the hearts of all future politicians.

  10. Or put more precisely-attempting to orchestrate the overthrow of a nation?

  11. Spurwing Plover says:

    Obama is NOT A PRESIDENT he is a DICTATOR and theres more then enough reasons for his impeachment Here we dont elect DICTATORS and these political hacks who are dragging their feet aboutt his all are neglecting their duty

    • …bad thing about it is people did elect this dictator twice. The second time around they should have been well aware of what a dictator he is. They weren’t…or they just don’t care.

      Cradle to grave assholes are always a given for dems…so they don’t count. Prob is, the dictator is ensuring we have more of them dependent on Big Brother…via the sweat of others.

      I’ve had my fill.

      • Yep , and it was by a majority. If something isn’t presented to convince them that there is only destruction down this road and pull their votes then they will elect his team again. Of course there was someone last election who would draw many voters from the Dims but shenanigans prevented the Republican primary from getting a chance to vote for him if they chose.

  12. If Obongo thinks he can take on this nation, he should think again.

  13. Hopefully he’s finally being perceived as the wacko that he is with all the latest shutdown coverage. Hopefully the low info. masses have seen enough, or soon will to help turn the tide.

    • Well…hope springs eternal, but I’m not holding my breath.

      I want you to know, seriously…I’m praying the tide is turning too. Something has got to give. This nation will not survive with him in power much longer.

      Just my two-cents.

  14. Here’s some more from our dictator’s team…


    Btw…where the heck is everybody today. It’s like a ghost town around here today. Everybody must be burnt out from what’s going on all around us.

  15. Agreed. Republicans need to hold together. I’d love to see Obongo have a public meltdown/breakdown hissy fit, and totally discredit himself. He’s thin skinned and touchy-practically paranoid. I do think if the Republicans push him and “dis” him he might come unglued.

    • Hells Bells, I think he’s already is unglued…I’m serious as a heart-attack too. He’s coming apart at the seams…and it’s showing. He needs to go to his nearest nuthatch in Chicagoland. Biden would be an improvement over him…and that’s saying a lot.

  16. Cooter Brown says:

    Hell yes it’s time. Where do I sign up?

    • Call your congress-critters and let them know! That’s the first step. You can bet there will a major site to join to do this if enough of us do that.

      I’ve listened to radio host Chris Plante for years now…and today was the first time I ever heard him state that it’s time for impeachment proceedings to begin. – I couldn’t agree more…it was music to my ears while drinking my morning coffee. He’s my fave radio talk host too.

      We have to start somewhere…now’s the time to get the ball rolling. Enough of this filthy dictator…he needs to go!

  17. Brash Jackson says:

    Like all narcissist, he cannot handle being opposed. He believes he knows whats best. Even if it is wrong. The masses will all deny their adoration in years to come. Much like how nobody in Germany was a nazi. Society can not support more parasites than host. That would defy the laws of nature. Thus you have section apes in your neighborhood. Spread the parasite around.

  18. Cooper can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and twist it sideways!


    I despise him…the author of this piece I don’t like much better. And when it comes to Idaho’s Raul Labrador…he has my total respect!

  19. It’s time.

    Blistered , out!

  20. It was time years ago!!

  21. Nostradumbass says:

    Would that have worked in Oz? If you impeach the machine, the man behind the curtain is unaffected unless he is revealed.

    America is not some third world banana republic after all, when America goes Marxist, it does so with panache. There is not a dime’s worth of difference between Boehner and Pelousy, each are used to quiet the masses when things go too far, too fast. There is not a bit of difference between John Roberts and Ruth Ginsberg, they both allow government control over individual freedom.

    The power behind the throne desperately needs to know what you find enjoyment in. The cabala needs to know what you will protect with your life. Once it knows, it knows how to control you by threats to what you hold dear. For the basement dwellers, it may be the internet. For the banker, it might be the money. Everyone has that red line, and once it is known, how far the socialists can go without crossing it is managable.

    They are warming up the farm team via government education. You are either going to be marginalized or be gone by way of attrition.

    We’ll be fighting in the streets
    with our children at our feet
    And the morals that they worship will be gone

    And the men who spurred us on
    sit in judgment of all wrong
    They decide and then the shotgun sings the song.


  22. As we speak, illegal aliens are flooding into the coutry with no criminal background checks, no health screenings, and no psychological evaluations…in many cases, the worst of the worst are coming in and victimizing american citizens. Of course under Obama, criminal illegal aliens have more rights than U.S. citizens, with a Federal Government that refuses to deport. The main goal is a covert demographic attack and to overwhelm the system.

    While this administration funds Al Qaeda elements in Syria and the blatant terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, U.S. military manuals are instructing soldiers that the Founding Fathers were “extremist” and would not be welcome in the U.S. military of today.

    The IRS is openly targeting “enemies of the State” (anyone conservative that may oppose Dear Leader).

    This administration was caught red handed sending guns directly to the narco terrorist Mexican drug cartels with the intent to undermine the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (among other things). These same cartels are flooding U.S. streets with “meth” and other hard drugs unopposed with a wide open border, undermining the social fabric of American society and creating gang wars over turf in cities like Chicago.

    On every level this President is antithetical to everything America stands for and the picture of the Marine sodomite, kneeling in the White House, proposing to his fellow pervert-deviant-debauched-fecal matter-bowel movement sex partner, just about sums up this administration .

    The Politically Correct straight jacket that has crippled America won’t allow even the thought of impeachment.

  23. charles chester says:

    Interestingly we as American citizens’ have all forgotten that the boy child president affirmed: that is Barry Soetoro aka Barrack H Obama publicly affirmed by oath and signed documentation to his Indonesian citizenship when he was greater than the age of 18 to attend Occidental College in California. This oath of foreign citizenship was used to apply and receive United States foreign student federal aid as a foreign students from Indonesia in California. The problem with this fact outside the obvious is to be an Indonesian citizen, which is an Islamic Republic of Indonesia citizen you cannot be a dual citizen with any nation. So if this does not demonstrate that Barry openly denied his United States birth citizenship for affirmation of his foreign citizenship, which by United States code also complies with non-dual citizenship status thus eliminating his American citizenship then what does! Remember Barry was disbarred for perjury, that is for deceitful use of two names used in his life and not mention on his Illinois bar application. Therefore for the last five years a foreign sworn Islamic citizen has been allowed by all branches of government to be the leader. Impeachment not from these oligarchic leaders who constantly destroy the constitution for their own rewards it will require the nation to demand liberty but by all estimates the United States population has less than 20% of citizens that believe in liberty, justice a Judeo-Christian ethics.

    • Putin always has that smirking smile when dealing with Barry Soetoro (aka Barrack Obama), the Rusky intelligence services know the whole story and they can’t believe he is President either. Chairman O is being blackmailed more than likely.
      We need a vote of no confidence

  24. rightwingterrorist says:

    That’s nonsense.

    Physically drug from the people’s White House.
    Tarred and Feathered.
    Tried for treason.
    Hung by his neck until he is dead, dead, dead.

    Same goes for most of the 535 or so in the nations capitol.


    I see the imperial house and senate will still have their gym remaning opn they consiter in esecial Typical bunch of liberal blue-bloods and liberal eletists snobs arrogant strutting pompous bunch of peacocks their ruffling this old shorebirds feathers

  26. Spurwing Plover says:

    Abolish the Dept of the Inferior,Nazi Park Service and Get Us out of the United Nations

  27. Pointy End Out says:

    I see all the BS with the pussy-assed “park rangers” HOLDING people in the Yellowstone Hotel, not allowing them out, blocking all veiwing of our National treasures. The INSULT to America of allowing the scum of the world hold a MAJOR rally on OUR National Mall to DEMAND that they get what THEY want. I do believe that its time for AMERICANS to rally, overpower these useless little dickheads by ANY means available and TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. I mean seriously people – Park Rangers ??? Tree hunging little turds need to meet some angrily swung Louisville sluggers to the skull.
    We reflect back and wonder “how did Hitler rise to power? Why didnt the jews do something?” When I hear a total pussy like Glen Beck spout off in all his mellodrama about how “we need to stay peaceful” I puke on my radio. GET SOME BALLS AMERICA ! NOW ! GET MAD ! GET ANGRY !
    Lets ALL decend on DC while this slap to America’s face takes place on the National Mall and bust some skulls open, tear down the “barry-cades”, and take back OUR nation! Once the rats see the American people rise up in anger and run for their useless but very expendable lives, it will become THEIR turn to see what “An sleeping giant filled with a terrible remorse” truly means!
    RISE UP NOW !!!!

  28. What the heck happened to all the rest of the posts here in this thread?

    Plus, I posted a new blog post about 45 minutes ago…and it’s disappeared!

    Color me puzzled…and sort of angry.

    • Nostradumbass says:

      NSA hasn’t finished reading them yet. Once they have been categorized, they will be returned. Nothing to worry about, your government is here to help.

      • You said a mouthful!

      • On the serious side, not that what you said isn’t…AWD is in the process of changing servers, so I guess that’s where many of the posts went. I sure hope they can restore the comments during this process, but mostly the blog post that I just did too.

        Oh well…time will tell.

        • geez they took my comments?
          was it some thing i said lol or the way i said it??

          • Heck…it wasn’t just you. Many of mine are gone too. Including a new blog post.

            Oh well, that’s what we’ve got to live with when servers change. Hopefully some, if not all can be restored in a matter of hours. I had a post to you about being busy today as my hubby got a call this morning to go to ND for work. – What a mess everything has been today…including dear leader and his recent BS at the podium again today. Lies as usual. I hate him for what he’s done to this country and all of us individually.

          • rightwingterrorist says:

            N. Dakota?

            Must be oil field work.

            After 10yrs in the “patch” in the Gulf o’ Mexico, I got laid off.

            Can’t find work for the life of me.

            What’s the husband do?
            Is his Company hiring?
            I’ve heard they all are, but alas, I can’t get past the H.R. morons, even as a floor hand….

            Is there a way to PM here?
            I’d love to pass out my resume.

          • rwt…sorry,I can’t help ya much…you just have to make any connections you can to get there if ya want to work. – My hubby worked there last summer too. He’s transporting workers to their jobs and such.

            I’m wishing you the best of good luck. One other thing, have you looked into Halliburton and their job availability there for what you might be qualified for?

          • rightwingterrorist says:

            It’s all done on the internet these days.
            The time when you knocked on doors and submitted a resume is long gone.
            Most companies nowadays run their hiring through 3rd party folks.

            On a whim the other day I checked how may jobs I applied for at Halliburton on a whim.
            It was over 100.
            That’s Halliburton alone.
            I couldn’t tell you how many other oilfield companies, the majors, the minors, the unheard of, that I’ve applied to many, many times.
            I quit counting at over 1000 applications.
            Alas, the grind goes on.
            At first I felt (stoopid liberal feelings) dejected, demoralized, and dehumanized
            Now, I just seethe with rage.
            Good thing I’m frugal and homestead.

          • Just one other suggestion, try calling the unemployment office in the area you might be interested in. We had luck talking to some that gave names and numbers to get connections for various jobs.

          • rightwingterrorist says:

            Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve already been all over that.
            In the area I live in the major employer is U.S. Steel.
            They’re not doing so hot right now, so the rest of the area (very rural) is fairly depressed also.
            The steel company is currently working on attrition.
            Get fired.
            It’s just one less person they have to employ.
            They’re not hiring anyone new.

            I’ve been getting by doing cash day jobs Americans won’t do for mexican wages.

            It really sucks.

          • Btw…I was speaking of the area in ND you may be interested in looking into when I said that.

            Sorry, things at home have been really crazy for me today. And now this site server change…boy howdy, glad it’s the end of the day.

            No matter what…wishing you the very best. We’re all in a real mess.

    • not2latenow says:

      Hell Big… Over on the “One Child” post mine has doubled. Maybe NSA liked it so much they wanted 2 copies.

      • You’ve got me laughing…ya never know, that could very well be.

        I had a few things to post about sometime today. After losing one already made and posted….ain’t trying it again anytime soon. – NSA definitely doesn’t like me…guess I’m forced to take a time out.

  29. Finally I know who this punk reminds me of…Idi Amin. He talks s### and lies with abandon. Who knows, maybe the obomanation is really Idi V,D.’s son. ‘Course, papa was a bit smarter.

  30. http://nypost.com/2013/10/08/u.....age-human/

    Here is the Regimes initial justification for exerting control over US citizens. Same justification other tyrants have used.

  31. God, i hope he gets impeached. Obama seemed more desperate today on tv.

    • Gawd…that was hard to get thru this afternoon. He stood their and lied, attacked etc with every word he uttered. He made me sick.

      Btw…not one question about OCare from his water-carriers in the press.

      Btw…his name calling rhetoric was/is embarrassing to the max. We’ve never seen such a immature, petulant prez in the history of this country.

  32. Impeach this Commie Plant, Tent the White House and fumigate.
    By then my strain of Formicidae Solenopsis Presidentialis Super Ant will be ready.
    I will prepare a place in the Arizona Sun and we will stake this Bastard out, and my Pretties will deliver him to the fate he deserves.

    The Monkey, armed with the Pointy Stick of Truth will Officiate and personally supervise the fun.

  33. RidinShotgun says:

    The list is long & distinguished & if the Founding Fathers were around today they’d be saying the following to us, “What the eff are you people waiting for!” But sad to say, unless you get a senate full of Ted Cruz’s & Mike Lee’s, don’t even bring this topic up again.
    I despise this Manchurian Candidate just as much as all of you, but impeachment is a subject we should not even consider mentioning unless the above conditions are met.

  34. START articles of impeachment? we’re already about five years overdue…

  35. It’s long past time.

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.” – H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

    “Nuff said.

  36. http://www.examiner.com/articl.....nstitution

    Its coming fast, ho in Govt. has balls to stop it.

    • Thanks for the info. I’ll be reading that later..I have so many irons in the fire today, but I’m looking forward to this later this evening.

  37. Ann Barnhardt lays out her case


    Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com.....Lqg9kcJ.99


    Impeach Obama,get us out of the United Nations tear down the entire UN facility tear up all those UN treaties abolish the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE,EPA,EEOC,DEOT of ENERGY,NSA,have Eric the Dread indited,banish John Kerry,George Soros,Nancy Pelosi,Chucky Rangle and all those illegal alien supporters from america. NEWS FLASH. CHUCKY RANGLE ARRESTED AT PRO-ILLEGAL IMAGRATION PROTEST

  39. We all know this reaches directly to the head snake.


    Will anything be done about it?

  40. Check this out…it’s well worth your time.