This will be a different type of post, kind of like a three ‘fer. – There will be pictures, videos, and a few links for you to check out that apply to this subject…feel free to add your own as well.

Dudes and dudettes, this is a pretty straight forward question. Has the cost of ObamaCare hit you, your family, your business or your employer yet? Have any of your hours been cut via your job? Have your personal insurance rates risen recently, as well as the rate of your deductibles? Are you able to afford to keep the carrier you have any longer…ect? – In other words, has what happened to you not only cost you an arm, a leg and soon your sanity too?

First up, we’ll start with this filthy majority leader in the senate. If this doesn’t prove that this empty-shell has nothing but a cold heart, I don’t know what does!:

Reid: ‘Why Would We Want To’ Help One Kid With Cancer?

Fourteen steps to despair when applying for OCare, glitches and all…including personal information that a hacker would love. As well as the democrat party via the IRS/Big Brother Machine:

The glitchy error-filled misadventures of creating an account on

Take Our Poll: Has the Government Shutdown Affected You?

10 Reasons Why Obamacare Is Going to Ruin Your Medical Care and Your Life [and you really aren’t going to like it]

This video sums it up folks…take a look and listen to this: Living the Nightmare

So, has your wallet been well worn and about bare because of the effects of Obamacare on you and/or your families…or not? If this has hurt you, please share how and why etc.

Also, do you feel you may end up being forced onto Obamacare and the subsidies or not? Or have you already signed up for this program?

The majority of us here know full well Dear Leader wants our economy destroyed in anyway possible…well, ObamaCare is doing just that in more ways than one. He and his ilk are about to reach their agenda when all is said and done. Their goal has to be stopped one way or the other…and I don’t see that happening anytime soon, do you?

This picture below speaks volumes:

ObamaCare is causing death and destruction in more ways than one…what say you?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Scary Harry Reid needs to get his head examened he is drunk with power and needs put out to pasrure. And i havnt had trouble with OBAMADONTCARE so far

  2. F*** YES, I’ve been hurt personally. I keep my paycheck stubs, and compared to this time two years ago, I’m having an additional $78.32 per month deducted from my monthly paycheck in the category of “UHRA/WELL/FAM.” (I have family coverage with United Healthcare.)
    Is it any wonder why I loathe Ovomit as much as I do,knowing that he’s taken an additional $68 from my paycheck to give medical coverage to some parasite in the ‘Hood, who sleeps until noon everyday and then sells drugs for booze money?

    • Yep…my husband’s paycheck had money/taxes taken out specifically for OCare this summer too. We all have tons of new taxes imposed on us via this program. I wonder how many even notice it.

      • PAmadwoman says:

        I have a single, self-pay plan that went up $42 a month back in the spring — in anticipation of BO care. Before then, it usually went up about $10 a year; this scared me. I have no idea what to expect with the ’14 rate increase — well, except that I’ll be screwed.

        BTW thanks for the false hope, false messiah video. Spot-on! and I’ll be passing it along.

        • When Obamacare first passed, my wife’s employer decided to cut the insurance they provided for part time workers. This is becoming extremely common at many places. Employers are finding they can save millions on cutting 40 hr. positions and replacing them with 2 20 hr. positions because they no longer have to provide part time positions insurance.
          Anyways, before that time, we were covering our family of 4 for $192/mo. It was great coverage, and a great plan. Since then, and since I am insured through my company, we are eligible for my insurance only.
          The premium for my family of 4 is now just under $600/mo. The days of insurance that used to actually pay for things is gone. This plague will spread to everyone that is employed, and I hope every one of you democratic bleeding hearts get to suffer with me. Every one of us that works to have the privilege (note the word) to have insurance will suffer. It’s just a matter of time. Obamacare has been nothing but pain for me (+$400/mo) and I know of not one person that it has helped so far.
          My wife’s employer has also cut close to 40% of their full time staff and now resorts to part time to cover their needs. I guess that’s more jobs, which is what Obama wanted.

    • My company medical premiums went up $38/ month from last year and will rise an additional $40/ month for 2014, assuming I have a job. So BHO is responsible for a loss of near $1K of purchasing power in order to give medical care to Blacks and Hispanics. No, that’s not the rant of ‘racist,’ I was listening to a radio station and hear Blacks calling to say why they wanted Obamacare. A Black woman at work told me she thought that Obamacare was to deload the care of costs of medical care from the government onto the workers DIRECTLY.

  3. As I am not currently employed, I don’t have medical insurance. I have put in the paperwork to the VA though. Being a vet still has some benefits. I will NEVER sign up for Ovomitcare, I’ll cash out my IRA and put it in the mattress first, so the IRS won’t be able to illegally confiscate it. I also don’t own any property they can steal from me. Ovomit wants to jail me, fine, three hots and a cot, plus free cable and medical. I’ll beat the prick at his own game.

    • I refuse to join OCare as well. We had to let a policy we had thru our carrier for years via my husbands yearly regular job. His hours were cut, the insurance rates have steadily raised for the last two years…we can no longer afford it. It eats up the majority of the paycheck. My hubby is safe in some ways because of his age, we are looking for a program to pay some of the rest of his coverage…me, I am stuck with nothing now. I pray I stay in remission from cancer…but if I don’t, I will die first before I join OCare.

      • “but if I don’t, I will die first before I join OCare”

        No, No, No!!! I understand where you are coming from BUT you are far to valuable right here to us on AWD and in America. You do not depart us under any circumstances!!!

        We love ya BT.

        • Thanks for those kind words John, I sincerely mean that…but I will not join, ever.

          I plan on staying well, only the good lord knows. Nevertheless, my other half and myself have been over this time and again, I’ll look for something else in the meantime…but never go over to the enemy. It will be over my dead body first.

      • Max & Eric says:

        You situation is what they say its for, if you need it use it. I would rather see it help you, than see the money just get wasted. so please don`t say that, we need all the good people we can get.

        • Thanks for your thoughts and kind words too…I can already tell it would have been better for me to remain mum about our situation.

          I’m gonna leave it at that. – I’m an optimist…so, I will survive just fine without friggin’ BHO and his Kommie BS. – Not one red cent from me.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    Dear Scary Harry The Demacrats are in the palm of Big Labor leftists scumballs,radical enviromentalists and the UN One Wolders so put that in your hooka and smoke it you blabbering monkey turd. And the same gose for Obama and Kerry

  5. Wastin away in ObamaVille: (Turn on your sound)

    • Gosh darn it John, here I muted my radio to hear that song…and it shows an error of some sort.

      I do think I’ve heard it before, but was looking forward to it again.

      Heck…maybe my computer is having probs tonight. But it shows a 502 error for me.

      • Hi BT

        The link works on any of the 5 computers here in the house so it must be something on yours. Maybe someone can try it and confirm one way or the other.

  6. Max & Eric says:

    Good Question, Has Obamacare hurt me personally. Well lets see, in 07 I quit my job of 23 years and started selling Senior Insurance Products. Life was good, I thought I made the best decision of my life. Then they started the attacks on the insurance companys. First they halved my Commissions. Then they halved the enrollment periods for advantage. Then they scared everyone away. All while putting up with ALL the BULLSHIT rules which almost made it impossible to sell anything. The outlook for this year is BLEAK costs are going up, coverage is going down. Nobody is going to move. So now we have Navigators.

    Uneducated, UNLICENSED, Without E & O So if they give bad advice. too bad so Sad, grandma. Politically motivated. Whos gonna tells ya`ll what you be needin. So back to the question… Has this dirty Motherf**ker hurt me. I had to sell my house. we had to really downsize, I had to start driving Truck, while my wife handles whats left of our agency. Word of advice, if you have a obama sticker on your car. That BIG ASS White International that’s gaining on you. is looking to scrap that sticker off the hard way. But the beauty of obama care is now I don`t have to pay for health insurance. now I`ll just pay the penalty. Why would I pay the premiums when there’s no preexisting conditions. just sign up and I`m covered. we have always had a high deductible anyway. Not really a bunch of thinkers are they.

    • Oh my gosh…my heart goes out to you and your wife. I pray the best for you and all of us across this nation to survive and keep our heads above water financially because of OCare.

      I hear so many stories from real people calling in via Washington Journal shows, as well as various radio shows daily that tell many of their disastrous situations at home too.

      And Dear Leader pretended this was all to help the thirty million or so that couldn’t afford insurance. Now, nobody can…unless you join his team. – Has anyone besides me really looked into the cost/strangulation of Ocare. It’s outrageous…the deductibles are laughable.

      Oh heck…I have to stop. I can’t get angrier than I already am, and have been about all of this.

      God help us all. – We must and will survive BHO…one way or the other!

      • Max & Eric says:

        Its hard not to be angry, My father raised me to understand that money and blessings fall from heaven like rain, so I may be broke but I`ll never be poor. I have a good woman and that is all I really need.

        • Yep…the anger is everywhere. Unfortunately the majority of the msm remains mum about this…intentionally of course.

          Heck, we all know the goal is to force/herd all of us into their Big Brother corral via desperation and need. – Well, that lasso they swing around isn’t going to rope everyone in to be branded via BHO…no siree!

  7. For us it has hurt, overall.

    Retired from the military a couple years ago and am on my second ‘career’, seems that DHS and the administration have succeeded in the voice over of the gulf war veteran. Almost every professional position that I am qualified for and get an interview I haven’t received an offer. My current position is entry level, I am enjoying it, but could not make ends meet if it weren’t for my military retirement, no way.

    O’care is a joke and nobody should be exempt from it, not a company or elected official…let’s all feel the pain!


    • Nobody should be exempt is spot-on. Yet Dear Leader has made something like 19 waivers for others since this law went into effect. – Nothing fishy here…not at all.

      Thank you so much for your service to this nation…wishing you and yours the very best of luck in the near future too.

  8. This is unrelated to the obama care fiasco, but smells of something nefarious nonetheles and should be investigated.

    A dear friend of mine who lives in Montana was retired last year on a disability retirement from a government job. Her case was fraught with discrimination, delay tactics, and illegal tactics used by OPM ( Office of Personnel Management) to try to delay my friend from retiring as the doctor was insisting. But that is all besides the point. She finally won her duly earned retirement benefits. She moved back home to Montana to care for her elderly ailing mother who passed on May 1 of this year. My friend retired in March. Now, still reeling from her mothers passing, and after making a few phone calls to her representatives stating her absolute frustration with the direction of this country (A majority of her calls went to the white house) Now mysteriously she is being told that she owes the government $12,000 for a supposed overpayment. She placed a call to the MSPB ( Merit Systems Protection Board) to see what was happening and she was told that they are being slammed with a lot of these cases recently, due to error from employees rushing files through just to keep up and now they are going back and fixing (calling in) their mistakes. This smacks of government payback because she dared to speak out against obama the man with the thinnest skin on all I earth!! Even if this isn’t retaliation, what the hell is going on that they could mess up so badly?! Now my friends retirement pay is being adjusted WAY lower that it was supposed to be, and on too of that they are going to automatically take out $367.00/mo from her remaining pay leaving her just a couple hundred to live on, all while trying to wrap up her mothers affairs. She is single, in her late 50’s, and now destitute, all because the government can’t get their shit together and/or this is yet another targeting scheme by obama lackeys. Either way she does not owe this money, the government is now reducing her earned retirement pay from around $25,000 to a mere $9,480 but then minus from that 367/mo and she’s left with $5,076. Her property taxes alone are $3000/yr. who can live on that??!!! I am trying to find her legal help but I think the federal attorneys must be off thanks to obama and reids shutdown of the overly bloated federal leviathan. I’m no investigative journalist but this story needs one!!

    • Do you have a link for her story.

      And by the way, she must own a heckuva lot of property for yearly property taxes.

      Anyway, color me curious…show some links about her and her story. – Thanks.

      • Hey Bigtimer. I will if she finds a reporter to talk to. I could pass on her info to you and you can call and talk to her personally if she is comfortable with it. But this is a first hand story that I think needs investigating. Something really fishy is going on.

        • Umm…no thanks. I’ll take a pass on that suggestion.

          If her story comes out later, keep us informed via real links type of thing. Then I’ll look at it and decide. as well as others who post stories here. – Know what I mean?

          Anyway…back to Ocare. ~ Has it affected you and yours?

          • I understand. We will get it out there and see what comes of it, if anything. In the future I will be sure to try to keep on your topic, this is your page after all. And I will likewise be sure to only post what I can prove with links and such. Sorry to take up such a huge spot on your comment wall with that. I jumped the gun I suppose. And hell yes obama care is affecting me, but I refuse to take part in that unconstitutional law. They can take me to jail first!! Anyway, Take care, again I apologize for that misshap. I haven’t posted here enough yet to learn the rules. In fact I’m not real big on this blogging thing. I love reading the posts and comments but rarely put in my own input, I think it would end up taking away all of my time, and I’m already very busy.

          • Kimosabe…

            Heck, there isn’t any rule to this. Your off-topic post is just fine. I do it myself on my own threads too now and then. So please, insert your stories and opinions anytime you feel like it.

            I appreciate your time and effort you put into your friends predicament, I sincerely mean that. Whatever you do, don’t take me wrong…I wasn’t being curt with you if that’s how it came across. And if it did, I apologize.

            Post away my friend…your input is as important as anyone here, especially mine.

          • Bigtimer I didn’t think you came off that way at all. I’m glad to hear my out of place comment wasn’t out of place here, but I am sincere in that I will try to back up what I say/claim with proof of some type. Nobody here knows me and I don’t know any of you, so proof is important, that is what I took from our exchange. No hurt feelings here and I will keep commenting when time permits, but it looks like Oath Keepers is going operational and I’m getting in on that. Happy posting Big!!

          • Thanks so much for the response, I feel better now. – Happy posting to you too my friend.

            Catch ya later….

      • Property taxes vary from state to state. My tax this year is $500 +- some. Same house in another state would be $5K, in another $12K. There is a monstrous difference in home/property taxes in different states. Where you retire makes a big difference if you are on fixed income.

        • Yep…I realize that. I live in Montana too. He said property tax. Maybe he means her home tax too separately. Either way, a link is needed to find our much more information about this.

          When it comes to big brother, no one doubts what they do. And if this is exactly what happened, it’s one more outrage. My heart goes out to her and I wish her the best.

          • I don’t know if it’s property alone it could be home tax too as Big is saying. I just know she got a bill for $3000. Either way this is all insane. I didn’t realize you were from MT Big. It’s beautiful up there, I come to visit several times a year. I would move there but I think I’m homesick for a home I never had, Texas here I come!!

  9. It doesn’t hurt yet. I am well under the income level and will qualify for a subsidy, but I wont take it. I couldn’t afford the premium even with the subsidy, and I won’t be able to pay the fine. So that only leaves one option for me, jail.

    The company I work for is small, five full timers and a couple of part timers.

    • How can the government make you buy something, and when you don’t buy it, can put you in jail? I still can’t get my mind around having to think like this.

      • PAmadwoman says:

        The government CAN’T make you buy something — not legally. But when has the law ever stopped Obama?

        I keep wondering, too, how will they be able to prosecute all the non-payors? I know once I can’t afford my policy (probably by next year), I won’t sign up, and I won’t be able to pay the fine, either. I’m sure not alone.

        Maybe that’s the next government “jobs creation” program: building prisons.

  10. last night and tonight Mark Levin has hammered this ObongoCare to death……he has been going through the gamut of who has been hurt by this insidious legislation…..

    millions of people have been put out of work……..9 million have dropped out of the work force that could not find jobs and are not even counted anymore for statistical reasons….these people could not even part time jobs……

    23 million are on the unemployment rolls or have been reduced to work at part time work……..thousands of people are being dumped by their insurance carriers and thousands are being told by the companies they work for to go over to the ObongoCare exchanges and get their sh!tty insurance…..ant an exorbitant price…

    the only ones who are happy with this ObongoCare are the welfare moochers and those who think they can get the rest of us to pay for their insurance through subsidies….our tax dollars………

    yet these bastards in Washington get an ObongoCare exemption and are subsidized by the tune of 75%……that we are paying for……and yet these bastards are all making over a hundred thou a year………….

    and this is only the beginning…….the truth of the matter is, this is not about health care…’s about control and taking control of the economy…….getting control of the American people by sicking the IRS on our backs forcing us to capitulate to the Federal Leviathan…….

    it’s about taking over the country and controlling the American people by force…’s about fundamentally transforming a great constitutional republic into a submissive, passive, whimpering nation………

    it’s about changing a sovereign people into subjects of a tyrannical government…….

    we have all been hurt by this tyranny……all of us………

    • Bluto…

      Amen, amen and amen!

      You said it all and then some in only the way you can. And you hit every nail on the head…as usual.

      I also heard Levin’s show today…boy, oh boy was he ever on fire from the get-go. He expressed exactly how we all feel out here in the real world, mincing nary one single word. – With the exception of those words he admitted he couldn’t say on the air…well, same thing here…or we’d be banned.

      Anyway, we all have to keep up the fight vs BHO…it’s a must, or we’re done as a nation.

      • Big….the more time that passes the more angry I become……………..I freak’n hate Obongo beyond any description words can convey………

        what this bastard has done to our country I could never have fathomed…..and he has done this to us in just 5 years………

        I just don’t know how we are going to get the country back……I just don’t know anything anymore………

        I hate that bastard beyond what any words can convey………

        • Ditto that Bluto…trust me. I have been fuming the last two days. I have heard every word uttered out of his mouth…and I’m still steaming at him and the msm in many ways.

          We as a whole are being destroyed…his transformational america plans are coming to fruition…the voters are those who I blame the most.

          God help us all Bluto…my anger knows no control at times. He brings that out in millions of us across this land, and it’s kept suppressed…but how much longer can that last? How much more will he inflict upon us….hmmm?

  11. Jmv,
    The local VA clinic has told me I now need to enroll in the ACA for further treatment. Is this the case for you as well?

  12. Here’s some interesting facts. ~

    Btw…just wanted to throw in that I heard somewhere today that the number one question/reason some went to the OCare website yesterday morning for sign-up happened to be was…

    ‘How much will I have to pay as a fine if I don’t sign up?’



  14. BT and all…

    Heard a lawyer speak yesterday on a KC radio show… his suggestion is for small businesses and individuals NOT to sign up for OvomitCare. President Ovomit as we all know has given exemptions to his buddies and donors, but will force OvomitCare down the throats of the average American. According to this lawyer, class action lawsuits are on the way because picking and choosing those who must enroll is unconstitutional.

    I for one will not enroll… take OvomitCare and stick it up the presidents ass with nails attached.

  15. Do not go on the exchanges, they track your information and will know right where to get those lawless individuals who do not choose to participate. Do not give them all the information they request so they can attack your assets. Let this thing die a death of neglect. Suppose they gave an obamacare and no one came? The thing that infuriates progressives most is to ignore them.

    “….to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.”


    The result of bho gov shutdown

  17. This is a very good read. Something to be aware of…

    Some misspelling/typos at the end of of the piece, but you can figure it out. – Video provided.

  18. My health care went up to $900.00 a month back when the Dear Leaders’ magnificent law was first passed. I have not had health insurance since, and I won’t be signing up for this sack of socialism. He and his jack boots can do what they want.

    • Same situation, same sentiments too.

    • Mine has gone up $6K/ year and I’m retired. Needless to say I don’t eat out at all. Wife has done a pie chart on every penny we spend to see where we can save. Ammo has come down thankfully. I called my home alarm company and told them I would be going with another, cheaper company, they matched the cheaper one. Informed my house and auto insurance I was shopping around for a lower price. They came in lower than anyone, reduced my rates by about $1800/year. Using a pie chart and calling service companies we have reduced income going out
      by $5661/ year. Thats like gross income of $8378. I am no longer able to find anymore savings. If “O” stays in office doing what he is doing I will end up on the street as I have no debt except the house which is owned by Fannie and Freddie and I’m sure being white they would thrown me out and section 8 the house to deadbeats in a flash. Its already happening all around us. ‘There goes the neighborhood” saying is all to true. Seriously, try the pie chart method.

  19. Nostradumbass says:

    LOL! Obama in CNBC interview says he bent over backwards for Republicans

    Just because Oblowme has only bent over for sure for one guy it begs the question:

    “Who knew that Reggie Love was a Republican?”

    • You’ve got me laughing with that great slam.

      I heard some of that interview this morning with leftist John Harwood and Dear Leader. Dear Leader lied thru this teeth with every word. Harwood nods in agreement…hoping to be invited to the WH Xmas party.

  20. OK I have had a sixty two percent increase in the last two years from Blue Cross Blue Shield. Maybe that is a direct result of OhhCARE maybe not, but the timing is suspicious.

    I have been paying for my own health insurance since 1981 either through my employer if I had a job, or an individual policy from Benefit Plans Inc if I was self employed or without work.

    Benefit Plans Inc. is a broker and I have a long history and relationship with Benefit Plans because of the insurance options they offered.

    I just received his letter.

    Dear Anthem Client,

    We know that all Anthem clients with individual coverage have received an addendum letter for their policies. Please note that no action is needed. This change will automatically occur making your original effective date of your renewal in 2014 This addendum is a GOOD CHANGE, it allows you to keep your current coverage until your renewal date in 2014. Without this added language, your plan would HAVE to change to an ACA compliant plan effective 01/01/2014

    These ACA compliant Plans have not been published, so we will have to wait to review them and decide if they are better. If you have any questions call our office.

    /in bold type red font/
    Know that we are a licensed, appointed, trained and certified to assist you with ALL of your new options available effective 2014

    OPTION-1 Keep what you have till your renewal date in 2014, at which time we will assist you with with your ACA options.

    OPTION-2 Early renew your policy December 1st, 2014 You will receive a NEW POLICY/CONTRACT OFFER ACCEPTANCE FORM from Anthem which will need to be completed and returned to Anthem by November 15th, 2013.

    OPTION-3 Contact us after October 1st to assist you with your ACA options for a January 1st,2014 effective rate.

    Best Regards,
    Xxxx Xxxxxx
    President, Benefit Plans Inc.

    None of this inspires any confidence. The only upside is I get one more year of my current coverage while everyone else participates in the ACA Beta test.

    But what will be the cost for keeping my existing plan for one more year? What might be the cost if I don’t? Can I afford having my private information sold on a rogue internet server in Russia?

    I have paid for my own health coverage since I was 21 years old, and started my first ‘real’ job, working in a steel foundry for $3.25 an hour, shoveling dirty black mold sand with the rest of the Poor Black Bastards.

    So why do I now have to be F/ucked with, I paid my dues to The Man. What’s with all this free schit now.

    When did that useless suit Barrack Hussein Obama ever dig iron slag out of the skin of his forearms, or watch fellow works actually pass out from the heat of molten metal, and pray if you passed out during a pour you fell away from anything red hot.

    I hope the Script Kiddies hack into the ACA exchanges and cause all manor of mayhem and havoc for President Obama’s signature legislation.

    If he is so proud and certain of ACA then man up and get some skin in the game. Get his ass down there an be the first American to sign up NO WAIVERS PERIOD.

    Lead Mr. President, show us you can eat your peas.

  21. All insurance has gone up at least 30%, that is my experience and that of my family.

    As a physician, I am seeing a large number of people that can not obtain simple lab test, generally costing less than $75, or refuse to get stress test and other vital exams as a result of insurance refusing to pay and demanding that the cost be out of pocket for the patient. This is far, far greater than anything I have seen in 40 years.

    Then I looked at the Obamacare policies, have you done that? They are nothing. The lowest policy, a bronze, pays only 60% of the bill and that is after a $2500 deductible. The platinum pays 90% with a $5000 deductible. People can not afford this stuff, they are shelling out anywhere from $150 (for a kid) to $500 per month from what I have heard. Most medical test would really take a large amount of your cash before the insurance kicked in. There are other issues like the preventative care aspects that are nothing but social control. You will be fined for being over weight, not eating properly, smoking, high cholesterol, etc. I can assure you that preventative medical care will not add an hour to your life. Yet you will be controlled by big brother. Then there is the quality of care issues. These are nothing more than a way to restrict care and make doctors use cookbook measures to satisfy the overseers. You will be limited in ability to obtain medical measures that are common place now.

  22. Lazlo declares himself, Lars, and Mrs. Lazlo Obamacare-Free zones and immune from such nonsense.
    All jobs are part time, or Independent Contractor status, the margins get thinner, the load becomes greater.
    Lazlo will live in the bushes of some other country before he pays one red cent.
    Not a Penny! Not a Centime! Not a Sou!

    Bulokio! May Barry’s pickle wither, dry up and fall off.
    And may Harry Reid get to visit my Ant Farm one day.

  23. Waspish and David134…

    I cannot thank you both enough for your input here…valuable information from the pair of you.

    All I know is…we’d better hope for the best in the near future, because OCare is killing this country…one citizen at a time.

  24. Spurwing Plover says:

    Time for Scary Harry and company to get out of dodge

  25. this is a complicated question for me…in June 2001, I got a job with the city government of a certain city in Texas. I was in reporting, and could see all the financial data. The city gave it to us for free…it cost them $550 per month per employee.

    then things started to change over the years. I left that job, as they were underpaying me. As time went on, I was in various health plans. the worse, as a contractor, was when my employer only paid 20 percent of the cost (they had no motivation to make it better for us). I was then paying nearly $800 a month for my portion only. this was to keep me covered at just over $800 per month, just for my health care alone.

    I now look at jobs with a different set of eye glasses. After all, it does no good to accept a job at $10K a year raise, and have all of it, and then some, go to the cost of benefits. I have to take the job as a package.

    I recently had blood drawn to test my TSH levels, as I have thyroid disease. The bill came in at just over $500. But thanks to the contract my health plan has with the insurer, I paid just over $23 bucks (I have a 3K deductible). I find that doctors routinely charge 20 TIMES their cost, to screw the uninsured. The test I had is dirt cheap.

    You know what??? I remember the old days. In the old days, when I was 11 years old, my step mom broke her leg. It was a very bad break, very bad, and damaged the nerve that went down her leg. My dad had no health insurance, as was normal in those days. The emergency room and the doctor charged us fairly. I was 11. I was the oldest kid. In the couple of months afterwards, me and my two younger brothers went out and got jobs delivering papers. We paid $25 a month each, to pay the bill.

    It took us years, and we did it.

    We, as a family, took responsibility for this unfortunate event. We got through it, as a family.

    I am of the mindset, if I get terminal cancer, I will die. That is it, and I do not expect society to save me. it would be my time to die.

    F**K OBama and his socialist/Marxist ideals.

    I’d rather stand on my own two feet, than die under taxation and death.


    • Thank you so much for your input via your viewfinder in life too.

      You last sentence are my sentiments as well. ~

  26. Imtoooldforthis says:

    What I’d like Obamass to tell me is how I’m supposed to pay $400 dollars a week to keep my immune system lowered. On his new health plan I can’t afford to live. So he can stick Ocarenot where the sun don’t shine.

  27. Then there’s this stupid fool…

  28. You need to resubmit this question. I just received a letter canceling my insurance and telling my to find one on the exchanges. My wife and son are on a different insurance and they received letters increasing the deductible and payout to conform with IRS instructions. This is occurring 3 months prior to the December 4 date when the Obamacare kicks in. Thus, many others with get adjustments.

    • Wow…you and yours too! – You can be sure this will happen to millions more across this land before is all said and done…no two ways about it!

      Wishing you all the very best of luck. I seriously don’t know what many of are going to do now. It’s terribly bleak…I despise the O-Team.

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